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  1. Such sad news but not altogether surprising given their product problems over the past few years. They did have a great product for a long time and I think a lot of people will miss that. Sad they couldn't work out their issues and had to close business.
  2. Keystone has Peak's Sunflower https://keystonecandlesupplies.com/collections/fragrance-oils/products/copy-of-autumn-walk-peak
  3. Elements bath and body https://www.elementsbathandbody.com/Pink-Sugar-Aquolina-Type-Fragrance.html
  4. For my candles I use photo gloss white labels because I put photos on my labels so the color is clear and true. What I also like about them is that they have a resistance to moisture, not waterproof, but water resistant. I get them from labelsbythesheet.com I also use kraft labels for my beer soap to make them look more country and rustic. Really, the label you want depends on what you will use it for, what look you are going for, etc. If you are printing your own labels like I do the type of paper will also play a role.
  5. What a great adventure you had! Thanks for sharing. I don't order in that kind of bulk, 2 lbs tops, of any scent. But some like lavender I use by the truckload so maybe it would not be such a bad idea to start ordering in bulk.
  6. RE/AH for the best spicy pumpkin. I use CS for creme brulee, blueberry cobbler, and macintosh apple. Great scents for a decent price that throw well in both soy and paraffin. However, if you can go with a butterscotch brulee instead of a creme, Fillmore's butterscotch brulee is TDF. Best throwing brulee I have ever smelled in both H&C throw. Its a buttery, caramelly candy creamy brulee scent is how I would describe it. Right now I am using EBB's Pink Sugar. It smells wonderful in soap and candles but can't say if its the best. I use it because they carry the old Flickers FOs and to me Flickers had the best Pink Sugar.
  7. There is a sticky in this section on blending fragrances by JCandleattic. You might want to check it out. She also includes a fragrance wheel in it that helps you put together scents that work well together. When I try a new fragrance I use a small dropper and put my fragrance droplets into a small container. Be sure to write down the recipe of how many drops of each scent you use so you won't forget the formula. Then I swirl around the fragrance in the small container and take a preliminary whiff. If I like it then I try it in a small test candle or tart. Well, a candle if I am pretty sure I like and a tart if I am still not sure. The tart wastes less wax than the candle so it works out for me. Another method is to dip your finger in the fragrance and rub a small amount on your wrists and sniff. Just be sure to wash it off immediately as some FOs are not skin safe and even if they are they should not go directly on the skin without first being deluded with a carrier oil. Anyway, its not exactly a method I recommend but I do it quite often. But I always wash it off immediately. I guess my wrists aren't as sensitive as other skin parts on my body.
  8. Like TT I have been doing this method for years. I use it for my lard soaps because lard melts so easily using this method. My recipe has only OO, CO, lard, and castor so I put the lard and CO in the bowl with the lye solution and in a couple minutes they are melted out completely and that's when I add my liquid oils. My recipe also takes time to trace so I have plenty of time to play with it before molding. I think every soaper should try the heat transfer method just to see how it works. Plus having experienced it as a soaping technique they can use again if they want. Its a really good method to have under your belt if you want to teach basic soapmaking on the road. I would do soap making demos at my markets and since I could not heat the hard oils I used the thermal transfer method to show how to make soap without using a heat source other than the lye. It really helps them grasp how the lye can heat up so saponification can take place.
  9. Off hand I'd say this particular candle had a sinkhole around the wick and as the melted wax found it the wick flared up like a torch. It's happened to me when I was working with my parasoy blend. It was something I only saw in my larger candles of 16oz jars or more. I learned to always check around the wick for holes you can't see on the surface that might be lurking just underneath. Can't tell you how many I found on only the larger jars but enough to keep me doing a second pour after detecting a sinkhole. With my palm I do the flip so the air pockets go to the bottom of the jar underneath the wick tab neck. Don't think that would work with paraffin or soy or parasoy or coconut but I don't remember trying a flip on any of those jars.
  10. Quentin I do remember the old version of the CS odor eliminator. It was awesome. Always reminded me of a spicy fruity chewing gum scent. It really worked awesome too. I was bummed when they discontinued that too. Haven't tried another since then so I'm no help. So sorry to hear about your dad.
  11. Welcome to Craft Server Britney! We have a fragrance section with all kinds of information on fragrance oil suppliers.
  12. Cute setup. I love the grass, such a cool idea!
  13. This is a good reason for using self trimming wicks when possible. I still believe a lot of customers do trim but not all of course. You can't control that, all you can do is continue to educate. I do trim the wicks down on my candles prior to selling them so the customer has an idea how the wick should look and to keep that first burn from being a tiki torch!!
  14. I have about 5-6 cases of leftover FO I am not using. This does not include the boxes of samples. For the samples we could do a simple exchange post. Send out 20 FOs (or whatever fits into a medium or small USPS flat rate box to a participant, they take what they want, refill with theirs to make up the ones taken, mail it out to the next participant, and so on and so on. I am willing if anyone else wants to do this.
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