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  1. I just love this cute pom pom ribbon. But I don't know what I could use it for. Any ideas? I need an excuse to buy this! LOL Pom Pom Ribbon
  2. Naw.. I'm done pouring for the year. I just wish palm pillars were better sellers thou. If they were I would be pouring a butt load of them now!! I miss the beauty of them but can barely give them away. They are expensive to make and that tends to make them too pricey in my area. People buy container candles and want container candle prices. Sigh!!
  3. Frankly I don't know the equivalent RRD size as it's been several years since I've used RRD's. I've used them as back up wicks when I can't get CSN's. Plus I used a different size jar back then so whatever wick I used would not be the correct size. Sorry I am no help. What I would do is read the info on the suppliers site about which size fits which jar, and buy that size plus one smaller and one larger at the very least. I find that even with the RRD's the smallest size that works for the jar is the better fit rather than the larger. Just something quirky about palm I guess. Less
  4. One of the things that has helped me with repeat business is my knowledge of my product and the fact that I stand behind it. (No pun intended.) Since I do most of my sales face to face I try to help new customers and or doubtful ones by giving them information about the product and how it can help them. I also guarantee it by explaining to them if they really don't like it bring it back and I will exchange it. I mean that too. In the 15 yrs of selling I have had maybe 2 customers that did took me up on that. And they became steady repeat customers because they were so thankful how I treated th
  5. Have you tried RRD's? They are also made by Wedo and came before CSNs were invented. They work almost identical to CSNs and are perfect for palm waxes. They other thing is you might get a better fit in wick size with an RRD. It's worth a test shot. I believe CW carries a few sizes of RRDs. I think C&S carries more but I have to check their website to be sure I am remembering that correctly.
  6. Right now I am using CSN9's on 12oz jars. If you are wicking jelly jars or similar size I would go with the 7. Make sure you do your test burn all the way to the very end of the candle. With palm you always want to test with the smallest possible wick for the jar to get the best burn. You will get a much better hot throw and it will burn slower to. A plus that! Same thing with FO. Whatever you think is the best amount, try a smaller %. Example, if you are currently using 6% fragrance oil load go down to 3-5%. Test each % as the lesser amount will actually give you a better throw. I am using 5%
  7. I've been making and selling palm wax container candles made with Glass Glow or Crystal palm for many years now. I had started out with paraffin but when soy came along everyone wanted soy so I had to switch cause no one was buying paraffin back then. I had to quit using soy because I got horrible skin rashes from working with it so looked to try another wax and that's when I discovered and started working with palm. It was fairly new on the market back then. It was nice to not have to deal with no more rashes either so I stuck with it. I really fell in love with palm and my customers eventual
  8. I haven't noticed any difference when used as directed. I use CSN wicks so if you are using something different you may have a different experience than me.
  9. I used to know a lady that did the Rolling Thunder rally every year in Washington DC and swore she made thousands at her booth over the weekend during the rally. Just got me to thinking if anyone here does any and what you think of them? I know a lot of ladies go to these rallies and would be interested in B&B products. My friend sold those bandana scarfs that cyclists wear on their head.
  10. Candles release carcinogens when burning. All candles do regardless of the fragrance oil you use. That was what I was referring to in my post.
  11. Do you live near any landmarks like a river, creek, mountain, valley, stream, monument, national park, forest, woods? Is your area famous for anything. For example my town is famous for restaurants, skyline drive, shenandoah forest, shenandoah river, national civil war battlefields, canoeing, fall leaves splendor. etc. A good example is we have a small creek in town called Happy Creek. So a candle company could be called Happy Creek Candles or Happy Creek Candles and Melts. Are you going to call your wax melts wax melts or something different or unique? You can use that
  12. You have to take into account that you as a candlemaker are working with fragrance oils full strength. Your customers are not getting the amount of exposure to the fragrance oils that you are. So to protect yourself you should be wearing a respirator when making candles. Even using CS so called "clean Scents". All fragrances give off vapors that hang in the air and a good respirator will filter that out. The actual amount of fragrance that is in a single candle is dilluted in the wax. The carcinogens coming out of the flaming wick are more potent than the small amount of fragrance
  13. Actually the ones I have are Ball mason jars. the 16oz size. I had ordered them a while back and had a couple left I had to dig around the house to find. I found two and thankfully that's exactly what I needed. These are also the wide mouth 16oz jars. For my project the blue jars are perfect!! Will show pics of them when I am finished. Thanks for thinking of me re the jars. But I don't need the 8oz so thanks anyway.
  14. This reminds me of the coconut shell candles a while back when they were trendy. Everyone wanted to make candles in coconut shells and sell. Some suppliers even provided the bowls under candle making supplies. Another bad idea.
  15. I have Edge on my laptop I never, never use. But thought I would give it a try and it worked. I can access the threads on Edge I couldn't on Chrome and Yahoo. Pity. I hate Edge and will probably only use it for this forum for that purpose. Am gonna check to make sure I have the latest Chrome and Yahoo. But seriously both are big browsers and either should work on a large forum.
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