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  1. I understand all that about the cost. But I've had. Several times already I've had candle suppliers send me one single lid or something. The person who answered the phone either went to the warehouse to get it or had someone do it.
  2. Something is wrong with that girl. Her boss would have told her to stick the single lid in a small padded envelope and give it to you for free. They could have mailed it 1st Class Mail for no more than 2 bucks.
  3. I'm going back and forth with myself on how I want to package my pillar candles. I seem to remember someone on this forum mentioning that they shrink wrap their pillars. I'm all for that. It's cheap. It's effective. It's fast, easy, and uniform looking. But before I get started shrink wrapping all these pillars, I have a concern I'd like to express. If the candle is packaged in that manner, how can the customer smell it? How do you approach this when you set up your display at a show? The customer wants to smell it. I want them to smell it, too. But if its all sealed up in plastic, how can they without ripping the thing open?
  4. I'm pretty sure some of them are marking up the freight and turning it into a profit center. All the while, these companies tout how "green" and "carbon neutral" they are, and all that bull. I order from two companies in North Carolina. Both of the companies and I are in the same UPS zone. I'm not going to mention the names of the firms, but the UPS freight charges are significantly and routinely higher from one of those dealers than the other company on comparable items.
  5. I think that's a big part of the problem. It's what's going on between my ears that needs fixing.
  6. Keystone is an old term. I don't know the origin of the name. I'm speculating that in the retail world of yesteryear, it was a code word for manufacturers, wholesalers, and the end retailer to communicate prices without their "victims," the consumers, figuring out what the real game was. You could make the analogy that it's like the language that doctors use to fill out prescription forms so that only the pharmacist and the physician understand it. Or so they think.
  7. So you're saying you take your cost, multiply by 3, then add your labor at the end of the process?
  8. More often than not, when I price out an item, I have doubts as to whether anyone would pay that price for my product. I can't figure out where that feeling comes from, but it shadows me wherever I go. I don't know how most of you price your goods, but I'm using the old "keystone" system which I think may be an outdated model in the age of e-commerce. Figuring the cost, doubling it for wholesale, then doubling that for retail doesn't seem to make sense anymore. Do any of you have any thoughts on this that you would be willing to share? I'm the manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer. It seems to me that keystone pricing is just not the smart way to go. At first glance, it appears that I'm going to make a huge markup! Woo Hoo, I'm rich! In reality, I think I'm pricing myself out of the market.
  9. ...and it's easy to see why. I've been browsing through the Etsy forums, and I've seen comments just like the ones I'm seeing posted here. Etsy is incredibly confusing. Everyone has their hand in the till. In the short time I've been on Etsy, I would have to say I've been very disappointed and frustrated. @TallTayl mentioned Etsy Pay. It seems like they automatically set me up on that without offering any other options. On top of that, my account is integrated with Square. Is Square getting a cut also? I don't know. Other than Etsy payments, what are the other choices? If I dropped out of Etsy's payment system, would the customer be able to buy from me using another purchase method? I have no idea what's happening regarding my money when it comes to Etsy. None whatsoever. @TallTayl alluded to the fact that Etsy takes a cut of the shipping as well! How can they justify that? Shipping isn't revenue. I'm beginning to wonder if I need Etsy at all.
  10. Thanks, Sarah. Somebody else go ahead and chime in here on this subject.
  11. Thanks to both of you. I understand what you're saying now. This would probably be one of those times when you just start adding drops a little at a time, then pour a little into a jar of cold water until you get to where you want it. Of course, you have to keep notes of how many drops you put in.
  12. I'm happy to report this picture is not one of my candles. I was considering trying out Ecosoya Pillar blend, and I saw this, on one of the Facebook candle forums. What are some of the possible reasons this could happen? When I do try Ecosoya PB, I don't want this sort of thing occurring.
  13. So if I'm making a 1 pound batch, I would calculate their percentage of 1 pound? To use the example I provided, 0.025 x 16 ounces = 0.4, and that would be .4 ounces or .4 drops or what? I'm sorry I seem so dense tonight, but it's just not sinking in.
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