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  1. I have both of those waxes so I might try mixing them and see how it goes. I've used the two mixed for tarts and love it so I'm anxious to try with a candle. Thanks for the info!
  2. I wonder if 4786 has 4794 mixed in with it? Is this the wax from CW that can be use in containers and shapes?
  3. I will have to test 4794 again on it's own to see what my results are. What I used to think was that the wax itself was the major factor in longevity and throw but now I honestly believe the oils are the number one factor. That's not to say that some waxes or wax combinations won't throw better or longer than others. I really did like 4625/4630 combo but always had trouble with it not coming out of the clamshell as easy as 4625/6006 does and the tops are so pretty with the 6006 combo. For a stand alone shape I don't like to mix either of those container waxes with my hard wax because I just can't stand the smudges. I don't know why that bothers me so bad since it's just going to melt anyway LOL! Now you've got me wanting to test 4794 against 4625 again. I do like 4625 for shapes, chunks or bark but I can't stand the way it flakes and it only does that with some scents. Does it ever end! 🤣
  4. Oh wow, I would think those scents would've thrown for a long time or at least that's what my experience has been with clean or floral scents. I wonder if it's the wax? Maybe a bad batch. I've had some ripples when using 4794 alone but not like what you're getting. I have some so I might mix it up and see if it does what yours is doing.
  5. My favorite combo for clamshells as far as the way it looks is a 50/50 of 4625 and 6006. The tops are smooth and flat. I also like a combo of 4794 and KY or Flaming para/soy tart wax. I also blend 4794 or 4625 with 4786. I don't care for 4625 alone for chunks or shapes because of the way it flakes. Blending it with KY wax or 4786 seems to make it not flake so bad. I agree with Moonshine about Lone Star FO's. They do have a few that I love and will order but they have several that I'm not impressed with. What FO did you use? I would think it's probably the FO because 4794 should throw.
  6. Thank you! Good to know. I went ahead and ordered the one from RE but I do order from Aztec so I'll keep them in mind. Thank you for the information!
  7. I never thought about offering 3 for $5! That's a great idea! I ordered some more of those molds from Amazon and plan to phase out clams as soon as I run out!
  8. I'm about to place an order with them so I'll throw a sample bottle in my cart. Thanks!
  9. Thanks! I haven't ordered from Elements in a long time. I might have to try theirs.
  10. Belinda

    Monkey Farts

    I must've got a bad bottle of their Monkey Farts because it wouldn't throw in wax or beads for me.
  11. Have any of you ever found a scent that smells like Rustic's toasted marshmallow? Is this a scent that another supplier names something else or one that's only offered by them? They do have a couple that I haven't found anywhere else but their shipping has gone up again and I hate to pay such a high price if I can get this from another supplier. Thanks!
  12. Hey Karen! I'm glad you're doing better! I am doing well. I have been searching for your favorite wax scent and haven't had any luck finding it. Is it out for this season already? If so I would love to sniff it and maybe there's some oil that I have out of the hundreds of oils that smells like it! @candlesinflorida, she's legit! Hopefully this could help her with some of her with her autoimmune illness.
  13. Most of those I can't help you with but Texas Candle Supply has a great smelling leather (I mean, if you like that smell) and so does Lone Star but I honestly prefer the one from Texas. I live in Texas and it's very popular here. For leaves, to my nose the one called Autumn leaves from Bitter Creek and the one called Fallen Leaves from RE remind me of real leaves more than the bath and body works dupe. I hope that helps!
  14. I agree with the posts about Midwest. Their sweater weather is really good and then they have Blazing Bonfire that smells great along with all their other FO's!
  15. Agree with what everyone else said. My personal favorites are Natures Gardens, Midwest Fragrance Company (new company and very fast shipping, great FO's, best customer service), Fragrance Buddy (they have some great pumpkin scents, best Mulberry I've found), Nature's Items has some good Fo's and they have all been good to my nose, Candle Science, Aztec, Candle wic, Flaming, Bitter Creek North, these are all going to have some great FO and some not so great. I would defiantly buy samples from them. Some of my favorite per supplier for the holidays are Dicken's Christmas-Lone Star,-they have a nice mulberry too Mulberry, Pumpkin Cupcake, Pumpkin Vanilla Marshmallow, Cinnamon Broom from Fragrance Buddy, (there are more but can't think off the top of my head) Just Scent-Cinnamon Crunch Cake, Christmas Wish, Pumpkin Pie and All Hallow's Eve-Bitter Creek Christmas Mulberry-Cajun Candles-they also have the best cream brûlée in my opinion Mrs. Claus Cookies, Bayberry, cinnamon Buns,Gingerbread from Nature's Garden Orange Spice, Alpine Cheer, Pumpkin Peanut Brittle-from Flaming, Pumpkin Peanut brittle from Aztec and Fragrance Buddy Harvest Pumpkin-Cierra-my favorite pumpkin Tis The Season-Flaming, FB or Rustic Bayberry & Silver Oak-Flaming Apple Cider Donut-Candle WIC or Flaming North Pole and pumpkin apple butter-Flaming Hansel and Gretels House-Flaming Harvest Gathering from Flaming and Fragrance buddy Apple Cinnamon- Flaming, Fragrance Buddy and Lone Star are all nice. Cinnamon Buns, Sweater Weather, Toasted Pumpkin Spice, Blazing Bonfire, Marshmallow Fireside, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Leaves, Pumpkin Caramel Crunch, Gingerbread, Orange Cranberry Spice, Honey Cornbread, from Midwest Fragrance Co are all good. These are a few of my favorites and the suppliers. You may not like any of them but I hope this helps you.
  16. @Cathydiamond, just wanted to make sure you saw my post. Hope this helps!
  17. These are some that I've used and I think they're strong. Apple Butterscotch cake Black Cherry Merlot Buttery Gingerbread Caramel Cinnamon Latte Champagne Toast Chestnuts and Brown Sugar Christmas Cabin Christmas Wish Cinnamon Crunch cake Cornbread Muffins Cozy Cabin Gingerbread House Hazelnut Marshmallow fluff Honey Gingerbread Kringle Crumbles-Strong OOB but I haven't put this in wax Marshmallow Fireside Marshmallow Peppermint My Mama's Blueberry Cobbler Peppermint Bark Peppermint Meringue Peppermint Mocha Santa Baby Serendiptity Snickerdoodle Unicorn Hot Cocoa-have not put this in wax but it smells good OOB. These are some I've used and like from their list of Christmas scents. Hope this helps!
  18. Indigo Fragrance has their version of this scent but I'm not sure how close it is to the original.
  19. I've actually been looking at that same mold LOL! How would you price these? Do you think $2 is a fair price? What size bags do you use for that one? I think those look so nice. Do your bags seal or are they the zip kind? Thank you for the offer of sending me bags. I really appreciate that. I order from clear bags so I'll just throw some in my cart the next time I order.
  20. What size bag do you think would work best for putting these in? I've been trying to get away from clams but thought about using them as a mold and then putting them in bags. To my nose, they smell stronger when you sniff out of a bag instead of a clamshell and sometimes the wax gets a funky smell to it. I'm not sure if it's the FO or type of wax itself that causes that because I haven't noticed it on every clamshell I've made, just certain ones.
  21. Welcome back! I'm Sorry to hear about your surgery but glad you're doing better!
  22. I completely understand! After spending hundreds of dollars on aroma bead stuff I am almost done with it too. When I first started there were no groups on Facebook so it was just something you had to figure out the best way. Cookie cutters were pretty much all that were used and they were quick and easy. Then people started decorating them with flowers, feathers and stuff like that and getting really creative with them. I joined a lot of groups and started expanding also, making them all different ways. Now the big thing is silicone molds and although they are very cute made that way they are SUCH a pain and take up SO much more time to make! It also makes a HUGE mess and being a messy crafter anyway it's even worse. Sadly this is what people around here want more than candles or melts. I don't get it myself. I guess I'll stick with them till after Christmas and then I may just sell all my stuff and not mess with them. They're so time consuming now.
  23. Welcome to the freshie side of this addiction! I am so sick of making them and yet I keep buying new molds. I had four drawers FULL of cookie cutters and gave a ton of those away to a young girl that just started because I never used them. I still have two drawers full and now a drawer full of silicone molds. It just makes such a huge mess in my kitchen and I am not a tidy crafter at all! I'm really bad about leaving everything out thinking I'm going to get in there and make stuff so why put it all up and then it sits for days LOL! My wax room is overflowing with wax molds, wax, oils and freshener supplies. I'm slowly going through and throwing stuff away or giving it away that I haven't used or don't think I ever will use. Not sure what you're soaking your beads in but I use those plastic jugs from Dollar tree. They're great! I hated the glass mason jars and for years had soaked my beads in polypro bags but got tired of those. These jugs have an indention on the sides and make it easy to grasp them and shake. Also, where are you getting your beads? Places that have good beads are Crimson, Plastic Pellets 4 Fun, Buy It Ship It, Stay Fresh With Peanut, Lone Star and Nature's Gardens all have the small beads. . Aztec beads and Cajun and AAA are a bigger bead and take longer to soak but they do work ok. I just prefer the smaller beads. Just wanted to throw that out there for you since you just started.
  24. Yes, his willingness to correct mistakes is a good thing, especially since his manner is quite rough. I just chalk it up to someone that is just very outspoken and doesn't get their feelings hurt very easy so they don't think about how they come across to others that do. I have friends like that and I just have to realize they don't wear their feelings on their shoulders so they don't understand how their boldness can be a little offensive LOL! What is Mercari? I've honestly been thinking I need to sell off most of my samples so I can buy some more LOL! I really need to take the time to do that. There are groups on Facebook that I can post them in. There's also a section on here for that.
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