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  1. Has anyone used this multi use base? I was thinking of branching out from the candle line. Any suggestions appreciated! (Sorry if this is the wring area -moderators please feel free to move!)
  2. Has anyone seen this dupe anywhere?
  3. I spoke too soon. After I posted about rust...guess what happened??! Rust. I was working with 100 gold tins from specialty bottle. Everything was fine until I switched from 444 wax to 415, just for the last 10-15 candles. For some odd reason, all those candles developed a weird orangey ring along the edge of the wax.
  4. Has anyone seen square candle containers? (or perhaps vases that could work as candle containers) Or has anyone had experience making them? Not clear-looking for nice (maybe matte) black or white square containers like https://tajacollection.com
  5. Has anyone tried using an etching pen on wax, on the top of a container candle? Picture is attached of the kind of device I am talking about but not sure it epuld work, or if there is a different type of device to try.
  6. Here is my opinion if you are still looking for opinions... I think the shallow tin is very cool. I like them and have considered trying them out. I think they have a modern vibe. BUT as mentioned, they probably will not be so great to light and use repeatedly. Do all candle tin descriptions mention RUST?? I have never noticed that before. I assume they are seamless? I have been looking for gold tins and I have noticed that many tins are actually not made for candles, and it can be a little tricky if you aren't used to sourcing tins (which I am not).
  7. Looking for white tea, like the kind used in the W hotel candles.
  8. I have ordered from AFI. In fact, I am on the last drops of a very large order of Lime/Basil/Mandarin I bought over a year ago. It arrived in what can only be described as a gas can...like when you run out of gas, and have to purchase the can and fill it up and get back to your car! It took me a while just to figure out how to undo the cap! They were very easy to deal with; quick shipping too.
  9. I have looked through the archives and can't find a discussion on this, but I remember hearing about complaints about either CD or ECO wicks. They were really mushroom-ey and messy..and I just can't remember which one had the issues. Does anyone recall?
  10. That is a good point-I was wondering about that. On the link (way) above, the company uses a backing on their dust covers.
  11. I am wondering about the best material for dust covers. I make them myself, with a digital cutting machine (cricut) because I use so many different diameter containers. I have created a file that is a circle with a pull tab, and I can easily make it any size and create any shape(s) for the wick opening. I just got a wholesale order for some beautiful gold container candles. (See photo) My question is what material would be ideal for the covers? I can use clear plastic, heavy paper stock, cardboard, (even wood veneer!) Candles look terrible in stores when they aren’t covered-but not sure what will work best with the wax and not get icky. Any thoughts on this? Would thin plastic get sweaty? If I use the regular look of printed paper or cardstock, does anyone know what “type” of paper works best?
  12. Thanks! It all looks so much messier in the pictures, than I thought it looked at the time. I need to get those tablecloths ironed!!
  13. Finally did my first market!! It was super HOT out and a bit rainy...but fun nonetheless! It was great to see which area/candles people gravitated towards. Very helpful to see what caught their eye. We moved things around about 50 times because we noticed that people really like to "handle" things, and if we put the candles too far away, it wasn't as effective.
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