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Craft Server FAQ

Please read http://www.craftserver.com/terms/
Additional Term & Conditions
Craftserver.com is an open learning environment and professional community for those who would like to share and learn candle, soap making and other craft techniques, recipes and tips. These rules exist to maintain a professional image and for the safety and integrity of those using and visiting the forum. The Administrators and Moderators are here to help you and to keep the site running smoothly. We take a lot of time working hard to keep this environment friendly and safe.


Do not verbally attack the forum Moderators, they are volunteers, here for a very important reason and represent the interests of the Administrator and the integrity of the forum.

Opinions, comments or views expressed on this forum are that of the poster and may not reflect the opinions of the Administrator, Moderators or Owners. Every effort is made to monitor all posts, although we shall not be deemed liable for any damages or dispute arising from such a post.

Below are the Terms of Service (referred to as "TOS"), which may be updated by us from time to time without notice.

User Agreement:

By taking place in this forum, you are agreeing -

1) The owners, administrators, and moderators of Craftserver.com reserve both the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread at their discretion as well as suspending or deleting any user account for any reason we feel is in violation of the TOS, both explicit and implied.
2) By posting content and photos in the Craft Server web site you automatically grant Craft Server permanent permission to use your content and photos within craftserver.com.

“Freedom of Speech”:

While we believe very much in the freedom of speech & expression, you DO NOT have an absolute right to say whatever you want in this community. Think of it as entering a person's home and abiding by their rules. Members who are flaming, baiting, or insulting other members either on the forum or through PMs will be removed from the site either permanently or with temporary suspension of privileges. All reasonable efforts will be made to give prior warning before banning or suspension.

In short, individuals or groups creating problems within the community will not be tolerated. Membership is a privilege, not a right.

Abuse / Flaming / Derogatory Comments:

Abusive comments, flaming, or derogatory insults or comments are strictly against the rules. You don't have to agree with another member's opinion (we all have them), but here you DO have to respect it, even though it may differ greatly from your own. Responding with comments like "shut your gaping pie hole" or "that candle is $%&**#@ ugly", etcetera are neither helpful nor acceptable. Comments such as these are not conducive to the learning environment Craftserver.com strides to uphold. Moderators may edit or delete any posts that violate these terms.

Users have the capability to place certain members on their "ignore list" (Ignore lists are used for those people whose messages you wish not to read. By adding someone to your ignore list, those messages posted by these individuals will be hidden when you read a thread.), however, referencing this list or telling other members they are "on ignore" is considered a form of baiting and will be removed.

Remember you are interacting with actual human beings who have feelings. It is easy to misinterpret a person's intent when reading typed words on a screen. Be calm and kind and keep your cool, even when you disagree. Report problems and do not become one. If you feel you are being flamed or insulted by another member, please do not dignify that person with a response. You are responsible for your actions even if you are enticed or provoked. Notify a moderator and let us handle it.

Public Disagreements
Disagreements with staff are to be handled privately. If you disagree with a staff decision of forum policy, contact the administrator of the forum either through PM or email. Public disagreements will be removed from the forum.

User Accounts

A maximum of ONE account is allowed per person. Username changes are generally not allowed. If you are found to be using two or more accounts, all of your accounts are subject to being removed or merged. You also agree that you will not allow anyone else to use your account for the purpose of accessing these forums.

Bottom line: register one account and stick with it.


DO NOT hotlink images from another site without the permission of the owner and DO NOT hotlink images from this site. Doing so steals bandwidth and can also be a copyright violation.


Posts made on Craftserver.com are the copyright of the poster and therefore should not be copy/pasted without explicit consent from the owner and forum Administrator. When quoting an external source, please post the gist of the information and provide a link to the original source as not to infringe on copyright.


A "Supplier" is someone in the business of supplying products for the manufacturing (packaging and accessories permissible) of candles, bath and body products and/or other crafts. Suppliers are welcome to participate in these forums with the following provisions.
- Advertising by suppliers is limited to the Weekly Sale Announcement section of the forum. Do not use any other part of the forum or the PM system to solicit customers.
- You also must agree not to harvest any email addresses from any part of this forum for any reason.
- Please do not use any element of your user profile or signature for marketing. A simple hyperlink to your website (ex. Craftserver.com) is permissible, banners are not.
- Classified postings are limited to items not available on your supply website.

SELF PROMOTION: There is a vast array of sites with similar missions as CS on the internet and though competition is good, self-promotion and or promotion of competing sites is considered SPAM. Don't use the forum to gain traffic, build on popularity or promote (your website) through forum posts, PMs, emails or signatures, etc.. This includes affiliate links/text pertaining to businesses other than your craft-related website. The intention of the forum is to create a pressure-free environment to discuss crafts and craft-related business free from promotional efforts.

Signature Lines:

Also see above "self promotion" In effort to keep pages loading quickly and maintain viewing performance, signature the following guidelines are in place:

- Text links only.
- Maximum of 3 lines of text.
- Maximum font size no larger than 2.
- No advertising, linking to outside sources (referral/affiliate IDs, promotional offers, forums, etc.) with the exception of a text link to your business website. Links or text containing referral IDs or promoting businesses other than your craft-related website are not acceptable.
- ONE image only, not exceeding 60 pixels tall by 468 wide
- If using a banner sized image, no text and vice versa.

Space allotted for Signatures is no more than 3 lines at size 2 font. Please maintain your signature line accordingly; keep it looking clean, not gaudy. Signatures found in violation of these guidelines are subject to removal without prior notice. The main focus of your post should be your post. Not your signature line.

If you are on dial up and would like to turn OFF signature lines so the pages load faster, you can do that through your user CP.

Posting "Shout-Out Threads"
DO NOT start "check your PM" or "empty your box" threads in the OT section. Shout-out threads clutter up the forum and will be deleted without notice. It is unlikely someone will go to OT to see if they have PMs waiting. If a person's box is full they will get a notice from the forum letting them know that someone tried to PM them and that their box is full.

Classifieds and Co-ops All transactions that take place on the forum are at the user's own risk. Please read the guidelines in each section before posting in that area (co-op guidelines | classified guidelines). These sections are open to all members, however Suppliers may not run co-ops or list items in the Classifieds for goods they carry/sell.

Final words: As a privately-owned and operated site, we reserve the right to moderate Craftserver.com in whatever manner we choose for the "greater good" of the site. We try not to take any action not supported by an actual violation of our rules listed, but it is a necessary evil at times to keep the site running smoothly and free from trolls, spoofers and flamers.

Please remember to keep posts free from any explicit content as minors may openly view the site. Have fun, enjoy the site, learn and share, use common sense and courtesy and it will be all good.

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