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What's your favorite fragrances (you personally)


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I think this might have been brought up a while back....well, anyways I'll do another one as with time that has elapsed and we all are always testing new fragrances, I'll bet some of us have new found favorites.  So what is your favorite fragrances and what ones do you hate?  I'll start.

Some of my favorites:

#1:  A new one for me; pumpkin pecan waffles by Tennessee.

#2:  Vanilla Bean Noel by Tennessee

#3:  Toasted Marshmallow by Indiana.

        I got this not too long ago and wow is this killer throw.  I love it but it needs something added for to be a little more richer and deeper.  Don't know quite

        what to add yet but I just love it...

#4:  Wild Oats and Honey by Alabaster....(You can tell how old this one is..lol)  I never could find it again and it is still good and I kept it for myself.


Ones I hate:

Wild oak rose by Candle Soylutions - I'm gagging right now as I make up a dozen of them for Valentines Day.  Yuck, yuck, yuck...

Duplications of mens colognes...

Can't stand scents with eucalyptis in it.




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This is hard to narrow down 

some of my favorites:

hotel costes SC

Champaca and bamboo SC

red currant votivo SC

Dune grass WSP

arctic air AH/RE

Mistletoe CS

rocky mountain Xmas ELEMENTS 

lavender sage FB

some of my worst that I dread making:

pumpkin pie CS

grapefruit and Mango CS

blueberry cobbler JS

I eliminated a lot of scents that I just couldn't stand even though some people liked them but these 3 sell very good and I had to keep 


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Ooh! I love to see everyone's favorites! I agree with Moonshine, it's super hard to narrow my choices down!

Some of my favorites would have to be: Birthday Cake (Aztec International, Fragrance Buddy, VA Candle Supply, The Flaming Candle, Rustic Escentuals, I like all of their oils of this scent), Blue Banana (Save On Scents), Fruitopia (Save On Scents), Gummy Bears (VA Candle Supply), Jolly Rancher (VA Candle Supply), Juicy Watermelon (The Flaming Candle), Peach Nectar (CandleScience)/Georgia Peaches (Fragrance Buddy), Sugar Cookie Royale (Fragrance Buddy/The Flaming Candle), Vanilla Sugar Waffle Cone (Just Scent).

Some of my least favorites are: Fruit Medley & Mandarin Orange (Rustic Escentuals), Fruit Loops, Starfruit Mango & Watermelon Hard Candy (Save On Scents), Monkey Farts (Fragrance Buddy), Kiwi Strawberry & Tropical Cooler (Bitter Creek North), Cake & Passionfruit + Guava (CandleScience)

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Hotel Costes - Sweet Cakes
Yuzu & Stonecrop - Candlewic
Chocolate Orchid - NG
Volcano Capri Blue Type - Aztec
Neroli & Shea Blossom - Bramble Berry
Tibetan Black Tea - SOS
Asian Sandalwood - Flaming
Sunset - Indigo 
Tomato - WSP
Black Orchid - Scentperfique

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Haaa!!! Now that I will have in my possession once again (thanks TallTayl) my number 1 is

1) Tonic

2) Like Moonshine....LOVE Champaca & Bamboo from SC

3) Honeydew Melon - Cajuns

4) Anything Coconut :)

5) Like you Trappeur ....Pumpkin Pecan Waffle (TCS)...the BEST!

6) Christmas Memories - Cajuns

7) Spiced Orange - Cajuns

8) Sugar Cookie - TCS

9) Sugar Cookie Royale - FB

10) Pink Sugar (ICS) LOVE!

I hate to make florals....BUT I do love making Fillmore's Daffodil....just love it!!!! :)


Great thread :) Trappeur!



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I was just saying in another thread how much I like FC's daffodils. So fresh and spring smelling!

It's really too hard for me to pinpoint what my fav fragrances are.

I know I love CS Mistletoe. This past Christmas I "rediscovered" Home for the Holidays. Now its one of my favs again. I also love FC's Cedar Garland. My newest love is FC's Cranberry Citrus.

For soap I am loving FB's Gypsy Rose, EBB's Sea Island Grapefruit, and Peak's Black Canyon. But my all time favorite soap scents are EBB's Patchouli Honey and PFO's Lavender.

There are a few FOs I just don't like. Like FC's Maple. Ick! Smells like a cologne and not the syrup! Also their Friendship Bread or is that Amish Bread? Whatever, don't like it. I also bought a white chocolate and whiskey FO and it just smells off. Not sure where I got but think it was probably AH. Oh.... also am not liking the Hawaiian Sandalwood versions. Nobody made HS like Tradewinds and I can't find its equal. Sigh!

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My favorites are-

Banana Nut Bread-CS

Mrs. Claus Cookies and Vanilla Bean-NG or Vanilla Bean Noel-Tennessee, or JS

Sugar Cookie Royale-FB

Fruity Pebbles-Aztec

Cream Brûlée- Cajun's or Mike's Brûlée 

Hansel & Gretel's House-CS


Coffee scents-JS and ICS

Lemon Pound Cake-Peak, CS

Country Berry Hotcakes-JS, Peak and Wildberry Mousse-CS (they smell so similar)

Southern Pecan Pie-RE

Pumpkin Pie-CS

As you can tell I'm a bakery and vanilla fan!



Don't like florals but I love chocolate orchid from NG

I really hate pouring florals like lavender but I have some customers that love them. I'm not a huge fan of men type cologne scents but there are some of my customers that absolutely love them. I don't care for leather but I do like my blend of leather and vanilla bean. 


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13 hours ago, TallTayl said:

Does PFO lavender smell like the EO? I need something lavender for soy and beeswax. The EO messed with my burns. none of the FO i have tried (all from the popular sellers) smell pretty not true. :-/ 

Ever since Tradewinds closed down I have been looking for replacements. One of them was their Lavender flowers FO. In all these years Pure Fragrance Oils (formerly Tony's/Southern Gardens) has been the closest. It might be the same its that good.

To me it smells very close to the EO but its a more floral herb and less camphorous like some lavenders. That is what I like. Anyway I quit buying it because of the cost and shipping costs. So now I am on a hunt for another one. CS is okay but not as good IMO. I may have to go back to PFO's lavender because CS is just not selling for me the same. Its just not as good.

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Great thread!  My favorites right now are Fresh Lemon Slices (Daystar), Molton Brown Naran Ji (SC), Bergamot & Coriander (SC), and Champaca & Bamboo (SC) in soap. I think I like Fresh Lemon Slices better than the SC version which I also love. I love Fresh Lemon Slices in wax, too, but it is not popular. Same with Shampoo Deluxe (Daystar). Some of the ones I like the best are usually not big sellers! I melted a Hotel Costes tart yesterday and it was super strong (and only at 5%). One of my strongest tarts ever, actually. I wasn't crazy about it in soap but the wax seemed different and better.

I have a sample of PF Lavender...will have to try it this week. My family loves lavender soap.

Does Fillmore Daffodil smell different in wax than oob? I have a sample but haven't tried it. I do love florals.

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Easier for me to list what I don't like because today they are almost all smelling mighty nice!

So I don't like

Anything heavy vanilla


Rose - straight, but love it blended.  The one I have is from GW and very very strong

Most Bakery Scents, because they are too heavy vanilla for me

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You all surprised me! I TOTALLY expected to read the favorites of this group:

1. Patchouli

2. Nag Champa

3. Anything else "earthy".

hahaha!! Some here who have seen my scent list/line said they needed insulin just to keep reading. I do like sweet scents!

My favorite scent categories are spicy/cozy, vanilla and clean scents.

My least favorite? See #'s 1-2 above! 


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Oh lawd I love Patchouli Honey from EBB. I have yet to meet one customer that doesn't like or love it. It always sells out no matter what I put it in... soap... candles... whatever.

It got me started on learning to like patch scents. Now I love them but PH is my fav patch scent.

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Absolutely Awesome Oakmoss from Oregon Trails - EO/FO combo has been my favorite since the first time I smelled it years ago.

Patch:  didn't care much for it in the past but dang, if it isn't growing on me big time.  I use it as a mixer in lotions & body sprays - it just adds that little bit of something special to a blend.


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How happy am I to have found this thread! I have been looking for new scents! 

The only scents I like have been ones I have gotten from candle science, although the only exception is grandma's kitchen from natures garden.

Here are the ones that I really like...

All of these are from candle science

1) apple and maple Bourbon

2) very vanilla

3) Blue Spruce - the best christmas evergreen scent that i have found.

4) blackberry vanilla

5) apple harvest


I want to make patchouli candles where have you found good as scents for that? 

Thanks :-)

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If you love blue spruce you need to try Fillmore's Christmas tree....I used to think CS was the best until this one

patchouli....MW That went out of business had the best IMO and I think fragrance buddy who has duped a lot of their scents may have one or pure fragrance oils who bought MW.....I myself got tired of trying to wick straight patch and now use WSP witches brew that has a strong patchouli note 

but there are many patchouli lovers on here that will chip in on the best ones out there to try 

welcome to the board 

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@moonshine- thanks so much :)  i will for sure try out Fillmore's Christmas tree! 

i have been nervous about buying an expensive patch essential oil and not have my candles burn right so i have resisted making an order. I did find some patch fragrance oil mixes on Bulk Apothecary  that sound interesting. I have had some requests for patch, that is why i asked. I will look at the Witches Brew. 

(it will take me a while to get all of the abbreviations! i just looked at the list of suppliers and there are way more than i would have ever found on my own) 

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I also love love CS Blue Spruce and exactly what Moonshine said about Fillmores Christmas tree; if you like Blue Spruce try Christmas Tree..I've been using Christmas tree for 10 plus years and it has always been a top #1 seller for me.  It is a tree "Balsam Fir" from the New England forests.  It is entirely different different from Blue Spruce, so now you have 2 great beautiful pine scents.



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