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    I work with special needs children
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    I've been married for 36 years and have two wonderful sons. I'm a teachers aide for special needs kids and have been for 16 years.
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    I love to read and watch movies. I love anything early american/colonial or primitive.
    Love chocolate.
    Don't care much for jewelry except Christmas earrings and watches.

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  1. Have you ever blended this? If so, what vanilla and how much honey? I'm on the hunt for a good candy corn too. None of them smell like it to my nose.
  2. Yes, that's where Chip and Joanna live! We didn't do the Fixer Upper tour but now I wish we had. We're just about 3 hours away so it's not such a bad drive that we can't go back one day and just stay one night. We might one day. We just enjoy going to Galveston so much. The best seafood ever which is my favorite! LOL! But it has a lot of history to it too and that's interesting. This group wasn't Amish per say but they were a whole lot like them. The women had on modern clothes but all long skirts. They didn't cut their hair either. They reminded me of a Pentecostal group that have decided to live like the Amish only with modern things like electricity, vehicles, phones etc. but the group pretty much all live on the facility or close by and it seems that most of them worked there doing one thing or another. It was quite interesting. I've visited Amish country in Pennsylvania once and want to go back so bad! They intrigue me. I really think they are on to something by being isolated from so much that goes on in the world!
  3. The only one I've used is All Hallows Eve from BCN and I LOVE it! I think I have a sample of haunted garden but didn't care for it.
  4. Thank you! We had a good time but will probably not go back to Waco. The food was great, the silos are ok, Texas Ranger museum was wonderful along with touring an Amish type community and eating at their restaurant but I doubt I'd go again. I prefer a quick trip to Galveston or San Antonio but we did have fun. Midwest is great! Her mom is on here. She goes by Daisymae66. She's very sweet and kind too. I just love them!
  5. Wax used-KY para/soy mixed with 4625 Cold Throw-Great Hot Throw-Great This is one of the best cinnamon buns FO I've ever smelled! Love it!
  6. They have the BEST customer service and such nice people! They have a facebook group too. They are releasing some new oils this morning but they haven't been put on their site yet. I think they're getting Balsam Fir, Peppermint, a Peach scent, Black Ice and maybe a pumpkin one. I missed the live scent reveal last night so I'm not quite sure. They are extremely nice people. They were even giving away 4 gift cards worth $50 each to participators. I'm out of town on a mini vacay so I didn't want to bore hubs with trying to engage in the live video LOL! He had already gone to sleep and I didn't bring any ear buds!
  7. It does smell like that one a lot! I think the one from Midwest is richer though. I sniffed them side by side and they're both great!
  8. I got the email also. I do love some of her oils but just wish she'd restock all of her oils. She has some really good ones
  9. They really do have some good oils! Some in this list I've never tried but most I have. I would say they have more hits than misses.
  10. Have you tried theirs?
  11. Been looking for one myself. I know several suppliers have one but it's just knowing which one is the best! I wonder how mixing Hansel and Gretel's house (that reminds me of graham crackers), chocolate and a toasted marshmallow would smell? I just suck at blending though!
  12. Yes! A lot of freshener makers bake theirs in a toaster oven. I use my kitchen oven but in all the groups I'm in on Facebook I see people talking about using toaster ovens all the time. If i'm not mistaken they bake a little hotter so you need to watch them till you get your temp and time down.
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