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  1. I love Tobacco Caramel but have a hard time selling it. Think when they hear the name tobacco they think it smells like a cigarette & it turns them off. I explain it smells nothing like that but doesn't seem to help. Need to come up with a new name.
  2. When I made them for display in my home shop I used a spinner rack something like these. https://www.google.com/search?q=Counter+Spinner+Rack+w/+Sign+Holder,+(12)+2.125"+Hooks+-+White&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=x2uGAP6dUnfsgM%3A%2CYeLi6IvS8jH76M%2C_&usg=AFrqEzdi5Qgwhl293r2meXp9CraRc58Seg&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjqvPXG2O3cAhXvRt8KHbh6CZcQ9QEwAXoECAMQBg#imgrc=x2uGAP6dUnfsgM: Only the one I used was a floor model.
  3. I use the square aluminum molds and never have a warped pillar. I use 4625 and pour between 180-185, Poke relief holes-almost continually until it hardens, and top off. Don't really understand why they would be warped. What wax are you using? Edited to add I use wick pins.
  4. I keep all my pour pots on an electric griddle. I pour my wax from presto into another pot, a coffee carafe, that is pretty accurate for lbs, then put my pour pot on scale to measure out what I need. But all pots are kept on my electric griddle and it never really loses temp from my presto.
  5. I use UPS & USPS and have to say I have 2 great UPS men and postmaster is very good. Never, knock on wood, had things broken.
  6. The only problem I have found using 1274 & 1343 is that as the pillar burns it starts to bulge out and you have to steady keep hugging it to keep it rounded. I use 4625 with the same rustic look & like others said put mold in freezer and I pour real cool, like around 135-140. Edited to add you can add stearic to the 1274 or 1343 and it will help with the bulge but with the mottling wax to much and it doesn't mottle good.
  7. I use the high temp glue sticks and a high watt glue gun & they hold very good, very seldom does a wick move. I usually have to put jar on my griddle to loosen the wick. The multi temp does not hold good at all.
  8. Keystone Candles bought Peak oils. when they closed from my understanding.
  9. Learned this years ago from this board! When my wick is secured I twist the wick several times then put it in wick clip. I use the old straight ones with notch in middle so the wick doesn't untwist. As candle burns the wick will slowly untwist and you have an almost even melt all around. Edited to add that the cd wicks curl to the side and that is where you will see difference but with the twisting it helps.
  10. I had that happen years ago with think the htp wicks. They just weren't crimped good. After recrimping them they were fine. Just didn't order from that supplier again. Don't remember company. I now get all my cd wicks from Flaming and get my 5 from Candle Cocoon.
  11. With my cd wicks I just pinch off the amount that has burned.
  12. Looks like you are in the UK. Have you tried contacting the supplier you bought it from to see their recommendations for this wax. Looks like it is a container wax. Maybe some stearic might help. It did with my paraffin pillar wax when I had it years ago. Maybe try doing a second pour to smooth top instead of heat gun.
  13. If making a pilar I do same as Jcandleattic. My above post was referring to jars.
  14. I don't use a thermometer to test how cool mine are. When they are cold top, bottom, & side then they are ready for topping. I heat my top off hotter than original pour.
  15. Do a search for this size lids in black - 70-450
  16. I love the eucalyptus - thymes from Sweet Cakes. I went through many trying to find the perfect one that smelled like the dry eucalyptus & this was it to me.
  17. http://www.candlesandsupplies.net/Candle-Making/Premium-3-7-oz-Apothecary-Jars I can't tell if these are the ones you are looking for or not, first picture looked like them but when I clicked to jars not to sure. I had been getting mine from candle science. I am out so hope their shipping has improved.
  18. I use cd wicks with 4786 & 2 cd 7 or 8. I use the apoth jars from CS. They are not the real thick glass jars.
  19. It depends on the oil how quick they dry, some almost overnight and some a week or so. Spice like cranberry marmalade seems to dry almost overnight while florals can take much longer.
  20. I agree with Belinda on FB This Old House. The pillars are beautiful, love the look!
  21. I don't double wick the large salsa jar, 1 wick works fine. I use cd wicks with my paraffin.
  22. I use 27 flat in my 4625 pillars. Very seldom I have to go to a 30 with certain scents. My pillars don't bulge like that, they self consume I guess that is the term to use as they are burning, sort of hugging inward on their own. Not to say that sometimes I don't hug them in a little at times just to be sure. Now I do use stearic & vybar in my wax after having problems years ago with fingernailing and snowflaking. Once I started adding the additives, on recommendation from a supplier that was recommended to them by IGI I have no problems.
  23. I like #1 the best also! You are great designing labels!
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