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  1. I have used the mistletoe through this season and didn't smell a difference.
  2. So I have been a big customer of Fillmore Containers, but with covid they are really out there. I need to find a new supplier of C3 wax and square mason jars. I might even be forced to change my soy wax choice. Who else carries C3 that I can order from please?
  3. A huge seller for us!! This one is the bomb!!
  4. This one hands down is "the" best Christmas tree I've found. A great thrower in soy!! We sell a lot of this one.
  5. Butternut Pumpkin is the only oil I use from Lone Star. People love this one! It's actually the only pumpkin I found that smells like just pumpkin without all the spice notes in it. I also use it as a mixer.
  6. I too a, trying to find a cinnamon to replace TCS cinnamon stick. I will soon be out and the only one I found that compares is Keystones Red Hot Cinnamon. Now you have me curious about BCN.
  7. I bought a small bottle of the Christmas tree just to check if there was a change, and found no change in the oil.
  8. My Favorite Pumpkin is FB Pumpkin Pecan Waffles! For just a pumpkin scent I use LS Butternut Pumpkin and use it as a mixer also. I love RE Spiced Pumpkin Latte too! Now ya'll have me wondering about the Pumpkin Chai.
  9. I just received the new formulated Cranberry Marm and it def has different notes to it. It smells weak and flat to me. Hopefully it performs in wax...we'll see.
  10. I use RE homemade apple pie for years, it's actually KY version before they closed. I promise, you won't be disappointed. https://rusticescentuals.com/Homemade-Apple-Pie.html
  11. I'm finding it so hard to find Amish Harvest closest to his :-(
  12. I too use CS for years now. The reformulated one is still a good seller for me. As for the PPW I ended up going with FB, since TCS closed.
  13. First off gigglefits I want to thank you very much for the reply, I truly appreciate it. Secondly I purchased 4 samples and ended up with one from indigo, which I agree with you is spot on. I found the one I'm going to be going with for this account. Thanks again, sometimes it's hard to get questions answered on here, or my responses to questions also get overlooked. Good luck on your journey and if you ever have a question, I would love to help you if I can. Thanks and God Bless.
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