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    Soaping, candle making, gardening, fishing and flower gardening.


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    I make Candles, Tarts and CP HP soap has a hobby

    I love working in my flower garden and planting a vegetable garden I also enjoy fishing. I plant all my flowers for the hummingbirds I am a hummingbird watcher. I enjoyed evenings out in the Sun and talking to friends and neighbors. My second love is soaping and candle making I give them to friends and family as gifts.

    I am a Cancer survivor twice and I want to be able to do all the things in life that I enjoy and love, I am very giving pers

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  1. You could try double wick with 2 of the 3/8 inch wooden wicks.
  2. Sweet Musk from MMS Jovan Musk from Natures Garden Hippie Chick from RE Patchouli Amber from The Flaming Candle
  3. ICS has quite a few Coffee fragrances I love their Coffee Bean
  4. Probably didn’t use enough emulsifier or miss measured..
  5. I have been using this in candles a couple of years I love this one!
  6. Can you name some Tobacco scents you like and where they are from? The only one I have is Tobacco Carmel from The Flaming Candle Thanks
  7. I love Fierce from The Flaming Candle, also love Green Irish Tweed I got mine from Micas and More and Oakmoss and Amber from Micas and More.
  8. I just bought two of their 6X6 inch slab molds I love them fits 22 ounces of oils
  9. I see her posting on Facebook. I am not sure what is going on sometimes her internet is down?
  10. Are there any fragrances out there that is close to Rose Otto essential oil? Thanks
  11. This one didn’t move fast! I just got a new one from Sweetcakes it smells like the original Aveda type
  12. I think the foaming soap sells better in my opinion. The Coco Loco makes for a nice foaming soap when diluted
  13. I have not tried other oils. I use a Catherine Failors Coco Loco recipe that is the only one I love it is actually a shower gel recipe but I use it for hand soap very luxurious .If I don’t have red turkey oil I redo the recipe without and do a superfat around 3-5% soap is not superfat clear but I still love it.
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