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  1. That is exactly the purpose. mission accomplished I’d say.
  2. Oh go back in time. Love the vid where she lays no attention to wick recommendations. She uses bigger wicks because she loves fast hot throw. 🙈
  3. Coconut1 is not a “wax” and is not suitable for candles stand alone. It is basically hydrogenated coconut oil with a melt point of <100*F. You can eat it as-is, use in your pans as a lubricant instead of butter or oil. I even use it to deep fry. if you dig a little on their site, the tech specs note it is considered an additive only. ETA- incidentally I buy it by the 50lb package. In summer I have to either pick up from the supplier or order 7 lb jugs as it turns to complete liquid in The heat of typical delivery vehicles.
  4. using the full melt pool "rule" results in sooty, hot candles every time.
  5. You really need to wick down with wood and paraffin it seems. Don’t shoot for full melt pool so early on and you’ll be “there” in no time. to those casting shade, they need to remember that blowing out your candle does not make theirs burn any brighter.
  6. For ease and hot throw, it’s hard to beat igi 4627. Looks like vaseline but it ticks all of your boxes. igi4630 is my next pick. It is slightly harder, but also wicks easily, what’s nice about Both of these paraffins is that they solve a load of issues people have with soy waxes. 10-20% of either of these with a naughty soy makes a gorgeous candle with smoother surfaces, easier wicking, better overall burn. igi 4786 is ok, but I can’t get last the wickedly high flames at the start of the burn. It works brilliantly with beeswax at about 5050 though. I made my living with C3 and 20% paraffin for years. that blend made a great candle at the time. People LOVE a good candle. (The paraffin I started with in that blend was J233. The company sold and the wax became harder to get and inconsistent so I switched.).
  7. I put packing slips in EVERY order. People forget what they order. Heck I forget what I ordered! Sure is nice to have a reference when opening the box.
  8. Which makes sense, considering credit cards do the exact same any store around the world. the bugger is the 5% commission on top of all that. PayPal hosts the money side and the vendor side, so in essence they want 8% commission on everything to appease Wall Street.
  9. So so so so true. This is echoed in the parallel thread about product photography right now. We have to be so specific because people don’t take the time to read. Likewise, providing a packing slip of every order prevents (at least reduces) complaints. When their order is in black and white in front of them with a check mark, circle, initials, whatever to show a human verified what the person ordered it makes I it harder for someone to complain they did not get what they ordered.
  10. Very true. One product at a time. if we start with “something” we can get “somewhere”. if you think it would work better with candles, let’s go. my experiences with multiple things in the frame, such as extra products: People are easily confused. When I had multiple things in a picture I was reviewed harshly because people thought they got ALL the things in the product picture. Open thoughts about your photo above, I think it’s great for a banner or category picture, but not for a “specific” listing. It is unclear what exactly I am buying when so many things are grouped together. Do I get the apples and milk can too?
  11. As for etsy and personal web sites, I like to shoot multiple photos so people can scroll through a little mini album. All of that takes time (and a basic starting point) to complete. Which becomes the money shot is, well, very personal.
  12. How bout this... let’s start with the plain old white pic above. I’ll take more pics based on suggestions here. We can watch how the whole thing evolves. I will note in each shot what was used. Starter Photo details: Nikon D5300 35 mm lens focal length 52m F/2.5 ISO160 tweaked only for highlights to lift it a little. when I get back to the shop I will try to set up the next pics using the suggestions from nightlight, moonshine and paint guru above. It may take a little time to collect the props. Be a little forgiving about what I find for this exercise 🤗
  13. I have not checked, do Etsy, eBay and Amazon do the same now? Seems like it’s all just considered “financial processing” to keep people from hiding money in the area without a rate - Like $100 transaction in “tax”, but the sale is free product and free shipping.
  14. One perk of this long-lived forum is decades worth of discussion. The bad thing is loads of discussion is decades old. 🤣
  15. Earthen oak is a key blender for me. Very low usage rate in soap, so I have to blend around it.
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