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  1. I also have the Nurture silicone liners and molds. For batches I know will be soft I use sodium lactate so they will unmold easier. Works great. For a 5 lb loaf I use 1 tbs SL. Gelling or no should make no difference in unmolding. I unmold all my soaps after letting them sit overnight, about a 12 - 18 hour period. Most come out fine but I definitely use SL on all the soft soaps.
  2. Welcome to Craft Server! Glad to have you with us.
  3. Welcome to Craft Server! Glad to have you with us.
  4. Welcome to Craft Server!
  5. Hi and welcome to Craftserver! Glad to have you with us.
  6. Sorry to take so long to get back to you.. I totally forgot about this thread and was just looking for it today to reread about the lanolin and saw your post. I get my neem from Soapers Choice. I use about 15-20% in my soap and balm formulations. Although I have read some soapers like to use upward of 30-40% to get a higher benefit from it. I found through trial and error that a minimum of 15% in my products will produce the healing aspect benefits. Anything lower is a waste as far as I am concerned or just good for the selling point. Under 15% and I don't feel any of the benefit. However, how much you use will also determine the smell factor. Neem has a very strong earthy garlic smell that can be hard to mask. At 15% it can be very strong in your product and strong enough that it overpowers any added scent. So I use essential oils in my formulations, not for the scent, but for their benefits. For example I love to combine EOs with my neem oil products like lavender, tea tree, etc.
  7. I've been using a hot griddle pan for years. I keep my pour pot on it. Keeps my wax temp steady and from falling when I add my FO. Once all my additives and wax are stirred well in the pour pot then I can take off the heat to pour. I wouldn't make candles without my griddle pan. It can hold up to 4 large pour pots at once.
  8. Just wanted to say I love that word... "wickectomy!" makes me giggle!
  9. I agree. Just by the descriptions alone I would have picked Fireside.
  10. Has anyone tried their Lilac in either soap or candles? It sounds wonderful.
  11. Marleigha their Fresh Waterfall is what I would classify as a "light" scent but it is strangely powerful in both wax and CP soap. It holds its own even thou it is a light fragrance. That is why I use it as a blender. In my blend it has made it to become my best selling soap scent and no other water fragrance can match it or comes close. Its just a simple clean water and ozone scent with a hint of floral, nice and fresh and clean but enduring. Works perfect in my water blend. PFO is also the carrier of the old Old Mill FOs when they went out of business. Old Mill was my favorite supplier back when they were in business and had top notch FOs. The Old Mill FOs they still carry are: Classic Lavender Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Sandalwood Rose These are ones that I am positive about, there are a few others I think may be OM FO's but not sure its been so long. Some really good ones like the infamous Bache de Miele, Cabin in the Woods, Mata Hari, and Smoky Mtn Christmas? have been discontinued. Looking at their site just now I see due to the citrol shortage and warehouse fire the manufacturer is no longer making the Fresh Waterfall. It is on clearance at PFO. This is sad news. Now I have to find a replacement for that awesome water scent when I run out.
  12. Are you talking about novelty candle molds of animals, flowers, shapes, beehives, etc.? You would have to test out wicks same for those as any other wicked candle. If you will be using wax that you are familiar with then it might be easier to pin down the wick than working with an altogether different wax you never worked with.
  13. Quentin I would love to see you get a good market for floating candles. I always believed it can be done. Floating candles are just so darn pretty. That's why I started making them in the first place. Just another idea, buy a tall round glass cylinder type vase to use as a table center piece for your floating candles. Put an evergreen wreath around the bottom of the vase and your lit floating candle(s) inside the vase for a marketing picture. This would make a great table centerpiece for the holidays. For different holidays use different themes. But I think if people see a pic of how beautiful the centerpiece with the floating candles looks they can imagine it on their own holiday or special occasion table setting. Same goes for pool candles. Throw some flowers in with the floating candles for the marketing pics.
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