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  1. I'll pretend that I never read this post Goldie as you say I need .249oz? lol, lol,......My scale has NO DECIMAL POINTS! So I would not be able to do that....yeah, call me stupid as stupid goes as I really am! Trappeur
  2. Glad someone is laughing as I don't know what in the world I'm doing. lol.....there, now I'm laughing! Trappeur
  3. Ok, I got that right and can understand what your saying. I'm just going to go by what ever you tell me is the correct amount. Trappeur
  4. Oh boy, you are really confusing me here...so this one tells me to set the scale in grams and then now you say to put to ounces? I don't care what to set the scale to as long as I weigh out in the right amount. The only time I see a decimal point is when I set my scale to pound and ounces and that's the only time a decimal point shows up on my scale. Trappeur
  5. I just want to know what amount of odor eliminator I should weigh out. When I make candles I'm not one who futses around with all these little odd ball ounces. I make candles in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full 1ouncers. Trappeur
  6. No forget what you saw on my scale. I was just showing what my scale looks like...that's all..I wanted to show where the decimal points are. Trappeur
  7. Yes, exactly! I want to see what the scale would look like only for the odor elinimator alone....yes, that is what I am asking! Trappeur
  8. Now you are really confusing me Goldie as I have no idea what you are even talking about. Where did 9.1 oz come from? Trappeur
  9. Since there are no decimal points on grams on my scale doesn't that mean the readings that show up would be in full grams? So I could just round off what you said TTayle. For 1% you say I need 7.06 grams of odor eliminator. So I'll just weigh out 7 grams. Then for 2% you say I need 14.12 grams of odor eliminator so I will weigh out 14 grams. That should be ok, right? Trappeur
  10. I wish someone would help me. I set my scale to grams and there is no decimal point on my scale for grams and none for ounces either. This is very aggravating.... Can someone please help me? Trappeur
  11. I don't get it/understand it at all either one of you. Please show me on the scale exactly what you are saying cause I don't get it. Trappeur
  12. I hope I can write this the way I'm trying to ask. To add odor eliminator to a pound of wax, the suggested amount is 1% to 2% for each pound of wax. I'm not sure I'm measuring correctly on the scale. I need 2 readings.... One I need to see what the scale should look like with the 1% of odor eliminator. The other is to see what the scale should look like with 2% of odor eliminator. This is the setting I use on the scale. For example this is a little over 1 1/2pounds of wax and my scale looks like this for that amount. Trappeur
  13. I can't help you with the wax but I can tell you you need to do your own search here on the forum under fragrances and you will see hundreds and hundreds of threads of great oils and not so great oils and who to order from. You will get lots of info there, so just search there. You have to take the time to read up on these threads because you could be here for months and months and learn a lot. Trappeur
  14. She has some really fine oils CandleRush. Ooey caramel, lilac, Shanty, Vanilla Voodoo off the top of my head..... Trappeur
  15. Sultry Angel is one fine beautiful fragrance that is for sure! That reminds me I need to order a pound of it. Trappeur
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