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  1. iansmommaya

    Anyone tried Meyers?

    YES. Great idea!
  2. iansmommaya

    The weirdest soap advice ever!

    I used to zap tongue test, I no longer do it.
  3. iansmommaya

    This Must Be A Joke.

    Honestly? I think a person or people want to quit.
  4. iansmommaya

    Anyone tried Meyers?

    I tried a couple of other things from them and they caused Bell's Palsy for me (a facial neurological problem, that fortunately was not permanent.)
  5. iansmommaya

    Label advice and feedback

    I actually might say it IS parafin instead of people assuming it is soy. There are a TON of people I know who will not eat of other wise use soy and that could appeal to them.
  6. iansmommaya

    This Must Be A Joke.

    Wow. That is rude of them.
  7. iansmommaya

    This Must Be A Joke.

    I was guessing why they would have been not fully operational on Monday. Otherwise I have no idea.
  8. iansmommaya

    What gives gel candles a bad name?

    The flash light on my phone works really well when my phone works. 😂
  9. iansmommaya

    This Must Be A Joke.

    Because of Indigenous Peoples' Day?
  10. iansmommaya

    What gives gel candles a bad name?

    THESE ARE FAB! I would buy them right now.
  11. iansmommaya

    Equipment Questions

    I WANT THIS! I don't even make candles!
  12. iansmommaya

    Video discussion

    This video is going to bring me nightmares of working at the big candle company I worked for.
  13. iansmommaya

    Things candle people say.

    I have two friends who sell used socks on eBay. They do well, enough so it's their FT job.
  14. Here is an example. They are available at any office store.