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  1. there is just no end to your beautiful swirls 👌
  2. I use plumber's putty exclusively when I use braided wicks.......no issues with it leaving any residue on the wick...and besides the putty is on the bottom/outside of the mold so it doesn't come in contact with the wick it's self except the very bottom end of the wick which has nothing to do with the actual burning of the candle. I even cover the hole in the mold with a little bit when using pre-tabbed wicks.....just to prevent any unwanted leakage.
  3. definately try up-wicking before you decrease the fragrance load (assuming your FO load is meeting manufacture's recommendations)
  4. Hey, I need to send you some money ........can't accept all this beautiful stuff without sending something........

  5. shaving my legs is on my list of things to try........Ya know, it's just plain FUN to use soaps made by a CS member...and I can always count on Barb's soaps to be top notch😄
  6. The lather is as decadent as it looks....received a jar today and hubby is as happy as a kid at Xmas.
  7. ...and when can I expect to receive my test sample???? I've been making hubbies shave cream with CP rebatch for the past several years but considering the quality of your soaps, I'm anxious to try a product from a professional soap maker....you have my address....lol.
  8. Well how did the burn tests go??
  9. Being stuck at home with nothing to do except for housework, I decided to clean out a closet ... lo and behold I found a box with 20+ votive candles that must have been there for maybe 15yrs....candles that I poured way back when I didn't know what I was doing. I lit several of them and there was absolutely no scent throw....either I didn't make them right or the FO faded over the years. Since I am one that does not let anything go to waste, I remelted several them, added vanilla FO and repoured into some containers for personal use. I was guessing that no matter what FO was originally used that vanilla would be an appropriate blender. My house smells great just from the remaking....the containers are cooling and hopefully will have a decent throw when used.
  10. Barb, your soaps are always so beautiful...I'd even buy them with the ash...lol
  11. next best thing that I can think of would be to gently hit the outside of the candles with a heat gun and immediately wipe with a cloth
  12. I have soooo many FOs on hand that I've ordered over the past few years and didn't use for whatever reason........NOW IS THE TIME FOR BLENDING and using up those FOs.....and in doing so, we might just run across a combo that knocks our socks off.
  13. no matter what the scent or color is.................our soaps are the bombs :-)
  14. Hopie, been thinking of you........and I miss you and your postings. Should you ever need a place to park that motorhome for a short time - my driveway is available ....downtown Phx.
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