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  1. What are the fragrances for? candles, soap, B&B? Are you reselling or using for your own products? The answers to these can make a huge difference in the FOs you purchase.
  2. I make 56oz oil recipe batches or 3.5 lbs oil. How much of the coconut powder would you use for that size batch? That's the oil amount and not the full batter amount. The soap batch ends up being about 5 lbs altogether with the lye and liquid.
  3. Well what it comes down to is that one is $ .22 cents a fluid oz which is way higher cost than I have been using on the either the fresh or powdered kind. I can make my soap with just $ .04 cents per fluid oz or even less if I use less of the powder. The whole purpose was to save money by switching to the powder. So while that looks like a great brand I would only use if for cooking probably and not soapmaking since its not cost effective. But thanks just the same for trying to find an alternative. I think I may have seen that same brand canned milk at Wally's. BTW, can
  4. Thankfully I don't use those. The mulled cider and chestnuts didn't sell for me anyway so I was discontinuing it anyway.
  5. I was using powder too, not canned as you said it contains additives. My powder is 100% coconut milk powder with no additives. I did what you did, started with some cold water, added the coconut milk powder, then nuked it for a few seconds, then SB to blend it. That worked fine. I just have to give it a try using less powder for my CP soap and see if that works. As I said above, trying to find fresh coconut milk by the carton in the store is like finding a needle in a haystack. Maybe I should just switch to almond milk as its so plentiful.... but I'm just not ready to
  6. Well I ended up going to the store today and buying some fresh coconut milk. Which reminded me why I wanted to switch to the powdered kind, its getting harder and harder to even find coconut milk. The store shelves are loaded with almond milk, soy milk, and even oatmilk these days but try to find straight coconut milk and its like where's Waldo?!!!! I am gonna try NightLight's advice and use a smaller amount. It should still work as one serving of this powder has a whopping 9 grams of fat while the fresh coconut milk has only 5-6. And its that wonderful skin loving milkfat I want i
  7. Ingredients listed is simply: Coconut milk powder. And it didn't dissolve in water. I had to heat the water slightly then add the powder, then whisk or SB to blend it together. It blends fine once its heated a little bit and SB'd okay into my soap batter. But as soon as I added the lye solution it started to turn into soap pudding and by the time I poured it into the mold was closer to concrete and I couldn't even texture the top as even the top started to get gloppy thick.
  8. Well it says; Ingredients: Coconut milk powder So no fillers, or other additives, just dried coconut milk. Brand is Nutricost and I bought it from Amazon in the large 2 lbs container. It tastes yummy too! The directions say to use "one scoop" for 8 - 12 oz of water. One scoop turns out to be .5 oz of powder. I weighed it. I'd say if I put it in a tablespoon its so light it might make 2 tbs per servings. So Nightlight, that would definitely be more than you recommend. Maybe I will give it one more try at 1 tsp. But is that per lb of oils or what? What do
  9. check with Tall Tayl, she may have a few to spare if she has that size.
  10. So I used coconut milk powder today in 3 of my soap batches. Each one seized. It was the first time using coconut milk powder in soapmaking. I have always used fresh coconut milk, Silk, mostly. I should have guessed from the get go that it was gonna be problematic when it wouldn't fully dissolve in the water even when made to instructions on the box. Had to heat the water a bit and then use my SB to mix it all together. It still had to be periodically stirred to keep it blended. I would not have guessed that any milk powder would cause soap batter to seize. Just a heads up. Could b
  11. There is an allspice essential oil that I use in soap but have not tried it in candles. I too second Fillmore's nutmeg ginger. Its got the nutmeg and ginger, cinnamon. Not sure if I detect clove but its very spicy. Reminds me of spicy pumpkin pie spice but with a note of buttery creaminess.
  12. This. This is what I had in mind was to put a statement on the invoice or bill of sale. I want something that states I am purchasing the logo along with copyright. I also want the designer to retain the rights to use their work for their portfolio or promote their artwork but that I have all legal rights to use the logo for my business. I want to have the ability to trademark the logo if I want. I won't legally be able to do that if the designer retains copyright.
  13. Thanks for the read. Very interesting and informational.
  14. I have an artist working on a set of logos for me. She does amazing artwork but has never done or sold logos before and I have never purchased a logo before so we are both newbies at this. So my question is, what kind of paperwork do I need from her that gives me legal permission to use those logos for my biz. Is a simple statement on the bill of sale enough? Does she retain copyright as the work is hers? I just want legal permission to use the logos and not sure I need copyrights. Its her work afterall so she should be able to use it. I just don't want anyone else using it.
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