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  1. It sounds lovely. I have some red tea fragrance and honey l'occitane I wanted to blend to make a green tea & honey scent. Will let you know how it goes. I saw C&S has a green tea and cucumber BBW type scent. I think I will give that one a try too. The green tea scent is for a line of neem soaps I am doing and want one in a green tea and honey scent. I am adding green tea extract to the soap so thought a green tea type scent would be a perfect match.
  2. I just got a bottle of this to test. It smells more like bubbly champagne than green tea but I still like the scent. How does it smell in CP? any problems soaping it? I'm gonna try it out in a couple of weeks and was wondering if its a light scent and I should use more and if I could do color swirls in it. Thanks.
  3. Anyone have a suggestion for a good green tea FO for CP soap?
  4. Funny you should say it was KOH. I was just thinking about that and was going to post it but saw you already posted that that was the problem. You could save the soap by making a regular batch and adding the 2 together in the crockpot so you get a double batch; half KOH batch, half regular lye batch. Means you need to put the KOH batch in the crockpot to melt it down with a little liquid, then make another batch and add it in the crockpot with the KOH batch and blend the batches together. The soap will come out a bit soft for a few days but should firm up fine. I do this technique all the time with a line of soaps I make; half KOH, half Sodium Hydroxide lye. Or, just use the soft soap as a hand soap, or do what TT suggests and cook on low heat with a bit of liquid to make liquid soap. Add the liquid slowly until you get the desired thickness you like. I like to use a combo of aloe juice and glycerin to make liquid hand soap. They say out of accidents come invention. I never waste soap. Even the botched soaps I find I can use then or reinvent them or rebatch to make something I can use.
  5. 10% castor should not be a problem. I have recipes that call for that. The soap would be soft for a few weeks but eventually hardens up nicely so no problem. I don't see that adding sodium lactate would be necessary if her previous batches were fine. Since the recipe and ingredients are the same something has changed in one or more of the ingredients. The description fits the lye IMO. So, buy lye from another source and test it with you recipe. Just make a small batch so you don't waste your ingredients.
  6. I agree with Sarah it sounds like a lye problem to me. You also mentioned the lye started coming in different containers so my guess is the manufacture or supplier changed something. Also, lye can be impure too so again I think something has happened with the lye. To see if I am right, go to your local hardware or home improvement store and purchase some lye. Make sure it is 100% lye and not cut with anything. It will will say 100% on the label. I used to buy rooto brand at my local hardware. This time just make a smaller batch like 1 lb with the new lye to test it out. I'll bet you will find it was the lye. If so, find a new lye supplier. But test it first to make sure it is the lye.
  7. So far I have items I ordered from China last month that have not arrived and no arrival date in sight. Plus craft shows are beginning to cancel or postpone events I signed up for. At the moment I believe the worst is yet to come but I also believe that in a few months it will have played itself out for the time being and flare up again next season, Hopefully by then we may have vaccines. But my biggest concern is that even if the virus disappeared in the next month or two people may continue to be too scared to go to venues like craft shows and farmer's markets and I am thinking sales wise this is going to be a crap year.
  8. I have 9 of the 5 1/2 lb molds. I haven't checked out their molds in a while and they didn't have the 7 1/2 lb one before. I might get me a few of those with the liners. I need to be able to make more soap faster and this might be it.
  9. I remember that. I also remember someone posted results of single oil recipes that was quite interesting and educational. As in only one oil in the soap. So there was a coconut oil soap, an olive oil soap, a palm oil soap, a castor oil soap, etc., etc., etc. Knowing what each individual oil does in soap helped me with tweaking my soap recipes over the years. Did you do the single oil soap post TT?? Can't remember where I saw this.
  10. In all the years I have been making and selling soap I have only had maybe 2 customers say they can't use coconut oil due to allergy. I always ask what soap are they using now. One of the coconut allergy customers told me they use Dove soap. I told her next time check out the label. Dove uses coconut oil but its in its INCI name and told her what to look for. For the price you pay in coconut oil vs babassu if you plan to sell soap and make it in volume I would highly recommend coconut oil over babassu. You can always offer a soap sans coconut for the seriously coconut allergic customers. Like TT posted, its good to try out different oils to see how they can change the soap properties. I love babassu and use it in a neem oil soap recipe for people with skin conditions, cancer/chemo, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, poison ivy, etc. For the bulk of my soap recipes I use coconut oil Another sub is palm kernal oil although it comes from coconut palms too. One of the best lather combos I have ever used is a combination of coconut oil, palm kernal oil, and castor oil. This trio offers the trifecta perfecta of super sudsy creamy lather. Remember, you can also lower you coconut oil usage for those with sensitive skin. I make a bastile soap with only 10% coconut oil in it. It makes a super mild bastile soap and it clears my complexion up when I use it.
  11. People who don't know my candles always ask if they are soy. This tells me soy is still the most popular and readily available candle in my area. I don't mind, I look at it as an opportunity to sell my palm candles to them. As mentioned by Busybee the important thing is to make the candles you want to make. Nothing sells a candle better than someone who is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the candles they make. The plus side is working with a wax you love to use and learning all about it. That will be your ticket to success. I know this through my own experience and it shows when I am talking to my customers. They can see and feel my excitement and knowledge of my candles and that is what sells them for me.
  12. This is for CP soap. Looking for a good jasmine that sticks in CP without fading.
  13. Sounds like a good cabin in the woods scent combo. Could work with fall or holiday types.
  14. I've been buying The Chemistry Store's Lebermuth FOs for a number of years. Candlemakers have been using Lebermuth FOs to make candles for as long as they have been selling oils so I would not hesitate to try them for candlmaking. I primarily use them in my soap making. Here are the ones I have tried and love so far: Chamomile - spot on chamomile flower scent, I use it to blend with lavender for my chamomile lavender castile. Eucalyptus & Sea Salt - I am in love with this scent, I smell the ozone and salt. The eucalyptus it there but very tame. I plan to make salt bars and lotions with this scent but will probably add a bit more eucalyptus EO to it to make the camphor pop a bit more. Sandalwood Rose - love this scent! soft sandalwood with just enough of a rose floral note to make a perfect match. I love the scent in soap unfortunately it fades after a few months. This should not be a problem at all in candles thou. Don't overlook this one, customers love, love, love it and my soap always sold out. I even had a B&B that used to buy this scent in guest soaps from me exclusively to make it their signature scent. Vanilla Butter - OMG! You want to drink this stuff!!! If you are looking for a better vanilla that's not boring like all the rest you gotta try this one. So yummy its addictive. I keep smelling the bottle I can't get enough. I plan to use this one in my candles next fall so testing it now and so far am in love. The used to carry the best pear FO. It was fall pear scent and I was so bummed they stopped carrying it. I have been searching for its replacement for years and have never been able to duplicate it. Sigh. I have used other FOs from them over the years that are gone now. One I wish they would carry is Lebermuth's Patchouli. It is hands down the best patch out their. Moonworks carried it years ago then the price went up. When the price comes down again am hoping The Chemistry Store will carry it. One can always hope.
  15. No it does not effect your wicking. It will help keep your wax from changing color from various FOs and improve the uniformity. Especially from exposure to harsh lighting and indirect sunlight. (Always keep your candles out of direct sunlight if you do outdoor venues.) That's why candlemakers who color and those who prefer not to color both can benefit from using UV Inhibitor. Just make sure you follow directions when using for best results.
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