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  1. Candybee

    How many Christmas scents?

    I carry 14 fall scents and 6 christmas scents. I only carry what my table displays are set up to hold so that in turn helps me from doing unlimited scents thank goodness!!
  2. Candybee

    Harder Base!

    Lots of soap suppliers sell the 2 lb paks of M&P that are great for learning and playing around with. Also, the 2 lb blocks have precut lines on them so they are easy to cut. I would trash the M&P you got from any craft store, they simply don't carry good quality M&P. Use a reputable soap supplier that carries it.
  3. Candybee

    The weirdest soap advice ever!

    I never do the tongue test. It always seemed a bit silly to me that some soapers do this. My soap is generally saponified by the time I take it out of the mold to cut anyway. That's because I let my soap sit overnight in the mold for at least 12-18 hours before I unmold. But I do that not only to not disturb the soap while its saponifying but also to eliminate any chance of it developing ash. But you have to not peek at it and that is hard to do when you are anxious about a new soap you just made.
  4. Candybee

    C&S Gingerbread Applesauce

    No-- haven't tried that one. I do use a few from C&S and think they have some hidden gems when it comes to FOs. But with them you have to be prepared for a lot of misses before you find the really good ones. That's my opinion anyway. But the ones that are good are ones that I stick with from year to year.
  5. Candybee

    LOVE fall. Record sales today

    Congrats AJ! I too have been having some good fall sales this season and sales are better than last year as a whole. This past Sunday I was having $30-$50 sales for just about every customer. That adds up fast! I have noticed that my candle sales have really picked up this year compared to the last couple of years and that makes me so happee!! Some days I feel candle sales out pace my soap sales and that is very unusual.
  6. Candybee

    Christmas Fragrance for CP soaps

    I don't generally make Christmas soaps but have made a few in the past and these are the fragrances that worked well in CP and also sold well during the holidays: Cedar Garland - Fillmore Container Fragrant woodsy cedar blend reminds me of Christmas time but not your evergreen type. More woodsy cologne that both men and women like. Dark Knight - FB, mixed 50/50 with Burberry for Men - PFO Dark Knight is what I call Bay Rum on steriods. MW made the BEST bay rum and this version sold by FB is spot on. Burberry for Men is rich, mascaluine, and sexy with deep dark spice notes that blend perfectly with the bay rum. I thought this would attract only men but women love it too. Purely Peppermint- Peaks What can I say, peppermint, peppermint, peppermint! Just use sparingly or it can tingle sensitive skin. I use at no more than about 3% and tend to mix it with something that works well with peppermint, like eucalyptus EO. Or try a vanilla. The Chemistry Store carries a non-discoloring vanilla. Rocky Mountain Christmas - Elements (Flickers) Nice and strong in CP and scent holds fast. You would not believe how lovely your bathroom smells with a bar of soap made with this scent. Anyway its a nice evergreen that is mellowed with notes of woods and berries but still smells like a christmas tree. Flickers used to call it "Christmas Pines" and thats how I think of it. A lovely soft, sweet pine that is not a yucky pinesol type at all. Just a beautiful fragrance period! Witches Brew - C&S mixed 50/50 with Honey L O'ccitaine - EBB Who knew C&S had a great Witches Brew?!! Dark patchouli with notes of spice. Mellow it with the honey fragrance and you have a rich dark spicy patchouli with a lovely sweetness. Honey L O'ccitaine is a golden honey fragrance thats pure honey without the sharp honey comb or floral type notes of other cheap honey fragrances. Just rich golden honey that blends lovely with so many FOs. On a side note, I currently make a beer soap with a blend of witches brew and orange FOs from C&S. Its my best selling beer soap and sells out at EVERY craft show I do. People can't get enough. I am also amazed a simple single note orange fragrance holds up well in CP without fading. I mix 60/40% orange with witches brew.
  7. Candybee

    New to soap making. Could use help.

    Honestly I would look for beginner recipes with fewer oils to start out with. My first beginner's recipe had only 4 oils in it; olive, lard, coconut, and castor. Or just olive, palm and coconut make a great soap. Later as you get more experienced you can start trying out more or different oils. One of the things you want to learn is how each oil contributes to your soap and what properties it adds so using fewer oils helps with that and will make you a more knowledgeable soaper much quicker. BTW the 'holy trinity' of soaping oils is olive, palm, and coconut. Just these 3 alone make a great soap.
  8. Candybee

    Fragrance Oil Changed In CP Soap

    I don't have much to add as you have gotten some really good advice re canola. If you still want to use it I would simply lower the % and pay close attention to my fatty acid profiles so you don't run the risk of DOS. Olive oil as mentioned by Barbara is an excellent soaping oil and makes lovely, mild soap.
  9. I used it for my solid lotions and lip balms. Help tame the "graininess" out of balms when you use butters like shea. It adds a smooth creamy texture to my balms.
  10. Candybee

    Cut ‘A Sailor’s Dream’

    I got a kick out of those! Very cute and seaworthy! LOL
  11. Candybee

    Lavender and Rosemary

  12. Candybee

    New soaps

    Very pretty! I also use Nurture's micas and have not been disappointed in any of them.
  13. Candybee

    Candy Christmas

    Very Christmasy!
  14. Hi Candybee :) I remember you once mentioned you had a favorite lavender that you used to order from a supplier out West. For the life of me I can't find it any old posts . 

    Do you happen to recall the supplier by chance?


    1. Candybee


      Hope my answer is not too late for you. My absolute fav lavender FO is from Pure Fragrance Oils. Its the original lavender that Tony's and Southern Garden carried. Its more pricey than other lavenders but the best as far as I am concerned. Hope that helps.