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  1. Wow- a lot has changed since 2014 that was certainly has changed- it’s nothing like it was....but typically the 10 and 12 worked in that jar and wax now keep In mind when the wax changed a few years back those sizes were torches and I honestly haven’t touched 415 in a few years so use caution and I would start with a 8 and see
  2. This exactly!!! I thought I was going crazy- I use colored jars so didn’t notice the frost but the cavities are unreal - the stench is unreal- it stays cloudy at 200* and I’m wicking up up up I saw when cooling a few start to sink at the wick so I heat gunned right away - did it again after almost set - lit it a few days later as all appeared ok and I hit the mother load of cavities!!
  3. I haven’t been around on here much lately, life got busy with wedding planning for my daughter that ended up being postponed until this December (thank you Covid), work stuff getting crazy with the pandemic (again, thank you covid) and all the new rules and guidelines to keep our employees and our customers safe and a house remodel we had to push forward with before covid and it’s still in progress....I just got busy I have not been selling candles for a very long time, since the soy industry went to hell in a handbag but I have still been enjoying making candles for myself and family
  4. I came across this thread- That was so much fun who is ready for round 2 with all the new changes AGAIN to coconut 83, ez beads or whatever the suppliers decides to call it?? 😂😂
  5. ummmm....it is totally not the same and it is definitely not burning the same Mine was cloudy yellow in the melt pot, the odor is awful and I thought the little pastilles would be so cool to work with and they are a hot mess - messy messy messy🤣 I am not happy with this situation right now at all- throw is still good but I am having to wick up, well at least in blends I am - I have to be honest I have not tested them straight yet....broke my own rule
  6. Similar to Talltayl the biggest issue for me was jar limitations and “save the rainforest” people around my area - a few times, especially around the holidays it was hard to get but I think a couple more suppliers picked it up if I’m not mistaken which helps I love palm personally and do make them for myself in the 16 ounce colored jars with no dye, I have had pretty good luck with throw with both CSN and RRD wicks - the RRD are amazing in palm pillars and I get even better throw with those than I do the jars but they are directional wicks so if your using a spool you have to of h
  7. Yes pure fragrance oils - they have the original moonworks but I guess not that one - I can email her and ask fragrance buddy did a lot of dupes off samples I sent in before pfo was carrying them and they were decent - But I just checked and they don’t have it either and wow they downsized how many of them they carry now - lavender sage is gone - sugar cookie royale is gone I will have to see if I find a difference in the Cs new clean version
  8. So very very true 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🙃🙃- baffling
  9. What drama with the tumblers??? I ordered the clear ones not that long ago and actually started to like that jar I ordered a couple fragrances I love from them but have yet to put them in anything....so I must be prepared for them to mot be the same huh? I have been weeding them out of my supply chain after the soy fiasco years ago with 415 and their insistence nothing changed when it most definitely did I live their mistletoe but if I remember right Moonworks pinion pine was the same thing so I guess I need to see if pfo carries it 🤷‍♀️ this is all getting so ol
  10. Well....I am still going up in sizes to see if the throw improves, so far not much - the flame is beautiful in coconut blends and no carbon or soot - reviews are consistent that the wicking chart is way off and you need to go way up in size They remind me of LX with a thicker coating, being so new with only 1 supplier I’m not totally trusting yet - but I do have to give them kudos for the marketing strategy to get the sample pack - with the many supply changes, people including myself, were hot to jump on it hoping for the miracle cure in coconut I will post an update to se
  11. Yes please let’s talk about this 🥺😣 FB candle groups are terrifying me with all the posts of broken jars customer are sending to these makers ....anywhere from a scorched dresser to full blown _blown up jars black as black can be to the point I thought some were colored black jars I am seeing zero accountability on these chandlers part or the rest of the group participating in the discussion ...it’s the consumers fault - always It makes me mad, it makes me sad. These people could literally kill someone and they don’t even think about that, it’s always they didn’t- they didn’t
  12. I would try wholesale supplies plus - many versions to choose from and they are usually on point and consistent with throwing very well in candles (most of them and I use a lot) I love autumn lodge- and even though it says nothing about tobacco in the description to me it smells like pipe tobacco hope that helps some Pure fragrance oils at one time had a pops pipe I think it was and that was good also but I haven’t shopped there in years to know if it’s still available
  13. Here you go calypso is a 42 in coconut container slab from candles and supplies with additional soy added mason jar is a 39 with coconut container slab by itself
  14. I stuck a 42 in a 3” jar based off their recommendations with the coconut container slab from candles and supplies blended with some soy and I will say the burn is beautiful.....the throw is lacking though I am going to go up and down in size and see if it makes a difference I will be trying them in coco apricot tonight as well and just because the Easy beads coconut even though it’s just gone now and not coming back 🤬
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