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  1. I know the mfg says cure time 2-3 days, but put a few aside for about 10 days and test it. I found that the longer cure times (I did 2 weeks for most tests) gave me a better hot throw without having a wick that burned so hot.
  2. Ya I would test 3 htp41's or 3 htp52's
  3. Mostly I've used them for weddings so ribbon and a small flower hot glued in place. But I did have a Monkey themed coffee shop where I hand painted a monkey on the tin until I got smart and found a super cute puffy sticker. Painted a bunch black and put multi colored polka dots on them. You can spray paint outside, hand paint something on them, use stencils or stickers if not too artsy. I even chalk painted some and then sanded a bit to give me that shabby chic look or old look for you guys, lol. Possibilities are pretty endless as long as it will stay on the tin. Chalk paint is really the best, no prep other than an alcohol wipe and voila a tranformed tin.
  4. No but please tell me it's not time for Christmas scents! 🤪
  5. Not sure about TN, but in CA I just looked on Craigslist when I needed a workshop. We lucked out and found a house that had a downstairs studio apt and we moved us and my workshop. Insurance was killer high here if I didn't operate in my home, so this worked for us.
  6. I've had trouble with a few. If you pop them in the freezer for 5 mins before unmolding they should come out clean. Sometimes there is a residue in the mold itself so be sure to wash them thoroughly when new with hot water and Dawn detergent.
  7. I had problems with tealight if the dish is close to the flame, like the little coffee cup/tea cup warmers. Also customers won't trim that wick! The scent would smell burnt or it would burn off really quickly. Same thing with the hot plate warmers, they just got too hot. I like the light bulb the best, but you still have to watch how hot they get and use the smallest watt needed to throw the scent.
  8. Many are safe, typically the supplier will indicate "skin safe" or something like that. Sometimes it will say candles/incense only. With the new laws around phthalate, more are skin safe than before.
  9. Just wanted to add that as long as the bigger container is airtight you shouldn't have issues in muslin. What may happen is the exterior of the soap loses the scent but as soon as you use it once you can smell it again. It's same with CP soap if the exterior gets faint. Wrapping or shrink wrapping seems to be best for keeping off dust and keeping in scent as long as you use a plastic that doesn't suck the scent out.
  10. It used to be stated back when I was buying from BA. If you can get what you want to try from Chemistry Store great, otherwise I'd give BA a call. I only bought from them when I needed a couple otherwise I did Lebermuth directly.
  11. 1 oz per 1 lb of wax is a 6% fragrance load. Check to see what your wax will hold, maybe that wax needs more?
  12. I'd just like to add that because your teacups are beautiful and colorful, I would not dye the wax at all. The creamy color would look great. If you want to color soy in the clear jars, I would recommend using liquid dye made for candles. It's by far the easiest to incorporate into wax. The chips works as well but it takes some prep of the chip and lots of stirring or you end up with specks.
  13. I've used many Lebermuth fo's, they are qualtiy. I can't say I was disappointed in any as far as performance. I probably would say Bay Rum is my favorite. I think you can also get them at Bulk Apothecary and not have minimums.
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