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  1. They are a good company. No problems here on my end yet. Their coconut wax is super nice although it can soot a bit if you dont have the correct wick/size. Also its just too darn expensive for my line of candles. If you are to go with that wax I think they even suggest to market them as a "luxury" brand candle, whatever tf that is lol. AS far a fragrances...I liked the samples I got so much I am now including at least half of them for my 2019 line up. Obviously fragrances work differently for everyone and smell is subjective, but as far as quality Id say order some samples and decide for yourself. Cant answer the 5 star rating thing tho, although most of the items I got from them would in fact have gotten a 5 star rating if I had taken the time to rate them. -Cheers
  2. Clear Black


    Yikes. At least they are in cans and can withstand the high heat longer before breaking. At least lol
  3. Clear Black


    So does this mean you are normally wicking your containers to reach a FMP by the second hour? That seems very unsafe, regardless of how much you think your customers want this. If this is how I am interpreting your comment then I would suggest focusing on making a safe candle above satisfying a customer based on false information they think they know. Take this as advice and not anything personal. I would hate to see you put yourself or anyone else at risk with an over wicked candle just to make someone happy
  4. Clear Black

    White candle dye

    Ya, I am basically looking for a way to make a white candle without clogging the wick Q. Seems harder than it sounds I guess.
  5. Question: Does all white dye contain titanium dioxide? I was looking at Northwoods and C&S’s white dye chips and wondering if they work in candles or will they be tough to burn. And if yes, how does Yankee do it? I know they have a few fragrances that are white in color and if all white dyes contain Titanium dioxide pigments then There must be a way for us to make a white color as well ya? Thanks.
  6. Clear Black

    Paraffin candles dangerous?

    I agree with you here I really do. I sell soy and soy only and on a few occasions have been approached by a few customers bashing on paraffin and wanting to purchase my candles simply because they were soy based. I very politely try to explain to them the benefits and negatives of BOTH waxes and that it comes down to preference really. Its hilarious to watch their expressions as I defend paraffin while selling them a soy candle lol
  7. Clear Black

    Paraffin candles dangerous?

    One more just for the fun of it. I honestly do feel sorry for you folks who do use paraffin. It must be tough selling a product that the general public is being told to fear by a select few so called "experts"
  8. Clear Black

    Paraffin candles dangerous?

    Grab some popcorn and enjoy the watching: This news story goes way beyond fear mongering and even point out that a zinc type wick is a huge no-no. Ugh
  9. Clear Black

    Paraffin candles dangerous?

    Lol at this topic. I think it is all fear-mongering if you ask me and I detest this especially when used in this manner as a marketing strategy against paraffin. AND I DO NOT EVEN USE PARRAFIN! I am a soy user and still think that BOTH or ALL types of waxes have certain safety risks if not used properly. In my experience parrafin does not soot any worse than any other wax if improper wicking is used but what do I know really eh?
  10. Clear Black

    Retail Candle Reviews

    SMH for sure. I ended up melting the wax down on the stove and just wicking one of my normal tins and repouring the wax in that instead of it going to waste.
  11. Clear Black

    Retail Candle Reviews

    I know this is the safety standard in terms of glass temperatures, but I have tested many of YC's "perfect pillar" jars and found them to burn way too hot even at the top of the jar. I am even a constant wick trimmer and they still had a fmp over an inch deep on the first 4 hour burn. Those are a 3" wide glass jar that stand a bit over 12" high. I did not dare burn it even to the halfway point in the jar for fear of it shattering. This was about a year ago and maybe they had some bad candles there for a 6 month stretch, but either way they were not following the 170* rule for glass temps. Not even close so it makes me wonder what standard they do infact follow.
  12. I do not think it is the Coco83 but maybe their own blend. From their website it reads: 100% Natural Coconut Candle Wax - Buy Wholesale Coconut Candle Wax All natural container blend. 90% coconut wax blended with palm and soy waxes to imporove burn quality and increase scent throw. Contains NO paraffin. Ready to use. No blending or additives required. Melt Point: 126 Degrees F If you're looking for a wax with superior scent throw, excellent color retention and glass adhesion, look no further! Create a luxury line of candles for your customers or make candles for personal use with this all natural coconut candle wax.
  13. TT. I believe those wicks are actually made by Atkins & Pierce with Northwood being a licensed distributor. You may want to email A&P directly next time if you do not get any answers from NW. I believe there is a link to A&P on the CottonWood description page. Cheers
  14. Did you try the coconut wax at 100%?
  15. This wax is super pricey and before I order myself some to test I was curious if anyone has any experience with this wax and could give their opinions. Thanks