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  3. Marleigha

    Can You Use liquid Soap color in Wax Melts

    Yes that's how I used to do it also. I started with the block candle dyes. I now have sooo many of those so have since added the entire candle science liquid colorants to my stash. It's a sickness for me. Lol 😂. The only color I'm wanting now is a nice hot pink liquid dye. Determined to find one. Also @Moonstar I do have a few extra CS liquid dyes I am getting ready to destash. The Red is about 1/2 full. There are many others. Shoot me a PM if interested. 😇
  4. Quentin

    Organizing 1oz FOs

    Reminds me of when I accidentally ordered a case of 4794 Votive Blend instead of what I intended to order. I see a lot of votives in my future.
  5. Quentin

    Organizing 1oz FOs

    It wouldn't surprise me to find one around here. I've bought every other gadget that eBay and Amazon have for sale.
  6. Other than a visual observation, how would I determine that?
  7. Hello everyone! I wanted to let you all know that one of my new favorite suppliers is having an amazing PRE-BLACK FRIDAY SALE! Pure Fragrance Oils will be having a 25% off sale starting Friday the 16th until Sunday the 18th at midnight! It's a 72 hour sale. I honestly didn't want to add a new supplier AT ALL! However, when my friend sent me a few to try, I wanted to at least give them a shot. So I tested them and was totally floored! Her oils are sooooo.... STRONG! And I also love that she is the home of all of the ORIGINAL Moonworks Fragrance Oils! Not dupes... Again, the sale is 72 hours and actually starts tonight at 12:01 am. Off the top of my head I love the Relaxation, Island Kiss, Pomegranate Fig, Black Vetiver Cafe' & Vanilla Noel. If you would like some other suggestions, please just LMK. After all, now I have quite a few of theirs too! Have fun shopping! I know I will. 😇
  8. Sebleo

    Organizing 1oz FOs

    Hopefully you won’t use your image enhancer to see my ratio of wax, oil, and butter! 😥
  9. Quentin

    Organizing 1oz FOs

    You also left your secret notebook in view.
  10. I got the part right about you being an engineer. After that, I completely missed what your original post was about. I see now that you were talking about good old-fashioned troubleshooting. If I go out to the garage in the morning and the car doesn't start, I would never start to attack the problem by removing the tires, popping the hood, randomly remove parts and check them all out until I finally get to the battery. If I walk into a room, flip the light switch and it doesn't come on, I certainly wouldn't start my investigation by going around the house and changing all the other light bulbs. I can't explain why that sort of horse sense hasn't carried over to my candle making. Instead of testing one candle, I've been doing my "testing/troubleshooting" by making an entire new batch. So I really haven't been testing at all. I just thought I was! Now I will say that I don't change the wax and/or the wick at the same time. I also leave the fragrance load the same (once I've checked that I've been in the prescribed range) but until reading the posts here the last couple of weeks I had no idea that the FO could be the culprit. @Arch Rock pointed out that perhaps I was concentrating too much on temperature and not paying attention to the other important factors. He wasn't the first one to tell me that in this forum, but for some reason that was the first time the light bulb turned on above my head. Patience. I must work on patience.
  11. Sunday

    Organizing 1oz FOs

    I sort all my fragrances alphabetically ...the 1 oz bottles go in plastic shoe boxes from home depot (I love those boxes and use them for everything) I write a letter on the cap so its easy to see. Then I keep a master list of all the fragrances I have and want and how much of each I have where I ordered them from ...a little comment etc.. That way I don't order stuff I already have ( ok perhaps that works better in theory since I still occasionally order fragrances I already have ...oh well) Always looks tidy.
  12. MrDan

    White candle dye

    CBL-141 from Candlewic is a pre formulated paraffin mix that's mostly white by itself. Its opaque which is not the same, but in this instance it's pretty close. You can also buy the "Premium Paraffin Wax" from Hobby Lobby. It's usually around $14 for 4 lbs, but then there's the 40% coupon you can use! It's basically the same stuff from Candlewic, just rebranded and marked up for retail (but cheaper than buying from Candlewic unless you're buying in bulk).
  13. juliejak

    FO Reformlated

    oooohhhhhhhh gingerfish………..:-o
  14. Scented

    White candle dye

    So not all dye blocks are pigments. Pigments, though, are popular for the cut and curl candles. White dye blocks and chips are likely to be a pigment. However, go to Candlewic, try their white dye block, then show us how it worked out!
  15. Yesterday
  16. Sarah S

    Organizing 1oz FOs

    I need to start doing this! I have the same problem with re-ordering scents. That looks amazing!!
  17. @Laura C I started with all coco wax and now use it only in blends. I haven't been happy with any candle I've made that is more than 50% coco wax, nor have I been pleased with any I've bought. And I've bought a lot of them!
  18. smart veteran move 👍especially since easy beads have been out of stock for a while and candles and supplies.
  19. That's good it's finally turning out well for you. I'm going to try to make my Easy Beads wax work, LOL. Use some other additives, mix it with other waxes or something. At the very least I could make fire starters and wax melts, which are things I want to start playing around with. I refuse to throw away or abandon my materials, I want to create something nice with them.
  20. The buy was a last minute Hail Mary that was initially quite regrettable. Once my summer event ended this pile of wax kept reminding me of the failure, so I had no choice other than to try to make it work. Took a couple hundred lbs, but it is making me quite happy finally 🤪
  21. Seems like that was a good move on your part. I just haven't felt really good about anything lately to justify large quantities. Maybe I can at least formulate some nice candles to give as gifts this Christmas. 🎄🎁 🎅
  22. Really glad I bought heavy this summer on Easybeads and have a stockpile of the other waxes I like to blend them with. At least I know my current tests are all good. Retesting new wicks will be a problem for another day.
  23. *Dee*

    FB Quick Shipping

    Yeah I switched to full site view and can see them but it doesn’t show on mobile.
  24. All I have to say is, making scented candles use to be fun, not so much any more. And I'm getting really tired of feeling like I'm just throwing money down the drain for crap wax.
  25. OMG! No, no, say it isn't so! So now they have messed up or reformulated coco83 now too? I don't think I can handle this. LOL. The wax manufactures are killing me. I believe what you are saying, I sure hate to hear it though. Thanks so much for spreading the news. Several months ago I bought Easy Beads from C&S and it is great. I believe the last time I bought Coco83 from CA Candle Supply was late last year.
  26. well so much for the assurances of the retailers that coconut wax will be a steady supply of consistent wax.
  27. Bambi

    Wicking Coconut Wax

    Hi @CandleCrafter6 are these the wicks that start with numbers like 36-24-24C? Do you have to under wick with this type? Thanks for sharing.
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