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  2. YES!! Some of them are for sure. Their discontinued Gardenia - which I have a 5 gallon jug of in the house. I think 3 bottles in that box. I was the most excited about that one!
  3. Depends. Are we a sexy witch or trying to smite our enemies?
  4. I don’t mind that. I do mind when they have tutorials that don’t work, or are not safe. I find many of them are made for the newbie and they cut corners on how to properly make product etc. Not having wicks secured when playing with Fire is really not good! Reminds me of a Martha Stewart recipes. I had too many that were not tested and complete failures, so I don’t go there anymore and stick to Serious Eats where they are very obsessive testing...
  5. I was asked to create a scent for a former client. I'm usually fairly good at this but I'm drawing blanks on this one. Black Magic, I think can go so many ways. I immediately thought earthy scents but then I thought maybe not. HELP!! What do you think of? I don't want a pre-blended scent unless it's used as a component only. I'd love to do this in EO.
  6. That is exactly the purpose. mission accomplished I’d say.
  7. I've found a lot of their tutorials are purely just to sell their supplies. Even some of their soapmaking and bath and body things make me go hmmm...
  8. Oh JEEZE... SUCH excitement!!!! I'm sitting here remembering the old ladies melting down clear plastic milk jugs and hot glue sticks to make hard dipping wax. They would also get a large piece of lead split shot (like the kind used in fishing) and pinch it onto a length of cotton trussing twin with their teeth and then dip that into a mix of hot paraffin and vaseline to load their wicks. Russians would just take a wick (COMPLETELY UNSECURED) and literally ROLL it up in a lopsided rectangular piece of beeswax comb and that was the STANDARD beeswax candle over there. 😂 ❤️ Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services
  9. Oh go back in time. Love the vid where she lays no attention to wick recommendations. She uses bigger wicks because she loves fast hot throw. 🙈
  10. Coconut1 is not a “wax” and is not suitable for candles stand alone. It is basically hydrogenated coconut oil with a melt point of <100*F. You can eat it as-is, use in your pans as a lubricant instead of butter or oil. I even use it to deep fry. if you dig a little on their site, the tech specs note it is considered an additive only. ETA- incidentally I buy it by the 50lb package. In summer I have to either pick up from the supplier or order 7 lb jugs as it turns to complete liquid in The heat of typical delivery vehicles.
  11. I haven't made layered candles in a long time, but I dabble with chunk pillars and some other techniques now and then. I also think your wax might be too cool. Maybe try pouring at about 185dF.
  12. Oh my gosh...the whole thing was just horrible. Did you see that cup of EO she used? And then she gets out the torch. My head's about to explode just thinking about it.
  13. That’s the one! But she does a tutorial on tins just plopping wicks in unsecured. Ahhhhhhhhh!
  14. I know, right. If you watch "Anne Marie & Flower Make Aromatherapy Beeswax Candles" you're whole head will explode.
  15. New tutorial on Youtube about making beeswax candle gifts. A couple tutorials always have unsecured wicks. I don't get it! I know they want to have their readers think easy peasy but where is the safety factor!!
  16. Nice! Looks like CS? I hope some of those are the wonderful phalate filled fragrances! 😉😂
  17. Yesterday
  18. Hello, Is anyone using the cargill naturewax coconut 1 soley to make candles? I am trying to use only the c1 with organic essential oils. Some of my candles cure and others are slush. any tips?!
  19. So I got the glad glistening snow from indigo, and I have to say it comes pretty darn close to the real thing. It smells refreshing and crisp. I like it , but this is all oob , so will post again in a couple of weeks after i burn it . Hope it has a good ht ..
  20. That's on my list already and I was casting about for other suggestions. That one is a dupe of one very similar to my discontinued fave, and if I don't find any better ideas I'm thinking to get that one and add more rose.
  21. gigglefits

    Butter Buns

    That sounds amazing.. I'm going to need to try this now! And I have an order coming from them on Friday.. uh oh Lol!
  22. Holmes

    Butter Buns

    Testing their new fragrance butter buns WOW smell just like baking buttermilk biscuits with butter. Amazing! EZsoy wax ct/ht amazing
  23. I've only had weird smells from it when using high loads of FO, was nothing but trouble and wicking was impossible. I've never had an issue from several blocks when using it sensibly.
  24. It's a conspiracy I tell you. I am *surrounded* by Candle Supply stores. All of them right at 4 hours away. I will be spending a week in Pigeon Forge over the Christmas Holiday so that will put me right at Aztec. Might have to stock up while I'm in the area and save on some of those shipping charges.
  25. Congratulations Milos Candles!!!! Enjoy the ride and the awesome sales!! Good for you!!
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