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  1. Sorry, I've been on vacation so haven't looked here. Way back someone told me to try tempering to see if I got smoother results as the candle burned and I did so I continued to do it. What I do is when I finish making my candles for the day I refill my melter and melt it all to 200 before I turn the melter off. When I'm ready to use again I remelt the pot. Sometimes the remelt happens in the same day and sometimes not for a week, doesn't seem to make a difference.
  2. I recall having a box that had that grainy look but it was way back when they had just reformulated the wax. I never had it happen after that and I used C3 for well over 20 years, always "tempering" (melting wax, let get solid and reheat to temp). I agree it likes a warm room temp but mine was never 75, maybe 70 at best and I always poured very cool when it gets cloudy which was approx 115. I always heat gun tops to see if any bubbles come up even if smooth, usually they are close to the wick or center if no wick.
  3. It looks pretty good in the last pic, I don't see soot. That hangup could be airflow causing wick to burn to 1 side or could be off center hard to tell in pic. If you move while burning you most likely will see a bit of smoke or soot.
  4. Super cute! I'd love to paint these with candle paint.
  5. It's tough to give advice without knowing exact candle wax, wick & jar are giving problems. Also are you adding color or additives? Could be pour temp, fo adding temp, wrong wick, too much fo, just so many variables. Wet spots are inevitable with vege wax, coconut not as much but I still get them. I'd focus more on the melt pool and hot throw. Work with 1 wax at a time first without scent and get a good burn and then add scent. There are so many threads here that address the problems and you can use the search under either general or vege waxes to find most of your answers.
  6. I've used EBC's base, it's a foaming milk face & body wash base. I just added EO to it and only promoted as a body wash. Never made from scratch but I'm sure it's no harder than a liquid soap.
  7. I don't think it's the % at all. Sometimes too much gives less HT. I think the reformulation of all these fo's is creating HT problems. This one may be one that just won't work in soy. You could try adding USA to the wax and test it but like TT stated apples are not strong typically which is why so many people blend them.
  8. I never use more than 6% in C3. It just never made anything better for me but upping % and I almost always got fo leakage. IDK about Mac Apple from CS. Even Cargill states maximum is 6% unless you are using other additives in the wax.
  9. I had XL's from somewhere in the plastic, I'm not sure how big the apothecary is? The popsicle sticks work if you get it (and keep it) centered on your own. For me they were ok for testing but not big batches.
  10. GW is General Wax. RA I believe Rustic or Royal Aromatics, may have it wrong, mine have been repoured into smaller bottles. Not sure RA is still in business but General Wax is.
  11. You can add some Universal Soy Additive but I'm not sure what you mean by down then out? First couple burns shouldn't hit the glass walls. Or are you saying the flame goes out? If you're candles are burning down the center through the whole candle, your wick is too small.
  12. for deodorant coconut oil and jojoba are nice ones. btw MCT is typically nothing more than food grade fractionated coconut oil with a bigger price tag. Makes me mad that they try to deceive people
  13. Very few can actually penetrate. Usually the idea of a body lotion or butter is to lock in moisture immediately after a shower or bath, so more of a coating (hopefully that you don't feel greasy at all). Squalane and Emu are about the only 2 I know of that actually help your skin to absorb past the top layer they will help other oils somewhat when mixed in. I layer emu on top of my lotion/cream to really help it absorb or I just use it alone on my face. It's too expensive to use everywhere.
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