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  1. I currently have a case of 3 layered/scented palm container candles leftover from last season. They weren't a big seller for me but were fun to make.
  2. I use CS but was gifted a sample candle with WSP's FF and it was awesome! Its a bit pricey for me so I am sticking with the CS version.
  3. Yes. Lots of times but mostly for specialty candles like holiday or valentine theme candles, etc. I usually do 3 scents in 3 different colors. I try to put together FOs that work together as well as colors that compliment each other. You can do in horizontal or vertically slanted pours. One of my favorite candles was a rustic paraffin pillar in 3 different berry type scents; cranberry, blackberry, and cherry? I think. Instead of doing 3 different colors the candle scents were made in the same red berry color but in varying depths of color. The cranberry was a lighter reddish color, the cherry darker red, and the blackberry in a burgundy. It was beautiful and all the scents when they mingled as the candle burned down smelled awesome!
  4. Making any candles using any wax can play havoc on your health especially when you use FOs and additives. The easy way to avoid lung health issues is to always wear a respirator when making candles.
  5. Like anything else it takes time and experience to make a great scented and safe candle. Take your time. If you've just started experimenting with paraffin how do you know what works and what doesn't? Its hard to get all that out of just one 10 lb bag. Don't judge a wax until you know it inside and out. Paraffin wax will make an excellent scented candle if you learn how to work with it.
  6. For those of you that take Square or have Square websites read this: I just happened to open up my spam file of my biz email account and found 2 emails from 'Square' stating they refunded a customer on 2 seperate dates. I ran my cursor over the sender to see what the addy was for the email and it wasn't from Square. I also double checked my Square dashboard for those dates to see if there are any activity. None. So I was sure they were scammers out to entice me to open up the emails. If you get any of these check your Square dashboard. If you know you have not had any refunds then delete the fake emails. Do not open them up. Don't know if they contain a virus or are simply trying to get information but I didn't want to find out the hard way. So just a heads up. Anytime an email looks suspicious to you double check with the company first. '
  7. Actually that sounds like you are underselling. I would be selling 4 in a small bag for $5-6 and 6 in a bag for about $8-10. Don't undersell yourself. Your melts are not Walmart crap.
  8. You could have a removable hang tag around the container. This could have your fragrance name and your messages to the customer as well. Then you could include a box or not depending on how much you want to spend on packaging. The hang tag is an affordable alternative that could add just the right look to your product.
  9. The castor oil is thick so it feels kind of weird the first time you try it. But its very soothing. You just need a little bit to moisturize your eyes and lids. Once you get it in your eye you may have a bit of blurry vision while the oil coats the eye. But after a minute or two your vision should be better. I help my eyes by rubbing them a little to help distribute the oil drop around inside my eye. Any excess oil I rub around my lids to help with any itchiness or dryness. Just beware any commercial drops you use. If it says for red eyes ditch it. A more natural lubricant for your eye is plain vegetable glycerin or castor oil. I read you can also use olive oil but haven't tried that one yet. I am loving how the castor works so lovely and soothes my redness and itch.
  10. I find that now that I am older I get more eye strain, puffiness, and redness on top of daily itchy eyes. But that infection was the worst case of red itchy puffy eyes I ever had. Another daily eye care cream I use is petroleum jelly. I just rub a little bit over my lids every morning and before bedtime. But when my eyes get red now I use the castor oil and hot cloth treatment. Did it yesterday when one of my eyes was red from itching and rubbing. Its cleared up nice and white today. I still haven't tried putting vegetable glycerin in my eyes because I am out of it at the moment. But I know that is what they use for actors to make tears for a crying scene they are playing. Glycerin and castor oil are the 2 ingredients I found that came up in my research a lot so I that is what I tried.
  11. Hi and welcome to Craft Server! If you are using the double boiler method to heat your candle wax its miles safer to use an electric stove. A flame can ignite wax so be extremely cautious if using a gas stove. If you are using a gas stove and you want to continue making candles, I would invest in a presto pot. You would be much safer. For easy cleanup you can layer your work area with newspaper. Personally I use a putty knife and simply scrape wax off my countertops very easily. But then I have been making candles for years and have more practice pouring without too much spillage.
  12. I just read the description and it says its a floral with ozone. To my nose it smells like a watery mist with notes of ozone and light florals. Anywho, I just love it. The price is what makes me use it as a blender for a scent I make. That way I can stretch out my bottle and make it last longer.
  13. This may not be much help but I much prefer coconut lime over coconut lime verbena. I use CS coconut lime. Tried the coconut lime verbena and didn't like it at all.
  14. Can't wait to see what you come up with. If you do change your packaging please share a pic if you feel like it. I would love to see it.
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