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  1. The buy was a last minute Hail Mary that was initially quite regrettable. Once my summer event ended this pile of wax kept reminding me of the failure, so I had no choice other than to try to make it work. Took a couple hundred lbs, but it is making me quite happy finally 🤪
  2. Really glad I bought heavy this summer on Easybeads and have a stockpile of the other waxes I like to blend them with. At least I know my current tests are all good. Retesting new wicks will be a problem for another day.
  3. well so much for the assurances of the retailers that coconut wax will be a steady supply of consistent wax.
  4. Bingo. This is often why small batches are very difficult to scale up. Temperatures change, timing changes, variables change. But once you learn to control these variables scaling up or down becomes very simple.
  5. TallTayl

    FO Reformlated

    I have some really really old energy. I wonder if it’s worth having that one duped through either lebermuth or AFI? ditto gingerfish. This one is spectacular and melts I can only imagine what it would smell like in a candle.
  6. I gave up shooting for perfection and settle for within a range of acceptable.
  7. TallTayl

    Anybody use MCT oil in their lip balm recipe?

    I lowered beeswax and added candelila to smooth some of the drag and make it more heat tolerant. A wee bit of candy wax does a lot. High oleic sunflower oil is nice versus more coconut. I find coconut to be drying. ETA castor oil can be draggy too, along with sticky and glossy. Dudes don’t tend to love glossy.
  8. TallTayl

    Organizing 1oz FOs

    I am dying to reorganize my shop area. I get onto Pinterest, get all fired up then fizzle out at the sheer magnitude of the project. There’s no shortage of washi here. Come on over and let’s get started 🤣
  9. TallTayl


    just to put your mind at ease, a little, about not achieving full melt pool on the first burn, plenty of very popular commercial candles don’t ever reach full melt pools. McCalls never, ever reach FMP in their jars. The melt pool is always about 1/2” or so smaller than the jar, and their candles sell extremely well and people are fully satisfied. OTOH, some that do achieve FMP on the first burn are downright filthy burning, dangerous candles by the last third. Given the choice, customers seem to want a safe, clean burning candle that throws decently. One wax blend I’m working with cottonwoods is in a 24 oz tall square mason jar. This candle will easily be a 100+ hour (more likely 150 when I get right down to it) candle that does not reach a FMP ever, but it Power burns throwing clean all day long. The early burns are designed to tunnel a bit so by the half way point and down they burn safely and as strongly as the very first burn. It’s designed to need very little wick maintenance at all. The wax always catches up by the end. This, to me, creates some incredible value in a candle. I guarantee not one recipient of this candle will even notice it’s not a FMP, let alone complain.
  10. This is an interesting point. It spreads the cold spots around a bi more than pouring fo into hot wax. In beeswax when not careful the cold fo makes a big blob that takes a lot of energy to redistribute. The other way around the cold bits are much smaller. In either event, the heat gun sure does help. I like heating cold pour pots at the start. It sure helps prevent the blobs of lower melt point ingredients in the wax blends from precipitating out.
  11. TallTayl

    WSP 20% Off FO's

    This bumped thread got me excited for a minute. I was like Yaaaaaassssss another 20% off sale. 😂
  12. Can’t possibly agree more with this. When beeswax cools too quickly it can Split in two in the mold - Not just develop cavities. Though the deep cavities are shockingly large. I’ve had a solid beeswax pillar split across a melt pool after burning in a location that was too cold. So weird. Soy wax candles have split in two in the containers from cooling too fast. Some you don’t notice until months later. It’s true in other areas of the house too. For instance, my house got super cold fast with the weather change. Was baking for an event over the weekend and the Italian buttercream (perfected when it was a few degrees warmer) was like an entirely different recipe. Was able to do a few quick workarounds and save it, but a few degrees and humidity point differences and the chemistry changes. in the pottery studio temp and humidity fluctuations can quickly result in cracks if not careful. its all related. The key is reading the clues and adapting. It takes time to find your range. Make 1,000 of something and the clues start to read like neon signs.
  13. TallTayl

    Organizing 1oz FOs

    @Jenni Wix oooh. Fancy.
  14. TallTayl

    Organizing 1oz FOs

    I use a long, wide, shallow plastic sterilite box. The top can be shut to reduce the air pollution somewhat in the room.
  15. TallTayl


    Which kind of wax? I love them in deep containers in some blends.