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  1. Quentin

    Web Marketing - Websites

    I essentially followed Milos advice that he gave me in this thread on 10/23/18. I didn't do it exactly the same way, but basically did and it has turned out well. While far from being finished, I'm up and running online. Here's what I've got so far. 1) Facebook page. 2) Etsy Shop 3) Ecwid Store 4) Website by B12. B12 is able to offer me great person to person assistance on the phone and via email and they are able to help me with other questions that they really don't have to but they always help me. That was something I needed. 5) Pirate Ship is there when it's the best option for me. 6) Square for payments at remote locations. While not all these integrate together, some do. I doubt there is any combination you could put together that will do it all. FB page directs to Etsy and B12. Ecwid integrates with Square and B-12 website. Etsy directs to B-12 and FB. Ecwid and Etsy offer me invoicing options. The B12 website can direct shoppers anywhere I want them to go. My biggest holdup now is getting good photography, but that's a different topic. I'm working on that.
  2. Quentin

    Holy Box (damaged package of wax)

    I'll tell you what I've learned over the past year. Where I live it's unbearably hot and humid in summer. Humid and cool to bitterly cold and humid in winter and can change literally day to day. Always humid. My shop is in a hot garage in summer. No insulation or A/C in the garage. It has a wall mounted natural gas furnace so winter is not a problem. In the hot weather I stored the soy flakes and all my "soft" waxes indoors under my beds where it was always cool and in low humidity. In the garage, the soy flakes clumped together and it was sticky, messy and even more yucky than usual. My "hard" waxes can live anywhere. For the winter, it's all in the garage. The part we just learned from @TallTayl is new knowledge for me, so I learned something new today and it's not even lunch time yet.
  3. Quentin

    Holy Box (damaged package of wax)

    Ahh. Just blow the dust off it or break off the annoying parts and throw them in the trash. It's like buying a bag of potting soil or a bag of sugar. You'll never get all of it.
  4. Quentin

    Holy Box (damaged package of wax)

    Did you lose much wax, though?
  5. Quentin

    Holy Box (damaged package of wax)

    It happens to me at least 50% of the time.
  6. Quentin

    Heat Gun Alternatives?

    I can see I'm gonna have to buy one of those turntables. Is there anything Amazon doesn't have?
  7. Quentin

    My first craft fair is Saturday!

    Are you talking about the signs behind the tables? Frames made from PVC. You can do a lot of things with PVC. PVC ROCKS!
  8. Quentin

    My first craft fair is Saturday!

    Ahh, brings back memories of the Big Mac I ate in 1971 just before going to a football game. Somewhere around the second quarter I...
  9. Quentin

    My first craft fair is Saturday!

    I've got a lot of catching up to do. I see pictures like this and I feel inspired but also overwhelmed at the amount of work to be done. I talk a good game.
  10. Quentin

    Big Development Here!

    No. I haven't had any problems with them. I got everything I promised plus more than I expected. They always answer my messages. The chat method on their website is the best way to contact them. I do know they are a very small company, but I've gotten better service and communication from them than what I've received from some of the big hitters. No buyer's remorse here.
  11. Quentin

    Big Development Here!

    To be perfectly honest, I don't remember the details or the reasons no one in my area would notarize it. I could blame it on the local bar association, but I don't think that was it, so that wouldn't be fair. Legal Zoom was pretty new at that time. So I finally tossed the document and got a lawyer from within the state to write one. The county in Mississippi where I live has grown dramatically in the last three decades as people and businesses continue to move south out of Memphis with its crime and high property taxes. It's not "White Flight". People of all ethnic groups are moving down here to get out of that place. In spite of all the growth and demographic change, the county is still run by four or five old families, but they're gradually losing their grip on things.
  12. I just noticed the part on the DIY light box. I think I could pull that off.
  13. Very timely information. It just so happens that this is a big project that I'm struggling with right now. I'm trying to get pictures ready to put on my online store. I'm not a good photographer. Shaky hands, a miniature tripod of sorts, a cell phone, and a webcam plugged into my computer are the only things I have to work with now. It was comforting to read the comments from the other Etsy users and realize I'm not alone in all this. Getting the lighting right without glare is the biggest hurdle for me. You're right about the handbook. Browsing through it I found lots of good information that can be used regardless of whether you're using Etsy or something else.
  14. @aptommo Take Trapp's advice here. You will learn something new each time. I know I learn something new every single day. For example, I'm learning that I can download files to my computer "easily". I just click download. Now when it's time for me to FIND those files, use them, upload them to something else, convert them or manipulate them, that's a different story. I become a nervous wreck! Usually, I consider it a success if I just happen to stumble upon what I'm looking for, click the right thing and accidentally get them where I wanted them to go. But I'm a little better at it than I was. Seriously though, you do get better each time you do something. That may sound trite, but it's true. Old sayings become old sayings because they're true. I always look at the pictures of every single table, booth or display method and I always pick up some good idea. It becomes a part of you even though you may not realize it at the moment. Your brain is a lot younger than mine. You'll do fine. Look at what you've learned in just the last few hours since you started this thread! [I'm 60 years old. I got my first computer in 1994. 4 MB of RAM! That's not a typo. It was the fastest computer in the neighborhood. The internet was brand new. I only learned how to "cut and paste" about 10 years ago. I was scared to try it for fear I might fail or blow up my computer or some other horrible thing. Totally irrational thinking on my part. Now I get really irritated when I hear older people like my father say they're too old to learn anything new. I've decided that I'm never going to take that attitude. Never.]