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  1. I'm not the person you were asking but I've used Cajun's beads and they are ok. They are the bigger beads and take longer to soak up and bake and don't usually get dry from soaking. I prefer the smaller beads from NG, Plastic Pellets 4 Fun, or Bitter Creak North. They are great beads. Whatever you do don't buy from Buy It Ship It or Aroma Beads Online. They used to have great beads but they changed and now they're horrible.
  2. I blend my own cherry leather but Texas Candle supply has one called Cowgirl Sugar Britches that smells good OOB. I've not seen that one anywhere else so I can't compare it to anything.
  3. I don’t think I’ve put baking cupcakes in wax yet but they have it listed under their bold scents I think so I take that as it’s a good thrower, or at least I hope that’s what it means. Sugared vanilla shortbread is medium to my nose like most vanillas but it’s a really good scent.
  4. Love their cream brûlée, Christmas mulberry, mulberry madness, spiced oranges and a few more that I can’t think of off the top of my head, but they have some good oils.
  5. I use both and they smell very similar and like soshiegirl said, you can’t go wrong with either one. I also like the leather fro the Candle Source which smells different but still good.
  6. I've used several of their oils too and they seem to be really good. It's just expensive for me to pay their shipping rates or I would buy their tart wax all the time. It's great for clams.
  7. I agree but I just have a hard time asking for more. Maybe one day. Right now in our little community, which is mostly where I sell, I doubt many would pay more because they are used to the Walmart crap but lower prices. They don't stop and think about getting a better product, just a cheaper one.
  8. I usually do 5-6 ounces for $5 a bag.
  9. Have you ever ordered from Texas Candle Supplies? I'm in southeast Texas and I know what you mean about Texans loving anything Texas themed! Anyway, TCS has several oils that are Cowboy/Texas themed and you can always change the name of some to fit more Texas than just cowboy.
  10. I also get a funky smell at times too. It seems to be either the oil used or the wax, not sure which but one thing I have noticed is it seems if I use a little bit of soy or use KY para/soy wax for clams I don't have the plastic smell. Could just be my imagination though and I don't smell it with every one of them. I actually love the bakery bags with a window. I love putting shapes in them and that way you can see the shapes through the window.
  11. Defiantly will let you know!
  12. I'm sorry I haven't. I'd actually forgot about having them until I read this post. Have you ordered from them yet? If not, I can go find their beads and put some on to soak and see how they do.
  13. Have you tried marshmallow madness from LS? I do love RE's toasted marshmallow but it honestly doesn't smell like marshmallows to me and I don't get any toasted notes from it either. It's just a rich vanilla something that I love though. But the marshmallow madness from LS smells different than any marshmallow I've smelled. The one from ICS is good too. I really hope you find what you're looking for.
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