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  2. Oils, not butters? As for the butter, I can recommend the mango one. As for the oils (this store is nice, I ofter buy stuff here), I had some positivie experience with fennel oil. But I think it's the matter of trial and error.
  3. If you really like Yankee Candle and want to learn about their candle, then you should go to their factory tour or better yet work there for while. That way, you would be able to make original instead of similar copy cats.
  4. What's your name? Sarah How old are you? 35 Where do you live? Boston-ish How long have you been making candles/soap/whatever? This is the start of my adventure. How did you get started making candles/soap/whatever? I quit my job of 12 years because I wasn't growing there--I've always been a rather manic creative and I wanted to explore things that I have always loved but never thought I had the time to learn. Are you married? Any kids? Married 9 years. 3 kiddos and a huge Maine Coon. If candle/Soap making isn't your primary job, what do you do? ALL THE THINGS lol. I can brand your company, make you an outstanding Old Fashioned, and ref three kids and a cat that thinks its a dog... Anything else we should know? I have a hopeless audiobook addiction. There, I said it.
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  6. This is as close as you will get. Its IGI 1286 no additives. If you want to up the fo% then add vybar 343
  7. They don't use 'off the shelf' stuff, it's all custom for them. Regardless, they are not known amongst the pro candlemakers here as decent burning candles.
  8. Anyone find the beads to be a improvement over flakes as far as performance?
  9. Thanks I’ll check it out! Im putting together another sample order from them...
  10. I love Yankee Candles, and am curious if anyone has developed a similar way to make a product like theirs? I am not sure if there is a tutorial out there, but it would be awesome if it had everything from the wick, to the scent, to the wax used.
  11. No sugar in either of them . straight up coffee! If you like vanilla hazelnut WSP has a great one . You could even mix in a bit with the espresso?
  12. Do you find these to have strong sweet/cream notes? I want a great coffee FO but im still searching for that happy medium and I’m nervous I’m either going to get skunky rocket fuel or a sugar bomb. I’ve had my eye on WSP...
  13. https://candlecocoon.com/collections/candle-making-supplies/products/wave-wick-30mm Is this it? Maybe searching “wave wick” will get more hits?
  14. Did they happen to give you anytime frame for that? I hope they warn us so I can stock up.
  15. To be honest, your help and advise has made this work...so...as I see it WE ALL succeeded in this small adventure together and for that, THANK YOU ALL!!
  16. I poured the Black Cherry Merlot the same day. Have it burning on my dest as I type. Just started a few minutes ago...but...I HAVE H/T!!! yes baby!! Thank you all for your devoted help. GOD, I am in love again...😍😍😍. Did I mention I have H/T? Not sure if I did or not, but I have H/T just in case I didn't...lol
  17. Thank you, I'll check that out further, I thought I'd already checked there and that they only offered full spools, I'll look again!
  18. I have tried lavender, lemon grass and citronella
  19. Our ceiling fans are turned to the winter direction and that has made a big difference in scenting. people with high efficiency heating and air con systems don’t havE as much of a chance to smell their candles, as designed by air scrubbing of the furnaces. For once this makes me thrilled to have old fashioned heating 😅
  20. I like the round cotton core wicks with C3, the self-trimming will work as well if you twist the wick. HTP's I always got huge mushrooms except in tins they did ok, probably because I'd wick down in tins.
  21. Good for you! It really can make a huge difference. Oddly enough, the optimal placement in my 1900 sq ft house with 9’ ceilings and an open floor plan is in the far back corner. A candle burned there can scent the whole house. I am glad you are seeing success. Keep on keeping on!
  22. That s great! Keep testing all the way to the bitter end. Lots happens in the last half of a burn. also, test your candles through each season. Hot heavy humid air in summer changes the burn and throw, and often the wicking along with it. curing, many people think, is a waste of time. Curing is so darned important that even fermented grape juice depends upon it to make a nice product. and BTW, I use the same saying 😂
  23. Why soy? j series waxes are still around, just not as readily available as they once were.
  24. I use 464 soy .and so far i have found between 15 and 20 fo's with good or great ht, if not i don't worry about it, I just try different fo's...I love the 464..nice and creamy looking
  25. Thanks everyone—I’m due for another wick order soon and will be grabbing a few more sample options to test.
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