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  1. TallTayl

    how to make gold marbling

    When you pour it over the top of your batter in the pour pot, as you’re pouring it naturally flows inside like any other Swirl.
  2. TallTayl

    how to make gold marbling

    I mix the AHRE gold sparkle or 24 karat gold mica (or tkb, brambleberry, wsp, etc equivalent. ) into castor oil. Then drizzle the oil/mica onto the top of the soap in the pitcher while pouring. Pour slowly to not over mix. Perfect marble vein lines every time. Works with all micas I’ve tried.
  3. TallTayl

    Chocolate Transfer Sheets?

    Hmmmm. The answer would have a load of variables. Chocolate has a range of temps it will work at - it is also not as broad an ingredient as “wax”. Piping or painting a bit of wax onto a transfer sheets is possible. How to adhere it to another piece of wax, like a cooled pillar candle, will be the hard part. You may have to experiment with heat gunning the main candle, etc. Anything is possible.
  4. TallTayl

    Candle melters question

    Not sure I understand the question... you want to take a candle and melt it on a hotplate? Or chunk out a bit of candle wax on a wax melter? Not light with a wick? If not lighting it, melting a bit of wax like a Scentsy melt has been similar in performance for me whether fresh or aged a bit.
  5. Yup. Jump lines. Wax and molds too cool. the wax cools as it hits the mold in ripples. this happens in containers sometimes too, btw. In my igloo candle shop glass warmed before pouring really helps prevent this.
  6. TallTayl

    HTP wicks

    I’ve read that they bend toward the “V” side of the braid. Cd and eco have curled over onto themselves in some of my waxes. It ruins the burn in several ways, so I finally moved away from them.
  7. Just curious, have you tried less FO? my first coconut wax candle wax easybeads (some say it is the same product at coco83), scented at 6% using peaks Cranberry Apple Marmalade in a dollar store status jar with an eco 6. That jar filled my entire house within minutes of being lit. Turns out eco 6 was a bit large for that combo, but the point is often less is more. fragrances have untold numbers of additives and combos of aromachemicals that change the burn. Some require some serious lowering of scent load to perform well. I’ll never forget the glass glow tea Light made with a lilac scent at 3% that was so disgustingly strong I had to open all of my windows in the middle of January. It was burning in the kitchen which is about the center of a long ranch house. Every room reeked. It’s not the amount of FO in a candle, but the balance of the factors that create magnificent hot throw.
  8. I would keep going with the 73. I bet you’ll be surprised. If it’s throwing that’s mostly what people are looking for in a candle.
  9. TallTayl

    An observation

    Might depend on the brand. C3 is really quite “hard” in texture for instance.
  10. TallTayl

    Soap In Cold Weather!

    If it’s too cold it doesn’t saponify correctly and can appear hardened. Saponification takes energy. If you notice your soap getting crumbly along the edges it means that it’s not warm enough to complete the process. insulate well and use the oven or a heating pad if necessary.
  11. TallTayl

    Lab & Co coconut wax

    Here we go again right? I hope they don’t reformulate. Testing and tweaking is such a drag. I have enough to get me going for several months hopefully I won’t have to start from scratch again.
  12. TallTayl

    Lab & Co coconut wax

    Ok, so this is the quickest way to send me into a full blown panic attack. Just as we are getting finalized on all the wretched testing now this wax is “gone” for all intents and purposes too? I have no swear words strong enough today.
  13. TallTayl

    Scent Loss in Melts

    My only contribution to the question relates to soap in glassine. I have soap bars in glassine that smell as strong today as they were when made >1 year ago. They do get binned together throughout the year, exposed to the elements during a long 3 month outdoor event where heat, humidity, rain, cold fluctuations occur. When the packaging gets worn or ugly, I replace, relabel and get on with my life. If frequently transporting wax in the same packaging, they could easily sustain a good deal of damage, especially if soft. Not a big deal, just something to plan for.
  14. TallTayl

    Multi woodenwick testing in 464

    Don’t worry too much yet, the glass will heat things up. The good thing aboutnwooden wicks is how easy they Re to pull and replace. Bad comes to worse, replace with 0.03.
  15. TallTayl

    Multi woodenwick testing in 464

    Excellent baseline. So what size and material vessels are you thinking of using? When you choose your vessel the wick will probably be a size or two down from what looks optimal in your pan test because of the heat retention and air currents as the wax level lowers creating more “chimney”. And then of course whatever fragrance may impact the burn potentially also.