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  1. Love the soap! I haven't tried that swirl yet.
  2. Beautiful soap and love the colors!
  3. Beautiful soaps! Love the tubs also.
  4. Your soaps are gorgeous. Great job!
  5. Beautiful soaps Barbara! You are so talented!:yay::yay:
  6. Those are both very pretty. You did a great job!
  7. OMG! Those are drop dead gorgeous. You are so talented. I could never do that.
  8. Beautiful soap, Barb! Love the colors and swirls!
  9. Gorgeous soap! Love the colors and swirl!
  10. Very pretty soap. Love the colors and the swirls!
  11. Look great! Love the pure white color.
  12. OMG!! That is absolutely gorgeous!
  13. Thanks everyone for all the nice comments!
  14. The soap is beautiful! It's about time you tried it.
  15. Steve, on the Bubble Luscious batch I used TKB neons: yellow, pink, blue, green and purple. On the Sweet Tart batch I used TKB neons again. Blue, orange,green,purple,pink and yellow. I don't have any problem with color on my loofah puff. Rae
  16. Thanks everyone for all the nice comments. They are appreciated. Irena: I used a 1" block for these because the mold is only a 4 bar mold. I have a 1.5" block that I am going to use next. Maggie: Barbara Al and I are good friends and do a lot of soaping together over the phone, and in person once a year for a weekend. It is so much fun having a friend that you can soap with. Thanks, Barb!
  17. Here are the cut pics of the bubble luscious column swirl. The second one is Sweet Tarts that I did with pics attached. Thanks for looking! This is so much fun!
  18. Here is my first column swirl. I had so much fun that I can't wait to do it again. The scent if Bubble Luscious! Thanks for looking!
  19. The cut soap is awesome. Great job!
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