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  1. welcome back! neat candles. I live in the midwest where prim is still alive and well They would sell strongly at any market or fair around here. Cant wait to hear how excellently they sell at your upcoming events.
  2. I like that your “font” is 100% you. One lesson I learned over the years is to make your product stand out in some way. If every person at an event that sold the same product as me put an item on a table would I be able to pick mine out? That is the key in my opinion. For some people it’s packaging. For some people it’s color. For others it’s something I’ve never even thought of. Be 100% authentically you and people will identify with you. Those people are your customers. People can get a melt or a candle that they are perfectly satisfied with anywhere. What they’re buying is a piece of you as the artist. That is the beginning of your brand loyalty.
  3. Welcome to the new addiction of scented products. a candle is only as good as the fragrance used. Higher end brands such as Jo Malone, Tom Ford, Cire Trudon, etc, have their own perfumers and order their candle fragrance designed for purpose: their candles. Most popular retail candle fragrance available to home makers is designed for soap, lotion, candles, etc. to fit within a specific price point range. To get the depth of fragrance and quality of your gold standard candle I would suggest finding several perfumers and fragrance houses to learn what you can get outside of the mainstream retail options. Fragrance compounders such as Lebermuth and agilex have been around for a while. They have access to perfumers that can create a world of fragrances most people never know exists. another option is to buy the perfume you love and spray it onto salt, sand, potpourri, etc and let it perfume the air in a space. While it won’t work in a candle due to the alcohol content, it will perfume the air with a pleasant aroma. watch for sales of your favorite candles and stock up when possible. you can absolutely reproduce any candle, the process will just cost substantially more to make than to buy the original.
  4. Envious that you don’t have to play the wick game. 😂 ihave some mottling wax here somewhere. It came unlabeled, so it’s anyone’s guess which block it is. I’ve always wanted to make something pretty with it.
  5. Look at it this way, some people hand write on plain white stickers and clean up 😂 or tie a handwritten tag onto the package. your options are as simple or complicated as you want them to be.
  6. The clams from crafters choice have held up very well, with contents of most surviving for several years fully scented. A couple of scents of the same wax blend did not. The answer is deeper than just the packaging material, I think. Components of some fragrances/essential oils/aromachemicals chemically react differently . lavender essential oil for instance,will eat through many plastics. I remember that lesson well when I poured lavender intended for use in my soap batch into a plastic cup. It was in there maybe a minute before the cup disintegrated. Never had any trouble with other fragrances or essential oils prior to that. When I started I purchased small amounts of many kinds of packaging to figure out what worked best for my blends.
  7. What do you suppose causes that phenomenon? The petrolatum? One of these days we should do an experiment.
  8. Both. my HP laser is great for sheets that I can’t get label stock in rolls. Used to use a typical inkjet printer until I broke a silly non-replaceable fragile gear 🤬. Print quality was nice. @moonshine convinced me to get a primera label printer a handful of years ago. Game changer for sure! It is ink, but the ability to print one or 1,000 of a label is great. I have stacks of partially used sheet labels from before this purchase when I had to print an entire sheet for one label 😢
  9. Packaging kind of depends on how it will be used. Display? Mail order packaging? Gift wrapping? if displaying at a craft show, usually a hanging display is most space and shopper efficient. This is where clams really shine. ive seen some displays use barrels, pails or drawers to display. This is where portion cups, or small bags or even ‘“naked” melts shine. One melt seller I watched at a garden show used cute metal pails lined with fabric to sell naked Brownie bite size melts. People would mix and match colors into a paper bag. They sold out to their target market. Talk about EASY. Dump melts into a pail and be done. The fabric liner of the pail turned into the carrying and storage for transport. The pails stacked inside each other. a popular seller at all the events within 100 miles of me displays the water softener salt tablets in big rubbermade totes right on a table. The salt tablets are colored and scented. People stuff as many as they can into a baggie for a flat price, those totes sell a lot of tablets! Nothing fancy. She knows her market really well. for mail order we have very different challenges. Candy boxes, glassine bags, clamshells, etc all work. It depends on your branding and what you like to work with. At the end of the day, whatever does not will have to work with, so you might as well like it.
  10. I wish I used zinc and understood them well enough to recommend. @bfrobertsmay know… the salsa jars have a very subtle, but important shoulder and neck that makes convection an issue for double wicking soy (as in the OP question). I usually have heat issues through the life of the candle double wicking anything under about 4”.
  11. How does zinc react to fire? ZINC METAL is a reducing agent. Reacts violently with oxidants causing fire and explosion hazards [Handling Chemicals Safely 1980. ... Zinc powder or dust in contact with acids forms hydrogen. The heat generated by the reaction is sufficient to ignite the hydrogen evolved [Lab. https://cameochemicals.noaa.gov/chemical/4814 Zinc Oxide fumes are fine, white, odorless particles which are formed when Zinc or Zinc alloys are heated to high temperatures (such as in welding, galvanizing and smelting). * Zinc Oxide is on the Hazardous Substance List because it is regulated by OSHA and cited by ACGIH, DOT, NIOSH, DEP and EPA. https://nj.gov/health/eoh/rtkweb/documents/fs/2037.pdf normally, the zinc in a wick is a core to keep I upright. It does not burn, well burn completely. You set the metal on fire with a plasma torch. 😉
  12. Zinc is used in fireworks, and can have shocking flames when superheated. use a”normal” lighter and I bet the zinc wick performs like it is supposed to check out YouTube for zinc and fire videos. Pretty sure you make zinc oxide, so I hope you didn’t breathe the smoke. 😬
  13. I love those bags too! Only a couple of places can manage to ship well. I ended up finding help with my bank. Neither the reseller, nor FedEx (or even the original seller who contracted with the reseller) would help. Thank you bank for having my back.
  14. Part of the pouring trick is to keep the pour pot lower than the container for the first half or so of the pour pot. Line up the jars at the edge of the counter and have the pot lip about even with the top of the jar. I was able to fill tins and melt clams lickety split this way. for candle tools that don’t generally get washed, I turn to metal. At least with metal I can heat gun or sit on a hot plate to keep warm. Restaurant supply houses often have nice solutions.
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