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  1. Kris, using the CP rebatch works exactly the same as M&P....ya just melt the stuff, add whatever you want and put into molds. I have never wanted to go into ''full soap making'' either, that why I use the CP rebatch stuff. I'm too much of a clutz to mess with lye...lol
  2. Some waxes do create sink holes and require a 2nd pour. You don't need to wait any specific length of time between adding the FO and pouring as long as you've stirred the wax mixture sufficiently. I don't do soy waxes but assume that if you end up with sink holes, that you can level out the top of the candle with a heat gun like I do with my paraffin candles.
  3. I do that all the time.......that is if I'm making and/or testing candles for myself. If the particular pour/throw is acceptable, then I go thru the normal routine of adhering the wick to the container before I do the final pour
  4. When I first started playing around with soaps, I used the M&P because it was easy for me to make a soap to match the scents of candles and lotions that I was making for gift baskets...then I found the CP rebatch soaps....so easy to use. However, the CP rebatch does come out rustic looking but the suds is great and it takes the FOs well.
  5. Something else you might want to look into is CP rebatch soap (I get mine from Bramble Berry). It is CP soap that is shredded and you can add various things to it, heat it in the microwave or double broiler and pour into molds.....every bit as easy as M&P. Besides making bar soaps with the CP rebatch, I make hubby's shave soap with it and get great lather.
  6. thanks for the feedback....will try each & every suggestion
  7. I use tacky wax purchased from the craft store. It sticks well and is easily removed from bottom of container for reuse.
  8. Not a seller here but more of a hobbiest but have been making candles, melts and lotions for over 15yrs. I get my FO from various candle suppliers, i.e, Candle Science, Bramble Berry, Rustic Essentials & Lone Star. When reviewing the oils from the various suppliers, they will say if the FO is ''body safe" and I rarely purchase an oil that cannot be used in lotions along with candles. (why waste my money on a scent that can't be used for both?) and of course the amount of FO used in the various products will be different.
  9. I'm in need of a formula for a cream to help with severe diaper. Purchased some A&D ointment from the drug store but wondering if there is something I can make myself....have all the necessary ingredients for lotion/cream but curious about what else can be added to the mixture to help with the extreme chaffing. Any help will be so appreciated.
  10. If the freezer method doesn't work, what I do is hit the outside of the mold with my heat gun....just enough to loosen the wax from the mold.
  11. Geeze, I guess I'm lucky that I have a good supply of their oils
  12. I just wish the '''experts''' could come to an agreement as to whether face masks are beneficial or not.,
  13. Hey, if you want to learn from an expert I'd suggest that you search out posts made by Donita...this lady was an inspiration to me.......her work is so far beyond beautiful and her past posts and pic are available thru a simple search. I would give my right arm to have Donita's skill . If you are into pressed flowers and how to use them in candle making, then you need to research the posts/pic posted by Donita. Donita hasn't been around for a while but her beautiful works of art can be viewed in the library.........this lady is a God send to those of us wanting to make a beautiful
  14. question; what would the caffeine add to the lotion?
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