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My Blue Mantra Swirl

Barbara AL

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Very beautiful!!! I love this! You seem to have perfected this technique.WHY oh WHY can't I find the tutorial? was is only in the soapers mag?anyone willing to share where! otherwise I am just going to seperate my mold, pour 2 sides and do a really high pour for the 3 color, swirl it and see what happens............

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I did mine in a 9 inch log mold I had DH make me a Lexan divider so it the divider won't move it fits real tight. Miss Lilli on the saponifier who did this swirl just covered a piece of cardboard with masking take and used it as a divider. You take out about 5 ounces at light trace this will be your middle color then you take the rest and divide by two in two different jars you pour the two jars at the same time on each side of the divider and then pull your divider out and do the middle color hold your cup or squeeze bottle up real high to get the color to the bottom of the mold.

After your color in the middle is put in there you make a cursive L design all the way down the log mold making sure you touch side to side.

The trick to seeing the design is that you have to cut the log vertical and then horizonal to see the design inside.

Make sure everthing is at light trace when doing this.


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