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  1. Trappeur

    My new written commercial lol

    Congrats on your sale! Trappeur
  2. Trappeur

    Replacement for TCS Dried Apple Wreath

    Hi Soshiegirl! What does it smell like? Trappeur
  3. Trappeur

    Slippery floors

    I can't imagine that the candle making would be putting grease on your floor what so ever really. I have been making candles in my kitchen which has a linoleum floor for over 12 plus years and have never had any problem what so ever with grease on my floor. Trappeur
  4. Trappeur

    Label advice and feedback

    Wow Shelley, those are simply wonderful! I love em all. I would buy each scent, no kidding! So these descriptions go on your website and not on the label, correct? Your great at stories! Trappeur
  5. Trappeur

    Label advice and feedback

    Just do it Quentin! lol Trappeur
  6. Trappeur

    Another original mold

    Wow! Awesome..... Trappeur
  7. Seems like that is the way to go also. Trappeur
  8. Trappeur

    Label advice and feedback

    I'd like to see one also. Trappeur
  9. Trappeur

    Fire Starters

    lol, lol.....your funny... Trappeur
  10. On occasion I use that jar I double wick, but when you double wick it, do the wicking on the angle. I don't use your wax but 464 I use 2 cd 5 or 6..... Trappeur
  11. Trappeur

    Fire Starters

    Hi Laura, It is bedding like you see in a store like for hampsters, but the shavings are used to line the stalls for horses..... Trappeur
  12. Trappeur

    Label advice and feedback

    Your labels are gorgeous Paint! I love everything about them. You know I have often contemplated putting a more real descriptive description on mine as I personally like to know what I'm buying instead of guessing and smelling the candle. I love what you did. The only thing I would do just a smidgeon different is like what Birdcharm said making the weight in smaller fonts and maybe not as bold...I don't know...you'll have to play around with it. As far as stating the wax is paraffin, well actually I went and googled paraffin candles and looked at other candle companies to see what they did. I never did find a label that said paraffin. Being that we are in a soy, soy blend, natural soy candle world and everyone looks for soy predominantly, if that were me I would probably not mention they are paraffin because of the way most people think, you know? I think you would steer more people away from a paraffin candle versus a soy....and I'm not knocking paraffin believe me....maybe if you did want to mention a type wax maybe the word "parasoy" would work? I don't really know. Me, I don't think I would mention a thing. Great job! You'll have to post a picture of your finished candle! Would love to see it! Trappeur
  13. Trappeur

    How many Christmas scents?

    Lol, lol Trappeur
  14. Trappeur

    A glitsy looking label

    Ditto what you do Goldie... Trappeur
  15. Do you have your wick figured out? What wax are you using? Trappeur