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  1. Candybee

    how to make gold marbling

    Thanks... I just ordered the 24K gold mica from TKB. I already have some gold glitter I can add to it. Now going over to Nurture to see what they have... When I get a chance to work with the micas I will post some pics of the results.
  2. Candybee

    how to make gold marbling

    Is there a way to get gold veins running through the soap and not just the top?
  3. I want to make a soap with gold veins running through it. Does anyone know of a good gold mica that will look enough like gold to make it work? Also, do I swirl the gold batter in or is there another technique for getting a "marbled" or "veined" look running through the soap?
  4. Candybee

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Sam and welcome! Glad to have you with us. Yes candlemaking and tart making can be quite addictive so welcome to the addiction! Where in England are you from?
  5. Candybee

    Candle melters question

    No. Not exactly right. Candles still need to cure and curing times can vary due to many factors such as the wax itself, fragrance and its components, wax additives, etc. If I melt an old candle down then yes the wax could smell just like the molten wax did the day I first poured it. But we are also talking about burning a candle that's cured as opposed to an uncured one and that's not the same as putting the whole candle on a hot plate or wax melter. I haven't tried putting an uncured candle on a warmer plate so I can't say for sure it won't have the same hot throw as an uncured candle but I would be inclined to curing it just to be certain.
  6. Concur they look just like jump lines to me too. I do love the rustic look but I bet the candlemaker was not going for the rustic look as with little effort you can get a much better rustic looking effect. It looks to me like inexperience candle maker pouring that created the lines and part rustic look.
  7. Candybee

    Newby saying hello

    Welcome to Craft Server! Glad to have you with us.
  8. I am using Gypsy Rose (MW dupe) from FB in CP soap. For candles I like to make a honeysuckle rose; 50/50% combo of CS' Red Rose and Honeysuckle Jasmine.
  9. Candybee

    All natural Lebermuth Fragrances?

    Lebermuth has some exceptional FOs and I have used them before. I would not hesitate to try any out.
  10. Candybee

    Glycerine Rivers!

    Awwww.... maybe that's why I quit getting glycerin rivers. I do a 33% too. Haven't seen glycerin rivers in my soaps in years. Not since I first started making soap and was using a higher water %.
  11. Candybee

    An observation

    Why not call it Don Juan?... There is a red rose named after him and I used to have a Don Juan red rose bush in my backyard. Everytime I think of red roses I think of Don Juan..sigh!😉
  12. Candybee

    Glycerine Rivers!

    Those are pretty. Don't know the answer to your black oxide question but I found I quit getting glycerin rivers when I lowered the amount of TD I used. For a 5 lb batch I use about 2 tsp for an overall whitener. For a batch I am doing multiple colors and one is white I use no more than 1 tsp per lb. PS-- I like the lines too, think they add character to your finished soap.
  13. Candybee


    Yes. Haven't heard from you in a while. Good to see you back.
  14. Candybee

    An observation

    The majority of my candle scents are my own blends, but I do have a limited few and at least a couple of these I keep the same name as the supplier's just because I like it. It just seems natural to me to be creative with names I think because there used to be so many other local chandlers I wanted mine to stand out. Now there are much fewer chandlers around but the urge to be competitive just stuck. Maybe I should count my blessings?!!