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  1. Many, Many do not get a business license and that is how they are doing it. Most Craft fairs require only liability insurance that covers you at each event address (some req nothing). To sell on Etsy, Ebay etc you need nothing. To set up a website, you need nothing. I always did the license and insurance and ran it like a business but know many that didn't.
  2. It really depends on the city you live in and sometimes the county. I ran mine in Orange County and also in San Luis Obispo county with zero issues always operating out of my house. Unless something has changed in the past year.
  3. I have always respected Lebermuth as a mfg/supplier of fo and the fact that they take the time and $ to do this really impresses me. There are few that would. I have received emails in the past that changes are being made from suppliers but no real explanation.
  4. I've used a padded env with extra bubble for 3 or less but anything else I use a box and bubble or sometimes those air inflated things if I don't have the right size box. I try to fit all in a regional rate B box as it seems to be the cheapest but sometimes have to use fedex.
  5. I don't know about chemistry but fo is an oil so doesn't mix with water. I always used a carrier oil or wax. Carrier oil could be fractionated coconut since it has no scent and can tolerate the heat of a warmer.
  6. I don't know for sure. I've seen the Yankee and they look like Bamboo. Never saw Nest in person.
  7. If the wax/fo was mixed properly then it is most likely the wick being too hot. You won't notice that as much on a first burn as you will when it starts getting inside the jar. If these are the wider neck jars, you shouldn't reach a full mp on the first 2 hour burn, there should be a little hang up on the sides, these jars taper down as well so burn hotter toward the bottom. I tested the small neck and hated them so can't help much there.
  8. Candle Science & The Candle Source both had good ones. I did notice the last one I purchased from the Candle Source was lighter in depth and darker in color. With all the changes in fo over the past couple of years I'd check and see if someone rated one in the fragrance review section.
  9. I have added CBD oil but not straight Hemp. The CBD so far seems to hold up just fine. It seems Prairie Annie used Hemp look for her additive post it has a ton of info.
  10. Bad news for those that use this wax. I imagine they are having difficulty sourcing at a reasonable price.
  11. I don't know which Calwax would work, I primarily used C3 for both candles & melts, they pop right out of molds and clamshells.
  12. ok so the other I used was Calwax so they were both the same. They both gave me headaches, but I do remember those tunneling issues with that wax. I really didn't use it long enough to work through the problems.
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