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  1. Same information as on your your average business cards. Unique, memorable, and people keep matches. Business cards get tossed in the trash. Plus, what goes better with candles than matches. The matchbooks shown here are the cheapos. When I re-order, I will step up to a glossier finish. These tend to scuff as you can see in the picture. I should also mention that the turn-around time is not too fast; so get started early if you like this idea.
  2. perfectimprints.com 800-773-9472 There catalog of projects in gargantuan. See if you can talk to Gil. I just took a picture of my matchbook. Of course, now I can't find where I put it on my computer. If I ever find it, I'll post it here.
  3. The first mistake you made was to ask for permission from a nit wit government official. It's much easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. Why not just practice your "hobby" in your home and sell candles on the side?
  4. I think I know how they do it. They lose money on every transaction, but they make it up in volume.
  5. I guess all that stuff that only causes cancer in California and not in my state must go.
  6. Good choice. I use Ecwid. Lots of great features and works well. I'll be staying with them into the next year. I find it a little complicated, but most of it is a challenge for me.
  7. Thanks for this information @MilosCandles. I too signed up for the Etsy Free Shipping over $35.00. Now I just need to tweak my pricing a bit. I'm feeling positive about it.
  8. Thank you. Those are all good ideas. As I was reading your response, it dawned on me that almost every fragrance I've bought online was a result of the images and descriptions the seller presented. When I do make an online sale, I always include a Maxi-Cup size sample of another fragrance in my line of products. That costs me about $1.00. I haven't even thought about melts yet. Much cheaper than what I'm doing, I'm sure. Doesn't the customer need some idea on how to use them, or do you just send it so they can get a quick sniff? I'm starting to get interested in the melt idea for samples now. I'm wondering if fragrance strips or blotters might work as well.
  9. Unfortunately, it's the throw that does the first job of selling a candle. Which brings up a question I've been meaning to ask. How do we sell scented candles online when the customer has, at the most, only a vague idea of what it might smell like?
  10. In general I agree, but I get good results with inkjet and high gloss paper.
  11. My general approach is to buy glossy whenever it's available in the style I want. Nice and shiny. Exudes quality. Now if you need a "rustic" look, there are plenty of choices. Kraft paper and many others are available for the rustic candle maker.
  12. Hey EcoSoya, you can buy mine back.
  13. No skin off my back. My first experience with their waxes was horrible.
  14. I would start by reading the information at Pirate Ship. Start with this page https://www.pirateship.com/usps/priority-mail-cubic and work your way through the many articles on their site. They are also integrated with Etsy, which means that with the touch of a button on the Pirate Ship page, your Etsy orders are immediately imported to Pirate ship. You will get instant rates and if you have questions as you go, they are really fast in responding to chat. They're friendly too.
  15. That's another one that Candle Science screwed me up on.
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