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  1. soapbuddy


    I sell through FB and my web page, but I sell soap, not tarts or candles.
  2. I use a HDPE pitcher for my lye water when I make soap.
  3. soapbuddy

    Learning to blend FO's questions

    When I am working on a blend I use perfume test strips or q-tips (which I cut in half) and put them in a small glass jar with a lid; kind of like what baby food jars come in.
  4. Once cleaned, you can use it in lotion bars, balms or soaps. Or sell it.
  5. soapbuddy

    Keystone Candle Supply

    I am not familiar with this company. Are they for candles only or soap safe too?
  6. soapbuddy

    LF a great Orange FO

    I tried this one and it's more like grapefruit then orange.
  7. soapbuddy


    I love the Suede. I'm looking forward to seeing t his one duped.
  8. soapbuddy

    Roll On Perfume Question

    I wouldn't use a vanilla stabilizer. It's meant for a wash off product like soap.
  9. soapbuddy

    body wash base

    I haven't found one. Why not make your own?
  10. I would go with 8.8 ozs. of lye since milk has some natural fats.
  11. soapbuddy

    Summer Medley soap

    Looks good!
  12. soapbuddy

    Links from here to your web sites?

    Could we put a link to our web sites in our signatures?
  13. soapbuddy

    If you got your email?

    Got it, thank you.
  14. soapbuddy

    Peg 40 Hydorgenated Castor

    Are you making MP soap from scratch?
  15. soapbuddy

    Finally!!! after over 2 years!!!

    Great job!