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  1. That's what a different tax lady told me too. Ours apparently isn't working in our area due to the office in town being shut down so I found someone else. She said just add up what I've spent versus what I've made and any expenses. Thanks! This makes me feel much better.
  2. I spoke to another tax lady today and she said I could go either route so I think I'm just going to add up what I've spent and what I've sold and do it the easy way LOL! I have WAY too much on hand to go through and count all of that stuff.
  3. I always add up what I've spent and take that to her but she says I need to do inventory on what I have left at the end of the year. I spend WAY more than I make and like most here I'm addicted to FO's so I have tons of those that I've never even used so I guess I don't really understand what she's wanting. I went into my wax room and kind of did a quick assessment of how many bottles of FO I have and not even counting several shelves I had in the hundreds so I'm thinking that's not what she's wanting. I guess I'll just have to give her what I have and see if I did it right. I'm so not a business person and wish I had not filed a tax number to do this. It's just become a very expensive hobby where I make a little money but then turn around and spend three times that amount for supplies that I never seem to have time to use LOL! So are you thinking she wants a list of what I've spent, which I give her every year, and then supplies of what I have left over?
  4. I second Soshiegirl. I have JS cotton candy and even her blue cotton candy and they're both great. I've also used the one from WSP and it's good too. Want me to send some to you?
  5. My tax lady has been telling me the last couple of years that I need to do inventory at the end of the year. How do y'all do this or do you even do it? Do you count the number of bottles of FO, molds and wax or what? I'm not even sure how to go about this. I've spoken to two different wax people who haven't had to do this so I'm wondering if it differs by state or what. As you can tell I've waited till now to do my taxes for last year LOL! Thanks for your help!
  6. Belinda

    Pro blend 650

    Is 4630 hard to wick? I've only made a handful of candles so I'm not very experienced in that field. I do hope to be one day though. I think I've decided on 4786 for my container wax and that way I can use it with whatever tart/pillar wax I decide on and it doesn't smudge. I hate smudges on the bags! Have you ever used this was for candles?
  7. Anyone have any advice on 4786? I've been wanting to really make candles for a while and I think I've decided on this wax. I love the way it looks in a jar and have only made one candle with it so far. What wick would you recommend? I know this is all subjective but it's good to know a starting point.
  8. I thought so too Karen but it defiantly has a floral note to it.
  9. I"ve been wondering this same thing. My printer is an HP but not a very expensive one and my type doesn't come out very sharp on it so I was thinking about switching to a laser printer. I've been buying ink that's been refilled for it so I'm wondering if that could be the problem too. I think I'll place an order for some good ink I guess and see if that will make a difference. I hate to invest in another printer although this one wasn't expensive.
  10. Belinda

    Pro blend 650

    Maybe pouring cooler helps them be smooth then? Your FO mixes well at 160? I add FO at 185, stir for 2 minutes and then pour. When I've added FO at lower temps for some oils like vanilla, it won't mix in. Any advice?
  11. Belinda

    Pro blend 650

    Exactly! I've never been able to figure that out. It's always the granular wax that dimples too.
  12. Belinda

    Pro blend 650

    I've poured hot and cool and I don't really remember if it made a difference in the dimples. I know if you use a container wax with it it will smooth out but I hate the smudges I get with using the container wax. The only container wax I've ever used that didn't smudge doing shapes is 4786. Also, 6006 isn't as bad about smudging as 4630 or 4633 or at least in my experience. I hate the dimples but I've never had a customer complain about them and it's just going to melt anyway so I guess it's not really a big deal. I just don't like the way it looks.
  13. I have never used all soy but from everything I've read you will get a stronger hot throw with paraffin or a para/soy mix. Also, it will depend on the fragrance oil used as to how long the scent lasts. It could also be you have candle nose maybe? Other factors will affect the scent too, where the warmer is located etc. What fragrance are you using? How long are you letting them cure? Like Lovely Scents said the warmer is a big factor too. Also if you're just using a single cube from a clamshell and it's lasting that long then that's really not bad at all.
  14. @jmspgh, welcome to your new addiction! LOL! All of the above are great places to get supplies. I think I would order a kit and go from there. Lone Star also offers kits. If you're looking for a particular scent such as sugar cookie for instance, you can always ask on here and we can give our opinions on which are the best ones we've tried. Or where you can find good pumpkin scents and so on. Don't hesitate to ask for help!
  15. I've only bought NG POB one time and while I didn't think it was exactly the same as KY tart wax and 650 from Flaming I really think it is. I thought it was slightly different but I've been told since then that it's the same CJ Robinson wax as theirs.
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