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  1. Does anyone know a good listing of non-comedogenic oil listings with rating values of each oil? I had a list bookmarked on my old comp that died and don't remember where I found it.
  2. You can make some amazing lotiony feeling soaps by superfatting. Also, a couple of my favorite additives in soap to give it a nice moisturizing feel are lanolin and glycerin. I also like to superfat the same soap with a nice butter like cupuacu. My skin feels super moisturized with this combo. So many possibilities with a variety of additives and or superfatting your recipe. Other favorite additives are: fresh avocado puree aloe vera juice oatmeal milks; goat, coconut, almond, etc. cocoa, shea, or mango butters
  3. Love the colors. I could never get my natural colorants to do what I wanted from them. Also, many I found were grainy or scratchy so eventually I gave up. However, your soapies are an inspiration. I do love indigo and tumeric. They are brilliant in soap!
  4. Soapers Choice has the OO and rice bran combo that I was talking about. The rice bran ratio is 50% so it looks to be a perfect 50/50% split; half pomace and half RBO. I am not too worried about the shelf life as I go through oils fairly quickly, plus the right combo of oils can help with extending shelf life. Good to hear you can't tell the difference in your soaps using a combo of OO and RBO.
  5. Anyone use this? How does it compare in your soap vs plain pomace? Thinking of switching. I've read rice bran is great for older skin types. Plus its cheaper. Can you tell the difference in your soap if you use it?
  6. Anyone trying to file their sales and use tax report for the 4th quarter in Virginia? I get a message online at the VA Dept of Taxation that I can't file until 2/1/20 or later due to tax law revisions. Normally if I don't file on time I get a late fee charge so wondering if anyone out there is having a similar issue.
  7. Trappeur passed on last year. 😥 There are memorial threads about it in the off topic forum.
  8. I found this Healthline article on MCT that helps explain what you need to know about MCTs. It's a great read and very thorough. Enjoy! MCT Oil 101
  9. Actually, adding liquids like milks to M&P were never a problem in my experience. I've used a variety of milks, wines, liquors, juices, fresh fruits, purees, etc with no ill effects. The resulting soaps can last for years without any rancidity or mold. Preservatives in M&P are unnecessary IMO. However, as I mentioned before I used 1oz of additives PP of base as a general rule, or, as much as the base would hold without losing its effectiveness as a soap. E.I., lather, firmness, cleansing, etc. I would say experiment with your base to see its limitations re additives. Each base is different. Goat milk and honey and oatmeal added to a M&P base makes an outstanding soap. My personal favorite additive is 1oz of honey in a lb of base with a honey fragrance. Just honey and fragrance. Wowzer! its an incredible feeling soap that is super moisturizing and feels awesome on my skin.
  10. It does have a lot of additives for that particular recipe. Some I know who tried it the soap didn't come out right or took forever to harden because of all the milk added and other stuff. So although it is a good recipe unfortunately it won't work with all M&P bases as some are more finicky about additives than others. The bases I used came from C&S from Canada, and other bases I used were the Stephenson. I used these because they were more forgiving when using a lot of additives. However, personally, I used a base rule of thumb when working with M&P bases of using no more than 1oz of additives in any combination. This was not a hard rule but tended to work the best for me.
  11. I'll have to remember that. I tried my hand at making foaming soap and just didn't get it right. I may be able to sell foaming soap but liquid soaps, forget about it.
  12. Ahhh.... found a site that covers coconut oil vs MCT oil: MCT oil vs coconut oil Still looking for the fractionated CO info. Found fractionated CO vs MCT here: https://livelovefruit.com/mct-oil-vs-fractionated-coconut-oil/ This article also points out why different oils other than CO may be used and that CO and palm are probably the cheapest and most popular to use. Yet another article on fractionated vs MCT: https://ketodummies.com/fractionated-coconut-oil-vs-mct-oil/
  13. Some years back when I first heard of MCT, I did some research about it. This was about the time that Lotion Crafters quit selling ButterEZ. It was what I used in my lip balm to help with the graininess problem of shea butter in my formulation. So I started looking for a replacement. Sooooo, while doing some research I remember finding information that MCT and fractionated coconut are very similar but not exactly the same. I wish I could find that info so I could post it here since we are discussing it. If I ever do find it I will. Anyway, it was important because there were some suppliers that were calling fractionated coconut oil MCT oil and vice versa. It also laid out what the differences between palm and coconut oils. This really bugs me because I swear I read some very detailed info on each and it was a fascinating read. Going to see if I can find it and post it.
  14. Yes I am rethinking the jojoba. I did look at meadowfoam but couldn't find enough satisfactory information to choose it as a possible oil. Re argan oil, I simply don't like it. I bought a bottle once and used it in soap, skin, hair, to try out and maybe its just me but it seemed excessively oily, slick, and non absorbant. Did nothing for my hair and skin much cheaper oils like olive or even coconut can do when applied to hair or skin. I was reading about esters but honestly it made my head spin. I am not a very good chemist and sometimes my research can give me a headache. I am one of those people that can forget something the minute I finish reading about it if my head hurts or I feel I have absorbed too much info all at once. At any rate I know I came across some ingredients that have esters but for the life of me can't recall which. You are so right about getting deodorant right. The more I research it and possible ingredients it can get overwhelming. And its not simply the ingredients but the right percentages and combination of ingredients that work together without cancelling out one or more factors I want to keep. Hope that makes sense. Anyway I had already decided I need to get some jojoba oil to try out so I might as well try it in my initial formulation. But I would like to know more about meadowfoam and why you think it might benefit a deodorant stick?
  15. I did some research and yes I found jojoba and argan on my list of possible oils. Among several. But I have not finalized the oils just yet. I think a found a couple or so I liked better for a variety of reasons. I actually want to keep this formulation simple with as few ingredients as possible. I would be very much surprised thou if my initial test batch works the way I want. I am going to assume I may try several varieties of ingredients, combinations, oils, butters, etc., before I get just what I want. Skin nourishment I am looking for will be mostly in the oils and butters I select. I do plan to add a couple of botanical extracts and some Vitamin E acetate. This doesn't have to be a miracle formula, just as natural as I can get it that performs to my standards. Not sure about mineral oil and I am pretty sure my customers won't go for it but it does sound interesting enough to try it out sometime. Maybe on a personal formula.
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