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Found 11 results

  1. There are pillar blends. There are pillar/votive blends. There are votive blends All votives are pillars Not all pillars are votives Therefore, you could use a "low shrink" votive blend to make larger pillars. Wrong or right?
  2. I saw this picture of a pillar on Etsy. There are lots of ways you can package pillars, but I like this. What I can't tell from the picture is this: If this is some sort of paper "wrap" that glues to itself in the back, does anyone know a source? If this is a stick on label, what kind of label would you use that would adhere to wax, but still be removable without damaging the appearance of the the candle? I could use either method.
  3. These are today’s trials in wax! The original test was to try a two-toned pillar, but I got impatient so I tried for an intentional bleed. So the test kind of worked on that one. I’m going to spend a little time next week just focusing on one mold a day for testing; using the different sized molds just makes it too confusing!
  4. Is there a general rule as to what the interior temperature of a paraffin candle should be when you do your second pour? I use a slender meat thermometer when I start to make my first probe.
  5. Maybe I'm splitting hairs, but I was thinking about what difference does the melting point matter? None of my paraffin is ever melted at that point. It's never completely melted until the temperature is way up there, so why not wait until the wax is completely melted before adding the solid dye, in my case. My question is: Should I add the solid dye when my thermometer shows the "melting point" or should I wait until the paraffin is completely melted no matter how high the actual temp may be? I've been working with IGI 4625, which only shows a Working/Pouring range of 175-185 F. I'm pouring at 177 degrees F. 7% Stearic and 1% Vybar. 6% fragrance load.
  6. I've read in a few books the last few months that pantyhose are as good as you can get for polishing up your pillar candles. Is there something that would work just as well? As a guy, I don't buy them. I've never worn them either (well there was that one time in college...) never mind. It would be embarrassing to go buy any and I'm currently without a girlfriend. Besides, I don't know what size I wear.
  7. Take a look at this picture(s) and notice the BULDGE at the top. It started from the first burn and is continuing now at day five. I've at least progressed to the point where I'm not getting blowouts. As you can see it's also burning evenly. I don't ever recall seeing a commercially made candle do this. Is this common to homemade candles? In general, what are the possible reasons that could cause this? Here is some data: 1. Country Lane General Purpose Wax, 12ozs 2. EricX #24 FT Light wick. I pre-wax them myself. 3. Poured at 175F which falls within the manufacturer's specs. 4. Fragrance load of 4% or .48 ozs for 12 ozs of wax. 5. .40 ozs stearic acid. The mold is 3" in diameter & 31/2 high.
  8. At what point in your pillar making journey with paraffin, do you know it's time to consider some sort of additives are needed? Stearic acid perhaps? I've tried to do everything in a step-by-step, scientific method type of way. I'm taking notes, etc. I can't seem to get any sort of consistent results. Really puzzled as to what should be done next. Q
  9. What did I do wrong here? I punched two holes on each side of the wick like your supposed to. Then I refilled the cavity with the same wax. I poured into one hole and the wax came out the other, so I assumed it was filled. I removed the centering tool so you could see. What do I do next? Can it be salvaged. I followed the paraffin maker's heating temps, went to bed, and this it what I found this morning.
  10. I've been making candles now for about 6 months. I've seen so many different ideas on which wax to use in pillars, in particular paraffin. Is it absolutely necessary to make probe holes everytime to fill the shrinkage area inside? Should I only do that if I see evidence such as a visible hole after the candle has cooled? I've got plenty of questions, but this will do for now
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