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  2. I second the blueberry suggestion. Lavender is nice too, if you want to go that route.
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  4. Has anyone tried WSP's Green Tea? Its been on my list to try but the only thing that stops me from ordering is the price.
  5. Any 'berry' FO. I like a good blueberry with Lemon Verbena. A Tea scent would blend well too---white or green tea would be perfect. If you're talking about EO's I have no idea...
  6. I got some today just not crazy over it what can I mix with it to do a blend? Thanks
  7. Green tea and honey sounds very intriguing. I'm interested to know how that turns out for you. I soaped Sparkling Green Tea again today and it really is a pleasure to work with.
  8. Is there a way to clean the white residue or white powder off the candles that come out of the candle molds? I think it's the spray (candle remover spray to remove candles out of candle molds) I'm using that heats up then dries to leave a white residue on the outside of a candle. I want to soak the candles in luke warm water for a while and give that a try. The candle wax I use is paraffin wax that's very hard and it won't break easily. It's one of the candle waxes you can drop and nothing really happens or it won't break for the most part even or even chip. Anyone know?
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  10. Candles Wax Soy 464 Wick cd 18 Fo 8% Jar 8oz wide mouth Cure 2 weeks No additives CT 10 HT 8 Wow this smells sooo good..It actually smells like a real tomatoe fresh out of the garden. Love it..
  11. Thank you everyone for your suggestions, I appreciate them all! 😊
  12. Even though wax is technically supposed to be odorless out of the box, each one has a slight undertone I think to more sensitive noses. Alot of longterm soy users will try paraffin, but rush right back to soy, stating the paraffin had a off smell to them. I personally do not like the smell of the palm wax I tried from Milcreek and I know alot had a problem with the new ecosoya wax smelling like vinegar. Edit to add: sounds like a similarity between your 6006 and the 4627 as far as having the smell when it's too hot. Makes sense if it only happens for you towards the bottom of the jar.
  13. Www.soynsuds.etsy.com candle and soap
  14. Candle making newbie..Hello to all!
  15. I've been using C3 for almost a decade and imo, tempering helps with the texture and minimizing C3's notorious bubbles. As already mentioned, on way to temper is to heat wax to 185* until completely melted. Remove from heat and you can either let completely harden or if you want you use same day, let it cool completely down till it's starting to solidify then bring it back up to 185* till melted, remove, add go and stir. I pour when it starts to cloud. I'm happy using 8.5% fo and don't have seeping issues. As far as wicking goes, for that size jar try HTP104,105; CDN 14,16; Premier 790. Hth
  16. Hello all! My name is Kathleen and I live in Arkansas...I am new to the world of homemade candles, but my love of candles and good smells coming from them, fosters my love of making. Granddaughter and I are in this venture together and we hope to make money for vacation next year. We have been interested for sometime but only took the plunge a month ago. Extremely new to it all but anticipating it all.....we have made several different 4/8oz Ball jar candles with Lavender, cloves, Eucalyptus, Rose, and adding Flora. We wait to see if there is a response...time will tell as we continue to make different items....great hobby that we hope brings a little payment our way
  17. I know the mfg says cure time 2-3 days, but put a few aside for about 10 days and test it. I found that the longer cure times (I did 2 weeks for most tests) gave me a better hot throw without having a wick that burned so hot.
  18. When that happens in my candles it is usually one of two things: 1: wrong wick material for the wax. Wooden wick makes several different types of wick from different woods and chemical treatments. Most retailers only offer one type in the minimum sizes. 2: the wick is too dried out. Woodwick vehemently argues against this, but what has usually solved the problem for me is priming the wicks in your hot wax. If I find a wick that does not draw my wax (which I have had successfully wicked before) I hold that wick under the wax while I hat wax. Usually bazillions of tiny bubbles come out of the wick, so the air is being replaced by wax. Then I stick that wick back into the candle and it starts to draw perfectly. wood wicks seem to be very sensitive to humidity changes. Some are too wet. Some are too dry. Some seem “pre-treated” tand won’t need priming. Those are often a different color or sheen.
  19. Hello - So I am about going crazy with the HTP wicks moving close to the edge of the container even after the candle has set for weeks. I would like to try my hand at wood wicks - which I did before , but the flame keep dying. I made this candle sometime last year and decided to revisit the wood wicks. This is a 16 oz flint jar with a 464 blend. The diameter is 3 1/2 inches. The wood wick is a large wick. I trimmed the wick to about a 1/4 inch. Should I have left it longer?? I am still left scratching my head. Why does the wick die? Is it too large? After relighting a few times, it did finally reach the edge, but the wax was black and nasty. I think I have seen where people use double wicks. This is just a single wick. Maybe I should choose another supplier...Please - Any suggestions?
  20. Hi...Do you clean your dye dropper with water when your done? Does water stay inside like moisture?
  21. Hey @WesternWax - your adventures with coc83 sound almost identical to mine! Do you have any more information on how your wick tests worked out?
  22. I just used the last of my 4630, sticking to 4627 for the paraffin side of things. As messy as it is, I've never had to adjust any wicking, love how consistent it is. Plus, CandleScience have never wanted to help me with dodgy batches of wax. If I get broken jars they just send me a new case without hesitation, but wax..... I've always been screwed (not that it's happened a lot, but still). That's why I shop elsewhere nowadays.
  23. It’s not just you. I think they are different too. I’ve never heard anyone say they are the same. I’ve been tempted to go back to 4630 because it’s easier, but after seeing this post it reminds me how it changes now and then. 4627 is the better wax of the two.
  24. No I haven't tried mixing them because the reason I was trying the 4630 in the first place was to get away from the 4627 because I get tired of scooping it out of the bag, and everything I read on it was that it was 4627 only in slab form. To me its completely different. Even colors differently. Maybe its just me. :D
  25. What if you were to try a mix of 4627 and 4630? 4627 is a pain to work with (soft and sticky) but it really is a nice wax. The one thing that's nice about 4627 is that it rarely changes. I used to have issues with 4630 a couple years ago. Sometimes it would be soft, and sometimes firm. Sometimes it would come to me really dirty, because they don't wrap it in the box it comes in.
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