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  1. Like others said, you're going to find good and bad oils from all the suppliers and it depends on your preference. I don't care for birthday cake from Aztec or Lone Star so I wouldn't tell anyone to try their birthday cake even though a lot of people love it. I love the one from Fragrance Buddy or Rustic Escentuals or Peak (now sold at Keystone). It really depends on what you're looking for and your own personal preference in a scent. I would check out Fragrance Buddy, Aztec, Lone Star, Flaming, Candle Science and many more. They all have oils that are great and unique to them.
  2. I've never bought any of their candle oils but their perfume reproductions are great!
  3. Have you tried the one from CS or Cajun? I think they smell pretty good myself. I may have some of Peak's and I'll try to remember to do a sniff test.
  4. I feel the same way about you! I'm so happy you're back!
  5. I feel the same way about you! I'm so happy you're back!
  6. I"ve been told that 6006 makes a good scoopable. I've not tried it myself though.
  7. I'm getting old! I found a post I made a couple of years ago and I have tried clams from Fillmore! I had completely forgotten about that. LOL!
  8. Thank you! I've been comparing the cost to the ones from Fillmore and Maple Street. I've been buying mine from MS for a few years and they do have a great price on theirs but the shipping is more than from Fillmore. I'm in Texas and I was quite surprised that the ones from Fillmore could ship to me cheaper than from MS. I think I'll give the ones from Fillmore a try then. I worry about a funky odor because years back I ordered some from Cajun and all I could smell was plastic.
  9. Mine came in yesterday and I agree, not the same. I've never smelled another one from any supplier like the one from CW. I got a few of their other oils too and liked what I got but need to put them in wax this weekend if I get a chance.
  10. Has anyone ever bought clams from Fillmore? I usually get mine from Maple street but they're a little cheaper from Fillmore. I just wanted to make sure they were good and didn't have a funky odor.
  11. Rose gives me a headache! I did find a really pretty rose scent I think from JS. I want to say it was rose vanilla and it really smelled so good. I will probably add it this coming spring. Or it might have been rose milk from RE. I'll have to pull my samples out and sniff before I order.
  12. WOW! Do you have that much personal wax! I have that much but I make it LOL!
  13. I went ahead and placed an order with them too and got some of their autumn leaves to see if it's the same as CW's to have a back up!
  14. Thanks! I'll defiantly change the name. It smells so good to me! I'm a bakery person but that scent is the bomb!
  15. Karen. it looks like Southern Scentsations has one called autumn leaves and the description sounds similar to the one from CW. I've never used that one from them but I have used some of their oils in the past and liked what I got from them. Maybe you could get a sample and see if it's the same.
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