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  1. HI, I haven't been here in quite a while.  Really miss this forum.  Do we still have a list of the suppliers?  Or, is that gone now?


    Thank you for your time,



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    2. Luvcandletarts2


      Do you by chance know of anyone that has tried Bulk Apothecary or is it alright if I ask that on the forum?

    3. Vicky_CO


      Please ask we do not have any limiting of mentioning of supplier here.

    4. Ann A

      Ann A

      Bulk apothocary is an excellent company and are very helpful


  2. Welcome Sara it is nice getting to know you a bit.
  3. Thank you guys for helping me out.
  4. Is any one having problems viewing pictures on the board? Please post here if you are this is important.
  5. Hi Vicky a am sorry to bother you again , Please help I download a picture and ever since I can,t  get

    Nothing Not event my name on the board can you please try to fix it and delete the picture  I download my pictures are 640 in size please feel free to bot in Thank you


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    2. Vicky_CO


      I see a great picture here.

    3. Vicky_CO


      Okay have you tried deleting you history in you browser?

    4. sherry


      Hi Vicky I am Sorry I have try everything maybe it 8is not my fault maybe it comes from the board so if it's fix I will have to give up  I cant do nothing

  6. That is okay we all mess up. Welcome to the board.
  7. Hi Helix welcome to the board I hope you enjoy it here.
  8. Welcome Erica We have a bit in common I have two Dobies that are the same want in and out all day and my DH when not working is a wood turner.
  9. Those are really good looking candles. Nice Job
  10. Welcome Laurie I glad you found us. 60 FO is not bad I refuse to say how many is in my stash it is embarrassing how many I have. Have fun here and we want pictures of your candles
  11. Here is the thing about glitter not all are create equal and not all glitter can be used on candles. You need glitter that is actually finely ground glass, metal or crystals. Most craft store glitter is not what you want for candles. They do have some that can be used but you have to read what the glitter is made of and if it does not say then stay away. Craft store glitter is made from a paper product not only do you risk fire but clogging the wick. Rustic essential sells some great glitter to use on candles I believe they call it shimmer dust. I have
  12. Hey Belinda, Glad you finally found this thread it is really good to know a little about the people we come to look on as friends.
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