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  1. Yes! Like a chunky sandpaper coating! I never in my life thought I would say, "Awwww I really miss a wick that was discontinued"....but it is true.
  2. Makes sense. I just want to do an embed that is the same as uncolored soy wax. It doesn't need any FO. Although I think for my needs, I would rather have an imprint from a stamp. I will probably get a metal soap stamp but I just want to be sure it can work before I invest. I imagine the soy wax has to be "firm" enough not to smush and to hold the image. I am wondering if adding stearic will held the wax harden up more to take the impression.
  3. I know this thread is old, but I think there were a couples things left unanswered...and I am very curious about the potential answers. 1- regarding volatile compounds, they can stay in the space forever? 2-the storage locker is not a bad idea, especially if the candles and all the supplies can be stored there, instead of your kitchen! But don't the storage locker places have a rule against working or conducting business inside the lockers?? I would think artists would be renting them all the time to use as studios, no? And I would also think there would be rules about flammable materials, heat and chemicals, etc. I have never rented a storage locker in my life so I have no idea!
  4. I think I must have used a different wooden wick-I think I bought them at Northwood and they had a "coating" on them. Is the woodenwick company the same as lab&co?
  5. Do you mean the kind of stamps that are used to stamp envelope seals? What about a soap stamp? And did you find beeswax worked much better than pillar wax for the embeds?
  6. Ok. I posted about Coconut Wax in a Brand new topic, but I am wondering if the problem I have is similar. My easy beads arrived in a big lump and now I am even more concerned. The OP here also reminded me of a BIG problem with a recent order. I didn’t post it earlier bc I am slightly embarrassed lol. See attached photo-but trigger warning...it is BAD. 90%soy (444) 10%easy beads and I blamed the tins for possibly having a bad sealant. I still think the tins are at fault but wondering if the coconut wax possibly was involved in this trouble.
  7. Just got two cases and the “easy beads” have turned to “difficult lumps”. It looks like maybe ups left the boxes in the sun/heat and everything melted. I can deal with that, but the boxes also seem a little extra “sweaty” inside. It is mostly on the inside, so I don’t think rain got in. I just think the heat got to the beads. Are these ok to use? I tried some samples and it is hard to tell. One thing I do know is that it is really hard to keep digging at them, but not sure if I have any recourse with the seller since it is (the end of) summer.
  8. Since the tried and true wood wick company apparently went out of business, any current wood wick supplier favorites?
  9. Interested to hear about how a dupe turns out. I have bought Lab and Co and they ARE incredible-but ouch, the price. And like all FO it is ridiculously hard to know what the scents will be like, and if you will like them, until you get them. But spending so much on a little sample size, makes me inclined NOT to buy much from them. Fyi I also have had some problems w their shipping although they took care of things nicely (once they were finally reachable lol). edit to add-while I love two of the scents I purchased from them, the others I thought were not my cup of tea. And I have not gotten too much enthusiasm from customers. Will have to check the fragrance boards to see if there are suggestions!
  10. I want to make an impression in the top of my wax. Almost like a reverse embed. Has anyone done this or do you have any suggestions? I am thinking maybe I can melt the tops with a heat gun (a little? A lot?) and use a wax seal stamp? Or should I give up that idea and make embeds? If so, how do I make an embed with soy wax...or do I need to make them with a “stronger” wax? And last question...how do I make or buy a custom embed/mold?? ANY advice or experience is much appreciated!
  11. I don’t think copies will be as good-they have an amazing throw.
  12. Is it too lame to ask, what is specific gravity? And what could it tell us about the candle making process? (Slept through hs science and went to a college w/ zero actual requirements-but now I am interested!)
  13. But I imagine this gets pretty expensive, right? Their slabs just seem so high per pound.
  14. Never thought of a pump. I have been trying to carefully pour without splashing. Not so good at that.
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