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  1. Clear Black

    Slack Wax...

    Uh..after a quick google search I found this Pam. "Slack wax is petroleum product; the raw material of paraffin wax, Slack wax is a mixture of oil and wax in yellow or brown color, processed by pressing to decrease the oil content and discoloring by special powders after heating to produce paraffin wax.Slack wax verifies from light to heavy grades based on its melting ..." It seems slack wax is the BEFORE product to paraffin wax. Meaning, it has to be refined further for it to even become paraffin so there is probably loads of impurities still in there that would clog a wick. Best bet for @Brilig is to stop any further use of this in candles and maybe try to resell on ebay *SHRUG*
  2. Clear Black

    Slack Wax...

    Dont have a clue about this wax either but it seems you may need to wick up at the very least. What type of jar? What size is the largest diameter? What wick/size? Fragrance load? Cure time? Without any of this info and more its tough for us to properly diagnose the issue. But for now, pull that wick, heat gun the top to smooth that ring back flush to the top, poke a hole down the middle and stick a bigger wick in there and re test. Also may consider double wicking but again, with minimal info Im just throwing out ideas. Good luck mate
  3. Clear Black

    Ninon USA

    I have never heard of this company before but just my 2 cents on the skin safe FO's...I use a ton of these in my lineup, a whole bunch from Candles and Supplies. They have a lot of FO's that are skin safe and they are potent as all heck. In fact, it usually seems like the FO's from C&S are always my best sellers. Take this info as you please As a side note and a personal "just because" I REFUSE to order from a company that does not offer at least a sample size of FO's. Like cmon, is it really hard to offer 1 or 2 oz bottles?
  4. Clear Black

    WSP Sale goin on atm.

    I just ordered a bunch of 16 oz bottles as I was waiting on a sale. Seems a lot of people beat me to the punch as many of their FO's are on a few days/weeks back order already. So if you need any from there I would not hesitate too long. Seems like a pretty good sale so far
  5. Clear Black

    Christmas Season.... Over

    Congrats on the success mate!
  6. Oh for sure, I get all my dyes from Flaming and C&S as it stands, but was browsing clamshell molds and stumbled into this vendors dye page when I found this.
  7. Browsing through some supplier sites and came upon this under the liquid dyes section. I am new to liquid dyes and I am always VERY CAUTIOUS about adding anything more than 5 drops of dye per lb to any of my waxes based solely on fear of the dye interfering with burn performance. Can these numbers be correct??? 200 FRICKEN DROPS OF DYE PER POUND??????
  8. Hmm...so you think pouring cold, closer to it setting up like I do with straight soy will change this? My basement shop is heated to room temps, so Im not sure if my room is cold or if its just a matter of pouring colder. Further testing is needed! as usual Thanks a bunch TT
  9. I am having issues with a few of new waxes I am testing out and with shrinkage. Sure, I am getting the typical indents on the top of the wax and a heat gun solves that no problem. The issue I am also having is that the wax within 24 hours shrinks and separates then releases from the sidewalls of the container. This is doing so in both my tins and glass, so for instance if you take the glass jar and tip it upside down the wax just plops right out onto the counter lol. The waxes in question is basically 6006 and my own custom blends of soy/paraffin with my blend being 50/50 and up with soy being the larger %. Anything over 50% soy will release but if I go 60% paraffin/40% soy I am fine. Although I really want 60%soy/40%para but have the separation issues. I am heating both wax types to around 190* adding FO and pouring hot. Any insight into this will be helpful thanks
  10. They are a good company. No problems here on my end yet. Their coconut wax is super nice although it can soot a bit if you dont have the correct wick/size. Also its just too darn expensive for my line of candles. If you are to go with that wax I think they even suggest to market them as a "luxury" brand candle, whatever tf that is lol. AS far a fragrances...I liked the samples I got so much I am now including at least half of them for my 2019 line up. Obviously fragrances work differently for everyone and smell is subjective, but as far as quality Id say order some samples and decide for yourself. Cant answer the 5 star rating thing tho, although most of the items I got from them would in fact have gotten a 5 star rating if I had taken the time to rate them. -Cheers
  11. Clear Black


    Yikes. At least they are in cans and can withstand the high heat longer before breaking. At least lol
  12. Clear Black


    So does this mean you are normally wicking your containers to reach a FMP by the second hour? That seems very unsafe, regardless of how much you think your customers want this. If this is how I am interpreting your comment then I would suggest focusing on making a safe candle above satisfying a customer based on false information they think they know. Take this as advice and not anything personal. I would hate to see you put yourself or anyone else at risk with an over wicked candle just to make someone happy
  13. Clear Black

    White candle dye

    Ya, I am basically looking for a way to make a white candle without clogging the wick Q. Seems harder than it sounds I guess.
  14. Question: Does all white dye contain titanium dioxide? I was looking at Northwoods and C&S’s white dye chips and wondering if they work in candles or will they be tough to burn. And if yes, how does Yankee do it? I know they have a few fragrances that are white in color and if all white dyes contain Titanium dioxide pigments then There must be a way for us to make a white color as well ya? Thanks.
  15. Clear Black

    Paraffin candles dangerous?

    I agree with you here I really do. I sell soy and soy only and on a few occasions have been approached by a few customers bashing on paraffin and wanting to purchase my candles simply because they were soy based. I very politely try to explain to them the benefits and negatives of BOTH waxes and that it comes down to preference really. Its hilarious to watch their expressions as I defend paraffin while selling them a soy candle lol