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  1. Trappeur

    CC Vanilla Voodoo vs DS Ultimate Vanilla

    Soshiegirl, I have always heard Vanilla Delicious was like VVoo doo.... I'm going to order some from Daystar and still get an order in CCocoon. Trappeur
  2. Hi. Just want to say I hope you are doing better and getting some rest. I've been keeping you in my prayers.

  3. Trappeur


    I would like to get an order to her??? Trappeur
  4. Trappeur

    Rice Flower & Shea

    Candybee, I know you made these soaps this summer but if you have any left, I would like to buy about 3 or 4 soaps if you have any....just pm me when you get a chance. I just love, love as you know Rice Flower and Shea and too, to display them in my bathroom, those colors would be great as my colors are red, black and green Thanks. Trappeur
  5. Candybee, I didn't dent the lids in.....I ordered the jars and lids from Candles and Supplies. With shipping they wound up to be 2.50 a jar which for that size jar and especially that lid, to me I thought was a pretty good price. Awni, well being I use 464, it will be 2 wicks..I think the 2 cd5 wicks should work pretty well. 3 wicks would be way too much....well for me it would be. I'm going to pour some today and I'll post some pictures.... Trappeur
  6. When shopping for jars I need a jar that comes with a lid so that is a catagory that can't be avoided. The straight tumbler from Fillmore (above) there is nothing special about this jar and seems like everyone has this jar and especially being it has no lid, is a complete turn off to me. The CS jar is very attractive and being that it comes in either amber or black as well as clear is a nice option and you can get in silver or bronze lids makes it very very appealing to me even if it is a tad small. Most people prefer the smaller jars anyway, even though I myself prefer bigger. Here is a picture of a 17oz jar with hammered copper lid I got last week of jars I ordered. Don't know who I'm going to sell to or even what type label but I thought this was such an attractive jar with that lid that I just had to get and ordered 48 of them. It may not be a bigger jar like what your looking for but I just love and think people would be very tempted to pickup the jar just for the sheer looks of it.\ Trappeur
  7. Trappeur

    Printing Company

    I've never heard of them....Maybe it was Zazzle who I use as they do print them there. Trappeur
  8. Oh my word! You hit the jackpot! Goldie, you will sell them...they are very elegant and though small, they truly are gorgeous as I sell them myself.....Keep em! Trappeur
  9. Trappeur

    FO Companies

    BCN they closed down that shop a few years back.....BCN is the same as BC - so yes they are one in the same. When they closed down bcs, BCN now has BCSouths's oils so you should be able top get them.....hope this helps. Trappeur
  10. Trappeur

    Just Scent favorites

    Moonstar, did you say Vanilla Bean Marshmallow is a good one as I wanted to get some if you say yes......What else do you love from them..? I need suggestions.. Trappeur
  11. Trappeur

    Lab & Co coconut wax

    Hi Jeremy..... Couple questions..... How much are you paying for a 50pound box of wax? Also I don't use wood wicks What wicks do you recommend? Trappeur
  12. Trappeur


    I agreee too...been using Vanilla voodoo from Candle Cocoon for years..... Trappeur
  13. What a wonderful picture Gail....Enjoy the little one.....You make a killer Grandma! Trappeur
  14. Trappeur

    Proper Wick for 6006 wax 8 oz Tins

    I would experiment with premiers or cd's. Trappeur
  15. Trappeur

    Flaming candle FO order

    Well, I try is all I can say.....but I've got one on top of that ........I'm so fortunate to have great taste in all my friends who are family to me here because I am a very picky picky person when it comes to picking friends. I've never had that many in my life really, just a few I could count on one hand. But since I joined this forum many years ago, I can honestly say I have so many friends that I've had the chance to meet right here in the forum, through private messages, then emails and even on the telephone and I can truthfully thank each and everyone for your friendship, kindness and now support in this horrible time of my life that is now going on a difficult journey....so I consider that great taste... Trappeur