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  1. Hello and welcome to the new rabbit hole of candles 🤗 I would take a bit of time and type 6006 into the little search box in the top right hand corner of the blue CraftServer header. You’ll find hundreds of interesting posts with loads of perspective from seasoned chandlers. here’s a link that should bring up 61 pages of “search” results to get you started. https://www.craftserver.com/search/?q=6006&quick=1 then you can start to narrow your search to perhaps 6006 wicks, etc. have fun!!! This is the most frustrating, yet rewarding craft ever.
  2. I keep it simple on my poor brain and just use grams. The specific gravity varies a little between fragrances, so volume v weight can be off slightly.
  3. that is a very difficult question. While you want to protect your cash flow by buying just in time (JIT) the major problem is supply chain. three weeks is problematic. Worse is when the supply STOPS altogether or if it materially changes (sizing, color, quality). We have all been plagued by changes of distribution suppliers to our suppliers and caught in that re-testing trap.
  4. the big product du jour for FDA attention is hand sanitizer. Loads of recalls for dangerous product out there right now.
  5. That’s the one that I use. And it holds fantastically in my formula at 5%
  6. I wish we knew what additives were in these waxes. It’s not just soy that’s causing these burn defects. What polymers are they using? I just finished burning a 100% Midwest soy candle with no additives and it was clean and fine. Aesthetically it could use some help in the beauty department but otherwise was fine.
  7. Soap is pretty easy.... just discount the water. A 40% lye solution makes for a pretty hard bar that takes very little time to cure to size.
  8. You’re so funny! I did the same. Soap maker and cosmetics then candles. Candles are far more complicated than Soap ever was. If after another week they still get sooty it might be an indication that you just have the wrong wick series. It might be just drawing too much fuel to burn efficiently. You could try LX, or CSN, or paper core, the list goes on. Or you can just accept that a certain amount of soot might be OK. If you have not already searched for 6006 wicks maybe give that a shot. Paraffin changes the dynamic of soy so much.
  9. Hello and welcome. i like dahlia and lychee from WSP.
  10. Super! it looks like you can easily wick up on them from the pics. in tins, usually by that mid point In the melt pool you should see more melt from the top part. But I could be totally wrong with your wax, especially if it gets hot during a longer burn or power burn. keep going. Will be interested to see how they end up.
  11. Hi and happy you’re enjoying candle making! how long have these candles been allowed to cure? Curing for candles with soy is super important, since soy changes so much with time. early sooting on naked wax is something to zoom in on. If the candles are in a draft, that could explain some of it. Air conditioner currents cause some sooting, for instance. Most soot, though, is caused by an imbalance of the amount of fuel being drawn through the wick and the Inability of the flame to burn it at the same rate. It is like a carburetor in a car “running rich” because too much fuel is being forced into the engine. beginning tests at the half way point is ok, but sometimes you get a really of test. So much happens at the top that impacts the bottom. I would cure these longer if it has been less than 2 weeks, and revisit burning to compared. when ready to add a variable, like fragrance, I test with the same wick size, then adjust after the first burn or two. good luck!
  12. Sometimes the cut on the wick end is not “sharp” and begins trapping carbon. the middle one looks like it is trying to draw too much fuel for the flame. Could be the end has just clogged, forcing combustion lower. I would knock off the carbon and see if they all burn better. Sometimes the problem is on the first burn and fine thereafter.
  13. None are great. Performance ultimately depends on your containers and fragrances. I leaned on C1 as a base wax for the last several years. It met my needs of price point and burn qualities in tins. It is more consistent than golden brands waxes, but still can vary. Prior to C1, I used C3 for many years. Both waxes have their strengths and weaknesses, so I blend to mitigate the features I do not like. make a list of the most important things in your candles, and then choose a wax that meets those “must haves”.
  14. I understand your frustration. There have been inconsistency issues with golden brands waxes for years for sure. Box to box you get a different product. I wouldn’t say that freedom wax is an excellent throwing wax though. Fragrance throw I’m finding is just so so. But all of American soy waxes are consistent from batch to batch. At least those that I have used.
  15. That is the 64 thousand dollar question. An announcement from American soy came out a few months ago announcing they would be producing 464 in pastille form. Since then many have said they deny freedom wax is 464. But then.... the web site says... I have a bag and it sure looks, feels and performs like 464. draw your own conclusion I guess. 🤣. Maybe it is a branding issue?
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