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  2. I forgot to mention I only use the pillar wax for my embeds. But with the 6006 I heat to 185, remove from heat, color, add FO at 175 and stir 3 mins and pour. Joy wax I heat to 200, remove and color, add FO at 185 stir and pour. I use candle science and natures garden scents mostly. I have tried using others to test smell and using a smaller room but nothing. I don’t know what it is I’m doing wrong. I will try longer cure but even after 2 weeks shouldn’t I be getting at least a faint throw? My CT is excellent.
  3. Hello, all. I'm relocating very soon, and I think I may be ready to start making candles for sale again instead of just for me. Super excited, obviously. It's my understanding that the ASTM paperwork/certs must come from the factory and/or distributor. It's also my understanding that even if samples are sent to testing facilities and pass, the factory/distributor must have those batches documented to meet the requirements--it's not a one and done situation for the manufacturer. Is my understanding correct? How are you making certain that the jars you're buy
  4. Which coconut wax from them @Jayefrojersey? Is it the coconut brew or another? I noticed the description says bright white but none of my candles have been bright white. More of an off white.
  5. I have been using their coconut wax for a year or so now. I love it ! Easy to use and gives a beautiful white wax that stands out! Great hot and cold throw.
  6. I would put Standley's video in the same category of Candle Science. He is very good at what he does . Like anything else you have to take in information and use what applies for you. No reason to complain there are a lot of candle videos on the internet that are made and not useful at all. His videos are those that are truly helpful.
  7. I have not ordered any candles from this company, but that is only because I make them myself for a hobby. I wish I had his videos when I started a couple of years ago. He is awesome! He gives great ideas and information.
  8. I’ve had good HT with a few ultra strong fragrance oils I’ve tested from Northstar Candle Supply. They are formulated for soy and other natural waxes. Problem is, I use wooden wicks. I haven’t gotten the fragrance load right just yet so I’m still testing. Throw has been amazing with these but the wicking is now the challenge. With my regular FO (mostly from Candle Science) I found the HT was much better with patience. With parasoy I can cure for 24-48 hours and get a decent throw when burn testing. With this wax, not so much. I had a friend test some for HT and after shipping they had probably
  9. 2 of those waxes are pillar waxes, and the other two are parasoy container blends that may or may not be the exact same wax. IDK. I've heard rumors. Here's my cliff notes version of a guide to 6006: It throws most any FO. Eco wicks work well and the Candle Science wick guide is pretty accurate. Test the recommended size, plus one size up an one size down to compare. Heat to 185-190, add FO, stir 1-2 minutes and pour. Cool slowly. Cure 2 weeks. 6006 burns like crap if it's too fresh and you'll never get a good handle on wicking if you don't give it time to cure. 6-7% FO
  10. @NicoleE have you done any more testing with this wax? I just poured a few fragrances to try and wanted to see if your hot throw improved at all?
  11. Hello all! I don't check in here nearly as much as I should. But I'm doing some research for finally making some cp soap from scratch so here I am. It sounds like you'e done most of the research and trials to get something you like but I'll add my input too. I have been making body powder for around 8 years and it's one of my best selling products. I don't bake it or let it dry. I make a huge master batch of all my powders mixed and when it gets ordered, I scent it and package it up right away and send it off. I package in powder sifter bottles. my ingredients in random order are
  12. Yesterday
  13. I would try them in smaller rooms. I have a cavernous main room with lots of airflow (fan and air conditioner) and I almost never got any throw out of anything, but some of them do fine when I put them in small to mid-size rooms. I would also get a friend to test them out and make sure you haven't gone nose blind to your scents. I will say that 6006 is a little tricky to wick properly in my experience. If a smaller room doesn't help and a friend can't smell them well either, I would make some melts to see if the problem is the wick or the scent itself. Some scen
  14. I use Jelly Jars and love them! I can tell you that the diameter of the jar is best suited for small to medium rooms, so if you test in a wide open space, it will most likely not throw far. In 6006 I'd use Zinc Wicks 44-32-18 or 51-32-18 as a starting point and depending on FO load. I haven't used any of the other waxes you mentioned. Pillar of Bliss and 4625 are both Pillar waxes though so I'd skip those in jars. Put your candle in a small room (bath or bedroom) and close the door, then check on it after a while. I frequently get what's known as "candlenose" where I can't smell my stuff
  15. When wicked well 30 minutes or less is reasonable for HT in veg waxes. Single wicks will always lag behind multiple wicks for speed and intensity of HT. Bigger single wicks do not always mean better HT. CD18 in that size jar does not seem unreasonable, depending on the scent. As long as the glass does not get above 170*F, the flame is not growing taller or throwing soot you may be right on track. Soy is a difficult beast to learn. So FO do great off the bat, like bakery or cologne/perfume scents. Some never seem to want to give it up. Some only give HT when you get f
  16. Yes, you are correct, 4625 is a pillar & tart wax. In my experience with it @Laila, I have made wax melts that have strong hot and cold throw so you would think a candle made with it would too. It more than likely wouldn't have great jar adhesion in a clear glass. I have also mixed it, I believe 50/50 with 4794 a votive & tart wax with success. As @TallTayl said you should try a wax made for container candles. You could mix the waxes if you wanted to experiment.
  17. Hello @Onyx-uk, welcome to Craft Server, the place where the fun and learning begins. LOL
  18. Great! Thank you. Is there a rule of thumb as to how long it should take for a candle to give off the scent? I want to say that within 30 minutes, when I walked in the room, the CD18 and HTP104 were already throwing a decent scent. So when testing a wick, how long would you wait for to determine if a wick works well with that scent or not? I want to try a few different sizes up and down, but after the failing tests yesterday... not waiting long enough for the wax to harden to retest... I'm second guessing how long it should actually take to notice a scent.
  19. Welcome to your new rabbit hole. It’s nice to meet you.
  20. 4625 is a pillar wax, isn’t it? Probably not the best wax for a jelly jar, but I could be wrong. I would pick one of the container waxes And let us know how you made the candle: what temp was wax heated to pouring temp what FO % of FO wicks tried 6006 has a few fans here. @Forrest or @bfroberts any ideas for jelly jar starting point for wicks?
  21. I don’t usually pour out. If there is a lot of hang up I may level a bit with a heat gun and thoroughly cool.
  22. I forgot to ask... should I pour out whatever melt pool there is from the testing wick and then level it before adding another wick? Will that test pool have no scent once it was used / tested?
  23. I don't know much but what i have recently discovered is that even if the stars do align, the location of the candle can make a difference to whether you smell it or not the direction of airflow can play games with your nostrils.
  24. Hi, i have been lurking for a while as i am helping, well fully immersed in helping my better half lizzie with her candle making venture, looking forward to learning more.
  25. So frustrated. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to get a good hot throw. I have tried igi 6006, igi 4625, NG joy wax, and NG bliss wax. I have tried each of these waxes with htp wicks, hemp wicks, zinc wicks, CD wicks and 2 weeks curing time and nothing. I follow manufacturers instructions and even tried the low temp method. Even tried scents from multiple companies AND experimented with vybar. Can someone please help me?!
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