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  1. Hey kerven….how did this go for you with the 486 and coco 83? I tried it at 25% but did not like how crazy the flames got even with smaller wicks I think the 486 has beeswax in it according to a FB group mod I tried the 487 and love that one so much better Curious what you thought
  2. How is the soymax working out Goldie? I have been cleaning my candle crap out ….hasn’t been done fully in over 10 years and I found a small bag of soy max from aso …..must of thought I was going to try it on top of the Midwest I still have is it a keeper or does it belong in my get rid of pile? Lol
  3. And the attack campaign had nothing to do with toxicity of palm like the paraffin attack correct? It was all about the tree hugging save the rainforest protests dont get me wrong I care about the environment very much but palm is supposed to be responsibly sourced now….well thats what they say anyways….well let’s see here 🤔 suppliers statements….can we trust them anymore 🤷‍♀️🙈🤦‍♀️😂🥺😵‍💫
  4. When you find something good these days you almost need to buy it by the pallets same lot if possible I don’t candle make to sell anymore I candle make to test- test- test because by the time I have a winner I can’t replicate it if I don’t have the exact same material
  5. Put on your label you didn’t chop a rainforest down 😂 depending on your container you shouldn’t have to do a repour with palm if you learn the flip method for air pockets - it’s scary at first but you learn when it’s too early….ask me how I know the limited palm experience I have is excellent throw with either csn or rrd wicks- now the rrd are directional so you have to pay attention when wicking from a spool- ask me how I know that 😂 I’m burning 2 palm pillars right now and they are under wicked but there is no getting these wicks out now- they are several years old, that wick is stuck with the hardness of palm but I’m smelling them nice and don’t have to worry about a blow out 🤷‍♀️😂 I know csn is no longer available but if you have an interest in pillars at all or tall 3” diameter jars I have a ton of csn 11 to sell off
  6. Okay this is one my absolute favorites of all time -I stocked up before the announcement of changing over to all Phthalate free- has it changed that much really?….. back in the day Moonworks pinion pine was exactly the same to my nose, not sure if PFO Carries that one since the buyout but I will have to check
  7. This exactly! I have been on hiatus since the changes in soy I don’t even know many years ago now….went to coco and LOVED what I came up with all excited to start selling again to find out that particular coco doesn’t exist anymore 🤷‍♀️ ok….back to another coco and some apricot and some soy blends - many additives and every single time I get something I like or even love it comes in different next time around All these pre-sales that went on with this covid issue I stocked up - but it’s not enough to run with for more than a year or 2 and even less if I do start selling again…. it totally blows, I feel the pain to If 1 single supplier could accomplish consistency in what they sell it would be a miracle - I’ve often wondered about candlewic blends seeing they make their own and the sad thing is I bought them all when soy took a crap but then fell in love with easy beads and gave all that CW away 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Never tested or tried it I was so excited when cal candle announced pre sale of coconut beads limit 2 cases…..only to be shocked once again- this stuff is absolutely NOTHING like the original easy beads….it’s awful, yes I made it work in a couple different blends but it’s disgusting to work with, serious sink holes no matter the temp you pour and I find it kinda odd they haven’t ever offered this form again that I’m aware of…🤷‍♀️ If your a coco person definitely look into this s&p 487 to blend - like TT said Midwest and bees is a nice blend also of you like soy and don’t mind a long cure time palms seem to be the most consistent out there imo ….I’m thinking about just trying it straight up again if I can get around the wicking issues in slightly wider jars that I have (palm likes tall and skinny) ….another issue that is never ending - finding glass in stock apricot had been pretty consistent in my tests except I think I just read somewhere on here that is now coming in different Palm stearic- beeswax- 487- universal soy additive can all be your friend right now to help slap some waxes into decent behavior along with wicking completely different from what you would normally think
  8. Elements toasted marshmallow is very good- I don’t use it often not liking sweet/food scents much and I wish I could tell you they were the same but I’m not sure on that either ….it’s been a long time since I tried the ah/re version, I settled on elements for some reason
  9. Hey now- those are my people your calling snobs thermometer IS essential - sure some things you can get a feel for and gauge like when to pour but your not doing yourself any favors not using one to heat your wax and adding the fragrance oil - it has nothing to do with thinking “highly” of ourselves and everything to do with making a proper candle that is safe 🙄🤦‍♀️
  10. F…..FFFF……F!!! how hard is it for 1 supplier to just be consistent and transparent!
  11. Ummmm I don’t like hearing this - where have you bought your apricot? I stocked up when it was impossible to get and pre-sales were going on - the majority of mine came from hive and honey I haven’t been following any threads on coconut or apricot waxes lately so am I understanding there is another issue here? I had to give up 415 years ago because of this same Crap and started a blend with coco beads and then that went to Crap and then you couldn’t get those original beads anymore and I started playing with apricot blends …..if this is going to be an issue when I run out I’m going to scream - ceda serica is the the only one affected? 😵‍💫😡😵‍💫
  12. I suggest not NG….I couldn’t get the stench out of my house for weeks - it was a long time ago but it was awful 🙈🙈
  13. Do that many people use mica to color wax? I haven’t heard about that other than maybe to dust them for a little sparkle or shine but then again I have been living in a cave taking a very long hiatus from wax….trying to get back going again but for what it’s worth I would go with liquid dye as TT suggested
  14. Ya if your not pouring a ton and just trying to get a little out for blends these kind of tops will probably work you 👍
  15. It won’t let me paste the link but another place to check out that I have not personally used but heard for most suppliers bottles are Midwest bottles with this product ID Our Price: $0.19 Compared at: $0.30 You Save: $0.11 Product ID : bdc24-410blk-tw3 Manufacturer: MPCH
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