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  2. Hi, I live in Massachusetts and I am kind of new to candle making, however I’ve been testing amazing blend from candlescinse - BW-921. It works fine with my pillar candles, but delivery for wax is killing me. It is more expensive than actual wax. Now it asks me to pay $ 100+ For shipping🤯 so, I need your help! I’m trying to find an alternative for that blend or maybe you can suggest other vendors who sell that blend but would not charge me insane price for delivery. thank you in advance 🙏🏻
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  4. Hi evryone i have just joined, looks a great group ☺️ I'm rebecca and I recently started my own little business selling wax melts & reed diffusers at littlemisstwiggietwinkles.co.uk
  5. I got a Silhouette Cameo 4 machine for this Christmas. My husband new that on this lockdown I got crazy on decorations and wow, that's exactly what I wanted!
  6. I'm late to the party, but I tried all of them in EZ Parasoy. They performed very well for HT and CT. CD wicks, 8% FO, Diamond Chip Colors, and Pint Jar. I buy at least 50% of my fragrances from BCN.
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  8. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good candle melting pot similar to the presto ones but UK based? Every one I have seen is US based & the converter is almost as dear as the pot itself! Thanks, Amy
  9. Could just be how that wax performs in your particular melter. I would not consider something like that to be a deal breaker personally. If it melts well, and throws well then all’s well in my book.
  10. A wick that tunnels right down and drowns within minutes suggests a cavity under the surface.
  11. Your luck may be different from mine and others in my soy generation. 🍀 c3 was a nice wax. C1 is also once you learn its quirks.
  12. HT is pretty good around the 5-7 day cure time, quite a bit stronger than just C3 (which is disappointing to me because I've been trying to nail down C-3 forever haha). Quite good at 2-weeks cure time. For wicking I had to go one to two sizes down from my C-3 wicks in the same vessel.
  13. Hi everyone, I’m new to candle making. I’ve made a couple of soy wax candles 10% fragrance. However the wick just burns right down and drowns after a few minutes. I tried a double wick even though the jar isn’t that big and the same happened. I’m also getting no room scent off them at all please help
  14. Hi all, looking for help please , I am knew to making soy wax melts all seems to be going well the set well nice and smooth come out of the clamshell perfect but when I when I put them in my wax burner They melt well smell good but then the cool they crack and leave a ring of wax around the burner any ideas what I am doing wrong ? tried pouring different temps different % of fragrance oil and still happening? don't know what I am doing wrong 😭
  15. Ooooo I was worried you’d say that 😕 I guess I’ll finish this box & do a switch over to C-3, or back to paraffin thanks again!
  16. Don‘t know how I got this lucky, I hope everybody here has somebody supportive in their corner as well 🙂
  17. I have the same problem with my candle, same using paraffin wax & silicone mould and there is also some liquid on the surface after fully harden which appears to be the fragrance oil.. how do you incorporate the fragrance oil better? Do I have to change it to soy wax so it’s not so transparent ( thus, can’t really see the little bubbles? Also, is there any good wax dye that is recommended? Mind seems to still have some colour not fully mixed into the wax..
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  19. Nice job! Lucky to have handy people available.
  20. Why aren't you using paraffin or palm wax? Soy and other brittle natural waxes will never work? What's your aim?
  21. I would say from my own observations and experience that higher temps when adding fo to soy creates a much more stable crystal structure. The grains of soy wax are smaller and more regularly shaped when warmer, which allows for more even distribution of the fragrance. look at the instructions for your particular soy wax for optimal heat target. Most are in the 185*f (85c) temp range. Molecules of all wax types expand like a balloon when warm, and shrink when cool. The cooled molecules trap fragrance. Smaller spaces between molecules = less likelihood of seeping and pooling
  22. Soy is very brittle and unstable when burning. The crystal formation of soy makes it prone to splitting and blowouts, versus making a melt pool and performing like a pillar/taper is expected. You may be happier with performance of something that excels with pillars and tapers.
  23. Yes they drip then split down the centre I’m currently using 0.5 eco wick
  24. Greetings All, So I notice that Fillmore has HTP wicks in stock. I want to order jars, and would like to order wicks also, but just am not sure if these are the new ones. I saw no indications on the site about the wicks at all. I did send an email and am waiting to hear back from them. Does anyone know if they are the new ones? Thanks.
  25. So if I put fragrance in 70 celcium degrees is better for a best strong smell of frangrance?or in lower degrees like 60 celsium ? What do you think?
  26. They were Rachel Roy tumblers but they look exactly the same as the glass from Luxury Candle Supply.
  27. Hey guys, do you mind me boasting for a second? My genius welding-wizard husband made a wax melter for me that holds 25kg, it‘s made the process sooo much faster 😍 That’s it, boast over- have a great weekend! 😬
  28. Hello! I did the math in a reply to your other thread that the fragrance load using your measurements is about 6%. This is typical for soy wax as a starting point for typical candle fragrance. An awful lot is dependent on the wax, wick, fo and jar balance with the wick. It all needs to hit a temperature, fuel and air current balance to produce hot throw. I would experiment with wick sizes, wick manufacturers and increased fragrance in different steps to see if you an achieve the hot throw you want.
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