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  1. You'll want some method of taking notes. You'll want to keep track of every candle you make. What you did, and how it burned. You didn't mention FO but most people want their candle to smell. You don't have to have it though. If you get some it has to be made for candles.
  2. The evo colors from Candlewic are awesome. Bright, vibrant, zero smell, and very easy to completely mix in. I've used them in paraffin and natural waxes. They offer more color stability than other colorants too.
  3. I got a little berry mold, so I had to make a berry soap of course. This is such a great scent it's berries with a touch of clove. The only down side is that it made my creamy white base, yellow. I just hope it doesn't continue to yellow.
  4. Thank you Laura!
  5. Thanks! I used Stephenson’s base from CS. At first I didn’t like it because it didn’t bubble very well, but I found if I let the soap sit for a couple days the bubbles get much better. I guess it has to cure a little. They are scented with Sea Minerals from CS.
  6. I've never done a loaf of M&P before. It was fun. And I was able to remove it from the mold in about an hour and cut it. A BIG difference compared to CP soaps. Since it was still warm I was able to use my CP cutter. This may be even more addicting than CP soap.
  7. I actually have a honey base from SFIC and a low sweat base. I did some soaps with the honey base. It was so nice. It melts very evenly, and it doesn't get over bubbly while melting. I haven't tried the other one yet. I just saw the SFIC is actually in CA, which is where I am too. I hate that I have to buy from places out of CA and have it shipped back to me in CA. I tried to contact them for a distributor here but they haven't responded. The SFIC base is twice as much as the Stephenson's base from CS, even if you buy directly from them. It is nice from what I've seen though.
  8. I used to use the low sweat base from Peaks. Now I've been playing with a few from Stephenson's. I can tell a BIG difference in lather. They are nice, but I"m worried that people won't like the low suds. Can anyone recommend a good soap base without propylene glycol?
  9. I have an email out to them. I'll let you know when I hear back. It may not wick different.
  10. So here is the response from CS. "The formulation of Very Vanilla did not change. However, we are actively developing another version of Very Vanilla that allows a higher usage rate for body care products, although it is not available for purchase at this time." So, it didn't change, but it's going to. I guess the question now is whether the new one will wick different LOL.
  11. I sent an email, hopefully I'll hear back tomorrow.
  12. Some of these will be a little scratchy, but I've been asked to make more exfoliating soaps, so I did the colorants and herbs without infusing them this time.
  13. The last time I spoke to them about FOs, they said they were changing all of their FOs to make them all prop 65 compliant and Phthalate free. I was told that was why they discontinued some of them, because they weren't able to reformulate them to meet these standards. Maybe this scent hasn't gone through the changes yet, or it was already meeting their new standards so they didn't have to change it. I guess I need to ask them now.
  14. The website says 8/15/19. It's no longer skin safe either.
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