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  1. 4 oz Witch hazel and 30-40 drops of essential oil
  2. kandlekrazy

    How many Christmas scents?

    One funny thread!! I used to offer a bunch like 15-20, now I'm down to 3 or 4, a basic Pine, Christmas Hearth and then whatever I have left from last year or I try a couple new ones. I personally like Joyous Noel (they spell it different) from the Candle Source. This year I may only offer 2 since I'm not buying fo anymore. (yeah, yeah, I know I'll hop on the next sale)
  3. kandlekrazy

    Anyone tried Meyers?

    Ha! Thanks @TallTaylThat's great to know. I feel bad for all of us hard working little people when I see these things out there. The average consumer does not know any better. I was able to read one of their labels online and it said essential oils and soy wax. So many I get have off centered wicks in them and burn way too hot and I'm talking expensive candles not the cheap ones.
  4. I think when I go to Target again I'll pick one up (I just don't frequent that store). Just wondering if anyone has tried the Mrs. Meyers candles. Not sure how they can sell these 8 oz recycled glass jars with soy wax & EO's for under $8 but they may just kill off some of our candle makers market sales here. Question is, do they burn well and actually have a hot throw?
  5. kandlekrazy

    GW 444 and cold and hot throw issue

    I tried to work with that wax and eventually gave up. Sorry, I know some have success with it but I had very little. Guess it depends on the level of frustration you are at with it. I'd look for a different wax that was available in your area even try 464. All soy has issues but that one almost made me jump off the pier with cement boots. I'm glad I switched and tried other waxes.
  6. kandlekrazy

    Label advice and feedback

    Great Job. Love the color it pops. I'd also love to see them on a jar now!
  7. kandlekrazy

    C3 best wick

    Try the cotton core especially with those tough scents just don't over wick or you'll get soot. These tend to mushroom as well but usually small and way better than no HT.
  8. kandlekrazy

    Die cutting machine

    They are really so much fun. Mine broke but I asked Santa for a new one. Look on Pinterest, so many ideas your head will spin!
  9. kandlekrazy

    A glitsy looking label

    Those are all so cute!! I love the snow on the lettering. You are the label queen.
  10. I put my pour pot directly on the scale tare the scale and use the squeeze bottles to add fo, zero loss.
  11. kandlekrazy

    Autumn Walk in the Woods

    Perfect Name! Can't wait to see this cut.
  12. kandlekrazy

    Candle Makers FO recommendations

    I have a lot of oils from them. Off hand, Monkey Farts and Stargazer Lily are among my biggest sellers. White Tea & Ginger, Sweet Pea & Carmel Coffee are all really good as well. I used to love the Lavender but they changed it, it's ok now not great. I'm sure I have way more good ones but my memory is failing me right now.
  13. kandlekrazy

    Video discussion

    I'm baffled. The first video makes some sense but goes against everything I was ever taught. I'm going to test this in C3 with a scent that I know does not throw well just for my own curiosity. The no cure time though or little cure time I know I've tested that 1000 times and the longer they sit the better they throw so??? Maybe 464 or whatever he was using. 2nd video, the all Organic, really?????????
  14. no it's Universal Soy Additive. It hardens the wax a bit, supposed to help with adhesion (not so much) and tops are smoother.
  15. I don't typically color because of frosting or blotching but decided to color those mini mason jars just so you could see the word Love on them better. I'm using only essential oils in those and dying pastel but dang I have not seen any frosting. I had them sit at least a month before putting them out to sell, I can't say what would happen after 2 months because I only made 8 and they were gone in a month. I used liquid dye and USA in my C3. I haven't had time to get back into candle making for the past 3 months but when I do I'm going to try red and brown which notoriously frost.