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  1. The hits just keep on coming... Soy wax is creeping up in price to be on par with other, better waxes.
  2. In the US soap is just for cleansing. It cannot be claimed or labeled as curing anything otherwise it becomes a drug. At that point it is governed by the FDA and must comply with rigorous and expensive medical testing and compliance laws. The process begins with the FDA performing a site visit to the place the soap is made. The facility inspection is thorough, and requires annual compliance visits thereafter for the life of the business. any anecdotal evidence that a soap “cured” anything is a coincidence. Elimination of the irritating cause is likely the cure, not some random soap.
  3. I think it is just that citric acid can absorb water from humidity. It minimizes a variable. I'll try anything once. I didnt think about purity either, until my liquid soap flopped. I JUST made shaving soap with dual lye. Now I know I have to some how amend it as I used the same KOH. Oh well....
  4. autumn embers had a super low usage rate when I used it. I think i skipped it in soap and tried a few candles with limited success... it was a bugger to wick in soy.
  5. google "IGI R2322A" it is at several places including Aztec in small sizes.
  6. I formatted Pasted PDF text in case the link ever breaks. NaOH or KOH Purity Check for Soap Makers Soap makers often assume the purity of the alkali in their soaping stash is whatever the distributor says it is. Even if the purity is high when the alkali (NaOH or KOH) is newly purchased, the purity can drop, sometimes by quite a bit, as time passes. Alkali becomes less pure by absorbing water vapor and by reacting with carbon dioxide gas in the air. Based on a method from Kevin Dunn, here is a method to quickly and easily check the purity of your NaOH or KOH -- Ingredients Ci
  7. Saving this handy gem here for the future, and to share with others who may have experienced problems with older lye or potassium hydroxide. I’m making liquid soap for a project and it just would not get “clear”. The paste and dilution were milky. I had noticed my KOH didn’t get super hot when creating the solution, and didn’t hear the familiar snap crackle and pop. adding more KOH helped to get to a clear state eventually, but I knew there has to be a better way. Thanks to the magic of the internet, and Dr. Kevin Dunn, we can test the activity of the alkali pretty simpl
  8. I don’t wash the candle equipment. Heat gun, wipe out. Alcohol spray if too much scent is detectable.
  9. Same thing happened to the feb batch of easybeads. The product was nothing like any other in the history of easybeads. Sinkholes just like you describe, etc. cal candle response to several inquiries was to deny anything was different. If I had a lab.... man would I be dangerous...
  10. I have not heard of candlewic being scooped up in the buy up by the investment group. Nothing surprises me any more. candlewic could have been making their own version, like they do with IgI type waxes. the hydrogenated palm in your description above makes me face palm. That’s why it feels like crisco and smells like crisco!
  11. Oh man that stinks. Fingers crossed they turn out.
  12. It all depends on the wax, fragrance, methods, packaging used, etc.
  13. Liquid soap is actually very tricky to scent. Depending upon what is in your soap itself, reactions like what you saw with peppermint can happen with many fragrances and essential oils. citrus and many others Cause instant thinning. Some thin over days or weeks. Some cause total separation. It’s a chemical reaction that is causing the electrical bonds between your soap molecules and the water to loosen. You can try thickeners such as liquid crothix or brine solution to re-thicken. it will be trial and error to find the amount needed for each particular batch. Lavender And f
  14. Bacon scents often have a smoke element. Smoke aroma chemicals, even in the tiniest amount, can be very difficult with burn as many contain clogging elements.
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