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  1. We prob all got over zealous at the beginning, I don't remember that far back but I'm sure I did! Like they said start slow with 1 container and 1 wax and several wick options. You can find threads about pulling out a wick that you know won't work and replacing it with another. No scent until you can get the jar/wick combo right.
  2. I love it. I think you're logo is great, site draws attention and I'm in awe of those cans! No negative, just promote away on social media and they will come! You may just get some orders from members here.
  3. I agree totally, I just am a sucker and always buy others candles. For 1 I like to see if what they say is true, like to see if I can figure out which wax it is and see how they burn. Also I just like candles.
  4. I don't know about your wax but the Premier wicks seem to come in the most sizes so you can always find that in-between for the tougher fo's.
  5. Put this here because they are soy candles, maybe belongs in business section. Another promotion all over the web, claims they are great so of course I need to order one, lol. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/best-pet-odor-eliminating-candle-amazon-211650327.html
  6. Glad you liked what you got! There are 3 offhand that I can think of that always sell out quickly. Monkey Farts. White Tea & Ginger & Stargazer Lily (which I gag on but it sells really well)
  7. Definitely too low for some waxes. If I add at below 175 I get droplets of fo on top of wax after it cools like it didn't bind completely.
  8. Those are great! They look like removable slats. @Candybee yours are great too.
  9. Hermoso puesta de sol en Cabo which is beautiful sunset in Cabo or just Cabo Sunset, lol. It does have all those other scents from Mexico.
  10. I personally think it depends where you are selling. In your own store I think all should be the same. I a space in a store I don't think it matters as much if you let the old run out. If you can, run a sale on the old labeled items so they move faster. I think I'd prob do the same at shows, discounted basket or table.
  11. So nice to see another former come back. I remember looking at all your beautiful creations so please post pics as you create again! See, they do return @Ravens
  12. Seriously, I know time flies but really? I don't want to think about Thanksgiving or fall until at least August, lol.
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