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  1. Candybee

    Palm wax shrinkage

    JC is right. Nix the towels and styrofoam. I would like to just add I used to place my jars directly on the countertops and the bottom 1/2" of wax would never form the crystal patterns like the rest of the jar. So I spoke to my wax supplier and they suggested the baking racks for air flow under the jars. So that's when I tried putting the jars on top of baking racks and then the crystalization went all the way to the bottom of the jars. So that is why I have been using baking racks to place my jars on top of ever since. I use them because they work for me.
  2. Candybee

    Fillmore Enable alert 3 NEW Scents

    I am most curious about the autumn spice but they all sound intriguing.
  3. Candybee

    Christmas scent

    Do you want a holiday name? or year round or theme name? How about: American Christmas Walk in the Woods Cabin in the Woods Rocky Mountain Christmas Woodland Forest Forest Canopy Alpine Woods/Forest Tiaga or Boreal Forest Snow Forest Woodland Wonder Alaskan Wilderness
  4. Candybee

    Palm wax shrinkage

    Set your jars on cookie or baking racks and set the jars about 1-2" apart. You want air flow over, around, and underneath your jars. This allows for more even cooling and will help with the problem of your wax hardening faster at the bottom. When I set up for candlemaking I pull out my oven racks and place them on my countertops. Then I place my wicked jars on top of the racks so there is air flow underneath the jars. My jars are also set apart from each other so there is air flow in between jars. I pour very hot around 200-210 degrees F. The heat of the wax heats up the whole jar and the jars are set up so that air flows all around. That way my jars cool slowly and evenly allowing maximum crystalization patterns to form. I flip my jars just as the top layer has crusted over. I know when its ready by seeing the wax slosh around just underneath the crusted tops. Thats the perfect time to do the jar flip. I flip each jar and place it on the same rack so it will continue to cool evenly.
  5. Candybee

    The Must Have Wicks

    TT said it right. The type, series, and size of wicks is gonna depend on the wax and application you use. So if I told you I prefer x, y, and z wicks that tells you nothing as they may or may not come close to your wax and application needs.
  6. Candybee

    Heat Gun Alternatives?

    I've done it with the oven before. Using the lowest setting and placing my candles on a sheet cake pan with 2" sides. I was paranoid at first the glass might crack or shatter in the oven. But it didn't. I kept a close on on the jars while they were heating. Worked perfect. I used a pair of oven mitts to handle the heated jars. Don't know if I'd recommend doing this all the time but in a pinch it worked great when I needed to reheat several cases of jars and using the heat gun on all of them would have been extremely time consuming... time I didn't have.
  7. Candybee

    Best cappuccino FO

    I use C&S Cappuccino and love it. It also makes a great mixer.
  8. I use UV inhibitor from CS and don't have problems with it. Now I make container candles with glass glow and sometimes crystal container palm waxes and only use CS UV. I use 1/2 tsp per lb wax and it works great for me. Let me correct that to 1/2 rounded tsp so that is slightly more than 1/2 tsp. I melt 12 lbs of wax at a time and put in 2 rounded tablespoons of UV. So it can sometimes be the result which UV you use. Another culprit is direct sunlight, office lighting, any lighting really. When my wholesale customers leave my candles displayed right underneath lighting fixtures they tend to discolor... at least some of them do so I instruct them to move the display. Some of those retail store lights can be harsh. Wanted to add I do a lot of outdoor markets and craft shows year round so my candles get exposed to sunlight even when I try my best to keep them under my tent canopy. As you know the sun moves across the sky during the day and sometimes I just end up with sunlight streaming down on my candles. I also do indoor shows under large lights too. So my candles have to be protected with UV. I remember using another brand from another supplier when I first started out and thought UV in general was useless until someone pointed out to me how CS' UV worked for them. So I tried it and have been using it ever since with great results. If it helps I put it in on top of my wax beads and let it melt along with the wax. Then I just stir my melted wax to make sure the UV in thoroughly blended in.
  9. Candybee

    What should this be called?

    Love the description. How about Beach Baby Lullaby Breeze Baby's Room Daydreams Coastal Breeze Sand Dunes Sahara Sunset
  10. Candybee

    Looking for a good Nutmeg and Spice FO

    I was just going to suggest the same. I use Fillmore's Nutmeg Ginger and love, love, love it. One of my top selling candle scents. Only I rename it Warm Autumn Spice.
  11. Candybee


    The worst that happened to me was dropping an entire pour pot full of cinnamon scented wax I had just finished coloring. Its amazing how far wax will splash. But that red coloring was a total beast to get off my kitchen floor. Thank goodness for my heat gun and paper towels. But by the time I finished cleaning up the mess I was way too exhausted to finish making candles for the rest of the day. Plus all I could smell was cinnamon.
  12. Candybee

    Cinnamon GOAT (greatest of all time)

    I second FB's Cinnamon Broom.
  13. Well I've been making palm wax container candles for several years now and have burned them in cold and hot weather and don't see any significant difference. They burn the same for me in any temp I have exposed them to so far.
  14. Candybee

    Candles & Supplies must haves

    Just a heads up for CP soapers-- their straight Orange FO holds strong and true in CP soap. Its so delicious I was blown away with how good it holds up in CP. My best selling beer soap is a blend of their Witches Brew + Orange and customers can't get enough. It makes a lovely citrus orange scent with dark patchouli and spice notes. Totally awesome!
  15. Candybee

    Straight up cinnamon revisited

    My fav cinnamon is Cinnamon Broom from FB. Its a red hot cinnamon type with out all the candy sweetness. Just super hot cinnamon. Reminds me of those cinnamon pine cones the local grocer's sell when you walk into the store and get a big whiff of strong cinnamon. It stays strong in wax too.