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  1. It's kind of a pain to figure out what size to order, I've been a size off many times.
  2. I have never had clams turn stinky and I've made hundreds of thousands of them. Sometimes they have a plastic smell when I unbox the big box but a day in the air clears that out. I have bought some and I don't recall where that had a skunky smell on arrival, but there again airing out cleared it up.
  3. Do you think you really need the Citric Acid in these since they aren't going into a tub of water? I'm thinking they would melt just find without it but idk, maybe I just need to try both ways.
  4. I think that sometimes, maybe more often than I even think, people want to be taken somewhere else by a candle or scent. Live in the mountains, they don't all want to smell pine or earthy scents in their home but maybe a tropical scent to take them to Hawaii or Bali. Prob why the tropicals sell pretty well, plus they are just great scents!
  5. Best sellers were always my blends and not because they are great scents because I named them after the town our stores are in which happens to be a tourist town so people buy as gifts to take back home. I had 8 scents, but the Mermaid & Sunset far surpassed the others in sales (beach town). Mermaid is a blend, Sunset is Flamings Cairn Sunset, all others are blends.
  6. IDK for sure but I know this company came up on another forum or possibly on Facebook and it was stated that they are distributors for Ecosoya. That doesn't mean they don't make their own wax as well. I'd shoot them an email or phone call.
  7. I always thought they just distributed Ecosoya waxes????
  8. Really depends on wax and packaging IMO. I have soy candles uncovered or with a dust cover that the first inch got crumbly and some that are air tight and 6 yrs old and still look and burn great. Clamshell melts I came across some that were well over 6 yrs old and they still looked great but my individual melts not airtight were dry on the outside. Bear in mind, I'd never sell anything that old but I keep for myself just for testing purposes. Every candle/melt gets info and date put on it for testing. For selling I do the same with a tiny sticker and always pulled ones over 1 year old regardless of how they looked. I wanted my customers to have fresh stock that I knew would perform as well or better than the day they were put on the shelf.
  9. Great stuff! You do have to love it or it isn't worth the trials, lol. I always find it my zen time where I think of nothing else but working on candles, melts b&b so therapeutic for sure.
  10. Feeling like I could really use these in my shower to help with allergies, thanks for sharing your recipe!
  11. Seeing now what your scents are, my first reaction is to scale back the Vanilla Champagne unless it's really light Vanilla. As @bfroberts said do a q-tip test first. I love blending fo, it's challenging even when you get that q-tip where you want it. Boy when you hit a home run it's a Victory Dance!
  12. You'd think it would be that easy huh? I've tried and some work as blends and some morph horribly, but this is how we learn and why we keep notes.
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