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  1. The larger jar was an Eco 12. I'm finding that the smaller jars are way overwicked, so I poured a few new ones with Eco 4 to test them. They're currently curing.
  2. Yes, the red sure is beautiful in the square Christmas candles I made, but dang, that dye is murder to get completely out of the molds! Yesterday, after making a red Frank n' Myrrh candle, I decided to make a stark white square vanilla candle....when I went to unmold it this morning....RED on the corners and down one side of my beautiful stark white candle! Uggggh! So, I carved out the red streaks, scrubbed that mold with a q-tip in every nook n' cranny, then remelted that white one and repoured it. I hope I got all that red out this time. Grrrrr! I will know in the morning.
  3. I want to make myself a candle with multiple layers, sort of a "frankencandle" with different scents of scrap wax. How do I get the red from bleeding into the white? Is it a temperature issue, or a dye issue? I'm using diamond chips for color in paraffin wax.
  4. I mixed coffee and fudge from Lone Star, to make "coffee mocha", then topped it off with creamy vanilla, also from Lone Star. You could try it by omitting the touch of fudge I added to it for a coffee/vanilla combo. It smelled really good, but my wicks were wrong for the wax I used at the time. I haven't revisited it yet.
  5. Forgive me for being a little off topic here, but I can't help but notice that ginormous candle on the right with multiple wicks. How many ounces is that container? How many wicks are in it? Most of all, how does it burn?
  6. Well, dang, knock my nose off, that's one heck of a scent throw! Lemme' see now...51Z...yep, I've got a bag of 'em. Maybe I'll pour one with that wick. Thanks for the info.
  7. I think everyone on this site can relate to this post, lol! Yep, it's what we all want. It can get so frustrating, you will start to leak brain fluid Sometimes, you just have to take a step away from it for a few days, weeks or months then come back to it fresh again, and with a refill of brain fluid. Sometimes, we just have to dump certain waxes or scents. I personally dumped the C3 soy wax some months ago. I literally tossed almost a full bag of it in the trash can. I'm now playing with the ProBlend and two paraffin waxes. Personally, I prefer paraffin waxes. Old school, perhaps, but so much easier to wick, in my humble opinion. I will play with this ProBlend 600 until I am out of it. Just poured a cappuccino and a patchouli yesterday. They both look and smell simply divine. Gorgeous wax, indeed. I'll let them cure and see what comes of it. Then, I'll move on to playing with container paraffins, I sure to love to make pillars with it, and am looking forward to doing candle jars with it. The pillars and molded candles I've made have had wonderful scent throw and I haven't burned this place down yet. Breathe in, breathe out and enjoy the journey.
  8. I think I have a few zinc wicks under some dust bunnies in here...what size worked for you? I have a 9 oz status. I'd love to know.
  9. Aw, just hangin' out all over Arizona, lol. Went up to Williams near the Grand Canyon, then to Camp Verde where we stayed on the Apache Nation rez for two months, now back in Lake Havasu for the entire winter. Our summer was too hot for candle making, so I hadn't been working on candle making. Just broke out the "candle factory" in here again, the air has cooled here in the low desert Fun to be back on here, I miss this place.
  10. When I make pillars, and I've repoured twice....I figure I'm done. Small shrinkage or not, I don't stay up late to do a repour. Next morning, I carve it with a small exacto knife to somewhat level it. That's the beauty of handmade, it doesn't have to be perfect if it's lovely, interesting, burns beautifully and has a great scent.
  11. I have one word for this skull, Mr. Dan...BADASS! I love this, and the way it burns is wicked cool! Great job on this one!
  12. So now, I'm testing this 9 oz status jar with the Problend 600 wax using an Eco 4 wick. We shall see! I love the look of this wax, but darned if I can find the proper wick for it.
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