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  1. moonshine


    Lol Scented I see a side view of a bunny with his eye in there - you can even see the pupil of the eye take away the ears and yes you see lips....lips that appear to have something in the middle of them
  2. moonshine

    WSP 20% Off FO's

    Rainforest is awful imo I use and love: autumn lodge vanilla bean noel vanilla oak dune grass Black salt and cypress sun and sand guava mojito Burmese wood bourbon tobacco Angel Fraser fir cracklin firewood clean cotton Oakmoss sandalwood kabocha squash Pumpkin oud Oakmoss sandalwood Black raspberry vanilla Agave nectar Blood orange and goji - I haven’t put this in wax yet but smells amazing oob frosted birch and juniper that’s all I can think of off the top of my head - I know I have more ....love love these oils!
  3. moonshine

    Over/under wicked?

    Ditto everything TT said Eco seem to consume much better keeping up with the wax so your not left with deep pools and it not able to disperse scent up into the air IF your using the right size - you go to big you will get soot there is a learning curve to these wicks for sure to get it perfect
  4. moonshine

    Over/under wicked?

    It could be Goldie and you need to try them and see GB waxes are so different now that you have to get the wax hot enough with the right wick that can keep up with consumption to keep melt pool under control CD do not fit this bill anymore making a hot deep meltpool and little throw - at least with 415 that is and 464 is softer so my guess would be it’s your wicks now Test this side by side with cd and eco naked and see the difference in your burns Then add a fragrance you know used to throw and see what you get eco are hot so go smaller than you would a cd
  5. Sure you can I do it all the time I just wipe it out with paper towel before putting in a different wax
  6. 🙈🙈🙊🙊 I have no words.... selling stinky socks and obviously stinky underwear can make you good money?? People really do this? hell what am I doing battling wax when I can just throw my undergarments in a package at the end of the day and pay my mortgage 😂🤣 So gross - I think I am traumatized now
  7. moonshine

    Over/under wicked?

    What wax are you working with Goldie? Don’t let fear of customers sense of smell deter you...everyone smells differently once you get a perfect burn and you can smell your candles run with it and your product will speak for itself - it’s when people just run on throw alone or not testing new lots with soy or new fragrance bottles not realizing the product they put out there is burning crappy or finding months down the road the burn is even crappier that problems arise for yourself and the people you sell to
  8. moonshine

    Over/under wicked?

    A baseline in naked wax is how it burns with zero variables added to it other than the wick needed to burn said wax If you suddenly start to have problems with your burn in your already made candles like sooting, mushrooms, burning too hot, won’t burn hardly at all, tunneling, cavities or no throw how would you be able to determine what that problem could be if you don’t have a “baseline” of how your wax burns naked GB waxes are not what they used to be, they are completely different now so if your making your 464 candles based off what “used” to be and just adjusting wick sizes for different jars your going to have problems - I used 415 for probably 7- 8 years and what was tried and true for many years does not work anymore - CD wicks in this wax are horrible now, the burn is disgusting and in some cases down right dangerous, wicking down helped but it was still “off” Testing that wax naked showed me CD are not the wicks for this wax Anymore and it showed me just how different this wax burns now without adding variables to it - had I not tested the wax naked I would of chalked it up to the fragrance or the jar or whatever else and continued on without u understanding that it was the wax itself that changed I’m trying to explain this as simply as possible and I understand where your coming from in your thinking because I did it myself for years but here is what changed my way of thinking - right before I noticed something was off with 415 I had made a bunch of jars to put out for sale, now I always make a tester jar of every batch of candles I make - I learned this from Stella who used to be a regular on this forum, I fell behind in burning my test jars and they got shelved - I thought these candles were okay in thinking the newest lot of wax I received was the problem because I could physically see a difference in the wax well I was wrong because the lot before had issues when I started burning the testers to see what the heck was going on the wicks (CD) grew like those fireworks for kids, the little black disks after lighting grow into thick snakes - that’s what my wicks looked like with super deep melt pools on the first burn and hot jars and soot - I never had those problems before and the throw wasn’t there- Every one of those fragrances were the same bottles I had from before so I knew it wasn’t the fragrance - nothing changed there, I don’t use dye so that couldn’t be a issue which told me for sure it was a change in the wax itself and testing the wax naked proved to me that’s what it was long story short 415 burns completely different now - I hate the wax and refuse to sell it anymore - I can’t “fix” it even though changing wick series helped and using different additives helped - it still was to unstable for my comfort - the longer it cured the worse it got which before it was longer the cure the better it got Do yourself a favor and just throw some straight 464 in a jar or tin and burn it to see how it performs “as is” I assume you test each fragrance before putting it out for sale....so if something is off when you test it you will know it’s not your wax within the same lot, that maybe the fragrance is the culprit and new bottles of fragrance now we have to be careful and test with all the reformulations and not all suppliers disclosing that nothing is easy Making candles anymore and I never used to buy in bulk but I am now with my waxes so I don’t have to do this all the time - the more cases with the same lot number the better
  9. Third burn eco and HTP were the best overall in this pan test for my jar creating the least carbon although still sooty, lx could be a potential but I way I under shot that size Adding fragrance and dye will change things for sure look how much carbon cd created, and that’s a recommended wick for this wax I believe
  10. Second burn you can kind of start to see here how it burns down making a deep melt pool, the Cd 10 especially and this was the point I started seeing the black soot stacks this wax is notorious for
  11. Ihaving been a soy girl for 10 plus years this was very foreign to me working with coconut wax - this test was done December 2017, I have learned so much since then with this wax but it’s a starting point to be able to see how it behaves I will redo this test down the road with my new Gained knowledge and different wick choices
  12. Okay so here goes first post on candles and supplies coconut beads No fragrance No dye I heated to 185 and immediately poured into a tin tray (I do not recommend this unless you permanently affix the wick because wick stickums do not work on tin and hot wax - had a heck of a time securing them after they all floated away on me) I let the pan cure for 5 days and the wicks I chose were based off results I wanted to see for a 8 ounce square mason jar 3” diameter Love the ease of this wax being able to pour hot and it set up so smooth with no frost, cracks or cosmetic issues The texture of this wax is very appealing in my opinion
  13. I agree - love love the beads but alone they are something nightmares are made of 😂
  14. Campfire Smokes are theeeee worst in my experience even the smallest percentage will ruin a flame and just when you think you got it it Peters out on you with no warning - melts not a problem but most candles take a literal torch to burn these type of fo patchouli is a tough one also
  15. I did them and have the documentation just never got around to getting posted here after the 444 test 🙈 I will sort through the pictures and notes and post it when things slow down for me