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  1. I sell through FB and my web page, but I sell soap, not tarts or candles.
  2. I use a HDPE pitcher for my lye water when I make soap.
  3. When I am working on a blend I use perfume test strips or q-tips (which I cut in half) and put them in a small glass jar with a lid; kind of like what baby food jars come in.
  4. Once cleaned, you can use it in lotion bars, balms or soaps. Or sell it.
  5. I am not familiar with this company. Are they for candles only or soap safe too?
  6. I tried this one and it's more like grapefruit then orange.
  7. I love the Suede. I'm looking forward to seeing t his one duped.
  8. I wouldn't use a vanilla stabilizer. It's meant for a wash off product like soap.
  9. I haven't found one. Why not make your own?
  10. I would go with 8.8 ozs. of lye since milk has some natural fats.
  11. Could we put a link to our web sites in our signatures?
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