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  1. Pam W

    Candy Christmas

    Spearmint and Patch..........OMG........I can sooo picture a bar of that in my soap holder and loving every minute of lathering up that baby....but then I'm obsessed with playing with soap lather.😃
  2. Pam W

    Slippery floors

    I have a couple floor box fans that I use when pouring FOs........that is, if I'm doing a lot of them....pouring one or two will not bother me but if I spend a full day mixing and pouring different scents, I'll pay for it later unless I increase the room circulation.
  3. Pam W

    Slippery floors

    Same here........but that said, I don't know everything. When I make candles, I make sure that I have a good '''air draft"" while pouring (open front door, open back door and the natural draft carries any FO scents out of the house..........so that I don't have to wear a respirator. If I were to close up the house when making candles, maybe there would be some issues down the road but I'd think that I'd have to melt a lot of wax to cause my floors to become slippery..........but like I said, I don't know everything (even tho I pretend I do 😁)
  4. Pam W

    Candles by accident

    just a little follow up: since you like vanilla scents, here is a little info: Vanilla FO will weigh heavier on a scale than some fruity type scent and will also be a little harder to wick.........funny that the most popular candle scent in the US is Vanilla and the biggest PITA 😉
  5. Q: I just dip out what I want to work with into my pour pots, place in a pan of hot water to hold and/or adjust temps for adding FOs. I have several stainless steel measuring cups with padded handles that I use for dipping wax and just about everything else I do.....heck, I even heat small amts of lip balm in them with my heat gun....I don't think I could function without my little stainless measuring things....and then there are my little stainless steel coffee creamer things.....they are absolutely perfect for pouring small amts of wax....got them at a restaurant supply company
  6. What type of wicks do you use? I use Eco wicks and do get some sooting if I go too heavy on the FO....or do not trim as needed.
  7. Pam W

    Candles by accident

    Ramr, little by little you will start building up your supply of candle making tools. The scale should be at the top of your list so that you can not only get an accurate amt in the candle but also, not waste money if adding too much FO....it's all a learning experience. One day at a time .......and........one wick at a time.....keep pouring and keep enjoying the testing :-)
  8. So, what's the latest on making some awesome Patch soap for your Mom?
  9. Pam W

    New to soap making. Could use help.

    Ya know its funny that you mention that: I've had people say that my candles were too pretty to burn and yes I did take that as a compliment but on the other hand, a candle maker is only truly complimented when the recipient actually burns the candle......like that was what it was made for. ............burn that baby........there are more where that came from..............and it is a compliment to the ''maker'' when their creations are actually USED....kwim? Barb: I am happily using your wonderful soaps...add a little water and those wonderful bubbles appear, rub that bar a bit more and the most impressive rich lather appears........and I can not find the words to appropriately pat you on the back for your beautiful creations. Please keep amazing us with your beautiful works of art.
  10. Absolutely.............by weight
  11. Ok, I poured some 4630 container candles about a week ago,,,,,they did have some wet spots due to the local climate and cooling process...so I hit the jars with my heat gun and eliminated all of them.....set the jars aside and pulled them out of the closet today..........yeah, the wet spots are back due to the local temps.......like I really care about the wet spots...local temps and humidity will determine whether wet spots appear or not. I'm moving on.....if I have a great HT from this particular candle then I am happy,,,,,,,,,,,wet spots be damned.
  12. Pam W

    Revising My Process

    Boy, I'm having a real brain-fart here. I really have no understanding on why anyone wants to pour tins...but that's just me
  13. Yeah, and if a crime is committed and your DNA is found on your worn, not-fresh underwear dipped in wax........where do you go from there.........serial rapist, etc, etc, etc.............
  14. Pam W

    This Must Be A Joke.

    What the He$$ does Indigenous Peoples Day with anything???????????????????????? I guess I am totally lost in this posting..........so pls ignore me.
  15. Pam W

    This Must Be A Joke.

    Ya know, Aztec has never been one of my ''''''''''''''go to"""""""""" companies so no biggie here.. :-)