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  1. iansmommaya

    Does anyone make chocolate soap?

    I do. I don't use FO's so I can't help you with that. I just talk about the fair trade/no slavery chocolate I use.
  2. iansmommaya

    Next Craft Fair Coming!

    I love the colors! For sure I would do sniffies (like someone upthread mentioned.), the height in the back looks good, I like you have 3 "sections", I wouldn't do the balloons, a ton of people are very allergic to them and I for instance wouldn't do near a booth, indoor or out, with latex balloons.
  3. I know a ton of Herbalist who use those or similar jars for salves. They really do look nice.
  4. iansmommaya

    Hello from Minnesota!

    Welcome y fellow Minnesotan!
  5. iansmommaya

    Does anyone make cleansing oils or cleansing balms?

    I do. Do you want a link to the place where I started or do you want what I do now?
  6. iansmommaya

    Next trend in the wax world to put vendors out of business

    I'm a DIY person, HIGHLY HIGHLY DIY, and I would do this.
  7. iansmommaya

    Retail Candle Reviews

    I didn't buy it, I don't know them and I know many candle makers in person and online, so I tend to buy from people I know, ya know? knowknowknowknowknowknow. lol
  8. iansmommaya

    Calling all incense makers!

    I've started getting more into this. I'm making my own, not dipping blanks. Does about else do that?
  9. I am really starting to get into YouTube videos. I found this one.
  10. I'm doing mine tonight and tomorrow. I had both tables and my chair fall apart this year, so I have to buy new ones. In doing that, it got me thinking about NEW WINTER DISPLAYS! I wanna see yours plllleeease!
  11. iansmommaya

    Hello & Thanks!

    Oh Especially the donkeys tell me you'll post pictures! and welcome
  12. iansmommaya

    I worked on my website today!

    That washi tape bit it brilliant!