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  1. I should have said all wholesale accts is what I quit shipping. Customer orders yes, mostly melts sold and no issues with those.
  2. Get r done! A nice problem to have if you have the supplies to fulfill, but with your specialty containers I imagine it's not always readily available and running out of wax and certain fo's is def a setback. Maybe you can email to say do to overwhelming response, lead time will take ?? more days than usual. LOL seriously, do you have any vacation time to make candles? The poster must have tons of followers, people buy what is recommended and many consider the people they follow a friend.
  3. Pure soy wax, just about any warmer melts it. I think I've tried every type of warmer. Some are so hot they burn off the fo much quicker, like the hot plate burners which may even be disc now.
  4. If I have the boxes that my glass comes in, my candles go right back into those if not shipping. If shipping it takes more padding foam and or bubble wrap, I've even used those paper sleeves that are mesh looking (I save when they come in one of my orders) as the glass weighs way more with the wax and is more prone to breakage. I've had boxes sent to customers where all but 1 broke and I took every precaution, in shipping it just happens from time to time. Be sure to pad each candle and then also pad the bottom, sides and top and you should have pretty good luck. IMO peanuts worked the best but getting harder to find them. After a while I just quit all accounts that required shipping (shipping costs made it impossible to get decent orders).
  5. Does it make anyone else crazy when you buy a cheap soy blend candle and the wick isn't even centered completed and the darn thing burns perfectly in a mason jar? I really want this wax. No soot, no smoking, never trimmed the wick (not even 1st burn) and the candle is burning perfectly. Empire Candle Tuscany Farmhouse Sweet Tea. $4 for a 12 oz candle. I guess I can just keep guessing what the blend might be.
  6. I use a bamboo skewer as a place holder if not wicking, problem is after first wick test your wax has to be soft enough to run that skewer back down to try another size. Heat gun is all I need to clean up after inserting wick.
  7. Check the suppliers by state section to find wax and fo nearby. Sometimes even 1-2 states away will be much cheaper on shipping. Candlewic has a freight included option on 50# cases of waxes they carry but all depends on what wax you are using.
  8. A year ago I'd have joined you there! Now that I only have a handful of fo's in addition to my essential oils, I feel a huge weight lifted and have saved so much $$. I don't sell anymore so for me it's not an issue to just have a few. So if you really want to stay away, just think about the $ you'll save for Christmas, etc.🤣
  9. Just wanted to add that if your fo you're trying to dup is older it may have ingredients that are no longer allowed. Many of my old favorites from my regular suppliers have changed drastically in hot throw when I reordered in the past year (maybe it's 2 now).
  10. kandlekrazy

    Melts Question

    maybe just another change in a new box/lot of wax. Try a batch and leave lids open longer just to see what happens.
  11. You will get to a point where they no longer annoy you. Sometimes the candles are perfect for months and then viola a wet spot appears as the wax changes temperature and shrinks more. When I first realized it will happen sometimes no matter what you do/try, I embraced them. The frosting I never got over, so I only colored my palm candles & melts.
  12. I'm late to this party of wick haters (myself included). Just thought I'd mention again that if you twist your flat self trimming wicks before putting into the jar (like HTP), they will burn way more evenly and not to one side. I twist the heck out of them, lol.
  13. It's the new version of the beads, there is a long thread on this you can search for.
  14. I agree about the regional rate boxes from USPS. You do have to print your own shipping label and pay online with them. Also they did away with the C which was the biggest box. You also get a break on any priority with USPS if you print your own thru their Click & Ship. Don't think that any of the other carriers handle packages any better or safer. At UPS a FRAGILE sticker means throw it 5' instead of 7', they laugh at them. Very heavy, I've found Fedex to be most competitive if you open an acct and pay online. Just be sure to package safely and you shouldn't have problems.
  15. I can answer that for soy wax. Keeping at 200 or above for an hour will burn it using a presto or turkey fryer. I've had to throw out a whole melter full because I got busy doing other things and forgot.
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