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    Cleveland, Texas
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    I work with special needs children
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    I've been married for 36 years and have two wonderful sons. I'm a teachers aide for special needs kids and have been for 16 years.
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    I love to read and watch movies. I love anything early american/colonial or primitive.
    Love chocolate.
    Don't care much for jewelry except Christmas earrings and watches.

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  1. Belinda

    Best Apple Cinnamon?

    Thanks! I'll have to give them a try. Not that I NEED another supplier mind you, I just WANT one! LOL!
  2. Belinda

    Best Apple Cinnamon?

    I've never ordered from them but have visited their website before. Are there any must haves from them?
  3. Belinda

    Die cutting machine

    I work at a school and there are a couple of people that have these and make spirit shirts and sell them. I want one SO bad but I know I won't even try to attempt to learn how to use it until school's out. But I think Santa might have to bring me one LOL! AND a heat press of course!
  4. Belinda

    C&S Gingerbread Applesauce

    I tried it and didn't care for it but you might love it. I think Candy Bee has used it and loves it. I don't think I have it anymore or I would send it to you.
  5. Belinda

    Die cutting machine

    I've been wanting one for the past three years and can't decide on a silhouette or a cricut. Most of my friends that have one use a silhouette and love it. Which one are you thinking about getting?
  6. Belinda

    Aroma Bead Ornies not working out

    I've got some beads from PlasticPellets4fun but I haven't baked them yet. I did notice they have soaked up really fast though. Are these the problem beads? I was ordering from aroma beads online and she changed her beads and they're terrible!
  7. The Spiced Oranges from Cajun and ICS seem to be the same to my nose. Orange clove is also good. I'll have to sniff them together and get back with you. They might be so similar that it wouldn't pay to have orange clove and spiced oranges.
  8. Belinda

    I s o tart mold

  9. Belinda

    I s o tart mold

    Do you mind sharing where it was you found it? I've been thinking about doing away with clamshells and using bags to put my wax bars in.
  10. Belinda

    I s o tart mold

    Could it be a chocolate bar mold? I've seen some that look similar to that.
  11. Belinda

    Best Apple Cinnamon?

    I've been using Apple Cinnamon from Lone Star and it's pretty good but I need to order some more and wanted to know if there's a better one out there before I do. Thanks!
  12. Belinda

    Favorite wax for melts

    I've never tried Palm. Do you think the throw is a lot better than paraffin? I love the wax from TCS too! I just hate that you can only get it from one supplier. It's my favorite wax for clams but I like to mix 4625 with it for shapes.
  13. Belinda

    FAVORITE Halloween / Fall Fragrance OILS

    Did you mix it? Please share! LOL!
  14. Belinda

    Favorite wax for melts

    You're very welcome! Also, 4625 and 4794 don't require much of a cure time either. They are all paraffin waxes and supposedly don't need cure time but it's been my experience that even paraffin wax does better when cured. I hope this helps!
  15. Belinda

    Looking For a Donut Fragrance Oil

    I will have to go give them both a sniff but I do remember liking both of them. They are very similar though but I would still order both. The one from Aztec is good too. They have cinnamon sugared doughnuts. It smells the same as the one from FB to me.