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  1. Thanks for the good info. Now I have a situation. I disputed my old domain registrars illegal charge since it was 2 months early and they used an expired CC on my account and they have now closed my account online so I can't get the code to move my domain now. They were sooo rude about this, is there anyway to leave them without having to contact them. I just want to leave them and not have to deal with them ever again. BTW this HORRIBLE unethical domain and hosting company is called Webstarts. Do not ever deal with them!
  2. How would you fasten the tag?
  3. I'm really curious how some of you creatives would label a container like this. I'm really loving jars like this lately but I feel labeling them would be such a challenge. The "quilted" texture wouldn't allow a side label, and it seems like a label on the lid would take away from the cool wood look, but you have to have something. I just love this blue ❤️💛💜 https://calcandlesupply.com/8-oz-aqua-textured-matte-jar-w-lid/
  4. Wow that’s a lot! You must have a great site. I looked up ionos customer reviews. It looks like since they changed from 1&1 customers have been really unhappy. A lot of 1 Star comments for the full service options. At least they could work for the domain purchase just to get away from my old place. I’ll look at portfolio. I was really considering Wix. They are supposed to be really easy and I’ve heard many B&B makers happy with them, but they don’t offer emails, and they charge more for monthly payments. They have some nice templates though.
  5. @Laura C who are you hosting your site through? I m looking for a new website builder and host too. I’m with big commerce right now. They are very good, but their templates are limited and outdated.
  6. I thought it was ok. You were right. I haven’t heard good things about go daddy these days. They used to have a very good reputation, but I hear they are more a la carte now, which adds up.
  7. The last time I shopped around, it seemed like I was only finding places that charge monthly for emails now. Do you know of any that don't charge monthly for domain emails?
  8. I can't stand the place I buy my domain from. No matter how many times I tell them not to keep my card on file, they auto renew it every year. They do so 2 months early each time. So the next year it's due 2 months early again, and this goes on and on. This is so unethical! This time they charged the renewal to a card I don't even own. I don't even know where they got the number from, but it's none of my cards. They are so sketchy I want to get away from them. First, can anyone recommend an affordable place to buy your domain, that includes at least one domain email? Second, if my domain was already renewed do I have to wait for it to expire before I purchase from a different place? Third, how hard is it to redirect your domain to the new place?
  9. I used to have all kinds of issues with 464. I used it for about 7 years. It changed every season. Sometimes it would have some type of liquid in it. It would even start to boil at times. I hated that wax after a while LOL. Are you sure easy beads don't have paraffin? You asked how to simplify your testing. I was just saying it will be a lot less complicated to finalize your wax first, then worry about scents so you don't have to make 32 testers like you said.
  10. Since you're not set on your wax preference yet I would start with that before worrying about the scents in the beginning. I would take your favorite scent (you'll get to know it really well, and most likely hate it by the time you're done) and make all the wax blends you think you want to try. You can also start with no scent. That will give you the best idea of the burn characteristics of the waxes with no other influences. But if you do use a scent make all your wax blends the same scent so the only variables are the waxes. The percentages and waxes that you could test could be infinite, so make up your mind what results you want to see ahead of time, and how many blends you're willing to test. Setting up these boundaries will help you feel less confused when testing your own wax blends. Maybe say you'll only try 4 different wax blends and that's it. Take really good notes. When I was picking my latest wax formula, decided I could only use certain waxes because they were what I could get with reasonable prices and shipping. I decided what I was looking for in the finished candle and went from there. I didn't want to deal with the inconsistencies of wax manufacturers so I worked with some basics to make my own blend. It's a lot of work, but you really get to know candle making inside and out, and you're not at the mercy of wax manufacturers when they want to have their wacky changes. After you settle on your wax blend you can start testing your scents. I usually start at 6% because it's cheaper, and most scents are fine at 6%. I would only try 1 or 2 scents at a time to get them perfected. If you try to do testing for all the different variables at one time, it will waste more time and product in the long run than breaking it down to testing one thing at a time.
  11. There's really no need to clean the dropper each time you use it. You can get pipettes if you want a clean dropper each time. That's kind of a waste of colorant though. I wouldn't chance using water to clean the droppers, some could get trapped and you wouldn't know it.
  12. It’s not just you. I think they are different too. I’ve never heard anyone say they are the same. I’ve been tempted to go back to 4630 because it’s easier, but after seeing this post it reminds me how it changes now and then. 4627 is the better wax of the two.
  13. What if you were to try a mix of 4627 and 4630? 4627 is a pain to work with (soft and sticky) but it really is a nice wax. The one thing that's nice about 4627 is that it rarely changes. I used to have issues with 4630 a couple years ago. Sometimes it would be soft, and sometimes firm. Sometimes it would come to me really dirty, because they don't wrap it in the box it comes in.
  14. You'll want some method of taking notes. You'll want to keep track of every candle you make. What you did, and how it burned. You didn't mention FO but most people want their candle to smell. You don't have to have it though. If you get some it has to be made for candles.
  15. The evo colors from Candlewic are awesome. Bright, vibrant, zero smell, and very easy to completely mix in. I've used them in paraffin and natural waxes. They offer more color stability than other colorants too.
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