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  1. They have the best rice flower and shea which is a top seller for me. I had to bite the bullet and bought 4lbs that came to just under $200. Believe me it was hard pushing that enter button!😂
  2. One last thing I check on is the next size smaller wick or even the larger size once I have my wick choice made. Then I do comparison burns all the way to the bottom of the jar just to be sure I have the right size wick. This information you get from the burn can help you when you start putting in additives like fragrance, color, UVI, etc. Some may require you to wick up or wick down depending on the burn performance. Once you start adding fragrance or other additives it can be a whole new challenge so it helps to know how your preferred wick(s) perform in the wax before additives.
  3. I make many of my own blends for Christmas. So maybe I can give you some ideas here. Candy Cane and Mistletoe mixed 50/50. I've called it winter wonderland, sugarfrost mistletoe, white christmas, etc. over the years I change the name to suit the year Mulberry and Amish Harvest mixed 50/50 I call it Mulberry Spice or Mulberry Spiced Chutney Chocolate Brownies and Salted Caramel or Pralines mixed 50/50 I call Reindeer Fudge Christmas Splendor, MacIntosh Apple, Cinnamon Broom mixed 1/3 ea for a wonderful Cinnamon Apple or Christmas Apple
  4. Peaks used to have a kick azz Amish Harvest. The only one I would use. Try Keystone Candles, they carry Peaks FOs. BTW, I believe the Amish Harvest from FB may be the same as Peaks too since they carry Peaks oils.
  5. No haven't tried NG's so can't compare. May give it a try sometime.
  6. If there are any bayberry lovers out there I have two favs: Bayberry Apple Spice C&S - warm inviting scent of bayberry mellowed with cinnamon and apples; my absolute fav bayberry scent ever! Bayberry Cinnamon Fillmore - this one is a bit more herbal to me without the apples but nice notes of cinnamon spice To me you can't have a Christmas without a bayberry candle. BTW both are strong in soy, palm, and parasoy at 6%.
  7. You'll need to check with someone else. I only use CSN wicks.
  8. I just bought enough for the next 5 years. I think between now and then I can find a replacement wick.
  9. My jar diameter is under 3", but you could try either the csn 9 or 12 to test and decide which is the better size.
  10. I use the CSN for my straight sided 12 oz jars. Works perfect!! Although I believe you can use them for 8-10oz jars depending on the jar diameter.
  11. I'd love a small sample. PM me if you have enough and I wlll give you my address.
  12. The Bubble Luscious sounds interesting. Will check it out! Just went to their website to read about it. Sounds intriguing! Effervescent notes? Wow! This FO has everything I was hoping for to find for my bubble bath. Will get a sample to try!
  13. Not CP, these are for bubble bath. Using a ready made bubble bath base so no exposure to lye. Should be just fine.... I hope!
  14. I do have some unsweetened bubblegum flavor oil from Elements which is what inspired me. Didn't think it would be good in soap. Well I just checked the website and its good for shampoo, sugar scrubs, M&P, bath bombs, lotions, creams and more. The price is about the same as FO so I may give it a test out. Maybe I'll just use the fruit slices FO for the tutti fruitti scent. I love this scent anyway.
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