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  1. a CO-OP is where you get pre-orders from people, mine was on another forum. They prepay for the items and then when the items arrive the host has to break down, package and mail items out. I think I did one here for clamshells once, and I've purchased on many. Look under Co-Op Announcements here.
  2. Right now it might take a long time to get from them. I think the suppliers are not getting their orders is the problem. I have ordered from alibaba in the past and did a co-op once for warmers, it took approx 6 weeks to get my order back then. The US is not allowing imports of everything to come in, just essentials and even with essentials we can't seem to get things like disinfecting wipes or spray (all made in China I'm sure).
  3. I always paint the outside with a chalk paint (like Annie Sloan or Junk Gypsy). Is the idea of inside painting so it won't chip easily? I can't handle the fumes of glass paints which lead me to try the chalk paints and they do stay on really well.
  4. Didn't realize that is a food storage container, I've seen them in Ikea but probably way pricey. Idk where to buy in bulk with the lid.
  5. My tax lady told me same thing and then when it got down to it she didn't need the actual inventory broken out just the $. So I'd keep track of spending, sales and any product already made but not sold.
  6. For sure those guides are just a starting point. I've found some that created underwicked and some overwicked candles. I think you're already on the right track but like everyone said it may differ from scent to scent. In my wax I found that heavy vanilla and some citrus scents required a size up.
  7. Thank you! I kept the bottle so I have the ingredient list, I'm going to experiment! It really leaves your hands feeling so moisturized you don't need lotions. I just won't pay $40 for any 8 oz soap. if it didn't come in my box I'd never even know it existed, which is how FFF gets products so cheap to include in a $40 box (massive marketing).
  8. No it's Cuccio it came in my Fab Fit Fun box when I had membership there. It is amazing but $40 a 8 oz bottle.
  9. This is so pretty! Did you pipe on the designs?
  10. Has anyone tried epsom salt in their liquid salt recipe? Looking for a % to start with. TIA! Asking because I have a bottle of name brand with epsom salt and Lavender EO and it is amazing.
  11. Lowest heat possible on your oven, most are around 200. I always set wicks after taking out or the wax primer on the wick melts and I fear the sticky tab will give in the oven. 4 trays (12 jars) fit in my oven. If I pull 1 tray of 12 at a time I can wick and pour fairly quickly and they stay warm.
  12. I didn't seem to notice a difference with C3 soy wax but my ambient temp was on the warmer side. For Palm wax where you want those beautiful crystals to form, I noticed a big difference by heating the jars, pouring very hot and allowing it to cool slowly. Just another example of each wax is different, even soy to soy.
  13. Longer is better with all vege waxes. I would try cutting back the beeswax to 2% of total coco wax and see if adhesion is better. It's not important if just wet spots but I wouldn't want the entire candle to be loose in the container.
  14. I haven't had a crumbly problem but I have had pieces stick to silicone molds, esp the molds that are more intricate design or very thin. I pop in freezer for 3-5 mins and they come out perfectly.
  15. I haven't used 464 in a long time but in any wax too much fo load can easily result in low or no HT.
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