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  1. kandlekrazy

    Peak....again with the closing.

    It's horrible to have to close a business unless it's for retirement or just tired of it. I never ordered again because I didn't like the way they closed the first time and didn't want to get stuck. Luckily 1 was down to 3 Peak scents when they closed up quickly.
  2. kandlekrazy

    Coconut wax vs others

    Super soft IMO, I just felt it never used it but I didn't like the feel so walked away. Was told it was more for the massage candles but idk I guess with that low % of soy wax it would work for those.
  3. kandlekrazy

    I may have a wax problem

    Sorry this is happening yet again! It's so frustrating when you put in all the work and then the wax changes just enough to mess with your formula. Hopefully it's just a little wick change.
  4. kandlekrazy

    I've been moving away from candles...

    OMG yes, I can see why candle making wasn't enough to fulfill your talent. They are all amazing.
  5. kandlekrazy

    2 new soaps.

    So pretty!!
  6. All so darn cute I can't choose! I do like the pets in #3
  7. kandlekrazy

    Peppermint blends

    Agree 100% about using a small % of peppermint, it does overpower some scents completely. My fav is peppermint & dark chocolate (warning, may cause you to eat all day!) It really does well with a lot of scents you probably would never consider, I've even mixed it with florals for a twist. I do not like Rose on it's own so I've pretty much tried mixing everything with that one. I've also mixed with Lavender, Sweet Pea & Farmers Market (I think that's the name?? mixed floral)
  8. kandlekrazy

    Getting wax out of a Presto Pot

    Those black plastic type trays from frozen foods work well for floor. I have a few deep ones like 4" deep. But after 5-6 yrs mine even leaked around the hole the spout was in. Of course, I was able to drain it and my husband resealed it for me but if I didn't have that cookie sheet I would have had a big mess the day it leaked!
  9. kandlekrazy

    Getting wax out of a Presto Pot

    Think turkey fryer, once I got that I rarely looked at my Presto pots again, lol. JK I use Presto for Palm and smaller batches when I'm testing. If you can find a turkey fryer on ebay or at a yard sale with the front spigot they are really worth it. I got mine on ebay it was used once and when I received it I could tell it looked brand new. It does take just a bit longer to melt the wax but you can fit 15-20# of wax in, maybe more and get out much bigger batches.
  10. kandlekrazy

    Getting wax out of a Presto Pot

    I love the spigot but have to warn you that even the best made will leak after time. I have bought them already made and my husband made me one. Place it on a cookie sheet if you're going to use a spigot. then you have easy clean up.
  11. kandlekrazy

    Next Craft Fair Coming!

    I love those domed holders, looks like a pastry shop display. Maybe just have a cute little sign that says these melts are available to purchase, just ask, Unless that's what is in the tins.
  12. kandlekrazy

    Outside Views on Pouring Temps

    Since they are only talking about IG 6006, I think what they are saying in those posts is they are following the recommended heat to 185 and and fo immediately because the temp drops to 170 quickly and that is too low to add fo. IDK just playing the devil's advocate here I guess. I read it totally differently.
  13. kandlekrazy

    Iced Lemon Biscotti

    I had to back off to 5% in C3 for both candles & melts and I used 3% in Glass Glow Palm