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  1. What wax are you using? any color or scent?
  2. I had to look up what that is. Heating with a water jacket often takes longer than direct heat. Some brands may heat faster than others, but overall you may be happier with a Presto cooker. Small-ish, Very quick and responsive. They come in two sizes. The big one holds over 10 lbs of soy wax and melts to temp in a short time. a second on the list (if you need something bigger) would be a master built electric Turkey cooker.
  3. Whoa! ahre elements just scent who else?
  4. This is a rather complex issue. Not all paraffins and soy blends are a match. It all depends on what is in each independent blend. I wish it were simpler. it could be as simple as pouring hotter or cooler. pit could be that you only need 10%. Or a 70:30 blend like 6006 or clarus 3022 or 3020. I learned from wax manufacturers to allow some soak time when blending. Heating and pouring right away sometimes doesn’t get the most out of a blend. Instead, let it get to temp, sit at that temp for 10-15 minutes, then scent and pour. Or heat, cool completely, then reheat and p
  5. I started with ready rolls when the tissue came in different colors. I use the wrap pack ex now for everything.
  6. I have that one. This one adds a bit more speed: https://www.toolfetch.com/Marshalltown-PM798-Cyclone-Paint-Mixer?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&adpos=&scid=scplpMT-10798&sc_intid=MT-10798&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkseMrJyE7wIVdANlCh09sgK6EAQYAyABEgKY7vD_BwE none are quite as fast as a good high shear immersion blade.
  7. That’s a neat idea. Can we find some thing other than a whisk for the end? I tried mixing paddles for drills for mixing 5 gallon pails but one got away from me and I had soap oils dripping from my ceiling and down the walls ha ha. That was a mess. a squirrel mixer can work too, if you can find a stainless steel one. My plastic one shredded in a pail of oil. 🧐
  8. Your concern about the warmer months is valid. Many of us experience sweating at a minimum without other supporting waxes in blends like this. Much depends on your actual ingredients in hand, as beeswax, coconut and olive vary greatly from batch to batch and producer to producer. Before committing to selling these, do ship some to a person you trust in a very warm climate to see how differently these will burn in different ambient conditions. I have been shocked on several occasions how candles burn in Los Angeles versus in Chicago where they are tested.
  9. Sounds incredible! Thanks for the suggestion. 🤗
  10. I use silicone release spray in my metal molds.
  11. There ARE a million of them. Many have weird defects of design and/or manufacture. Some of the pics of the mueller blade shearing off during use are scary!
  12. My trusty Hamilton Beach partner finally gave up the ghost today. Time for a new stick blender. Amazon has a dizzying array of them, many marketed to soap makers. I bought the most recommended one as a back up a few months ago and it just doesn't have the guts to move a lot of soap in the pot. The top gear is slooooow. Prefer: detachable stick long-ish to reach into deeper pails for large batches easy replacement parts - soap making is hard on stick blenders. a bell shape that easily lets the air bubble out don't care about: case whisk
  13. Decided this year to produce the tedious things in Feb, a slow month on the little farm and in the candle shop. Good thing too! Simple things, like tissue paper and paper raffia are in short supply 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️. Simple packaging items like this are more than a month out. so glad to have these shortages covered now, rather than redesigning packaging at the last minute during the rush seasons! i’ve been following wick shortages closely too. Last winter square braid, of all things, was poof gone. Right now I’m forced into reformulating for bigger projects to use what seems somewh
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