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  1. Oregon trails that’s it - bugg of and they are still in business
  2. Oh and just for added information .....cs cypress bayberry is a great spider killer 😂 I was at our cabin a couple of weeks ago and the basement is damp with the dehumidifier not set up to drain constant and well I have an infestation of huge nasty black spiders - in desperation I had that oil there as I’m slowly setting up candle shop there splitting up my stuff at home so I can make stuff while there and so I mixed it with water and shook it up really Good and sprayed the crap out of the doorwall sill and all around the ground trim of the entire basement- I was in spider hell seeing them all scrambling 😩😫🕷🕸 went back a week later and still smelled it quite strongly and did not see any spiders inside - had to respray the outside and saw a few run and I was beating them down but it worked very well and I would rather use than then a pesticide 👍
  3. They do work I have made CS Citronella candles in galvanized buckets to keep on the deck and what also worked really well for me is making incense with bugg off from I can’t remember the supplier(think they may be oob and it wasn’t bulk apothecary) but citronella would work also and I light these and stick them in jars with sand or even in potted plants and it seems to keep the bugs at bay - gnats and mosquitoes
  4. I see it as You don’t have much choice and neither does your wholesale accounts - when suppliers raise prices we have to raise prices - that’s the cycle of business, there is no point in doing any of this imo if we keep trying to absorb price increase in fear of passing it down to our customers- wholesale or retail If everyone would do this right along beside each other the consumers are likely to not bat an eye because they don’t have a Choice if they want our products Sure you can buy cheaper fragrance but likely it will “be” cheaper and your customers may notice that difference enough to hurt business as well I understand our craft is a want vs. a need and it’s a tougher sell in this market and very very competitive mainly due to the fact many people just price to just make a sale or to support a hobby but in owning multiple service businesses I have a different outlook on this whole thing: When our fuel supplier raises prices more than a few cents per gallon because the barrel increase we cannot afford to absorb that cost, we have to either 1) raise our prices across the board or 2) implement a fuel surcharge if it’s projected to be temporary - we go through around 40k a month in fuel this time of year running all our trucks and equipment an increase of a dollar or more per gallon would kill us - we have to pass it down we recently increased our price on a septic tank clean, the fees went up where we have to dispose of the waste, the slight increase in fuel, the increase in our insurance premium every year, the increase in our workman’s comp and of course the increase in the technicians wage, the breakdowns and repairs and....and....and.... we were not making enough money to run that circus - the competition did not increase their prices and sure we lost some business from the people that only want the cheapest they can get and the competition thought they were “one up on us” until they figured out they were working twice as hard and increasing the wear and tear on their trucks ten fold resulting in more repair bills and break downs....and we were actually making more money doing less work - and those said competition are now at the same price point we are - and again I know it’s different in respect that people “have” to clean their septic so they have to pay the increase vs. people “wanting” a nice smelling candle or bar of soap but the principal is the same in theory, once everyone realizes they need to charge more for their products due to price Increases passed down to us, consumers will likely pay With our excavating and mulch business, We don’t pay on pieces of equipment monthly that cost 100-300k each to absorb any of costs Trickled down to us....if gravel goes up so does our price, if pipe or colorant or anything at all for that matter goes up, so does our price and the people that use credit cards to pay on a septic repairs for several thousands dollars, we charge them the credit card fees - you want your points your paying for them and people are happy to, they can always write a check if not Sure it’s competitive out there and there will always be the one man show operating without the proper licenses or the company that thinks they being smart pricing way cheaper but in the end when all is said and done we have to work smarter not harder, less jobs for more or even the same amount of money is a savings in so many ways in my eyes 🤑 Our fragrance suppliers are obviously getting nailed with price increases and this whole tariff thing is having a big impact but we really can’t blame them for having to keep their business rolling, they can’t absorb the costs and still profit either 🤷‍♀️💁‍♀️🤗 that’s my 2 cents worth anyway, it certainly sucks to have to pay more - absolutely sucks but you may be surprised at your wholesalers reaction, surely they are seeing it already with many items they carry
  5. Beautiful! Totally reminds me of something Mexican but I know nothing about Mexico to help much with names....Cinco De Mayo is all I got 🤷‍♀️
  6. Mine have all been less than a 1/4” so far, I would guess like an 1/8” with the raised bottom and I don’t like a clean bottom at all, I shoot for some left because otherwise the remaining wax gets sucked up so fast and causes an inferno and the glass to get to hot IMO And like candy stated 3mm necks are trouble for anyone reading this thread - I had a supplier once change to those without notice and I didn’t pay attention....let’s just say it was ugly and dangerous in the jars I was using at that time - I couldn’t figure out why my candles were so hot at the end and going forever last part of the burn turning the jar black the only place I could see using those would be in a votive or tea light and even then I’m not sure I would - much rather have leftover wax than a fireball
  7. That jar Gary posted is different from the 12 ounce calypso - they don’t have that big of a lip on them I have been using them and they do sell cork lids but you can’t fill them all the way up using them so they can push down in securely the bottom is raised but I haven’t had any issues with excessive wax left on the bottom at all - that is where your wicking comes into play and I don’t use the high neck tab wicks (9 I believe) either I use the 6mm here is a pic - they sell out often in several colors and they are pretty pricey but I am launching a small line of these with a pretty price 😉
  8. I love doing state themed candles - I have a pure Michigan line and constantly adding more names to it - I started with the main state symbols and went from there with well known points of interest and local things for blue bonnet I don’t know what that smells like but lonestar has one - I was fragrance browsing over the weekend and almost placed a small order with them - back in the day I did use them and they had some good oils other ideas: -Yellow Texas rose - any rose would do but I love elements sensuous black rose -a sagebrushish desert type tumble-weedy scent - maybe like desert sage from elements as far as name...🤷‍♀️ Texas storm or tumbleweed -pecan tree- maybe some butter pecan from JS -armadillo - maybe a mix of something dry like vetiver with a water type scent -mockingbird - this could be anything you want it to be -longhorn- maybe a oatmeal milk and honey for this one
  9. Exactly what I was going to say - unless your using coco92 it has soy and she has an allergy to soy - others have paraffin but it’s nit disclosed as to whether it contains soy AND paraffin
  10. I use it alone also, never tried to blend it - I still can’t wick it correctly in anything but palm 😂 but it’s amazing and one of my absolute favorite scents - this reminds me I need to try again
  11. Just a heads up she could be fishing - people will do this to try and find out what your using as close as they can to try and replicate your product not saying she is but be careful what info you give her - if she is that sensitive to soy and “other” additives seems to me she would just play it safe and not burn candles 🤷‍♀️ Its totally up to you if you want to learn a new wax and cater to her, I would run for the hills on this one myself - but maybe unscented paraffin or beeswax would be her alternative - fragrances have so many different chemicals and components I would tend to not want to risk her having a “reaction” and coming back in you ... and most coconut have soy blended in so it would have to be a straight coco candle if your wanting to go down that road
  12. I just now started watching this series and I have to say where has it been my whole past 8 years or seasons 😂 now I am intrigued to check this collection of fragrance out
  13. I would like to apologize to you for that - that typically isn’t how we roll on here safety and testing are very important for obvious reasons but in your saying you wanted to make a gift for your son makes it a little different than saying you just found these jars and want to get them off to a wholesale account tomorrow - please don’t be discouraged by this and afraid to post, we are all here to help in the ways that we can and Trapp I’m sure didn’t mean to come off that harshly @Trappeur you release new jars all the time in record time - how did you get through that Easter line so fast with new jars and new oils....I would love to learn your process, we all found out the hard way experience with a wax does not play a role when your dealing with products never used before we may think we know our waxes inside and out but all bets are off when you add a new vessel, fragrance oil, wicks, additives or even dyes - takes some time to know that new candle is going to be safe I also have to ask how you keep track of and remember all the different combos that you do all the time? It amazes me you can keep them all straight with the constant fast turn around that you do 😂
  14. The clams I got through a co-op on here were from impact - pretty sure the ICS are the same because I saw zero difference in them Impact have shaped clams as well I believe but going through them will require high minimums
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