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  1. I'm doing mine tonight and tomorrow. I had both tables and my chair fall apart this year, so I have to buy new ones. In doing that, it got me thinking about NEW WINTER DISPLAYS! I wanna see yours plllleeease!
  2. iansmommaya

    Hello & Thanks!

    Oh Especially the donkeys tell me you'll post pictures! and welcome
  3. iansmommaya

    I worked on my website today!

    That washi tape bit it brilliant!
  4. iansmommaya

    Candles with Salts & Herbs

    i love warmth of a house fire in the winter.
  5. iansmommaya

    The Dark Side of Art

    Yep. Mine too.
  6. iansmommaya

    I worked on my website today!

    Thank you. Really thank you.
  7. iansmommaya

    I worked on my website today!

    Nah, It really isn't. I use WIX and a template, I changed things around and I am sure website makers all over the world cringe at mine but it's up and working. YOU CAN DO IT!
  8. Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh! The kitties! The candles! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! K. The candles. I really like the mat lids and the birch bark. The difference in the sayings is super cute! The kitties. I love them every single one.
  9. iansmommaya

    Retail Candle Reviews

  10. iansmommaya

    Retail Candle Reviews

    Oh haha! That last one is a salve.
  11. iansmommaya

    Retail Candle Reviews

    Hey y’all! I thought I would stop by a new shop today, thefuturempls.com im not reviewing the whole shop right now, but the have that under 30 Instagram vibes. Thefuturempls.com/collections/crystals i didn’t nuy any because AFAIK none of them are any of you! here are pics.
  12. iansmommaya

    Which stamp?

    This one I like.
  13. iansmommaya

    Which stamp?

    I like the second one because the font in the first one that says Outfitters etc. irritates me.
  14. iansmommaya


    the smiirl thing.