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  1. I use the glassine bags and the tiny cloth bags for samples, and the “biodegradable “ bags for soaps but I like the glassine bags better. I would push up my cost a couple of cents, but my packaging time would go down. Hmmmmmmmm
  2. The copper is gorgeous. You really did a beautiful job.
  3. Holy cow! He’s gorgeous!!!! You can can totally do this! Sulfuric acid is only scary if you mess up badly. Remain a wary, remain thoughtful and careful. You’ll mess up eventually, but not badly. You’ll do fine! If if you can handle sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide you can handle sulfuric acid! You got this!
  4. I bet they smell as lovely as they look. I love vanilla and honey.
  5. Welcome! Thanks for jumping back in.
  6. There used to be that scent calculator, Rainbow Meadows (I think...) That was so helpful and wonderful, too bad a thief ruined it for everyone. I like Susan aka swift craft monkey for formulas, too.
  7. I am starting to use cucumber too. As a hydrosol it's so amazing and refreshing in the summer. I am planning, when the weather is nice enough to make a cucumber hydrosol. I have to do it outside because of the method.
  8. Yeah, there is a learning curve to lotion making, but it isn't the Most. Difficult. Thing. I actually love making it. If you have cooking and kitchen skills you can totally do it. Lotion making is about my favorite thing. I love all about it, the formulation, the infusion, the actual work (blending in a blender, the whole bit.)
  9. Welcome! Happy to have you~
  10. Good luck! Thanks for joining us~
  11. Welcome! So happy to have you here!~
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