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  1. no matter what the scent or color is.................our soaps are the bombs :-)
  2. Hopie, been thinking of you........and I miss you and your postings. Should you ever need a place to park that motorhome for a short time - my driveway is available ....downtown Phx.
  3. Try pouring totally different colors for each layer using the same wax......that will help us to determine what the problem is.
  4. There have to be countless members out there making soaps but for some reason, they just aren't sharing their creations with the board. TO ALL SOAP MAKERS................please share your creations with the rest of us
  5. that's the question..........how does a Newbie know when Flashpoint is not a concern..........there is so much info out there that really confuses a newbie when it comes to making candles. I really feel sorry for Newbies when it comes to candlemaking.....that said, thank God they found Craftserver to help them filter out the crap..........
  6. Why the hell would I pay $32.99 for this candle............as Jcandleattic said; stupid is as stupid does
  7. My candles are what they are without any glitter or pretty additives...............if the customer needs glitter, etc to entice their purchase, then they don't need my candles......there is nothing about adding glitter to a candle that enhances the throw nor adds to the quality of the candle. Adding glitter or any other ingredients to the mixture to make them more appealing is a total waste of money because it doesn't add anything to the quality of the candle and/or melt.........in my humble opinion.
  8. I'm not a '''soaper''' and don't have to be because Barb sent me some of her wonderful creations that I will include in holiday baskets for friends and relatives...all I have to do for the baskets is make a candle or two, add a sugar scrub, a lotion or two, include one of Barb's beautiful soaps and I'm the hit of the party!! I'm too much of a clutz to make my own soap and am so appreciative of other soap makers on this forum that produce such a beautiful product that makes me proud to pass it on to friends & relatives
  9. Show us what you have created so that we can guide you from there. "I would think there are some layering techniques that are good for unscented candles that don't necessarily work for scented, and maybe others that wouldn't work for layering with different scents." No, when pouring a layered candle, it doesn't matter whether the wax is scented or not......it's all in the pouring technique....aka, the temps. Sometimes being a Newbie, we tend to overthink things(totally outta fear of doing something wrong)...........just mix up your wax...add your FO and pour your 1st layer....poke relief holes after a little while, then do your 2nd pour after poking your relief holes (this will not effect the visual effect of the candle because the outside surface of the candle as already set up...the relief holes help the next pour adhere to the interior of the first pour) Pls let us know what wax you are using and if you are pouring pillars or containers so we can help guide you along your journey.
  10. and we LOVE to see your creations ☺️
  11. gosh, I have tons of Aloe Vera growing in the yard...guess it's time to get off my lazy .... and make some aloe water for use in a lotion.
  12. Poking relief holes in each layer will not effect the outside appearance of the candle. As for pouring different scents in different layers, I choose a scent that works well with the scent below it, i.e., say if the 1st layer is a floral, then I'll pour a vanilla on top of that....as that 2nd layer melts down into the 1st, the scents are compatable ...then the 3rd scent should be something that will blend well with vanilla and so on...make sense?
  13. I have a friend that is going thru massive radiation therapy treatments for numerous skin cancers and the radiation treatments have caused major irritation on her skin and I'm wondering if there is something/anything that I can incorporate into a lotion/salve that will help relieve her discomfort. Not like I can create anything to counter act the cancers but just maybe there is something I can create to help with her skin discomfort. Any suggestions on possible ingredients for lotions and/or salves will be appreciated.
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