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  1. Beautiful as always upside down or straight up...love them
  2. Love the way that looks. I have 2 of their molds and just adore them. Would love to order the colors but feel like I should use up the many i have now.
  3. Sorry I didn't get back sooner. I would hate to steer someone wrong, but I have used it to seal candy tin seams and clay pots for candles and it was fine. I am not selling though so you probably should research it. I made the cutest little clay pots once and sealed the bottom with a penny and sealed the porous clay with modge podge and painted the outside and saucer with acrylics. I was new and read it somewhere so I tried it and it was really cute. I only made few though. Sorry I couldn't be more help. Trying to research this and think it might be safer on the out side of the jar....:embarasse
  4. Mod Podge and glitter the inside of the glass? The wax looks plain, I think it is on the glass....
  5. I don't have the wrapper on mine. It is aluminum foil tape from Wal mart with an easy to peal off tan paper on the back. hth
  6. Love a black and white soap. Beautiful!
  7. I have heard of couple different things. The manufacturer stopped making them and 2...a couple of the colors stopped being stable. There is a rumor that they have located some new ones and are in the testing phase. Don't know if this is true or not.
  8. LOL Stella....... Don't you love it when a swirl comes out like that and I love the colors too. Beautiful!
  9. Gorgeous! I would love that scent.
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