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  1. All those additives set up pretty hard over time, just like concrete. I know people disagree vehemently, but here is picture proof... same thing happens with many retail blends. It takes time to learn and understand wax performance.
  2. Layering paraffin waxes can be temp sensitive. Usually a layer is poured about 10 degrees F hotter than the manufacturer recommended pour temp of the specific wax. This helps ensure a good bond between layers and should minimize imperfections.
  3. While double wicking a tin is tempting, it does come with its own set of troubles. Tins conduct heat differently from glass and ceramic and are easy to critically overwick. Same can be said for glass 3” wide jars. The bottom half of a double wicked jar gets lava hot even when wicking conservatively. for Midwest, 3” wide x at least 3” tall can be coaxed into Generous HT with several different additives. I have successfully used as little as 1% additives in separate tests of polyboost 130, petroleum jelly, beeswax and different paraffins. I have also had excellent ht just by being pat
  4. Every candle I have ever burned has a dancy flame at some point. It is simple convection in a container.
  5. Cd10 could be aok. It all depends on your particular set of variables. Might as well keep you company. 😘. just got back from a walk to get over the food coma πŸ˜‚. Off to the shop to prep for tomorrow. No rest during the holiday season. January. January we rest. Sometimes.
  6. Flickering happens. As long as it does not start puffing soot I don’t consider it a fail.
  7. Alcohol on hands, like sanitizer will defo smear. Lotion did too. Along with anything to dust or clean.
  8. Way to make lemonade from 4627 lemons. Alcohol inks are wonderful, they just need to be sealed. I used to ink tins but then noticed the inks smearing and rubbing off. Mod podge might work. Or spray clear poly.
  9. Depending on how low in the tin did you hit the top of the wick tab neck? I have noticed some suppliers sell really tall wick tabs that will leave 1/4”-1/2” of wax.
  10. Have you dug into any of your candles to see if the fragrance sank toward the bottom? I find midwest soy wax is prone to that. First noticed when swapping wicks. The middle toward the bottom felt wet and soft for months. Adding beeswax in my case helped. Pouring cooler helped a lot too. I use cd wicks almost exclusively in Midwest soy. Occasionally an eco is needed for a harder to burn or a CSN for a fragrance that β€œeats” wicks.
  11. Etsy has its tentacles into everything. 🀬 I am angry on your behalf for their greed. I use big commerce. Love it.
  12. Seepage is frustrating. If it seeps in the cooler weather I worry for warmer temps and humidity.
  13. I split this into a new topic to get it the attention it needs. 6006 needs a pretty conservative wick from what I have seen. A 2.5” wide jar will be much smaller than those YouTube and Facebook groups recommend. Holy fireballs on those recs. trust @bfroberts 100% on the recs. And stick around here for a while to pick up the mastermind tips for great performing candles. This is not a cheap hobby at all, but you can cut your outlay with smart wick choices and systematic testing. best of luck in your journey.
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