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  1. iansmommaya

    This Must Be A Joke.

    Honestly? I think a person or people want to quit.
  2. iansmommaya

    Anyone tried Meyers?

    I tried a couple of other things from them and they caused Bell's Palsy for me (a facial neurological problem, that fortunately was not permanent.)
  3. iansmommaya

    Label advice and feedback

    I actually might say it IS parafin instead of people assuming it is soy. There are a TON of people I know who will not eat of other wise use soy and that could appeal to them.
  4. iansmommaya

    This Must Be A Joke.

    Wow. That is rude of them.
  5. iansmommaya

    This Must Be A Joke.

    I was guessing why they would have been not fully operational on Monday. Otherwise I have no idea.
  6. iansmommaya

    What gives gel candles a bad name?

    The flash light on my phone works really well when my phone works. 😂
  7. iansmommaya

    This Must Be A Joke.

    Because of Indigenous Peoples' Day?
  8. iansmommaya

    What gives gel candles a bad name?

    THESE ARE FAB! I would buy them right now.
  9. iansmommaya

    Equipment Questions

    I WANT THIS! I don't even make candles!
  10. iansmommaya

    Video discussion

    This video is going to bring me nightmares of working at the big candle company I worked for.
  11. iansmommaya

    Things candle people say.

    I have two friends who sell used socks on eBay. They do well, enough so it's their FT job.
  12. Here is an example. They are available at any office store.
  13. So far the best that I've come up with is Wunderlist (goes on my computer and phone) and printing and binding at my local print place. I really try not to use plastic so I'm having stuff bound instead.
  14. iansmommaya

    You tube wax hauls

    There are more then a couple of really good Herbalists in TN. Books on the plants of the area, I am sure you already know.