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  1. Woods and Earth from The Flaming is nice too. They have a new Palo Santo and Patchouli.
  2. Got some men’s fragrances for shaving soaps, got Shampure type, Redwood Cedar suppose to be like Bert’s Heaven scent,
  3. Sweetcakes Fragrances has a good Rose scent too.
  4. Any opinions on NorthWood fragrances? any favorites? thank you!
  5. No I had a tiny silicone shell mold.
  6. My own blend smells so good!
  7. I know I am late jumping in here but Micas and a More has a great Palo Santo!
  8. Has anyone tried these new Companies? if so do you have any favorites you Like? Studio Fragrance in Florida Muddy Soap Company Fragrance Texas
  9. I find that adding about 25% soy wax to that blend will get rid of the dimples.
  10. LOL@Pam W I had to see how it feels?
  11. My Favorite place is The Flaming Candle in Georgia
  12. Mine has no clay or Olive oil
  13. Okay Pam does Hubby like Lavender or Spicy Scents?
  14. Everything you need to know about making shaving soap.
  15. Been working on recipes for shaving soaps I have been wanting to do this a couple of years now.
  16. I like the powder too I put it directly into my soaping oils before I add my lye. great in shaving soap too!
  17. I have freeze dried powder that is white Candybee! https://www.camdengrey.com/essential-oils/aloe-vera-freeze-dried-powder-40x.html?variant_id=1362&gclid=CjwKCAjw8J32BRBCEiwApQEKgT42B_stzoXsYpWntgIcjjnEJ3jQ0W9ZfrP0h3pUVVyv9S8wGplOwxoCoWAQAvD_BwE
  18. I do a coconut and Shea 50/50 but never added aloe. If I were to do it, I would add the powder directly to the warm oils not too hot. I use a Kitchen Aid mixer for making all my butters.
  19. 6006 is kind of soft had some of that hard wax to it about 40%
  20. Unless she wants a lot of one fragrance making brittle those pans can hold up to 1 lb. Do you have any kind of silicone molds you could pour wax in?
  21. I did this in the Hurricane swirl these are the steps.
  22. Daystar’s Parsley Water my favorite green smell! Brambleberry used to have a fragrance called Green Garden I have to see if they still have it.
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