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  1. Wait for red to set up as best as possible, pour a very thin layer of white and let it set up as best as possible and then gradually add the rest of the white.
  2. Peak Candle had the one I really liked, but thought I heard that biz was going out of biz unless there was another changing of the minds. I don't think that company carries dyes any more. I've liked what Rustic Escentual has and even Candle Science. The dye will react to your application though. There are blends of wax that I believe are impossible to get black in. I base that on reading the frustration of others in previous years.
  3. RA should be Royal Aromatics. I wonder, since the company is Calif. based, if part of the price associated is for materials used in production that might be illegal in that state based on their laws. Just a thought, but at the same time, it could just be an excuse.
  4. Blarney Stone from NG is quite refreshing actually. Finally gave it a try.
  5. Same. We cut our own caps for the top and bottom though. Are you shrinking the whole thing or partial and then tie a ribbon around the top type of thing?
  6. Poke your relief holes and make sure the wax cools enough so that topping off doesn't require two more refills. If you level your base, chances are what you melt down will get rid of any extra pour line. You could also pour to the rim so that refilling won't create an extra line. If I need to pour for a smooth line, I'm likely to either keep that upper later more liquid than the rest of the candle (heat gun) or I'll cut away most of the top crust, either let it sink into the candle or peel it out and refill. Not sure any of this makes sense without visuals. Hope so, because I don't have visuals.
  7. We know that Backwoods has closed its doors, but do we have additions and other subtractions to make on the supplier list? If so, please list below. I'd like to keep the list we have as accurate as possible.
  8. I haven't smelled Sc#%tsy's but Lebermuth used to carry such a fragrance.
  9. For some reason, whenever I make Misbehavin' it has to have pink in it. Jasmine & Grapefruit Jasmine (usually will try to do a pink and white combo) Part of an Eternal blend that we make when I can remember the recipe has pink included in it ... for the jasmine part of the fragrance though Bubblegum Flower Child (will get some pink in it ... usually try to go bright colors) Flower Bomb will generally get some pink added to it.
  10. Well, the advantage to Amazon is the ability to review the purchase also. Compare your costs and then see which is the bargain.
  11. Honestly, 140 or lower on flash points. There must be something else up with the company to be that slow. Honestly no excuse except anything traveling through the midwest/plains will be slow getting anywhere because of the blizzard we had that dumped quite a bit in and around the KC area. Yet that was after Thanksgiving and have to figure businesses were closed Nov. 22. Too, this might be a time of year for some suppliers where they struggle to keep on top of the game.
  12. Did anyone suggest Butternut Pumpkin? I know others have this, but if this place still carries it, it's worth trying. Love White nectarine and pink coral. We call it south pacific. The mandarin cranberry here wasn't as sweet as Peak's was, which was why I liked it better.
  13. Welcome to the board! I've recently learned the wax I use is no longer available so I hope to find a replacement close to me. It isn't Cierra though. Hope your testing works out well for you.
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