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  1. Coco apricot wax I believe has soy In it and paraffin along with the coco and apricot and possibly even beeswax or they just added the beeswax themselves making it really only 2 waxes that’s my guess anyways and yes coco apricot is a very nice wax with a very nice price tag to go with it I personally would sell that size candle 65-70
  2. 464 in a 8 ounce jar with a cd10? Wick down Try a 7 or 8
  3. It’s been awhile since I have read and kept up with what coconut is what....is northwoods coco supposed to be the easy beads coconut that candles and supplies sell? regardless - my opinion with coconut (I have used 4 kinds) cannot handle an eco that large in a tin - that is way over wicked as TT stated try going down to a 4 or a 6.....seriously that small and see what happens and go from there too large will make it throw like the dickens at first BUT the wax is so soft it melts way too fast causing way too deep of a melt pool and it just can’t consume correctly to balance burn and throw now what concerns me is you saying this new batch is nothing like the last one.....your using the same size wick and fragrance with this as well? I haven’t bought new coco since they were all out of stock way back when, I had several cases stocked up so I’m a little worried I am going to see the same thing 🤦‍♀️
  4. If everything else about your candle is good I wouldn’t worry about wet spots....I used to be the same way but no matter the technique they always come back in temp changes at some point unless your using a wax that really really sticks with excellent adhesion I don’t look at that picture and think anything of the aesthetics - I think they look great 🤷‍♀️ have you seen most all commercial jars out there- they are full of wet spots - the ones that are ugly to me are clear jars with colored wax the only other suggestion I have that I haven’t seen is to make sure you clean your jars really good with alcohol - that helped some for me but I’m so over that now - I finally found a wax combo that works in all aspects for me so a few wet spots I don’t even look at it 😂
  5. I agree and don’t understand it myself just based off the results I got wick testing several coconuts ..... large wicks and coco do not play nice and honestly coconit is just so much softer in general I have never had a tunneling problem unless I had air pockets mixing it with other waxes
  6. 😂😂yes I do use a old stand up freezer- thought I was crazy for doing so but it works! We used to buy half cows and got a big stand up freezer that happened to be plugged in down in the utility room of basement where I make the candles with a commercial exhaust system as well - when we were going to sell the freezer now that the kiddos are off on their own and no reason or need to buy that much meat I thought to myself why sell for a couple hundred - and I just started stuffing my oils in there a few busted and let me tell you when you open the door it’s extreme sensory overload despite the cleanup and cleaner products I used and I always wipe the bottles after use but man do those things let off scent despite the caps being on tight believe it or not it’s full 🙈 so the ones I can’t fit I have in plastic storage container drawers and that helps also - you don’t smell fragrance walking in there until you open the freezer or pull open a drawer my suggestion would be to purchase an old refrigerator or freezer if you have room to keep them in - the garage is an option but depending on where you live I would be concerned about freezing if it’s not heated or tight storage bins would work as well....better than an open shelf
  7. Yes - this I always ran into this years ago with 135 and 464 waxes - rust rust rust everytime I believe they came from CS but as of late in trying them again I haven’t seen it at all - got them at specialty this time You don’t wash them do you? I didn’t think back then I did but was told water would be the reason 🤷‍♀️ But like I said I haven’t seen it at all again since and as sorry as I am it happened to you, I’m kinda glad I wasn’t crazy 😂
  8. I ordered direct from the manufacturer- precision wick and the minimum was 5000 many of my containers were in between a 9 and 12 and despite candlescience saying they didn’t see much difference fro the 11 and 12, I have so if your ever needing any let me know - they were a great price for that many 🤷‍♀️
  9. If you need any 11’s let me know - I have 5000 😂
  10. I have not used that fo yet, have a Sample and good to know it’s got a fuel potential but for my problem citrus ones I add fragrance more like 150 to 160 but that doesn’t mean your range won’t work what wax are you using? I only have experience with soy, coconut, palm and Clarus parasoy and I will say that the parasoy is less prone to getting a fuel smell than soy is - I don’t think I’ve used a citrus in palm yet
  11. You could also try just double wicking with a htp 52 sometimes soot can be from inefficient fuel because of being too small, it’s not always because of being too large- sometimes it just needs a little bump up
  12. Adding at a lower temp helps as does using a lower percentage but some citrus there just is no helping I have found a touch of vanilla also helps to a certain degree another thing I have found in soy is cure - fragrance I thought was a total bomb because of the fuel notes after curing several more weeks it disappeared 🤷‍♀️
  13. Oregon trails that’s it - bugg of and they are still in business
  14. Oh and just for added information .....cs cypress bayberry is a great spider killer 😂 I was at our cabin a couple of weeks ago and the basement is damp with the dehumidifier not set up to drain constant and well I have an infestation of huge nasty black spiders - in desperation I had that oil there as I’m slowly setting up candle shop there splitting up my stuff at home so I can make stuff while there and so I mixed it with water and shook it up really Good and sprayed the crap out of the doorwall sill and all around the ground trim of the entire basement- I was in spider hell seeing them all scrambling 😩😫🕷🕸 went back a week later and still smelled it quite strongly and did not see any spiders inside - had to respray the outside and saw a few run and I was beating them down but it worked very well and I would rather use than then a pesticide 👍
  15. They do work I have made CS Citronella candles in galvanized buckets to keep on the deck and what also worked really well for me is making incense with bugg off from I can’t remember the supplier(think they may be oob and it wasn’t bulk apothecary) but citronella would work also and I light these and stick them in jars with sand or even in potted plants and it seems to keep the bugs at bay - gnats and mosquitoes
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