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  1. Everything is mixed in Pour pots. The way I quick cool my wax before pouring works best this way.
  2. Depends on the size of the drum. If I can lift, then shake and pour into smaller bottles. If I can’t, then I have a pump to tap the keg.
  3. Generally speaking, no. Soy wax can only hold so much fragrance before it leaches out.
  4. ZOMG I know what you mean. I'd shut ads down hard and fast if that were to happen. thanks for bringing this up!
  5. It is possible. It depends on the placement of the specific ads. Each ad gets "impressions" and "click through" statistics. Each ad generates its own pittance of revenue. I'd rather set up partnerships with suppliers and members to let this community help us, versus random AdSense people. I have been seeing political ads, which disappoints me terribly. candles, soap, supplies and member goodies whether related or not would keep this place happier.
  6. Fo can separate into components though not many seem to have specific gravity components to do such. I habitually shake all vats before decanting Different wax lots can and do smell different and can change the overall scent. As can heating temp variations.
  7. Good on ya for all the diligent testing ❤️ You will be so so happy you mastered a wax. Once you know how your case behaves (and can detect any changes on the next) you will rocket to successful and safe production.
  8. I would give csn a try. When Cd is a little too much csn seems to fill the void. Cdn do also for the most part.
  9. that is coconut paraffin, right? do you have any pics of the burns of those considered a bit too small? this blend wants to be wicked on the smaller side. that said, have you tried CSN or CDN. both burn a touch different and overall a bit cooler with similar sizing from the CD.
  10. Beeswax has a load of its own issues. It varies from lot to lot. To make matters worse it dries over time leading to vastly different wick requirements from one month to a year. My living for the last decade depended on beeswax, and I fought the good fight all along with a goal to fall within a range of acceptable for my beeswax fans. Soy blends took up a lot of slack for people who feel safer burning a container candle. Plus soy blends appeal to the vegan buyers, so an entire market space opened up without doing any extra work. For soy, and soy blends, a bit of coconut wax, not coconut oil, has been a saving grace. It stays relatively stable, and when wicked well leaves a beautiful finish after production and after burning. Coconut wax contains it own set of stabilizers and emulsifiers, so the risk of overburdening the soy with loose oils is minimized greatly. I treat the coconut wax as I did paraffin to solve the shortcomings of most manufactured soy blends. At the end end of the day, Soy candle lovers don’t care a whole heck of a lot about the after burn finish. They just want a safe, good smelling candle that burns clean.
  11. All of that bubbling means that there’s a cavity down there. That is so common with wood wicks! Another thing with woodwock is there’s a lot of air inside of the wick itself. I usually throw mine in a presto pot of wax and basically deep fry it until it stops bubbling. This keeps the wax draw consistent from first light to last burn.
  12. With easy beads it almost feels like I’m reengineering a wax from the bottom up. Good learning experience but what a waste of time.
  13. I don’t mind at all. I’m still using my coconut 83 simply because I have a ton of it literally. But I modify it depending on the fragrance and the container. Sometimes it needs some soy (444. Midwest, c3, c1... ) Sometimes it needs another botanical wax to make it work properly. The choice of wicks was the hardest. Try CD and CSN. They have worked the absolute best for me. Avoid the temptation to over wick. It throws just fine wicked small.
  14. I have beads too. All I have ever bought was that so perfect to compare. My first felt like 4627 in soy. The latest are creamy but not stiff like 464 blth wick completely differently
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