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  1. I know this is an old post but if you haven't ordered more of their SCR you defiantly should! Or at least try it from Flaming. It's such a great bakery scent.
  2. Ok, I just noticed you live in Arizona. I'd still check and compare prices. You might get a better deal from Rustic.
  3. I'm thinking she was the person that owned Rustic Escentuals at one time. They're owned by Wholesale Supplies Plus now but their site still says Rustic Escentuals. As far as the dimples, no it doesn't matter, it's going to melt anyway. I just hate them LOL! I did see a guy on a youtube video pouring it the other day and his were pretty smooth. I think it depends on how fast it cools as to getting dimples. Where are you located? Check the prices from Rustic. Right now for some reason I can get 40 pounds shipped to me for only $15. From Virginia and Flaming the shipping was around $2
  4. The one I have is from Keystone and it's a Peak fragrance. It smells good. I've smelled the one from Buy It Ship It and I really liked theirs. It's their own blend. I don't order much from them (they are a little high priced) so I don't know if I"ll order it again, although I should since I can get a lady I go to church with to pick it up for me. I haven't tried anyone else's except I did get a sample from NG once and it had a floral note to it which I didn't like. I wanted the fruity scented one.
  5. I'm so glad someone asked this because I've been wanting to learn myself for a long time! Thanks!
  6. That would be my guess. I'm throwing my two cents in since it looks like those that were in this thread haven't been on in a while. I've used KY wax and love it except for the dimples. I have found that a repair gets rid of them and they have smooth tops or I add some container wax to the blend but I add 4630 because I want more paraffin than soy. You can also get this wax from Virginia Candle and Flaming. It seems a couple more places have it too. Just Scent I think is one.
  7. I like Vanilla Bean Noel from WSP and also Mrs. Claus Cookies from NG and Vanilla Bean Cookies from Daystar which is pretty much the same but maybe VBC and MCC has a slight more bakery note. They are almost an identical smell though. All are good.
  8. @Waxing Poetic, please update when you get them in wax! I'm anxious to hear your results. I haven't looked to see what new oils they've added but I think they add quite frequently.
  9. I have really liked what I got from Studio and Muddy both. I haven't put anything much in wax but they all smell good to me OOB. I haven't noticed any off smells from the FO from Studio but it could be that I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be smelling? So far from Muddy I got Idgie Threadgood, Lemon Pound Cake, After 5, Night Watch, Peach Bellini, Bazooka, which I can't smell any bubblegum at all but could be me, and Castaway. So far from Studio I really like Salted Caramel Apricot, and strawberry and peach gelato and their cucumber melon. Those are the only ones I can think of off the
  10. This oil is so yummy! It smells the same as Mrs. Claus Cookies from NG which is their version of VBN. Wax used 4625/6006 in clams. CT-Great HT-8 out of 10
  11. This is one of the best apple cinnamon fragrances I've found. I love it! Wax used: 4625:6006, KY parasoy tart wax CT-10 HT-10
  12. Texas Candle Supply has one of the best leather scents. It's comparable to the one from Lone Star. If you're looking for a good leather this is it. They ship fast too! Wax used: 4625/6006 CT-Great HT-Great
  13. I think you'll love their oils and they are also wonderful to deal with!
  14. Like pcbrook said you can't fit very many in a 4 ounce jar. I use polypropylene bags and plastic containers to mix mine in. Make sure the plastic has the number 5 on it (although I'm not sure if this really matters since Fragrance oils come in bottles that don't have a 5) but just to be safe. I mix 8:2 ratio. You will need a scale to measure the weight of the beads and FO. Shake them every day and when they're dry they're ready to bake.
  15. There are a lot of people that believe this helps but I've never found it to make a difference in my fresheners. I personally think once they're dry they're ready to bake. But like you I've read this in different groups but just never felt like it made a difference. But who knows, we all get different results using the same things at times! What doesn't work for one might be the missing thing for someone else.
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