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  1. Darn, I can't access any of the links posted...keep getting the notification that the site cannot be accessed.
  2. I'm pouring a 4x4 container using 4630 wax and having problems with the wicking: I have tried: Eco 1, LX12 both are too big(melt pool is way too deep), and HTP 41 which fizzeled out almost immediately....... Any help on what wick to try next will be appreciated.
  3. OMG, that sounds GOOD!! Never thought about adding patch to oatmeal & honey. I'm not a soaper but a candle maker and have made Oatmeal & Honey candles and was not happy with the outcome...but....adding a little patch to the mix peaks my interest again........now where is that bottle of Oatmeal & Honey FO ??
  4. BUT............even tho their revenues are that high, how does that relate to repeat customers coming back for more??? I'd really like to see some #s on that...repeat customers.
  5. geeze, I guess I should put in an order for my fav Peak's FOs before it's too late 😂
  6. Sponiebr..........it's been a year now....so what is the latest? If making a batch of soap from scratch is not in your wheel well...maybe try a CP rebatch base...dying for an update here :-)
  7. OMG is the general public so stupid????????
  8. Calan: I use 4630 exclusively...after many years of experimenting with different waxes and wicks, for me the 4630 burns perfectly without any other waxes while using Eco wicks. If using 4630 alone and that particular container, I'd recommend that you try Eco 6....yeah, that's just another wick that you have to test!! But for me, it works. After testing many waxes and wicks, I find that I get a tremendous throw with 4630 and Eco wicks so why even try blending waxes except to spend more money??
  9. With applejack and Cinnamon, I would add something earthy like Patch to bring down the sweet smell.
  10. Hey Forrest....why not cover this special piece of family history with a CHEAP piece of plywood...then cover that with newspapers, baking sheets, etc. If any dribbles get thru the paper, it won't get thru the plywood...inexpensive and fool-proof...kwim?
  11. I work on a table that was crafted by my FIL ...it's just a plain ole wooden table. But I do keep it covered with several layers of newspapers to catch/absorb any leaks. Yeah, there are times when wax seems to seep thru the paper covering but considering the fact that the table top is basic wood, I take my heat gun and heat the surface and wipe it down.
  12. When I first stared making candles, I was looking at SELLING my product but as time progressed and life took a toll on my time, I decided that I did not have the time or energy to devote to SELLING my product. As of this date, I am not interested in selling but only in producing a quality product for myself and friends/family...I guess I am not the candle mogal that I once thought I'd be. But I still produce a candle that I am extremely proud to put my name one...kwim?
  13. I guess you will have to further investigate the vegan issue...but to me I have to say "why should I be worried as to if my wax of choice is VEGAN or NOT".........not like I'm eating it....kwim? Maybe there is something that I have yet to grasp..so please educate me.................
  14. it may be an '''eye catcher'' but doesn't give me any pride as a candle maker......but then I DO NOT MARKET MY CANDLES to those that are easily confused and/or manipulated by hype. Hey, if you are into making a buck from your eye-catching creativity, then go for it. For me, I want to produce a quality candle that throws well and forget the hype....even tho it may bring me a few less bucks. Basically, I am not into candle making to make money but to acquire the reputation of making a candle that has a wonderful hot throw....hell, if it looks good to you then go for it.......kwim????
  15. ya know, to date I have never found any pumpkin scents that actually smell like pumpkin so it is an FO that I don't waist my time on...just saying.............
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