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  1. Similar to Talltayl the biggest issue for me was jar limitations and “save the rainforest” people around my area - a few times, especially around the holidays it was hard to get but I think a couple more suppliers picked it up if I’m not mistaken which helps I love palm personally and do make them for myself in the 16 ounce colored jars with no dye, I have had pretty good luck with throw with both CSN and RRD wicks - the RRD are amazing in palm pillars and I get even better throw with those than I do the jars but they are directional wicks so if your using a spool you have to of h
  2. Yes pure fragrance oils - they have the original moonworks but I guess not that one - I can email her and ask fragrance buddy did a lot of dupes off samples I sent in before pfo was carrying them and they were decent - But I just checked and they don’t have it either and wow they downsized how many of them they carry now - lavender sage is gone - sugar cookie royale is gone I will have to see if I find a difference in the Cs new clean version
  3. So very very true 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🙃🙃- baffling
  4. What drama with the tumblers??? I ordered the clear ones not that long ago and actually started to like that jar I ordered a couple fragrances I love from them but have yet to put them in anything....so I must be prepared for them to mot be the same huh? I have been weeding them out of my supply chain after the soy fiasco years ago with 415 and their insistence nothing changed when it most definitely did I live their mistletoe but if I remember right Moonworks pinion pine was the same thing so I guess I need to see if pfo carries it 🤷‍♀️ this is all getting so ol
  5. Well....I am still going up in sizes to see if the throw improves, so far not much - the flame is beautiful in coconut blends and no carbon or soot - reviews are consistent that the wicking chart is way off and you need to go way up in size They remind me of LX with a thicker coating, being so new with only 1 supplier I’m not totally trusting yet - but I do have to give them kudos for the marketing strategy to get the sample pack - with the many supply changes, people including myself, were hot to jump on it hoping for the miracle cure in coconut I will post an update to se
  6. Yes please let’s talk about this 🥺😣 FB candle groups are terrifying me with all the posts of broken jars customer are sending to these makers ....anywhere from a scorched dresser to full blown _blown up jars black as black can be to the point I thought some were colored black jars I am seeing zero accountability on these chandlers part or the rest of the group participating in the discussion ...it’s the consumers fault - always It makes me mad, it makes me sad. These people could literally kill someone and they don’t even think about that, it’s always they didn’t- they didn’t
  7. I would try wholesale supplies plus - many versions to choose from and they are usually on point and consistent with throwing very well in candles (most of them and I use a lot) I love autumn lodge- and even though it says nothing about tobacco in the description to me it smells like pipe tobacco hope that helps some Pure fragrance oils at one time had a pops pipe I think it was and that was good also but I haven’t shopped there in years to know if it’s still available
  8. Here you go calypso is a 42 in coconut container slab from candles and supplies with additional soy added mason jar is a 39 with coconut container slab by itself
  9. I stuck a 42 in a 3” jar based off their recommendations with the coconut container slab from candles and supplies blended with some soy and I will say the burn is beautiful.....the throw is lacking though I am going to go up and down in size and see if it makes a difference I will be trying them in coco apricot tonight as well and just because the Easy beads coconut even though it’s just gone now and not coming back 🤬
  10. Coco apricot wax I believe has soy In it and paraffin along with the coco and apricot and possibly even beeswax or they just added the beeswax themselves making it really only 2 waxes that’s my guess anyways and yes coco apricot is a very nice wax with a very nice price tag to go with it I personally would sell that size candle 65-70
  11. It’s been awhile since I have read and kept up with what coconut is what....is northwoods coco supposed to be the easy beads coconut that candles and supplies sell? regardless - my opinion with coconut (I have used 4 kinds) cannot handle an eco that large in a tin - that is way over wicked as TT stated try going down to a 4 or a 6.....seriously that small and see what happens and go from there too large will make it throw like the dickens at first BUT the wax is so soft it melts way too fast causing way too deep of a melt pool and it just can’t consume correctly to balance burn
  12. If everything else about your candle is good I wouldn’t worry about wet spots....I used to be the same way but no matter the technique they always come back in temp changes at some point unless your using a wax that really really sticks with excellent adhesion I don’t look at that picture and think anything of the aesthetics - I think they look great 🤷‍♀️ have you seen most all commercial jars out there- they are full of wet spots - the ones that are ugly to me are clear jars with colored wax the only other suggestion I have that I haven’t seen is to make sure you clean your jars r
  13. I agree and don’t understand it myself just based off the results I got wick testing several coconuts ..... large wicks and coco do not play nice and honestly coconit is just so much softer in general I have never had a tunneling problem unless I had air pockets mixing it with other waxes
  14. 😂😂yes I do use a old stand up freezer- thought I was crazy for doing so but it works! We used to buy half cows and got a big stand up freezer that happened to be plugged in down in the utility room of basement where I make the candles with a commercial exhaust system as well - when we were going to sell the freezer now that the kiddos are off on their own and no reason or need to buy that much meat I thought to myself why sell for a couple hundred - and I just started stuffing my oils in there a few busted and let me tell you when you open the door it’s extreme sensory overload desp
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