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  1. Wow-that was not smart of me. I assumed they were in Copenhagen, but they are in San Fran!! I am surprised I haven't heard of them. Any adds thoughts about them? their prices are rather high-but quality looks amazing! Thanks.
  2. Have you ordered from them before? Seems like it could get complicated/expensive although I have ordered other containers from far away before, and it was worth it.
  3. Interesting. I used it for basil butter, and it came out amazing. But of course that is very different from fragrance oil. Do you have any other ways that essential oils or something similar could be created at home?
  4. Just following up on this topic because I am in the market for a melter. Is it correct to say that there are basically a few melters on the market and they are around 1k, but if you want to have a pouring hose that adds fragrance, the price shoots up to over 10k? Does anyone have experience with the agitator that sits on top of a melter? Any advice on a water-jacketed vs non? Thanks!
  5. I have bought them. I noticed that they burned pretty quickly - so they didn’t last long.
  6. I have found zero problems w coconut wax. The only thing I don’t like is the look-it looks a little more “hollow” to me...not as substantial or heavy looking as other waxes. It seems more airy. And often divots on top (sinks). With that said, it is great to use especially w soy...and I like being able to say the candles use it.
  7. Has anyone tried using an electric infuser machine? They are Apparantly used for cannibis, but I am wondering if you could infuse foliage into wax (or oil) and what would happen when the candle burns. I know it is totally random, and there are a whole bunch of reasons why it won’t be good, but wanted to try! here it is: Active Gear Guy Infuser Machine for Butters, Oils, Tinctures, Chocolate, and Gummies. Decarb Feature Included. Comes with Silicon Mold and Instruction/Recipe Manual. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Q3SYQ45/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glc_fabc_n-WaGb3HFXAEJ?_encoding
  8. Has anyone tried a machine like this? It says that it can infuse herbs into oils, and mentions that candle makers use it. It seems like a cool idea, but not sure what is exactly going on! https://shop.levooil.com/collections/machines
  9. Any recommendations for FO sellers who specialize in "novelty" scents? (fragrance oil that smells like paper or dirt or lollipop etc) I usually use save on scents, but looking for some additional sources.
  10. I am just looking for any specific tips, from those who have layered candles before. I am planning to only layer fragrance, not colors. But I really want just the top 1/2 inch to have a completely different fragrance. So basically about 5/6 of the candle will have the main fragrance, and then the top will have a totally different scent. It is ok if it bleeds into the next fragrance as it burns, but does anyone have tips on keeping that top fragrance "separate"? For example, should I pour when extremely cool? Should I put a thin layer of non-fragranced candle between them or maybe a harder wax
  11. Have you been able to find them? I have purchased blue/yellow/red wicks I found online. They were not great though, they sort of crumbled when you handle them. I am also looking for colored wicks too.
  12. Looking for some containers that are grey; Genwax has shiny grey, but I would love a matte finish. Thx in advance!!
  13. That is not the issue because if they light properly, they are the perfect size for the candle. And the type is fine. I think the issue is the same one that many have with the wooden wicks...they suck. The previous company that made wooden wicks had some sort of flammable coating on them that made a big difference.
  14. I took your advice and used pirateship and it was fantastic. So easy to use, free, cheaper postage price than usps web site, and live real customer service person jumped onto chat feature quickly to help out. Thanks!
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