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  2. Thank you! Yes, hello there! 😁 I’m in search of the best wax for the planet as well and I think that is the best there is at the moment. Shorter ship distance is best as well. I’m pretty excited about it myself! Glad you are having such success! Reading this post has been very inspiring and leaving me hopeful!
  3. I was wondering what you use to store your Fragrance Oils in. I have a homemade type cheap assembly thing that I made and I've been using 1 ounce bottles. But, it's getting a little small and awkward since I'm obtaining more oils than I had before. Problem is, I don't want to spend an arm and a leg in order to organize these. Thanks for your ideas! 🙂
  4. Well, hi neighbor ! PA here ! Yeah, usually the coco apricot that I’ve seen ships from California & that’s a long trek to us, lol. Hope you can get your hands on the coco apricot soon, I think you’ll love it !
  5. I appreciate all of this! I am looking to try this wax as well. I’m in Ohio and my shipping from Maryland Wax Club is better too so appreciate that tip! I will keep an eye out and look forward to trying the coco apricot 😎
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  7. Awesome, this is all great info, thank you so much !! Yes, I usually see coco apricot wax for around $145 per 44 lbs. I’m hoping to catch it when Maryland Wax Club gets it back in stock, because it’s $120 through them, plus for me, the shipping is a good bit cheaper ( I did a mock order ) like by half ! So that’s a place you might want to check time from time for the coco apricot ! I’m definitely loving it. Those beautiful, smooth tops & that throw, I’m in love 🥰😂
  8. When you find a great wick for coconut83 in your fo and jar yes it can throw very well. Not as clean as apricot. But not as expensive as apricot yet. If I had to pick between the two I would stick with apricot. But the availability and pricing make it less attractive for me. And I have several hundred pounds of old Coco83, C3 and palm wax to use up.
  9. Ah, that is definitely helpful to know ! Maybe I’ll grab some soy to add in there soon, thank you ! Does the coconut 83 still throw well, I hope ? That’s the main reason I got it. My IGI 6006 is not throwing anywhere near as good as my parasoys usually do, so I’m on the hunt for a great thrower. I’ve been testing my coco apricot wax a few days sooner than recommended ( I’m terribly impatient 😩 ) & I’m so pleased with the throw ! And most of these are in small jars ( 9 Oz straight sided jars ) & it’s still crazy impressive
  10. Eh, just pour it. It’s pretty forgiving. It tends to be whatever it’s going to be very quickly regardless of temperatures. I don’t ever use it alone. I either mix with beeswax or palm or soy. Each box is different in what it needs. No matter what the additive I hate to 200 add fragrance and pour. my latest coco83 gets cavities/sinkholes even alone with no adds, so it’s far from perfect.
  11. Lol that’s good to know ! I’ve been testing my coco apricot & loving it so far, & I tend to read more raves about coconut 83, so I’m very excited to work with it ! I may wait to pour until next week though, since we have a stretch of 90 degree days coming up here soon
  12. No matter how crappy a coco83 batch is, I find it better to work with than the best of other waxes. It’s like they lace it with phthalates, lol.
  13. Thank you so much for replying ! Okay, I’ll likely give it at the very least 5 to 7 days, then. I super appreciate the reply !
  14. Tough question given how much coco83 varies in composition from lot to lot. Generally 3-4 days min before lighting.
  15. I’m just curious how long you guys prefer to cure your coconut 83 candles for ? I’m very new to this wax, & I haven’t even gotten a chance to pour any yet. I’ve read anywhere from 3 days to a week, as opposed to 2 to 3 weeks for the coco apricot wax.
  16. Raised my prices this year. No one has balked. I used to sell my 4 oz tins for $6 each. Raised to $7 or 3/$20. Same with my 4 oz bars of soap. I let them mix and match the bundle (soap and /or candle) This actually helped my sales, I am selling more bundles now.
  17. I can totally see this happening. Used to happen to me at the beginning but now I buy a lot of oil that will last 6 months. This way the cost of shipping is reasonable. I'm also lucky that I have 3 candle supply store close to me for wax.
  18. Good Afternoon! What's your name? Bailey How old are you? 32 Where do you live? Dayton, OH How long have you been making candles/soap/whatever? I've been dabbling in candles for a little over a year and plan to make my first batch of soap this weekend How did you get started making candles/soap/whatever? I went to school for art and of course am a secretary. I wanted to start making things again so I just dove into candles. I didn't realize the complexity of the situation I have enjoyed learning and am loving creating my own, useful things. I plan to learn many different crafts! It's great for my mental health as well. Are you married? Any kids? Just got married on April 25th to my best friend ❤️ If candle/Soap making isn't your primary job, what do you do? It is not, but deep down, I hope one day it could be! Anything else we should know? I am interested in many different crafts and am a little all over the place. I'd love to also grow my own material for weaving baskets, making furniture etc. Also interested in sewing and making my own yarn and fabric. The possibilities are endless! I appreciate all of the advice, wisdom and knowledge on here! I've lurked in the background for a while and learned SOOOO much from everyone. Thank you!
  19. My biggest candle is 6 wicks in a 12” wide round ceramic bowl. I lay a stick for each wick at angles to make the “star” part and one across the middle. One clothes pin clip per wick.
  20. Ok, I just watched a video using popsicle sticks and clothes pins. I had to get a visual of this. I just couldn't wrap my head around it LOL! Thank you for your help!
  21. Do your wicks make a straight line or are they sort of in a triangle? Do you use a clothespin for each wick? Sorry so many questions. I need a visual LOL!
  22. I use ruler, paint sticks, chopsticks, whatever I need to span the distances. Clip the wicks to them with clothes pins.
  23. I triple wicked some jar candles today but none of my wick bars would hold all three wicks where they needed to be or at least it didn't look that way. What do y'all do when you triple wick a jar to keep all three wicks straight. Thank you for any help!
  24. Welcome to both of you! Good to have you here. You will learn a lot from the seasoned chandlers on this forum. I've just started seriously making candles but have been dabbling in it for almost 9 years and making melts/tarts the whole time. I've learned a lot from people here and everyone is so nice. Don't hesitate to ask any questions. Someone will be able to help you! Again, welcome to the forum!
  25. I don't know about item increases, but shipping is what kills me. I look around for days/weeks before deciding if I really want an item because of that.
  26. How are yall handling the price increase with wax especially? We still have about 10 boxes left from what we purchased at the beginning of the year. Is anyone taking a price increase on products? Or are you just eating the extra cost?
  27. Last week
  28. Please someone let me know if some sooting on the rim of a candle jar at a mid burn(several burn tests) after 5 +hour test burning is considered acceptable and safe? I'm new to candle making, and trying to adhere to 100% to ASTM standards, but are these standards realistic? I have tried every wick/size type for 6006, and 4627, they either smoke, I fail them, tunnel, fail them, or soot after several days 4+ hour test burns,(fail) and then I'm just depressed, and feel like I'll  never make a candle that doesn't soot or wick down and sadly tunnel. I use Filmore's 12.oz straight sided salsa jars with diameter of exactly 2 15/16s, just under 3inches diameter by 3.19 tal, 3.38 outer diameter l(short &fat), and I cannot find a perfect wick size for these jars. I follow the mfg instructions on temperature melt, blend, pour, and cure, so yes, this is sooting driving me a little crazy🤯🤪

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