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  1. I guess you will have to further investigate the vegan issue...but to me I have to say "why should I be worried as to if my wax of choice is VEGAN or NOT".........not like I'm eating it....kwim? Maybe there is something that I have yet to grasp..so please educate me.................
  2. it may be an '''eye catcher'' but doesn't give me any pride as a candle maker......but then I DO NOT MARKET MY CANDLES to those that are easily confused and/or manipulated by hype. Hey, if you are into making a buck from your eye-catching creativity, then go for it. For me, I want to produce a quality candle that throws well and forget the hype....even tho it may bring me a few less bucks. Basically, I am not into candle making to make money but to acquire the reputation of making a candle that has a wonderful hot throw....hell, if it looks good to you then go for it.......kwim????
  3. ya know, to date I have never found any pumpkin scents that actually smell like pumpkin so it is an FO that I don't waist my time on...just saying.............
  4. I just gotta say that NO MATTER how much fresh herbal elements you add to your candles, it will not add ANYTHING to the hot throw. You may certainly add some herbal leaves for visual purposes but it will not do anything for the hot throw of the candle when burned.......so WHY even go there???
  5. Any particular reason as to why you are working with soy wax???????
  6. Ya know, after 10+ yrs of making candles, I cannot get my mind around making Tins
  7. Just gotta say that there are soooo many ways to make candles..............most of them contribute absolutely NOTHING to the THROW.........so WHY go there???????????
  8. Me too.......why spend extra $ on various trimming tools when the basic nail trimmers do the job??
  9. To this very day, I have yet to look at any FB posting on candle making. If I want some legit advise, I come here...period
  10. Having poured candles for over 15 yrs (pillars and containers) this was the 1st time that I ever had an issue with fire....just reminds me that no matter how much I may know about candle making, once we become complacent ...thinking we know everything will come back to bite us in the butt!! This was nothing more than pure carelessness on my part but it was an EYE opener in that once soot builds up on the sides of the container........it is an accident waiting to happen....that is very valuable info going forward....as in: if you pour a candle, test burn it and there is a lot of soot build up on the sides of the jar then it is NOT SAFE for the average public. After all these years, I never stop learning :-)
  11. I had a really scary incident once: I tend to take left over candle wax, pour into a large 3 wick container and burn for personal use just to use up the wax and scents. Had this container burning in my bedroom one day, went in there and found the entire container on fire...as it turns out, having layered this candle with multiple mixtures, the wicks were burning too hot, soot accumulated on the sides of the jar and that soot eventually caught fire....lesson learned!!
  12. There is no way in Hell that I will cut back on my FO's or wicks..............I may not pour a specific scent for a long time but down the road, I may want to experiment with blending............and if I have various scents/wicks on hand, GAME ON!!!!
  13. the only name that comes to mind is """"""""""""mind"""""""""""....cause I love your soaps
  14. I pour any excess wax in ice cube trays and store in baggies for later use
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