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  2. What’s scary is reddit candle making thread. People making two candles then selling on Etsy. No mention of getting insurance or whatever. People throwing stuff into their candles for decoration. Yikes!,
  3. For the past year I have only been selling locally but now I'm wanting to start selling online, because I have lots of potential customers who live too far away for me to deliver. I'm thinking of going with Etsy, it seems like the best option starting out. My only problem I've run into so far is shipping. What is the best way to ship soap/aroma beads? How do you calculate what shipping will be? Is it cheaper to use the packaging from USPS or your own? I need to know this before hand because when listing in Etsy you have to put in the weight and dimensions of the package. I want to keep shipping as cheap as possible for my customers because I know when I'm buying online, the shipping price is what decided whether I'm buying or not. And any other tips for starting up would be great.
  4. Which FB groups? I've been looking for a few... Can you pm me if you can't state publicly?
  5. This is great! I will probably watch more than once. :-) Did he mention trimming the wick between burns? I might have missed it...
  6. Such sad news but not altogether surprising given their product problems over the past few years. They did have a great product for a long time and I think a lot of people will miss that. Sad they couldn't work out their issues and had to close business.
  7. I agree! I wish I knew how to get them though. I went on BCN website and 10 pounds of their beads are almost double what PP4F charges for theirs and that's before shipping! WOW! I don't remember them being that much better if any. I just remember them being the smaller beads that soaked up faster than the ones from Cajun and Aztec. The ones I got from AAA are larger too but they did soak up the oil I used in them but it just took longer. I did an experiment with them and the ones from Plastic and theirs soaked up days faster. Haven't baked them yet though to see which has the stronger scent. Do you find the ones from Cajun are bigger and take longer to soak up? I think the ones from NG are the smaller ones but theirs are more expensive too. I think I'm going to go ahead and order some from LS like I've been meaning to do and see how theirs work. They don't charge an arm and a leg for theirs and I would get them sooner. So far though the ones from PP4F are working out ok. I sure wish Aroma beads online would go back to their old beads.
  8. They both smell exactly the same. LOVE IT - and since I won't buy from Peak anymore, I'm glad to have a backup.
  9. When I carve my core candle is also hollow and I put a tube with liquid paraffin in it to burn. I scent that, not the carving. Scenting the core candle and the dipping layers, IMO is a waste. With the pigments, and layers the cold throw would be diminished (which also diminishes over time as well, just due to exposure to the atmosphere around it) Plus there is so much extra for the layers, you would end up with only THAT scent for a LOT of candles. Only scent what you will burn then you won't need to worry about the carving temp. Pour your scented wax into the center after the candle has been carved.
  10. She has some good oils and some duds like everyone else. I like a lot of her oils but there are some that I thought were weak too. I don't like any of her pumpkin scents and couldn't get her pumpkin pie spice to throw much at all and yet it gets good reviews. I can send you some samples if you'd like!
  11. I know that carved candles aren't really meant to be used, but I want to carve them with a hollow inside......that way you could put any stick in a bunch of times without ruining the art 🙂 For the one below, I simply put the candlestick mold inside of the tall pillar mold. I would just start carving these cylindrical casts......but I kinda have to get down the carving part first 😛 I was looking up steam tables/double boilers........which I would love to have and would be SO much easier.....but they are very expensive. $400-$1500 0_o
  12. Do you have a preference? Does one work better for “foodie” scents than the other?
  13. I tried some of her scents a while ago but must of picked all misses! The names and scent descriptions all sound sooooo amazing! Wish I had more luck.
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  15. This unfortunately doesn’t surprise me. Having worked professionally as a candle maker for 25 years, and in the supply business for 17, I’ve seen a lot of companies fail. I’m shocked it didn’t come sooner. I personally love Dan, but the constant changes in his line from the first buckets of soy made it impossible for me to consistently produce a quality product. I am no longer in the business, but still make product for gifts and personal use, and it never crossed my mind to go back.
  16. So I should move my candle making to the garage? My wife would love that idea
  17. As I sit here making soap and candles today surrounded by all of these fragrance bottles I also have to remember the air is saturated with scent already. Anybody making candles in their living space or storing bottles in their living space has a baseline of scent already that they’re numb to.
  18. You can’t really trust the nose of people in your house either I’m afraid to say. My family can’t smell ours because they’re just over exposed to everything. Candle and soap making has destroyed my family’s sense of smell. The only other suggestion I always have is to try another week. Some fragrances just need more or less temperature to perform.
  19. I would never rely solely on my own nose, my wife said she couldn't smell it and she was about 6 feet away. Maybe I'll make several at 7% and one at 8% just to see. I thought about getting some 25oz three wick containers, but why go through the testing when I can just burn 3 8oz tins.
  20. I'm not an expert but I do have a lot of experience with that wax. I was disappointed with the HT being a paraffin wax and all, it threw more along the lines of a parasoy like Joy wax for me, but I had some decent burns with HTP's. The zincs acted a bit weird for me, the melt pool was smaller than what I'm used to. I don't think the extra 1% load is going to help that much with the HT in that wax, but you just never know with candles, you might get a good surprise.
  21. I wish all the newbies starting candle businesses would watch this and realize how important safety is, the candles I've seen most of them showing off in FB groups is downright scary.
  22. Most people don't scent carved candles, because they are meant for decoration, purposes, and generally don't burn well anyway, due to the pigments used and the wick size. You would have to have your FO at a sustained temp for many hours for it to burn off, and not give off a throw. Your core candle has to stay warm, as well as your overdip wax, or it will get brittle and break when trying to carve, because it's cooling too fast. I only add the microcrystalline to the overdip wax, and not the wax I'm making the core candle with. I see you are near me. I have a whole vat set-up I'm contemplating selling.
  23. Only one way to find out. Though HT is so subjective. We are. Kind of numb to scent, so it may be a super thrower already.
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