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  1. Hiya Heartsong .... Welcome to the board. Your donation work is very inspiring. So good to here someone doing something positive nowadays. I do volunteer work at a local food bank and hope one day to be able to contribute some handmade personal care items.
  2. Prayers go out to her husband, son and family and friends. I had just come back on here and had been messaging her a few times with questions. She was always kind. I never knew she was sick either, she never let that get in her way of her keeping up on here. She truly was an inspiration with her creations and I often thought I wished I had her talent, but did try to learn from her posts over the years. Thank you Alan for keeping this forum going now for us. Your words were such a great tribute to her, along with the previous posts from others before me. Scented ... the pics you posted of her creations are awesome memories. Vicki will be dearly missed. I wish I lived closer to attend her Celebration of Life, but know that I will be there in spirit for everyone.
  3. I have not used the EO's in candles as of yet. I am just starting to use them in bath and body products. I do use the EO's in my handmade natural cleaning products so far.
  4. Bulk Apothecary doesn't give out where their Essential OIls are from? I will check into Camden-Grey and Soapmakingresource. Thank you.
  5. Welcome Back Kris ... I remember when CandleTech started also. I just came back also.
  6. Thank you. I look forward to it. So many new creations.
  7. Luvcandletarts2


    I just knew these were your soaps ... always so beautiful!
  8. I hadn't been here in quite a while and hope to be able to stay now. I see I have lots of reading to catch up on all the new trends, etc. Saying hello to everyone and will be searching the gallery and looking at everyone's beautiful creations. So glad to be back. Hopefully planning an Essential Oil Co-op in August. Am open to anyone's favorite places for getting essential oils and what essential oils everyone is wanting. Will keep everyone posted. Luvcandletarts2 Pam
  9. Thank you so much. I can't wait to sniff it, LOL.
  10. Yes, a cotton ball sniffy would be great. Will PM you my addy. Thank you.
  11. Thank you Shar .... I will definitely try it to see. I just sniffed the actual Sand & Sable at a Kmart store closing. Going in tomorrow to grab one of the 3 left, if still there. I haven't had it in a long time. Will try the Blue Skies from Rustic Escentuals and see how close it is.
  12. Has anyone tried Bulk Apothecary Essential Oils? Pro's and Con's? Any suggestions or preferences for Essential Oil Supplier? I would like to do an Essential Oil Co-op in August and need some input please. Thank you in advance.
  13. I do also. Seems like years back there was a dupe.
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