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  1. Please tell me what BLM has to do with candle making
  2. Geeze, I guess I'm lucky that I have a good supply of their oils
  3. I just wish the '''experts''' could come to an agreement as to whether face masks are beneficial or not.,
  4. Hey, if you want to learn from an expert I'd suggest that you search out posts made by Donita...this lady was an inspiration to me.......her work is so far beyond beautiful and her past posts and pic are available thru a simple search. I would give my right arm to have Donita's skill . If you are into pressed flowers and how to use them in candle making, then you need to research the posts/pic posted by Donita. Donita hasn't been around for a while but her beautiful works of art can be viewed in the library.........this lady is a God send to those of us wanting to make a beautiful
  5. question; what would the caffeine add to the lotion?
  6. BB: it might be our joke of the day but as you know, once something is posted on the internet, many will buy into it. Now my opinion is this: if adding CBD oil to a candle serves any purpose then maybe it should be explored....but if it doesn't really add any benefit to the burning candle, then why go to that expense......especially since CBD oil is not cheap. All that said, I do make a lotion containing CBD oil...for personal use and find that it does help with some muscle pain but I have some friends that have tried the CBD lotion with positive results but resist continued use due
  7. I guess the real question here is '''what's the benefit"" of adding the CBD oil to the candles..is one going to experience some sort of calming sensation from inhaling the candle's hot throw. ??? Before I put out some large expenses on the ingredients of my candles, I need to know that it is not a waste of money.....other than the hype that may induce some people to buy my candles....and considering the cost of an ounce of CBC oil, there is no way that I'd ever recover the cost of supplies without going online and selling my candles at high prices with enormous hype surrounding th
  8. Wow, pear blossom and rosemary.......would never have thought of that combo
  9. I use CBD oil in one of my lotion recipes but I can not even begin to imagine what benefit could be had by adding the CBD oil to a candle. Since pure CBD oil is not supposed to contain any THC, why would anyone want to inhale the fumes that may be produced in the burning of a candle..if there is no benefit, then why add the cost of the CBD oil to the cost of the finished candles.....other than to make a few buck on the hype. bfroberts; Next time I am feeling down and out, I might post something stupid on the internet just to see how many people think I'm a genius. Heck, maybe
  10. I use 4630 exclusively for my container candles and sometimes I do get sink holes..for me that is not a big issue because I either do a second pour or just hit the top of the candle with the heat gun to level it out.
  11. I'm with you...sad to say tho cuz they have several scents that I wish I didn't have to live without
  12. I'm with you on this,....burning multiple candles/melts in different rooms does create a whole new experience in that the scent you are experiencing may be something new. Hey, if you have several scents on hand........just start blending them
  13. I guess the 1st thing to ask yourself is "what do you want the wax melts to do"??? I'm guessing that you want the melts to produce an amazing hot throw that you can be proud of...right? My advise to you is to learn to how to produce a melt that fills a room with an amazing scent........once you have mastered that, then you can venture out into adding stuff to make the melts look pretty....remember, no matter how many pretty sparkles you incorporate into your melts..........they ADD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the hot throw. Way back when I first started experimented with ca
  14. The only way that I can see that bourbon adds anything to the candle is if the candle maker actually DRINKS the bourbon.
  15. Ok, I may be alone here but I do not add anything to my wax that does not contribute to it's burn or HT. Adding colorful micas does make the candle look pretty..........but what does it add to the end result which is the hot throw........absolutely nothing....so why waste your time and money in adding it to the wax? That said, I have experimented with coating my pillar candles with some mica sparkles to make them a little more pretty but in the long run...it was a total waste of time and money. I'm just of a mind set that if an additive doesn't add anything to the hot throw, whet
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