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  1. Sounds like you are thinking this through all the way. Would love to see the results at some point!
  2. At some point this summer, after my jars have returned from Texas getting photographed, I would like to do this with a select group of people as well and get some feedback. Ive been working on these for a few years but only my eyes have seen them. I think it is time to get some feedback other than family members lol
  3. @Candybee As TT said, maybe you can bounce ideas off of members here. I have not had the pleasure of seeing your candles or logo yet, maybe share some photos of your finished jars or whatnot and if you have thoughts or ideas bounce them off us here? Wouldnt hurt I guess
  4. I agree, we need to see more of the finished product 🤗 I bet they look cute as heck on those jars
  5. Just outside of Portland in Westbrook! Old Town is up near Bangor if I recall, ya?
  6. I get mine printed down in Florida (I'm in Maine) 3,000 at a time with 30 different versions, which is 100 labels per fragrance. Its a rather big label, really big actually as far as candle labels go and they still only cost me 30 cents or less per label. They are very high quality and saves me a ton of time. If you want to take them to the next level, just start calling around to print shops and getting quotes. Once they know your needs its fairly easy. You may also want to start learning a design program like Adobe Illustrator. You can sign up for Adobe Cloud services and get access to all Adobe products on a per month basis. Most product labels you see on the store shelf are designed through Illustrator, so if that is something that interests you it is a fun process of learning that design software.
  7. Actually this is EXACTLY why I am on the path I am now
  8. Why do we wick our candles the way we do, when big name candles do not? I have recently begun buying store brand, big name candles and testing them just to see how they burn. My results have kinda shocked me to be honest. I have burned one wick, two wick and 3 wick candles and have had similar results. Those results being that I have reached a full melt pool within a matter of 2 hours or less on the first burn. For example, my latest purchase was a Kringle candle in the 22 oz status type jar. Tall candle, measuring 6 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide. Within 90 minutes I was at full melt pool and 1/4 in deep all the way around with zero wax hangup. What is this candle going to be doing at the bottom portion 5 inches or so down this glass jar? Im almost too afraid to burn it that far. And its not just Kringle, Yankees medium sized "Perfect Pillar" is a single wick jar that is tall as well. That took less than two hours to reach fmp and that wick was burning pretty hot. Again, what is this jar going to do in the bottom third of the jar? Dont even get me started on these 3 wick BBW type jars. It seems the industry is ok and actually aiming for a quick melt pool. I tend to follow a few youtube candle reviewers and over the years I have noticed that they give bad reviews on any candle that does not "pool out quick" as they say. Reading the comments section it seems that the viewers, who are our customers, also want that quick fmp. So what gives? Now...I certainly know why I wick my candles the way we do and that is safety reasons. I am not willing to sell candles that pool out the way these candles do. But my questions remains unanswered. How can these big corporations morally and safely sell candles that are what appear to be over wicked? Thoughts?
  9. I tried working with 4627 for a solid year amd no matter how much or how little FO % I used or wick combination, it seemed to throw black soot like crazy. More so than any other wax ive tried. But the throw on it is next to nothing I have found before or since trying it. Have fun with it if you do get some and let us know how you like it 😬
  10. Off topic but just a tip if you want it. Next time you go to Walmart or anyplace that has an electronic section, look at getting a usb drive. They are relatively cheap these days and have a ton of storage. Just keep it plugged into your usb drive on your desktop computer and any file that is of any importance make a copy onto that usb drive. I save all of my .ai files on one incase my computer crashes, this way my files stay intact even if the computer itself is dead
  11. Sounds like something I would do as well Q
  12. Only thing I would want answered first is how many dang melts can fit in a 5x7 bag. Is it a bag that will hold like 50 melts?? Or is it a smaller bag that would hold maybe 10 or so...
  13. LOW AND SLOW so you dont lose any throw like Trap said!
  14. Accublend? Are they the makers of all this coconut wax or just the distributor?
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