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  2. I was in a local coffee house today and noticed they were selling container candles. I know the owner, and I don't know what came over me. I sent a text and mentioned I saw them, that I'd made melts longer than Scentsy was a company, and if she wanted to think about some branded ones in the future that we should talk sometime. Of course, she wants to talk...so we'll do that in the very near future. The LLC paperwork has been in place awhile. I know where to get insurance. I'm no stranger to the tax paperwork and filing requirements. I'm a perfectionist, so nothing is ever good enough for me...but the melts are genuinely good enough. I've tested dozens of waxes and made hundreds of candles, and I know they're good enough too...but I'm doing one more round of testing anyway. I spend 12+ hours per day in the office. What was I thinking? I told my boss, and (love her), she asked what took me so long and that I do my best work under pressure. We'll see how the conversation goes. Wish me luck
  3. To me, that looks overwicked by several sizes. Don’t shoot for a full melt pool on the first couple of burns, especially on a wide jar like that. 6006 is 70% paraffin approximately. It burns easily. By the mid point that will only be hotter. In the last half you’re going to be in a good deal of trouble. the jar looks similar in dimension to a McCall’s candle, which does not ever get to a full melt pool, yet it burns down evenly.
  4. Hello All, Could someone please give an opinion on this candle. Wax is 6006. Wick is CD18. Jar is 18 oz Salsa Jar. Fragrance is Black Cherry, 6%. Candle had been burning for 3 1/2 hours, and the previous test burns has been around the 3 - 4 hour mark. There is still a small amount of hang up on the one side, which I am confident can catch up as the candle burns down. Also, the flame is tall as can be in 3 hours even after trimming. The jar is black as you can see. This wax is simply add color and scent, needing nothing more. CD12 - CD 16 rendered no FMP in 3-4 hours of course. Are the flames too high because I still need to move up in size? This wax reminds me of how 4630 acts. Can someone please tell me...What exactly is the issue in this scenario?
  5. Hard to say. Depends on the fragrance, etc. and depth of the glass. The taller the jar, the likely lower wick size since it gets incredibly hot in the second half. Id be inclined to start with a 14, and work up/down as needed.
  6. Interesting ! Thanks for clarifying. For 8oz glass jars (2.5" - 3" diameter) would I be closer to cd14 or cd16?
  7. It is because the cd12 cannot draw up to burn as much wax as the cd14, so the remaining wax just melts more around the flame. Does not make 12 a “better” choice at all. Hot throw is created by the wick being able to fully combust that melted fuel and “throw” it into the air. As the candle with the 12 in this case continues to burn the tendency is for it to keep developing a deeper and deeper melt pool which actually makes the melt pool cooler with less robust hot throw. Cd16 May have been a better choice.
  8. Sweet, you made my day. I never knew about this place and its a few miles from me. I always thought it was Korea, but yah I saw it in contact us that it is on Warner and Tustin.
  9. This is how I would figure it. (Somebody correct me if I’m wrong) general math I use is: ___oz of wax x % of FO you want = oz to use Trap has 1 lb 8.9 oz = 24.9 oz of wax. So 24.9 oz wax x 1 % odor elim = .249 oz of odor elminator or .25 oz (i would measure up) DO NOT SELL YOURSELF SHORT!! i think you have a decimal or your scale would not show 1 lb 8.9 oz.
  10. strange how CD12 achieved a greater melt pool than CD14 😳
  11. this is extremely helpful! thank you
  12. Thanks, @Sarah S. I forgot to mention that one of the other reasons I'm not crazy about BCN is that they're always out of stock! Which is scary if you're trying to run a business. And yes, the punk sticks are quite long – they might just barely fit in our packaging, but I'm not even sure since we designed the boxes for 10.5" sticks. As for SOS, when I first ordered samples of their sticks the quality seemed pretty good. However, when I started ordering larger quantities (orders of 5,000 – 10,000 sticks) the quality went way down. Felt like a bait and switch. I looked into finding a supplier overseas via Alibaba, but their MOQ's were so crazy high – you literally have to order them by the shipping container full! That would probably be equal to 500 billion sticks, haha!
  13. Alexa says 1 percent of 1.5 pounds 0.24 ounce 2 percent of 1.5 pounds .48 ounce Also here https://percentagecalculator.net/
  14. Go to wholesalesuppliesplus and find their calculators. You can figure out the exact amount for the batch size. Also I have a google home cost under 30 bucks that does the math for you! You can ask it what 1 per cent of your batch number and presto a nice little voice tells you the amount. Especially handy for math challenged humans.
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  16. Brambleberry has some wonderful and easy recipes. www.brambleberry.com
  17. Remember, we were all giving you amounts of odor eliminator to use for what you showed in your first post--approximately 1 1/2 pounds of wax. If you are using a different amount of wax and you want 1% of that amount, the odor eliminator amount will change. GoldieMN
  18. Oh Trapp you sound just like me! I can't figure out nuttin mathematical. I am lucky tho...I just ask my son. He is very good at it...sure doesnt get it from me.
  19. Do you guys go by vanillin content in fragrance oils to determine wicking up, or do you go by regular wick swapping testing. The candle fragrance companies some are good with vanillin content, others don’t list. I find it helpful to know if the product whether candle or whatnot is going to turn color, but with candles whether I need to go up a wick. Thoughts?
  20. @Trappeur OMG, don't EVER call yourself stupid! We all marvel at your creations, both from wax as well as wood! I'm the one with all the questions, usually. So what does that make me, stupider? lol GoldieMN
  21. Now @Trappeur, there is a decimal point showing in the picture you posted--between the 8 and the 9. You are not stupid. These calculations can be very confusing! Anyway, place a container on your scale, tare the scale so it weighs 0, now add a tiny bit of odor eliminator to the container until your scale reads .2 ; you are close to the 1% for the amount of wax you said you wanted to use (first post). Keep adding a teenie bit a little at a time to see if your scale will go to .25 or if it goes to .3. If .3, then we will talk. GoldieMN
  22. I'll pretend that I never read this post Goldie as you say I need .249oz? lol, lol,......My scale has NO DECIMAL POINTS! So I would not be able to do that....yeah, call me stupid as stupid goes as I really am! Trappeur
  23. Glad someone is laughing as I don't know what in the world I'm doing. lol.....there, now I'm laughing! Trappeur
  24. Sideways sells just as well in those. Kraft bags will work well. I’m trying my hardest to eliminate single use plastic
  25. Ok, I got that right and can understand what your saying. I'm just going to go by what ever you tell me is the correct amount. Trappeur
  26. Paraffin wax like 4630 or 4627 fit that description. Melt pour cool light. You get what you get from it
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