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  1. This alone would make me NOT buy from them! How can you be that far off both online and on the phone? It's insane to me, even simple carts can estimate shipping way closer. I think nobody there has taken the time to put in weights on each item so the cart estimates closer.
  2. Bergamot was my fav blend with Rose. My rose was extremely strong so I ended up doing 50/50. Almost forgot Satsuma worked well too.
  3. Bulk Apothecary's was recommended to me, I have not tried it yet. Such a bummer, that was such a strong scent and never even required much of a cure to throw like crazy! I tried a few others that sounded like the same scent but nothing came close.
  4. Big brands go right to a manufacturer and have their scents trademarked. That's why you see DUP when buying what another has copied and hopefully came close with the scent.
  5. My DH insisted once that taking out the churner from an old fashioned butter churn would work great. It did work quite well but I can't tell you how much wax I lost because the wood blades sucked it up and it stuck to them. I couldn't do multiple scents either without waiting to clean and scent to fade on the blades.
  6. There is a topic somewhere about using a paint mixer which is similar. I don't feel either is a good idea as they incorporates air bubbles. It doesn't take that much stirring to incorporate fo if you are mixing it in at the right temperature. After initial mix, just gently stir a few times during the cooling process and again right before pouring if it's not too slushy. Some people feel the need to stir the entire time it cools but I haven't found that to be true with any wax I've tried.
  7. Sometimes the really stanky scents are tough to cover up so you may have to use way more of what you're blending with on that Cranberry. Pine is a great suggestion as it's strong. I've never had a cranberry smell like that so I guess I've just lucked out. The peach you can blend with just about any other fruity or spicy scent. I love Cinnamon Peach blended.
  8. Candlemakeingsupplies (General Wax) used to carry a 10 oz in matte black but not the corks. I think you may need to figure out exact size and order cork lids separately from someone who carries corks. I see so many candles out there for sale with them, you'd think they'd be easier to find and purchase.
  9. Thanks, I don't think you're odd, or maybe I am too. I thought black cherry & patchouli at first. I'm going to do a bunch of swab tests to see if any of these make a good mix. I don't want it to smell like witches brew so prob avoid spices or maybe just as an undernote.
  10. I actually have both those fo's on hand so I'll give it a whirl, thanks for the advice.
  11. Their checkout/shipping fees were the worst so I stopped using them. I didn't have the time to make calls every time I place an online order so I had to eliminate those that were always issues. They need an overhaul on their website especially the cart/shipping/paypal.
  12. I would do both, raise your prices .25-.50 per item and also set a min of $10 for credit card use. I guess if you use Square you'll need to say debit or credit. We take credit only $10 or more but any amount on debit because our fee is so low on debit. Credit card fees go up every year and between that and shipping fees it''s affecting even the bigger stores not just us small businesses.
  13. May be RA since they do both fragrance oils and perfumes. I'm drawing a blank on who GW uses to mfg and I've contacted them directly in the past but I'm blank right now. '
  14. I'm thinking sexy witch is what she's after.
  15. I was asked to create a scent for a former client. I'm usually fairly good at this but I'm drawing blanks on this one. Black Magic, I think can go so many ways. I immediately thought earthy scents but then I thought maybe not. HELP!! What do you think of? I don't want a pre-blended scent unless it's used as a component only. I'd love to do this in EO.
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