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  1. That is not the issue because if they light properly, they are the perfect size for the candle. And the type is fine. I think the issue is the same one that many have with the wooden wicks...they suck. The previous company that made wooden wicks had some sort of flammable coating on them that made a big difference.
  2. I took your advice and used pirateship and it was fantastic. So easy to use, free, cheaper postage price than usps web site, and live real customer service person jumped onto chat feature quickly to help out. Thanks!
  3. You are always so helpful; thank you. And your post office cart is #candlegoals
  4. This topic has been discussed before but since companies and products change, any suggestions on where to purchase great wooden wicks? I recall that the best company for them went out of business a few years ago, and has any other company filled that void? woodenwick.com has some issues Anyone find any others?
  5. Just wanted to add that this issue is SO annoying! I have tried two things that seem to help: 1) Cut it very short. It has to be short enough that you don’t get the charring area too high, and it doesn’t hit wax. But not too short that it won’t catch. Yea, this is ridiculously difficult to do. 2) If/when it flickers out, I have taken a fork (or anything) and tapped the top of the charred extinguished wick a bit. This seems to release the wood layers and allow air in, so the flame will last when I relight it. Yea, this is a pain and not something I can realistically tell customers to
  6. I am reading through these posts and I have also read a separate discussion here about NOT adding essential oils bc it is adding a potential contaminant and might separate (and therefore make some sprays have less alcohol content) so I am left wondering about options. I have a couple gallons of hand san I bought at BA for personal family use only. Any thoughts on whether it’s ok to blend in fragrance oil at a 1% rate? And use a stick blender or what exactly should I use? edit to add: the BA gallons don’t smell too bad to me...but a friend ordered one and says it smells horrible and
  7. I would like to do more "small" shipments of just one candle, but I am so confused by all the shipping rates. Does anyone have any advice of what to use for a small package (probably 6 x 6 x 6) that weighs under 2 pounds? And does everyone usually have to eat some of the shipping costs? I don't mind that...but the rates I am seeing are so high! In the past, I have usually used flat rate priority mail-but I would like to find shipping for under $10 for that size.
  8. Do you mind sharing who you use for shipping? I have really focused on local orders and wholesale but finding it tricky to figure out the best rates for shipping an individual candle across the country.
  9. THANK YOU. Honestly, I have been actually thinking of quitting my candle business, just because of this. It is really disconcerting to hear about problems...and not know the potential solution. One or two of the 50lb shipments did look “wet” but I attributed it to the Florida humidity. I was concerned at the time, though. I suspect there is no way to “dry” the wax because some of the complaints come from people who didn’t light the candles for many months after they were made. In fact, time might have made it even WORSE. Maybe the watery part comes to the top, as the fragrance oil and soy sink
  10. Hello all- For several years, I have had no problems with candles not burning. But in the last couple months, I have had several customers saying that their candles light...then burn out. The only “constant” that they all have in common is the wax. I have been getting GW 444 from Virginia Candle Supply. It could be the wax...it could be something else with the wicks. Is anyone else having recent lighting problems that only started in the last 6 months. I searched on here for recent similar issues. Any thoughts appreciated!
  11. I am looking for red candle containers without any texture on them. Just a smooth tumbler or perhaps square. Under 15 ounces capacity. Please respond if you have any suggestions-thanks!
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