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  1. Does anyone know about Plastic Wrap for boxes? The kind that looks like a clear cellophane wrapper, over the box, and almost looks like folded gift wrap on the bottom. I am wondering if I just use thin cellophane and wrap it like a gift box- and tape the bottom? Or is there a heat gun or spray adhesive involved? A machine? Edit to add: found this, but it is $ https://www.deltawrap.com/perfume.html
  2. Our candles are twinning. mine looks just like that after one burn today...I couldn't figure out what I did wrong. Normally I use 464 but decided to switch it up and get 444. Hmmm.
  3. I have seen high-end candle companies that have printed packaging and then in an area that is already printed white, they put a tiny label (on top of the white area) with the scent name. This way, at first glance, it looks like it is part of the custom printing, even though it isn't. You really can't tell that the white part of the label has a little sticker in the middle. So basically-you could design generic company labels and have them printed professionally, with a large white rectangle incorporated somewhere on the label design. Then put your teeny scent sticker in the middle of the white rect. so the label background blends in.
  4. TWO THOUGHTS: 1) To make life easier, design the labels in a way that it won't matter if they are slightly off center. Be sure not to create any shapes or circular writing or anything that will look bad if it is not perfectly centered. I have done that when I am running low on time or feel sick of the process lol 2) This is a big learning curve...but if you can manage to learn how to use a digital cutter, you can design and print within the program and create hang-tags in any shape you want, with a hole (or a star or any other cut shape!) and you can print-and-cut together. (Meaning that the program sends the design to your printer and creates laser guidelines that cuts the precise, exact shapes in the right place). Everything will look perfect and you can easily do as many as you want, for super cheap per piece. (Btw, this is how I always do my labels and dust covers).
  5. It is interesting that they appear so successful..mostly based on the fact that the scent names are linked to literary things. I guess no one else is doing this...so any time someone needs a gift for a bookworm, a book club, etc., they have little direct competition.
  6. Looking for any guidance on custom boxes. Has anyone researched manufacturers either in US or China? Any info about die-cut paper or foam holders to secure the candle or info about paper quality that can support the weight of a heavy glass w 10 oz fill.
  7. I bet that those orange wrinkles are MIRROR images of your tinfoil wrinkles. (...hmmm maybe I should be wearing the tinfoil hat lol)
  8. Btw I always use 12% FO with 464 (and now 444 too) and have never had kooky tops like those. Once in a while if I am lazy about stirring, the tops will be a tiny bit mottled or have a tiny little divot. But not anywhere near the grand canyon situation you’ve got going in those pics. Pretty sure it was the reflected heat.
  9. I think those “wrinkles” on your wax could be thanks to the heat emanating from the foil above it. In fact, the wax wrinkles look exactly like tinfoil ripples. As the wax was cooling (and therefore shrinking a bit) the wrinkled heat areas caused the candle to solidify unevenly. No more tinfoil hats for candles
  10. Thanks Trump. I will start stocking up a bit more...I was wondering how all this would affect us. Although in some ways can it be good for us because stores/consumers will be more encouraged to buy locally (from the US) and I bet that most of the fancy candle brands are either made in China or Europe.
  11. I guess it is pricey...but really, it is the price of two lbs of fragrance oil. Plus, how much is your TIME worth :) I forgot to mention the best part....no clankety-clank from the kitchen as I mix with my metal whisk (clankety) in stirring pots (clank!) And no more balancing the hot wax swishing around in the pour pot while I hold a heat gun in my other hand to keep the mix warm as it combines.
  12. Anyone have any suggestions on the best tape to use around wax? I seem to use tape for all sorts of things...keeping track of which FO is in which container, tying straws and chopsticks to keep wicks straights, labeling bottles....and wax/scotch tape is not a good combination. As soon as the tape gets oily, it slides right off. Just wondering if there are better adhesives or special kinds of tape to use around wax?
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