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  1. Even Candlewic did away with their "shipped pricing" but all the way across country is 55. shipping. Unfortunately, they don't carry palm waxes.
  2. Yes concrete is candle safe as with anything it has to be made properly. There are dozens of tutorials online about how to make them. My friends bought molds to start trying and then had big molds made when they decided it was their way to go.
  3. You may be able to find them, but I personally know 2 people that use them and they both make their own.
  4. I would think it's like any wax, the fragrance is released by the melt pool but you don't want to overwick. Container, wicking & fo is what would matter. Parafin vs natural waxes is a whole different creature so idk if you can really compare side to side.
  5. It's kind of like tempering your wax. Melt to melting, let harden and remelt. I used this process with every batch of C3. Plus any wax left in melter is subject to remelting.
  6. You can blend them for "limited edition" scents or you may end up loving the blend.
  7. Gosh I just saw 10 cases at an estate sale, brand new never opened and passed them up. I don't really use the 8 oz but maybe should have bought to hoard? lol
  8. I really don't understand this reformulation, it seems nobody is happy with the new formulations. We went thru this a few years ago with all suppliers but that had a legit reason. It just sucks.
  9. Well 3 months won't hurt for sure. I'm not sure about your blend or how long they can sit, maybe someone will chime in here. I've had some soy candles last years, while others turned ugly after a year (mostly bakery or high vanilla content).
  10. A couple things to think about is scents and how you're selling. if you make them all up in say 10 scents will all of those sell? Are any seasonal? I was always a make as I need unless doing shows or had wholesale orders. I'd wait till I had 3-4 left of a scent and then make that scent. I always had covers for the jars and I stored in the cardboard boxes the glass jars came in. If it's soy wax it can morph horribly if it sits for a really long time, depending on scent. Even some sealed melts have turned brown or super frosted when they were left for over a year.
  11. I have a Wagner and I have an Ace Hardware (not sure who makes it for Ace). I actually like the Ace only because it's lighter. I've had both over 10 years.
  12. Let me say that when I sold my candle business, the lady that bought it had no idea what was involved. She stated she had "made candles" before. When she saw my notes at a training session, I thought she was going to give up. 🤣
  13. I don't think it's weird at all especially if using products from the sea. Maybe deciding on what you want to implement in your logo will help with a name. Like waves, seashells, kelp. IDK just throwing ideas out there. Personally I'd go with Mermaid in the name, but I'm a Mermaid at heart, lol.
  14. Never had that issue from Candlemakers Store but I suppose it can happen anywhere. The key is which supplier will take care of it quickly, apparently CS is not doing that and that surprises me.
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