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  1. I agree! I love "meeting" new people on here and chatting about our likes and dislikes and different experiences with our wax and sometimes life in general!
  2. This is what I got in today. Vanilla pineapple margarita Hogsmeade Butterbeer Creamy Coconut Old Spice Bow ties and Bourbon Sugared Marshmallows Cereal marshmallow bar warm vanilla sugar Marshmallow lavender Black cherry pie Salted Butterscotch White Peach and hibiscus Vanilla Snowflake Bourbon Vanilla Bonfire Smores Lavender Fabuloso Flannel Bear Claws Holiday Cinnamon TIde Boardwalk marshmallow clouds Summer Linen Gain Rose water and Ivy Apple Blossom Rose Mil
  3. Those sound good! I just received an order from Scented Expressions and was pleasantly surprised with every oil I got from them OOB. I can't wait to get them in wax.
  4. Isn't Rattlesnake grass from Candle Wic? Unless Bittercreek has one too. I only have a few of their oils.
  5. I've ordered a few samples and can't quite remember which ones at the moment but I do think I liked what I ordered. I know this isn't much but I hope it helps!
  6. I ordered a sample pack from them yesterday. I'm excited to get them!
  7. Do they have a website? I googled them but can't find anything by that name.
  8. I am planning to try some of their oils! I was waiting on one to come back in stock. I can't remember the name though. (brain fart!) I was reading in their group where it's really good but it was out of stock. I'll check back and see if it's in yet. Everybody was raving about it!
  9. I've never made a pillar candle but I think like you said, paraffin is going to give you the truest color. I know if I have any soy in the mix at all that my dyes aren't as dark as I get with all paraffin. Have you tried 4625? It's a great pillar wax and you don't have to add anything to it.
  10. I was just about to comment on this too. My guess would be Just Scent. They have a great cotton candy and also a great blue cotton candy. Other FO's I like from her are: Snicker Doodle Absolutely Fabulous Cake-a very good coconut cake type scent in my opinion Birthday Cake Blonde Moment Buttery Gingerbread Caramel Cinnamon Latte Champagne Toast Coconut Milk and Lavender Country Berry Hotcakes Fluffy Towels Hazlenut marshamllow Fluff ORange Chiffon Cake Orange Dreamsicle Peppermint Meringue Pink Sugar
  11. If I use clams I would mix this just like you're mixing. I'm not quite sure why your oils are weeping though. What temp are you adding them? I have had a couple that absolutely wouldn't mix, one being Jingle Bells from JS. I need to mix it at a much higher temp to get it to mix.
  12. There's a link in this section that has suppliers listed.
  13. There are a lot of great suppliers. What type scents do you like? For instance I don't like sugar cookie from Candle Wic but I love their sugared vanilla shortbread. I don't care for the pumpkin scents JS has but I love the pumpkin scents from other places. Nature's Gardens, Fragrance Buddy, Candle Science, Candle WIC, Studio, Bitter Creek North, Flaming Candle, Indiana Candle, Day Star, Lone Star, Virginia Candle Company, Aztec, Rustic Essential, Wholesale Supplies Plus, Keystone, and more all have some great FO's.
  14. So true! And things smell stronger to me in different places. I can't tell you how many times I poured something and thought it was a dud so I would give it to the ladies in the front office at work. Then I'd be walking down the hall and smell something good and I'd go in and ask them what they had going in their warmer and it would be a scent that I thought was a dud when I poured it!
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