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  1. I always pour clams around 150- the palm I even let cool rather than the 200 recommended pour temp because I think that could blow a hole and be disastrous and I still had good crystal pattern
  2. I have used it all in them without an issue or odor - including vanillas paraffin soy parasoy coconut palm Bees
  3. There are cheap plastic clams out there that stink and blow holes when you pour hotter I can’t remember the specifics you need to look for but there is a thread on this from long ago I get mine from Indiana candle supply and never had an odor or a blowout and for me price and shipping is very reasonable considering I have zero waste with them
  4. If you need to order from CS their clean cotton is very good but and if you need to order from a wsp their clean cotton yank dupe is very good as well
  5. Stores That carry brands like the one you etched out usually have their own jars made for them or buy in huge bulk overseas closest you will probably find is a 8 ounce apothecary jar - candles and supplies carry several sizes and maybe check bulk apothecary or Fillmore container
  6. I put mine in a big garbage bag with the wrap it comes in and slam it down several times on concrete - garbage bag gets destroyed but then I just use a hammer and a screwdriver to break in smaller chunks and store in a plastic bin
  7. well....this wax can be beauty with the right amount of modifier added with the midwest and proper pour temps along with even cooling, its just a matter of getting to know it well enough Kellie I would suggest letting them cure at least 7 days for the midwest and 4-5 for millenium..... the midwest I have found are stronger and better after a month cure but a week gives you a good idea on the fragrance being compatible or not - as far as pour temps I would pour at slush on both- 120 is still a little to warm for a nicer top and another idea if you like the wax is to add some of the pastilles to the tops of the candle and heat gun them in just enough to stick to give a different look to the candle and hide the bumps if your unable to get them smooth I do believe candle cocoon has added the midwest to their product line as well - for a soy product these are most certainly the most reliable in my opinion with very little variations lot to lot
  8. Millennium and Midwest waxes can be found at American soy organic and candlesoylutions millennium is a super hard shiny soy wax with pretty good throw and yes it’s best to pour at low temps - following their instructions for temps is best - the tops can be ugly but a heat gun fixes that until you find the right temp for your environment - I used 8% fragrance with no issue Midwest soy I liked better but it does require a longer cure in my experience - I have used it alone and with their soy modifier - the modifier makes it perform more more like millennium, I prefer it alone as it reminds me of my 415 I used to use - I used 8% fragrance with this one as well - I still dabble it in here and there but I don’t use it in on a regular basis only because I’m branching out with other waxes, the whole soy fiasco and changes made has kinda did me in from trusting to continue with just straight soy anymore
  9. I dont do Easter themed candles so that’s all I got for you 😂 way to many “Easter” in the names but it is Easter and you wanted Easter names for the religious folk maybe a frankincense and myrrh would be a nice addition as well
  10. I got mine several years ago from a co-op on this forum and they came from Nemat internationals - absolutely love them but I assume they have to be bought in bulk as I think I got a 1000 of them - don’t make incense much at all and still have a ton left but they are super nice and worth looking into...maybe you can get others to go in with you
  11. Down down down down.....that’s is way too big as trapp and talltayl stated - I have never used that wax before and not super versed in parasoy but definitely go down in size and search in here what wicks people prefer for that wax, CD may end up not being a good choice as it is a pretty hot wick compared to others
  12. So your basically using sunflower with a coco 76 or 92 to make your own blend correct?
  13. Not sure what’s in it but it works - the juicy fruit gum smell wipes out odors in my house and I can’t make other scented candles or store them with other melts or candles or it sucks the scent right out of them 🤷‍♀️ Maybe some people are more susceptible or it’s psychological but I have tried other citrus type odor eliminating fo and they just don’t work for me ....at all
  14. No question is dumb 😉 - I have never used over 10% FO in melts and have never seen seepage in melts but I would imagine you would see beads of FO form like you would in candles - candles I have made that had this look like they were out in the sun for a long while and form liquid little droplets all over but I think my issue was additives I used not too much FO as I use 8% in candles and never saw it in many blends of waxes until I started playing with additives
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