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  1. I've heard people say that glass explodes or cracks but I personally have never had it happen. IMO if you use a glass made for candles and don't overwick it your chances of it happening are very slim. That being said I watched a clear glass Libbey coffee cup crack as the coffee was poured in and for that reason I stopped reusing glass for candles (Unless it was just for testing). Stress lines can form from high heat and then the glass will crack.
  2. There was a discussion on this way back but I can't seem to find it in search. I tried calling it different things, maybe someone else will remember.
  3. I have an Oreck 21 vacuum with a bag (not bagless with filters) so mine doesn't clog up at all from the baking soda.
  4. So pretty and Spring/Summer! Lemoncello is also a fav drink that we make homemade.
  5. If you are talking about carpet freshener, yes I make it but only with essential oil and baking soda. I use stainless powdered sugar shakers to hold it.
  6. Love the spool one on the bottom. The other looks cool but also looks scary, I don't know if I'd like my flame on the edge like that??
  7. Also check at Dollar Tree if you have one, they carry the Libbey Tumblers in clear sometimes.
  8. Honestly right now I see it going up if you have an online presence. If you did fairs/shows they have been cancelled everywhere in the US and I notice reschedule dates are late June or July and who knows if that will happen? I have seen a slow down in getting any kind of supplies and soon our suppliers won't have the items sourced from any overseas company and I'm not sure how long it will take for a catch up. I recall years back when everything was sitting in the docks in Long Beach & Los Angeles for over 4 months and some suppliers were wiped out of supplies. I remember because my candle warmer order was sitting there.
  9. I've worked with both as well. It is preference. I never had good luck with HT using 464 with too many scents so switched to primarily C3. There are people here that have great luck with 464. Test and see which you like.
  10. Right now everyone is shipping slow due to the Covid19 virus. I don't recall them being that bad in the past. I do believe they have a 3-5 day processing time but if you don't hear in 5 days I would reach out by call or email.
  11. Great colors on this one. Looks like the ocean.
  12. I had a problem with this scent but only certain suppliers and now I don't know which since I haven't made soap in a looonnng time. I am going to get back into it when I can get out and see the Oregon area suppliers.
  13. This is amazing, but then all of your soaps are amazing! I keep forgetting to look here for pics is why I'm so late to post.
  14. I think much of your answer lies in where will you sell and what kind of turn out? I would go to all the shows and markets around (even if that isn't where you'll sell) and ask them what their best sellers are. This is how I learned that it differs tremendously on area. As I moved, things changed drastically. I went from Orange County in So Cal to a much more rural beach town in the central coast of Cal and suddenly everyone wanted scents I did not have and I changed and carried way less scents. Now I'm in OR and I noticed in shops here that the scents sold are different again. I probably had at least 100 scents, not that I used them all but I had them and I created mixers with some so that I had my own special scents they couldn't buy at big box stores.
  15. When testing hot throw you really need different rooms where you can close a door or the strong throwing candles may overpower and you won't smell anything else. I used bedrooms where I could close the doors. I even used a large bathroom sometimes. Once you know how the throw is, then you can intermingle the candles if you wanted in an area just to see how the wick performs (but I must say, I've had a good HT go down to almost no HT as the candle progressed because of a wick and you won't catch that). The other thing I did was to train a few people on what to look for and gave them test sheets to fill out, these were trusted friends and family members and in the beginning I tested same batch & same scent just to see how our notes compared.
  16. I know the mfg says cure time 2-3 days, but put a few aside for about 10 days and test it. I found that the longer cure times (I did 2 weeks for most tests) gave me a better hot throw without having a wick that burned so hot.
  17. Ya I would test 3 htp41's or 3 htp52's
  18. Mostly I've used them for weddings so ribbon and a small flower hot glued in place. But I did have a Monkey themed coffee shop where I hand painted a monkey on the tin until I got smart and found a super cute puffy sticker. Painted a bunch black and put multi colored polka dots on them. You can spray paint outside, hand paint something on them, use stencils or stickers if not too artsy. I even chalk painted some and then sanded a bit to give me that shabby chic look or old look for you guys, lol. Possibilities are pretty endless as long as it will stay on the tin. Chalk paint is really the best, no prep other than an alcohol wipe and voila a tranformed tin.
  19. No but please tell me it's not time for Christmas scents! 🤪
  20. Not sure about TN, but in CA I just looked on Craigslist when I needed a workshop. We lucked out and found a house that had a downstairs studio apt and we moved us and my workshop. Insurance was killer high here if I didn't operate in my home, so this worked for us.
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