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  1. Jeana

    Organizing 1oz FOs

    Thanks for the ideas everyone :) Now a second part to the question. What do you do with the scents you don't like? Do you just toss them? I wish I had some candle/soap makers near me. I have sooo many things I would like to get rid of. Like about half of the 1oz samples I have LOL. My goal has always been to make an Excel sheet to keep track of the ones I definitely didn't like, so I could just get rid of them. That still hasn't happened LOL.
  2. Does anyone have a clever way to organize about 100 1oz testers? I have sooo many, but I need to keep them and be able to access them easily when I need them. Right now I have them shoved in boxes. I lose track of what I have, so I order more, and the cycle continues LOL. I'm typically an organizing junkie, but I can't get a good system for these, for some reason.
  3. Jeana

    Black Crow Christmas Thyme

  4. Jeana

    Black Crow Christmas Thyme

    So that's only for a bit, then it settles? Is that starting it trimmed, or untrimmed?
  5. Jeana

    New soaps

    I had to take some soap photos so I thought I'd share. I explored some new micas from Nurture Soap this week. I feel like I've been living under a rock not knowing about these guys. Their micas are outstanding to work with. Not advertising for them, just the first time I've worked with them.
  6. Jeana

    Candle Science Pumpkin Chai

    All I can smell is the spice, no pumpkin It has a great throw though. It still reminds me of Hansel and Grettel's house.
  7. Jeana

    Candle Science Pumpkin Chai

    I just don Good to know. I just don't know if I'll be able to handle the gingerbread type scent they put in it. I didn't expect that. I know the Souffle has tremendous throw even in some of the poorer preforming waxes.
  8. What are you trying to achieve by adding the BW? What coconut wax are you using? So that is 3% you are adding it at, right? Does it do this if you add it at 1 or 2%? Are you pouring hot enough? Many coconut waxes say to pour close to 200 to get jar adhesion.
  9. Jeana

    Favorite type of dye for soy

    If you are going to color soy then the best colors by far are EVO colors from candlewic. They have no smell, and they frost less. They are super concentrated. This purple one was a tester of coco83/415. That color was about 10 drops, or about .05 oz. And the other colors were either 464 plain or Ecosoya Advanced plain. It was a long time ago lol.
  10. Jeana

    Candle Science Pumpkin Chai

    So I put the pumpkin chai in wax and it smells like a cross between Hansel and Gretle's house and pumpkin souffle. It's not what I was thinking oob. I'm going to pour a souffle today to compare them.
  11. Jeana

    Candle Science Pumpkin Chai

    If you are using soy, try HTPs. They hold up much better in harder to wick scents. I used to use an HTP 104 for a 3” container with 464. It was really nice.
  12. Jeana

    Candle Science Pumpkin Chai

    OK, thanks, that's good to know that it is medium to wick. Pumpkin souffle was one of the easiest scents I have ever wicked. Sounds like the Chai isn't going to be as easy lol. How do they compare on throw? PS has a super duper throw.
  13. Jeana

    Candle Science Pumpkin Chai

    Let me know how your testing goes with the pumpkin chai, and the comparison tests. Pumpkin souffle sells really well, but I think it could be nice to have the hint of spice for a twist this year. I can't do too much spice it messes with my head too much. I can get migraines from a lot of cinnamon or clove.
  14. I used to use their pumpkin Soufflé, but after smelling their new pumpkin Chai I'm considering switching. It has just a little more spice, but not too much. Anyone have any experience with the two to help me compare them, or want to give an opinion? The pumpkin souffle needed to be wicked up, does the pumpkin chai? Does it throw well?