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  1. Yes my prices are built around my COG and they are working great for me. But CC sales fees have gone up on Square so that is what is making me reconsider and rethink my pricing. RE minimum purchase I believe that is against credit card company policies. Last time I read their rules they stated you can't require a minimum for a purchase. However, some don't require a signature for purchases under $10. It could have changed but I have always been careful not to require a minimum purchase amount.
  2. I didn't realize it was not legal. So that would definitely be a no. I really don't want to raise my prices. Will have to think on this some more. Still wondering if others have made any adjustments to their prices to recoup fees so if you have I'd like to know what and how customers responded. Thanks.
  3. Is anyone doing this? Lately I have been considering adding a small charge to my credit card sales to try to recoup the fees I have to pay. Just wondering if anyone is doing this or something similar and if you do how did your customers respond to adding a fee?
  4. I've done several markets since Square changed its rates. By comparison so far I am seeing around a few pennies difference by the end of the day's sales as compared to before the rate change. I did look into other merchant services after reading this thread and so far am not seeing any that are better than Square. I don't use Paypal because I just don't like them nor do I want shops like Etsy or Paypal. I use Square for both my CC processor and for my website. I love that their websites are free and they recently upgraded them but they have all that I need for my biz and so far I am happy to stick with them.
  5. Crisco used to be a go to additive in candle making several years back. The general consensus was that it didn't really help with scent throw or wet spots as claimed. Additionally it actually made candles smoke more when burning producing awful black sooty jars. I tried it for a while during the "crisco" craze to see for myself. After experimenting several months making lots of different candles and using different waxes to see its effectiveness I had to throw in the towel and quit. It just didn't perform as claimed and created more problems I just didn't want to add on to my candlemaking.
  6. Hi Suzy. I remember you. I started using EO's in my CP soapmaking several years ago. Like FO's some work great while others not so much. The ones I have used that are tried and true are Lavender, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Lime, Tea Tree, Spearmint, Peppermint, May Chang (Litsea Cubeba), Pink Grapefruit, Allspice, Bay, Black Pepper, Anise, Rose Geranium, Lemon Eucalyptus, Patchouli and Amyris. By "work" I mean they tend to have staying power and enough strength to scent even after surviving the lye and saponification. Typical faders are orange, lemon, tangarine, bergamot, and others I can't think of off the top of my head. I'm sure there are more EO's that survive the lye and work great in CP but I tend to reuse the same ones over and over. I love soap scent blends like eucalyptus and peppermint, rosemary and lavender, lemongrasss and lime. Hope that helps. WSP actually carries EOs for lip balms: https://www.wholesalesuppliesplus.com/essential-oils/lip-safe.aspx But you need to first ask yourself if using EOs in lip balms is what you really want to do. Talltayl uses them so you may want to ask her. Others I know of have tried and find their customers don't want them and expect to find more "traditional" flavors like raspberry, cherry, lemonade, vanilla, pina colada, etc. If you have the right marketing and it goes along with what your products are all about then you can make it work but the right marketing is essential. For candles I just wouldn't even bother. EO's that may work in candles are limited and it can be very expensive. That's my take on it anyway. Have not tried EO's in leave on body products like lotions or face and body creams. Have used them in spray mists thou. I make a bug repellent spray that sells like crazy and is scented with only EO's that work on repelling bugs. I worked very hard on the EO formula blend so that not only does it really repel small biting insects but it smells wonderful. My customer's love it and always tell me how wonderful it smells. But there are several EO's that repel bugs and many blend formulations you can come up with. I also have a line of dog care products that are scented with only EO's. I make soap, spray, and paw butter balm for dogs using EOs. I have to warn you though that the research on safe EO's for dogs took my close to 2 yrs before I came up with formulations I felt safe enough to market to the public. The R&D paid off because I now have a line of dog care products that sell very well and get a lot of repeat custom. Hope this helps you some. If you have any questions I will try to help you as best I can.
  7. I don't have much to add to this convo because I mostly do soap in citrus type scents with the exception of an orange blend I do with straight orange from C&S. I do love and use EBB's Sea Island Grapefruit and blend it with pink grapefruit EO for use it in my sea salt bars. Yowzer its totally yummy!!
  8. The creamy shea butter soap sounds yummy! I love creamy soaps.
  9. Soy wax went through some major changes as well as most FOs. So looks like you will need to retest all over again. But then you probably were already assuming that part of it. The other part of the equation is shipping prices are so high you really have to shop around to find good deals. Some suppliers have very competitive shipping costs while others are insanely high. Its gonna impact how you shop for supplies. Welcome back to the insanity and addiction that is candlemaking. I think its very sweet of you to take such good care of your family and putting them first for the last few years. Not everyone has the energy or kindness in their hearts to do that. You must be a very patient giving person.
  10. Witches Brew, Nag Champa And these are just the some from the first few pages of scents listed at FB alone: Dark Knight, Dirt, Ancient Incense, Bite Me, Black Canyon, Celestial Sea, Celtic Mist, Chocolate Amber, Cinnamon Broom, Dark Shores, Dead Sexy, Dominatrix, Earthen Oak, Dragon's Blood. I only got to page 5, you get the picture thou. I always thought they had a lot of gothic, dark, and mysterious type scents.
  11. Today I worked on a soap recipe for a friend who is going through chemo therapy. She wants a custom made batch for her sensitive skin so today I spent time doing research and development. I ordered some supplies and when they get here will finish my R&D and make the soap. I like a challenge and have made different soaps for different skin types but cancer patients present a unique challenge due to their highly sensitized, dry, itchy, rashy skin from the radiation. She is at the stage where she can use a mild soap otherwise I would have just advised her to wait on it until she was ready to use soap.
  12. I was talking with a friend who is undergoing chemo and her skin is super sensitive. She has asked me to make her soap to wash with so I am doing a bastile type that is super mild and gentle. I just wanted to add she mentioned anything with citric acid caused her skin to flare. So be careful products that are preserved with citric acid. One that comes to mind is the aloe juice I buy. I won't be putting it in the soap.
  13. Lavender, lemon verbena sell great for me. I just went back to basics, as in "classic" type scents; lavender, lemon verbena, cucumber melon. I also have rice flower and shea and apricot freesia but the classics tend to outsell the others or at least sell consistently.
  14. Halloween is: Witches Brew C&S Candy Corn C&S Thanksgiving is: CS Cranberry Apple Marmalade blended with C&S Orange for a Cranberry Orange Spice CS Pumpkin Souffle blended with CS Pumpkin Pie for Pumpkin Pie Christmas is: CS Christmas Hearth (I rename if Cracklin' Christmas Fire) CS Frasier Fir blended with CS Mistletoe for a Christmas Tree
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