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  1. Well I can honestly say I won't be putting that combo together for Painted Night Sky Candybee. The way you have used all those beautiful descriptive words is just awesome. You need to make up a fragrance like this ........Jo Malone, move over for Candybee! Trappeur
  2. No I haven't tried the pina colada even though I have samples of it. I need to get in wax and think I will later on today. They don't smell that very potent out of the bottle and wasn't impressed so I'm sure that is why they are still in my cabinet. I'll let you know after I pour testers today. Trappeur
  3. Trappeur

    Green Coconut

    I guess it is still curing.......I guess... trappeur
  4. Sounds like a pouring temperature thing. What temperature are you pouning at? Trappeur
  5. Who is tfc? The flaming candle? Trappeur
  6. Although they smell identical the throw from WSP is so great unlike other suppliers carrying the same thing. I did go and order a pound of FR bud....just to have on hand though. Trappeur
  7. It didn't throw for me much either. I've been using for years from Community "Chestnuts and Brown Sugar". Trappeur
  8. With all the good info you have received from everyone here on the board I hope your still not contemplating over this candle and have moved on!. Get rid of this person!! I'm curious. How many candles does she want? Trappeur
  9. Well being that she as different waxes, then by all means I would offer that to her but that is as far as I would go. Trappeur
  10. I wouldn't be wasting 1 more minute on this. Who is this woman anyway? Does she want to get like just 1 candle? Regardless of what she wants you have your own line of candles so fini! Done! Move on and tell her this is what you have to offer her. Do you think any other candle maker would be going through what she is putting you through? Your wasting time on this, your precious time. Trappeur
  11. Wow Jenni, Sounds so delish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trappeur
  12. I'm going to be making a couple candles today out of Tall Tails Sweet Amber of which I have never tried. So what does everyone do with it? Us it alone or as a blender? What oil would go with this? Did I read somewhere that this scent they had to go up in sizes in wicking? Trappeur
  13. All 3 of them are going into wax today. Trappeur
  14. Candles: wax used: 464 fo load: 7% wicking: standard, didn't need to go up or down container: glass, 16oz country comfort jar cure time: 4 weeks CT: strong HT: strong* This is a real nice fragrance. Throws beautfiful. I have such a nice hot throw scent more so than the cold throw. I have it burning in the bedrooom now and I can smell b/4 entering the room. Now I blended it with JS Smores and this is wonderful. I can smell more of the irish cream than the smores. Overall rating I would give it an 8 as I would like it more stronger.
  15. As of today, I still have not found the best marshmallow fragrance out there. Been trying forever to duplicate McCalls marsmallow which is now renamed Smores but used to be Campfire Marsmallow. This has been a conversation that has been brought up many times, and I have tried just about every smores or marshmallow fragrance out there even doing blends but nothing yet. As of this moment my go to marshmallow is Just Scent's Smore's blended with Flamings Irish Cream Coffee. Who's marshmallow do you use or recommend? I'll bet that most love RE Toasted Marshmallow. Thanks. Trappeur
  16. The cats are beautiful! Are you adopting some out? Trappeur
  17. Yep, here I am! Where have you been Sponey? What did you go and find some new girlfriends? Don't like us anymore here? lol Trappeur
  18. So do you like the rusty star? Trappeur
  19. Well, I don't know about that,lol.... Thankyou Shari! Trappeur Trappeur
  20. You go girl! (You are a girl, right? lol,) Trappeur
  21. Great idea BF.....It's a safety thing. Trappeur
  22. Oh wow Goldie!!! They would definitely work! Most of the lids are a bit more duller and not as shiny. Thankyou so muc;h! Trappeur
  23. I keep reheating the wax when it gets to hard and keep pouring the wax into my jar. You just have to keep eyeballing the wax as you go along.h I have never had a hard time that I needed to use a heat gun. The wax filled in. I don't even own a heatgun...lpol When I need to smooth out the tops which is very rare, I use my hairdryer. To each their own, right?? Trappeur
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