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  1. The cleansing balm I have them in now is 14.00 a tube. When I'm out of plastic lipbalm tubes and replace them with paperboard ones I'm thinking between seven and ten a tube. I use almost all organic and wildcrafted ingredients, my customers have super high expectations IE I actually know the family that harvests the Frankincense I use, none have complained about the prices.
  2. I'm getting there. I think I'm close but honestly as soon as I'm done I'll start alllllllllll over.
  3. Thank you all! I think people really like them. Yes, it does take a second to explain how to use them and why I choose them over plastic but I love talking about them and my customers love them too.
  4. When they take the photos it reminds me that I should clean off the porch.
  5. Number one gets my vote. I can read cursive fine (thanks gramma!) but to my eye it isn’t the *right* cursive for this label. The second one, I like it but it’s just a touch too bitchy to read easily. I like the first one best.
  6. I use the glassine bags and the tiny cloth bags for samples, and the “biodegradable “ bags for soaps but I like the glassine bags better. I would push up my cost a couple of cents, but my packaging time would go down. Hmmmmmmmm
  7. The copper is gorgeous. You really did a beautiful job.
  8. Holy cow! He’s gorgeous!!!! You can can totally do this! Sulfuric acid is only scary if you mess up badly. Remain a wary, remain thoughtful and careful. You’ll mess up eventually, but not badly. You’ll do fine! If if you can handle sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide you can handle sulfuric acid! You got this!
  9. I bet they smell as lovely as they look. I love vanilla and honey.
  10. Welcome! Thanks for jumping back in.
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