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  2. I use this type of electric pancake griddle. It will hold several pouring pots at temp easily. https://www.target.com/p/black-decker-family-sized-electric-griddle-black-gd2011b/-/A-14504220?ref=tgt_adv_XS000000&AFID=google_pla_df&fndsrc=tgtao&DFA=71700000012806756&CPNG=PLA_Appliances%2BShopping_Local|Appliances_Ecomm_Home&adgroup=SC_Appliances&LID=700000001170770pgs&LNM=PRODUCT_GROUP&network=g&device=c&location=9021490&targetid=pla-778323955836&ds_rl=1246978&ds_rl=1248099&ds_rl=1247068&gclid=Cj0KCQjwvYSEBhDjARIsAJMn0lgS9Jx0s6cLU7EtM
  3. The issue I'm running into is melting 6-10 candles worth of wax in the presto pot, and wanting a different scent for each candle. I'm working my way through my initial testing stages to see what I like and what's not worth continuing to test. So basically filling the presto pot, and then measuring out ~5.5 oz worth of wax into a pouring pot, adding fragrance, mixing, and pouring. Unfortunately adding fragrance to the presto pot won't be an option until I'm actually making a whole batch of something.
  4. In coconut blends CDN area start point in blends that are primarily coconut wax.
  5. In that size jar, typically a cd7 is quite large in the majority of my fragrances with coconut predominant waxes. without knowing exactly which coconut soy blend you use it is a shot in the dark. generally speaking, I start with CDN wicks in coconut blends. The chemical treatment of CDN helps them better withstand the natural waxes and burn more efficiently. Too hot of a flame and too much melt pool will kill your HT every time. for that size jar with 99% of my fragrances I would start with a CDN5. It’s to full melt pool within the first 2-3 burns adjust dow
  6. Hey guys. So I have to share this with you all. I am OBSESSED. I bought a mainstay “butterscotch, salted caramel candle” at Walmart just in a hurry, and when I tell you it’s CHANGEDDDD my life lol. I’m to the point where when I go to Walmart, there always gone and today I bought every single one they had. I now have 10 of them, and 7 wax cube packs. I trim the wick before I light it every time, and I can use it al the way till it’s gone. I know main stays candles are pretty well known but when I tell you this scent is amazing , I’m not kidding lol!
  7. Pouring temp has nothing to do with hot throw, So, don't waste your time on that. If you have good CT, then that means quality of your oil is good. So, you don't have to worry about quality of your FO. You are adding FO at 180, and that sounds about right. Just make sure you mix them really well. There are several coco-soy waxes out there, and all are different. No one can suggest anything without knowing your wax. Correct wick type and size would be the biggest factor behind great HT. Since I don't know which coco-soy wax you are using, al
  8. What are the best wicks for coco-soy candles. current looking at htp, cd. but which works best with this coco soy wax type.
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  10. Hello, Im looking for someone to shed some light on an issue I've been having for months now. I am using a coco-Soy blend from this local manufacture here in my city. I've been having issues in getting a great HOT THROW scent on my candles. I've tried low temps at 120 the lowest and 175 being the highest. The way I've been doing It, has been that I will add the FO at 180, then pour into the jar at 175 or at a Lower temp 165 , 135 and 120. and still no hot throw. the cold throw, has been great. I also been using CD 7 wick for a 9oz jar, diameter of 2.88 in and a circumference of 9 in. I would
  11. You won't get a full melt pool on the first burn with that jar unless you over-wick it. One of the larger zincs should work relatively well. It's not very pretty at first, but once the candle has had a week or two to cure it will burn better. You can also double wick with 2 small zinc wicks. LX wicks work well in 4630 too. The wick guide at Candle Science can give you a starting point.
  12. Don’t go by first burn. Too much changes in subsequent burns. By the time you hit the middle shocking changes in air current happen and can cause dramatic heat increases and flame height length.
  13. I just changed my jar size to 16 oz straight sided flint. Opening is 31/2 inches. I used 4630 paraffin wax and tried htp105 and that left 1/4 of wax on the side after 3 hrs. of burning. I also tried cd-22, 62-52-18 and a 66-44-18. Any help will be very helpful and appreciated.
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  15. Eco's are a cotton wick woven with paper filament, so obviously hotter than certain other types, because cotton burns hotter than paper. I'd say they truly are among the hotter burning wicks although I have no idea how the average person would test that. Either way, definitely not a cooler wick.
  16. The February batch of easybeads from calcandle was raunchy smelling in the chemical direction. It forms cavities, never melts clear and hardens incredibly fast, so not a one pour wax at all. And the wicking is several sizes off. All in all it is not coco83 in bead form in the slightest. The kick in the teeth is calcandle denies anything is different. They made two candles - we have to trust from the suspicious batch and a prior “normal” batch. Both overwicked. Claim the candles are burning identically and call to question our experience as chandlers. Crap move on their part. This
  17. Thank you for providing your definition of hotter burning wick! I guess we all have different way of looking at things. I thought I was missing something because I thought ECO was cooler burning wick even though its flame is taller and melt pool is wider than most others.
  18. Thanks @NightLight I've decided that this wax isn't worth the time and aggravation for me right now. So looking into others to try. Do you still use a coconut wax? If so, is there one that you like?
  19. Does it matter how deep your silicon mold is? What would you suggest the “perfect” depth is?
  20. Do you know what kind of wicks those are? Also, what is the scent you're using? I don't know if turning upside down would really help for long term, because if the scent is a heavy polar type scent, it will simply continue to drift to the bottom over time, if that is what's happening.
  21. Hi I was reading the thread. Are there any candle wax suppliers in Illinois.
  22. I'm with Gail. To my nose, Sea Witch is about as straight up 'salty sea' as it gets. Pretty darn realistic, and I live on the coast part of the year.
  23. An Eco wick will have a larger flame and larger pool diameter than most other wick types with the same rate of consumption. Whether or not "hotter" is truly the correct terminology is something I've never considered. That's just how it's commonly referred.
  24. What ratio can I use for FO,Potpourri oil and DPG?
  25. What is the different between the burner oil and DPG?
  26. I saw that information on the website and thought it was a red flag for the wax. If you want to use it I would def go down percentage with fragrance. The wax seems problematic when you have that much seepage and then required to do this and that to fix it. It should be ready to use. I would use another wax. Also I got some coconut something beads from same place. Awful wax, the smell of that wax was like bad canola oil. Threw entire bag out.
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