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  2. Ok, thanks. Someone from the company actually responded with the same info. I am thinking of buying 10 lbs. and testing. . . 🙃 GoldieMN
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  4. I am using IGI 4627 Paraffin wax for 8 oz jelly jars. There aren't a huge amount of videos on youtube explaining the pour temperature for adding dye and fragrance and the pour temperature for pouring into containers and a lot of sources are contradicting. For instance, Candle Science says to add FO and dye at 185 and pour at 180 then they have an article saying to add FO at 190 and to pour at 180. I am confused on the actual pouring temperatures. Has anyone worked with this wax and on top of that what wicks are you using I am currently curing the candles that I made with the LX16 and LX18 wicks, testing to see which works best. I also ordered the htp-104 wick. I have heard great things about the htp wicks in general.
  5. That 4 weeks only applies to their wax processors who get a bulk tank in liquid form.
  6. What I don't understand is the "use by" date. Four weeks? Is this referring to something that doesn't concern those of us who make candles? I did email the company but now thinking it has nothing to do with us using the product. GoldieMN
  7. Was just coming here with the same link. Soymax is more a “brand” than a specific blend. CS and American Soy Organics are both offering the M124. Pricing is a bit different.
  8. Same for me. I'm in CT. Shipping is just a little outrageous with them wanting 28$ let us know how it goes
  9. I am tempted to try it, 4627 just about holds up for me. I can’t imagine something with a melt point that low would work out, but this is candle stuff we are talking about, a lot of things don’t make sense so who knows… Let us know how it goes, it is another IGI wax so I’m still anxious about it lol.
  10. Here is more information on SoyMAX. https://owensborograin.com/candle-wax/
  11. @GoldieMN That is nice find! SoyMax is resistered trademark of Owensboro Grain Company, so they should be the same stuff. Here is the Data Sheet.
  12. @NightLight Yes, I wondered. Then searched and found this: http://store.americansoywax.com/SoyMAX-BEADS_c_42.html Still not sure if it is new or something renamed. GoldieMN
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  14. Thanks to you all, for all the info, I usually just read and have rarely posted over the years. But here's my 2 cents worth: I've been test burning IGI 6046 this past 14 months, burned many candles and I've found that in warm temps (80+) this wax will sweat, even in my candles containing no FO I can get sweating if temps are warm enough, long enough. The oil that comes to the top is not straight FO IMO. When I've put a sweaty candle into the fridge the oily beads harden like melted coconut oil would if put in a cool place. I can heat gun the top of sweaty candle and once they resolidify, the oily beads are gone only and will only reappear if the temps get warm again. Just my experience😊
  15. Got that email, not sure what it is or it’s Candle Science making up a name.
  16. Is "Soymax" a new 100% soy wax? Has anyone tried it? Results? GoldieMN
  17. They deliver in one day to me, so it’s kinda of a win. Trying a slab to see if it’s better than 6006. Just got a slab and it’s a hard slab not buttery soft so will see how it performs.
  18. I'm tempted too. Hate ordering from C&S though.
  19. I’m going to test this wax because I hate almost all the waxes out there. 4627, 6006, 4630 seem like they need updating. Flaming paraffins are only ok. Constant battle and tweaking.
  20. I wonder if the gelling agent in the lower melt point version helps keep it from being too sloppy. I’m back in the saddle testing new ideas, and some gels hold better than others.
  21. The only dispute I have is about beeswax holding scent. It can, and does, hold scent very well. My summer shop specialized in scented beeswax candles. It can hold as much as you want. Beeswax is used to make salve type products, with as little as 3% beeswax to any oil holding it into a stable suspension. I typically use 6-10% fragrance or essential oil in beeswax pillars and scented tapers. The scent holds for years. Much comes down to the beeswax you start with, and the fragrance quality. Quality of both varies widely. I have used some beeswax that is so dark from to be practically unusable. And othe light from capping that was a dream. as for color, I use fully refined white beeswax and obtain brilliant jewel colors with liquid dye and UV inhibitor. if you can’t get a decent white, then earth tones with a base of yellow, such as green hues, are lovely. fully refined white beeswax can be accomplished from many different manufacturing methods. Some I have bought is difficult to work with and does not burn as well. Others, like from strahl&pittsch in the US are a dream. That wax is practically perfect in every way.
  22. Thank you for your answer! In Russia beeswax costs almost the same as paraffin! Very cheap. After testing I came to the conclusion that beeswax is ideal for mold candles. I realized this, including after reading almost all of your messages on the topic 😍. Let me clarify a few points. - beeswax does not hold FO well. - in comparison with paraffin, it is impossible to obtain a rich color using dyes. - as you wrote, I heat the beeswax to 180 and pour it in at 150. Is it normal that I have to wait 10-15 minutes for the wax to cool? P.S.: sorry for my bad English.
  23. It has a melt point of 118, I don't know where you live, but here in Florida that would turn sloppy in 1 trip in the back of a truck. I usually stick to 125-130.
  24. I would say Peaks Purely Peppermint is the menthol type, and not the sweet vanilla type. Keystone has the right scent, just not nearly as strong. Of course I purchased 6 pounds, I think, so I will have to use the rest up. Any chance you would sell your bottle of Peaks?
  25. Not sure if I use this correctly to introduce myself. Years ago I made some B&B for fun and presents, but stopped when everybody had enough 😂 Found some leftovers recently and decided to go for it again (with fresh ingredients!)
  26. Agree with what everyone else said. My personal favorites are Natures Gardens, Midwest Fragrance Company (new company and very fast shipping, great FO's, best customer service), Fragrance Buddy (they have some great pumpkin scents, best Mulberry I've found), Nature's Items has some good Fo's and they have all been good to my nose, Candle Science, Aztec, Candle wic, Flaming, Bitter Creek North, these are all going to have some great FO and some not so great. I would defiantly buy samples from them. Some of my favorite per supplier for the holidays are Dicken's Christmas-Lone Star,-they have a nice mulberry too Mulberry, Pumpkin Cupcake, Pumpkin Vanilla Marshmallow, Cinnamon Broom from Fragrance Buddy, (there are more but can't think off the top of my head) Just Scent-Cinnamon Crunch Cake, Christmas Wish, Pumpkin Pie and All Hallow's Eve-Bitter Creek Christmas Mulberry-Cajun Candles-they also have the best cream brûlée in my opinion Mrs. Claus Cookies, Bayberry, cinnamon Buns,Gingerbread from Nature's Garden Orange Spice, Alpine Cheer, Pumpkin Peanut Brittle-from Flaming, Pumpkin Peanut brittle from Aztec and Fragrance Buddy Harvest Pumpkin-Cierra-my favorite pumpkin Tis The Season-Flaming, FB or Rustic Bayberry & Silver Oak-Flaming Apple Cider Donut-Candle WIC or Flaming North Pole and pumpkin apple butter-Flaming Hansel and Gretels House-Flaming Harvest Gathering from Flaming and Fragrance buddy Apple Cinnamon- Flaming, Fragrance Buddy and Lone Star are all nice. Cinnamon Buns, Sweater Weather, Toasted Pumpkin Spice, Blazing Bonfire, Marshmallow Fireside, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Leaves, Pumpkin Caramel Crunch, Gingerbread, Orange Cranberry Spice, Honey Cornbread, from Midwest Fragrance Co are all good. These are a few of my favorites and the suppliers. You may not like any of them but I hope this helps you.
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