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  1. It really is all over the place, I suggest searching in this section of the forum. I personally like RE & The Flaming Candle's fos
  2. Wow, that wax really doesn't give you much time at all. I use heat gun, mostly because they work, I have 2 and I didn't want extra equipment.
  3. I would just like to add that "wholesale" on really anything does not have to be 50% off. I purchased soap wholesale for many years and wholesale was between 25-30% in most cases. I sold candles & melts wholesale at 30% off my retail, what the buyer sold at was higher than my retail.
  4. I can relate to your pain! I ended up selling my business mostly out of frustration with suppliers but also because we were moving out of state. I kept just enough wax and supplies to get me through 2020 only to find out nothing is in stock or the fo has changed so much it no longer works the way I like. So, I'll be starting completely over if I want to get back into making even if it's just a hobby for me, family & friends. All I have is time now that I also sold my antique malls, so I shouldn't complain!
  5. Some FO is simply a lighter scent. If this is strong out of bottle you might try remelting and adding a bit more. C3 will melt at a low enough melt point to hopefully not burn off what's already in the wax. I never used more than 6% (1 oz pp) in C3, if the fo didn't work I moved on. Lighter scents are attractive to some buyers so bear that in mind if you are selling. You also could have candle nose.
  6. Def have to research even about diffusing EO with pets. Some are very safe. I think it's a waste of EO to mix it with FO. IMO if you're going for an EO candle it should be all EO. Some work others lose their scent. Most will morph or turn dark in soy wax after several months.
  7. Ok look at the banner on top of their homepage. They state 7-9 business days (m-f) which starts day after order is placed. You can do something called a jump but I'm sure it costs to do it and your order jumps in front of others.
  8. I think a lot of delays are due to Covid and the individual state's restrictions. I wouldn't write them off for a 1 time thing, check their website or call to see if they are impacted. Possibly inventory time as well, usually it's Dec or Jan, again they should post this stuff on website if they want to retain customers.
  9. I don't use your wax but with soy I wick down 1 size for the heavy citrus or straight citrus to avoid a fuel smell. I use cotton core wicks but the A&P series 60C or 62C in a 3.25" jar. I love citrus scents so use them a lot. Lemon Biscotti was one of my favorite scents when I could get it back in the day!
  10. The exact wax is important to know, all soy waxes are not the same. Also typically it would start at around 60 ml per kilo (1 oz per pound of wax).
  11. Flaming had a great coffee but haven't used since all this reformulation has gone on again.
  12. Thanks for the info, always interesting to see if market trends match my area. I guess I'm not personally trendy, all I seem to want to smell is citrus. This has been throughout 2020. Every candle & melt I made for myself or bought was either straight citrus or it was the main scent. Burning berry lemonade right now.
  13. If that doesn't work try tapering the wood wick. In other words use a larger than needed for first burns but trim off some from top, that way the larger portion of the wick is just in the last burns. I don't use them but my friend does and this is how she finally got good results all the way to the bottom of the jar.
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