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  1. Quick question about FO and wicks/wax. Ive tried a CSN14 in IGI 6006(parasoy) and have found that it burns really well other than a few things. It mushrooms and soots a bit a bit but also tunnels. I know that too small of a wick can cause the tunneling but I've read that soot and mushrooming identifies too large a wick. I am using 8.5% FO (as IGI 6006 says 10% is max). My question is, if I lower my FO % will this decrease the sooting and mushrooming? Also, will my HT be greatly affected? I'm not sure how much lower to go but I was considering trying 7
  2. hi all, i'm new to candle making and have started using C3 wax. i'm having difficulties with the texture of my candles. i have been getting rough, uneven tops and cracking. i have tried almost every pouring temp between 120-165*F. i have also tried not adding fragrance oil to see if it was causing the texture but they came out the same. at this point, i have no idea what is causing the texture. i would love to achieve smooth tops with C3 as it is the only wax my local supplier carries. please let me know if you have any advice. also, has anyone been successful with HTP wicks and C3 wax?
  3. I am looking for opinions on The Candle Source. Their fragrances are cheap but are they good? I am very picky. I only like strong fragrances. What brands would you compare this too. Thank you
  4. As I write this I am enjoying the fresh smell of my 'bonfire' wax melt that I had made one week ago. Everything was going perfect until I noticed my fragrance starting to evaporate off the top. I blew it out immediately however I found that this is not the first time this has happened as I use my wax melter. I am trying to figure out why this is happening. Is it that my tealight candle is to big? or does it have to do with the fragrances themselves? I was timing the wax and at the 45 minute mark it started to smoke/steam/fume, what ever yo want to call it, and now I am worried about how t
  5. I would like to start of by saying that I am fairly new to the candle making game. Unlike some seasoned veterans I barley have a year under my belt making candles and wax melts. However, with the risk of sounding prideful, I make good products. My HT and CT are strong and I have a set process that gives 90% sucess (avoiding major issues) when it comes to production. That being siad, the other 10% lies in the look of the candle. I use soy 464 for my candles and 494 for my melts and each frost. I understand that it is because it is natural and that is what soy does however I can't help but
  6. Hello everyone, i’m Tina from VietNam. I am starting to make candles for sale and I have a few questions that are eager to help. Sorry if my english's too bad and you can't understand. 01 - I intend to make containers candles with cement because the Vietnamese market currently does not have this product. Will there be as many difficulties with it as permeability? 02 - I will use wooden woods. 03 - I use palm wax, because there are not many choices in Vietnam. Important i want to ask: I see people recommending to use FO instead of EO, because EO is quite expensive and not scent eit
  7. Hi, I’m a few weeks in to my research phase for making candles. Got into this by looking for non-toxic diffuser refills for my home, which led to looking at oils, fragrances, and paraffins and then stumbling across so much YouTube content. Then, yada yada, I’ve invested about $600 in fragrance samples, test waxes, supplies, containers. I plan to try making my own soy-beeswax-coconut blend OR hopefully finding success with one of the Cargill Nature Waxes. I welcome any advice for this testing stage, especially with: non-paraffin waxes wicks
  8. Please can anyone help me with how to make squeezable wax to go on the burners?
  9. Has anyone found a replacement for the discontinued Candle Science Lavender Cucumber Sage Scent? The scent profile is below: Note Profile:Top: Chamomile, Neroli, EucalyptusMiddle: Lavender, Orange, RoseBase: Powder, Vanilla, Cedar
  10. To start this topic off I'll post links to these two articles that I found on the National Candle Association's website. They certainly don't like nor agree with some research that South Carolina State University has been doing on candles and posting on their website. Looks like the NCA makes some valid points. https://candles.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/The-National-Candle-Association-Response-to-Massoudi-1.pdf https://candles.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/NCA.SCSU-Press-Release-4.11.2017.pdf
  11. Has anyone Sweetcakes Lavender & Herbs ? Its pretty pricy so I was hoping to get some opinions before ordering ? I also saw Original Herbal Essence too. Thanks !
  12. Best candles preferred to be used in 2020. I prefer flameless candles.
  13. Help! Candle making newbie here so please excuse any ignorance!!! Made my first candle last night, long thin glass container. It's burning beautifully to start with. All the way to the edges etc. Then the flame gets smaller and smaller and gets drowned by the wax. I tried draining a little of the wax off and it burned brilliantly again for a while then the same problem. Everywhere I have looked online has only mentioned this happening when tunneling which is not the problem here. Pic attached is of when it was being made to give idea of size. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong plea
  14. Hello everyone. I just signed up to this forum. I look forward to learning a lot and interacting with fellow candle makers! Little background; My wife and I are just getting started making candles. We live Right outside of Atlanta Ga. Once we perfect making them we are going to teach our 7 year old daughter how make the candles. Eventually we plan to let her do all the candle making, coloring, labeling, scent choices, etc. So candle making will be her hobby and her business, she is super excited about it. We’ve only made 2 candles so far. Products just arrived 4 days ag
  15. I have tried so many wicks but not sure why the flame of my candle just blows out like in 15 mins and also I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong the kind of jar I’m using is a Square mason 8oz glass jar. I’m not sure what kind of wick should I buy from amazon 😓
  16. Ive been asked to make a Donut scented candle /wax melts. Any good ones out there - I saw some on Just Scent but not sure about any of them. Do they actually smell like a donut or are they more of a birthday cake smell with cinnamon or pumpkin or a jam/jelly scent added to it ? I think they're looking for a BBW type ??? The same person asked for a snow scent ??? WTH - what does snow smell like ??? Oh geez - I don't even know where do begin this lol ! Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  17. Hi everybody I 'm bigginer in candle making. I make candle with parrafin. my mold is alluminum. My candle not get out of mold easily although I put in freezer for 10mintuse. I forced to melt it. when I make in pvc mold I don't have problem . please guide me about what is my fault and what temprature i should use and why this happen for my candle. Thanks
  18. Hi everyone, I recently start making parrafin pillar, but it failed every time. Some strange mark like cauliflower always left on the surface and some wax were also sticked on the mould, however Candles can pulled out easily. I poured wax around 100 degree, no fragrance, wax also got additives. I've tried changed different moulds but same result. I also tried to preheat the mould as now is winter time(Australia), but still the same. I don't know what was wrong. Anyone can help? Much appreciated!
  19. Here’s an example of the experimenting I’ve been doing: the slime(d) pillar! 2” x 3.5”, using plain old dyed paraffin (no additives). The pillar itself was just poured like any pillar. The slime was added after by pouring that lovely snotty colored wax at a cooler temp (I didn’t record the temp at the time, but it was right around when a skin started developing on the surface of the wax.
  20. These are today’s trials in wax! The original test was to try a two-toned pillar, but I got impatient so I tried for an intentional bleed. So the test kind of worked on that one. I’m going to spend a little time next week just focusing on one mold a day for testing; using the different sized molds just makes it too confusing!
  21. Does anyone have any opinions of Wellington Fragrance Oils? I am new to candlemaking and purchased several fragrances from Wellington and have been mixing them in GW 415 and 464 and have struggled with hot throw mainly. Does anyone have any experience with Wellington fragrances? Trying to figure out if I should be buying fragrances from somewhere else. Thanks!
  22. Hello, I have been experimenting with candles for awhile now, but have not had the best of luck. Trial & error is a part of the growing/learning process. Classes online don’t really help with the different flash points, wax mix ratios, wicks, oil/fragrance mixes etc. I have reached out to several people, but not one reply in over a year :/. No classes here in the valley, and some 1 hour beginner classes in Los Angeles. I currently live in Phoenix, AZ, but would come out to someone who was willing help me learn/achieve my goals. I have the resources to make weekly or monthly
  23. So I've been making candles for a while now, And I've never has any problems with my wicks, until this happened. Customer wants to know what's causing it and I have no clue. At first I thought it was an extreme case of mushrooming, but after getting the pictures I'm not so sure. any ideas?
  24. I would like to know if there is any online candle making workshops for new beginners. I thank you in advance for your help.
  25. What are some possible causes of the flame being too high? I understand it could mean the wick is too large but what are some other causes? Thank you!
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