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  1. As I sit here making soap and candles today surrounded by all of these fragrance bottles I also have to remember the air is saturated with scent already. Anybody making candles in their living space or storing bottles in their living space has a baseline of scent already that they’re numb to.
  2. You can’t really trust the nose of people in your house either I’m afraid to say. My family can’t smell ours because they’re just over exposed to everything. Candle and soap making has destroyed my family’s sense of smell. The only other suggestion I always have is to try another week. Some fragrances just need more or less temperature to perform.
  3. Only one way to find out. Though HT is so subjective. We are. Kind of numb to scent, so it may be a super thrower already.
  4. Alcohol is the base of perfumes, eau de parfum, etc. As with everything, do a patch test to see if it's all good. Lavender hydrosol (and other "floral waters") on pillow cases is nice (if you're not allergic)
  5. I've placed pieces of random fabric scraps scented with spray or just FO under chairs, beds, etc. to hold scent. Works brilliantly in cars.
  6. Full Statement from Ecosoya through Aztec rep "I’m contacting you with a heavy heart. It is with deep sadness that I say we at NGI/EcoSoya are now going out of business after over 20 years. Being part of the candle industry, I know what this means for you and I am truly sorry for the resulting hardship that this causes. Please know that we have done everything we can to keep you supplied. This action is not by choice and comes as a result of a series of situations. As you know, in late 2016 our manufacturer abruptly and with only a few weeks notice discontinued making our waxes leaving us and you with no supply. For many years prior to that, we had been searching for parallel manufacturing with no luck. As if by a small miracle, in late 2017/early 2018 we successfully found and worked very hard with another key component supplier to properly produce our very unique chemistry and supply came back. All was going great again until this new supplier, for unknown reasons, stopped producing the quality we needed to provide you with successful well performing wax. As a result we are unable to secure supply with no apparent recourse, resulting in our closure. EcoSoya soy waxes are still unparalleled in performance and NGI is credited with creating the soy wax industry. Honors that I will cherish!"
  7. Seriously, in the cabins, spray the curtains and rugs. Alcohol and FO. Super easy and effective. No electricity required. for bedding like comforters than can’t be easily washed between guests, simply spraying vodka or similar cheap clear alcohol rids musty stale odor and leaves behind no artificial scent. a historic and tiny hotel in our town uses the carpet foam spray stuff. Smells super strong but kind of nauseating with those propellants and such. Based on their example I tried just the spray and achieved the same thing - and it washes out easier.
  8. That’s a tough one since all wax will shrink to a degree in freezing temp. How about using a pillar blend or similar that totally pulls away by design? The entire candle becomes a single wet spot, so no unsightly differences of texture. The down side to pull away is the seeping of molten wax into the gap on future burns. or a more opaque vessel? Frost, Amber, etc. might disguise it. Or even a larger label. or... just embrace for what it is. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  9. I wouldn’t. My firefighter cousin has told many horror tales of house fires from people trying to DIY those. How about room spray, or reeds? I spray my shower curtains, curtains, rugs, etc with cheap simple vodka and fragrance. The alcohol in the vodka kills off simple odor producing bacteria while the fragrance lingers for days. This works on stinky sweaty summer clothing too. It’s a secret of the Rennies in heavy garb to make it through a weekend without the time or means to wash garb.
  10. Everything depends upon your wax in your containers. I found no ht or ct difference adding my fragrance at 185 or lower. I have found with many waxes that the potential for seeping of fragrance (syneresis) became higher at low temperatures. This was especially true for natural waxes. That point was super important to me as I sell at outdoor venues in hot Chicago summers. And I ship worldwide. Syneresis is a big safety issue in my mind.
  11. On some of these extremely difficult ones the only wicks that have worked for me are eco Or wood
  12. Wht fo load are you using? how long are you curing? Not much beats cure time. Orherwise i’d consider using a higher melt point paraffin or a higher melt point soy blend like 444 to help control the sweat/seepage.
  13. Double wicking leads to more trouble than it’s worth sometimes. For 3” I’d single wick all day long
  14. I can’t say that I’ve ever had a candle tin rust ever. I started with the ones from candle science then moved to specialty bottle and SKS. They all work the same for me.
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