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  1. I am looking for red candle containers without any texture on them. Just a smooth tumbler or perhaps square. Under 15 ounces capacity. Please respond if you have any suggestions-thanks!
  2. I will just respond to this bc I have used many of them. Lab and Co really do smell "better" than most others. They just smell more complex and not only are they crazy strong, but you can really smell different notes within the fragrances. I am assuming that they really do use special (i.e. higher quality/more expensive) ingredients. With that said, I don't love all of their fragrances and neither do my customers. They are a little too unique lol! I would like to have the quality (and complexity) of Lab and Co, but with my own choices of fragrances. As far as candle science and AFI, they have crazy strong fragrances as well...but again, I think Lab and Co. (in general) has (1) better complexity and (perhaps) (2) better ingredients. For me, those 2 things ARE worth paying more.
  3. Thanks for the info busy bee! Have you dealt with premier fragrances and/or how do you know that is the company Lab&Co uses? I have been using AFI, which I love, but I will definitely check out premier if their minimum is 10 lbs like AFI.
  4. Looking for the best quality black candle dye (and any suggestions on how to use dye much appreciated-I have never colored my candles, but want to try!)
  5. New year...new candle making possibilities... I have been using the candle science chandler machines, so perhaps I have been a little spoiled. I just love the fact that they do all the continual mixing while I can work on other things. However, they have problems, particularly when you use them a lot. In fact, one started smoking last week. So I am thinking that it is time to move up to a "real" machine and wondering if anyone has any experience with either wax melters or some sort of stirring device? Has anyone tried a magnetic stirrer or an official candle machine like the big boys/girls use?
  6. Thanks everyone-this is super helpful. I am going to re-read everything and make some decisions.
  7. I like the way you think! Go high-end or go home lol! Agree!!
  8. Obsessed, I apologize for making you feel disappointed! I know it is frustrating when you are excited about something and everyone is like, “nah!” Maybe I will try their wax again if it is different from what I tested, it is just a hefty investment w the shipping. Please let us know if it is avail in the US. As for the container, it is subjective. It is chunky paint, to me. I have the Gio with the embedded flakes and it is so much nicer. But again, these are subjective comments about a glass container. And I do appreciate LCS selection-unparalleled actually!
  9. Just wondering how consignment workec out for you-and did you end up going with a 90/10 split?
  10. I know consignment has a lot of negatives...I get why. With that said, I agreed to do consignment for two friends I have known and like. One owns a salon and the other has a store. I already agreed to consignment so I def don’t want to revisit that issue, but just wondering what percentage I should state. I want to take the highest percentage I can. Any suggestions? 70/30? 60/40? 80/20?? 50/50 doesn’t seem right bc that is basically wholesale pricing and that involves way more risk for the store.
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