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    bath & body
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    We have an inhome daycare, which pays for my candle habits. I would love to learn how to make soap.
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    I have made candles for about 10 years. Started B&B in 2009 and absolutely love it. I am hooked!
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    I am a grandmother of 6, so I dearly love my grandkids. I love making candles and ceramics. I used to sew in my spare time.

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  1. Love the soap! I haven't tried that swirl yet.
  2. Beautiful soap and love the colors!
  3. Beautiful soaps! Love the tubs also.
  4. Your soaps are gorgeous. Great job!
  5. Beautiful soaps Barbara! You are so talented!:yay::yay:
  6. Those are both very pretty. You did a great job!
  7. OMG! Those are drop dead gorgeous. You are so talented. I could never do that.
  8. Beautiful soap, Barb! Love the colors and swirls!
  9. Gorgeous soap! Love the colors and swirl!
  10. Very pretty soap. Love the colors and the swirls!
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