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    I've been married for 36 years and have two wonderful sons. I'm a teachers aide for special needs kids and have been for 16 years.
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  1. I don't buy from aroma beads online anymore. I finally threw a ten pound bag in the trash from there. I get my beads at Plastic Pellets 4 Fun and they're great. NG also has great beads as does Bitter Creek North. I bought some from Lone Star but haven't soaked them yet. Lone Star has great dyes as well as oils and also RE, Flaming, for oils and dye. NG has good oils, Candle Science and Candlewic all have good oils. Fragrance Buddy, Just Scent, Aztec and others all have good oils.
  2. Hello and welcome to the board! Good to have you!
  3. @Sebleo, I ordered LS blueberry cobbler and it smells divine OOB! It reminds me a lot of the one from NG but I need to do a side by side sniff. I can smell the crust in it too! Thanks for the recommendation!
  4. If it's Peak's birthday cake then it's wonderful. It's the best I've smelled. You can actually smell cake to my nose. I've used chocolate grahams and love that one. Those are the only two I've tried in wax on your list.
  5. That's awesome! I'll have to check it out! Thank you!
  6. Those are darling! Which odor eliminator oil do you use @Trappeur? The only one I've used is the one from CS but it kind of chokes me up a little and I was wondering if there were others that had a different scent to them.
  7. Best birthday cake I've found. I've ordered the one from Keystone and it's dead on. You can smell the cake in it too instead of just a sweet FO.
  8. I've baked them wet before too with no problems. Leather and vanilla are two scents that take longer to soak up. I also don't think you can dye them after they're dry. I'd do like suggested, soak beads and split them up and then dye them.
  9. Hello Brenda! Good to have you here with us.
  10. I got the email too and was excited! I got several of their one ounce samples during their sale so hopefully I'll be able to try them out before this sale ends.
  11. I would think you definitely have a mislabeled bottle if it smells like bananas. I haven't personally used their cream brûlée but I may have a sample of it somewhere. I'll have to look for it and check. I've never smelled a cb that smelled like bananas.
  12. I love Autumn Leaves from Candle Wic. I have the one from BCN (I think) and also Aztec and the one from CW smells completely different than they do but it's my favorite of the three. I think I also have one called Falling Leaves from RE but the one from CW is still my favorite.
  13. Sorry, I was thinking Scentsy not B&BW's.
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