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  1. I've been gone from this since last August. I worked hard enough to keep stock on-hand for my best customer. It was a long line of unfortunate and costly incidents I had to handle. I'm back into it now, and I realize I've forgotten a few things. I'm embarrassed to say that I have about fifteen different waxes. I haven't even tried most of them. Here is my first question: Is there any critically, significant difference between IGI 4627 Comfort Blend and IGI 4630 Harmony Blend? As I read the product fact sheet, I can't see much difference. I find both of them to work well for me. I'm trying to decide what waxes to eliminate, and move forward with as few as possible.
  2. I experience the no cold throw after pouring "problem" constantly. It happens with some of my strongest, and bestselling fragrances. While I'm cooking up a batch, the aroma can be strong enough to make my eyes water. I pour it, come back later after it's cooled, and there's no scent. After the candles have cured for two weeks, I open the lids and the fragrance comes pouring out. Don't buy another pour pot. That's not what's causing it. As to your fragrance load question, I also tend to push the limit. If the wax data says I can put in 10% fragrance, that's what I'm going to do. If you feel that increasing the load has caused this to happen, go back to what was working and use that amount of fragrance. More is not always better. If two aspirin makes my headache go away, will taking six aspirin be even better?
  3. Even the big hitters have problems with wet spots. If you were to visit this manufacturer's factory on the third shift, you might see long tables of frantic men and women with heat guns!😆
  4. I came up with a format that works for me. My lot numbers look like this: LOT: CX120A, where "C" stands for container, and "X1" stands for the month it was produced. X = 0, so X1 is the month of January. "20" stands for the year, and the "A" suffix tells me this was the first batch poured on that day. This information refers me to my worksheet where I can review all the details of that batch. If a customer submits a complaint, I can look at my data and see whats going on. This also allows me to do long term, ongoing research on wax and wick combinations. Example 2--- LOT: P1019B, where "P" stands for pillar candle. 10 is the month of October [Notice the "X" is gone] and 19 represents the year, 2019. Here the "B" suffix stands for the second batch produced on the day in question. Example 3--- LOT: SX220C, where the prefix "S" stands for "Specialty", which is a catch-all term for any other type of candle. The format tells me that this candle was poured in February of 2020 and the "C" represents the third batch of all the different candles made on that date. I add the lot number to my worksheet, the candle label, and I enter it into a production spreadsheet log that I created. This format is simple, uniform and consistent. It's not overly redundant, and it provides all the information I need to go back and review what I did.
  5. Greetings, I've been gone from this forum for a few months. After my father died in August, taking care of his final affairs became a full-time job. Anything candle related was set aside. Once I had that behind me, the tenants at my rental house skipped out on me. They trashed the place, and getting the property back to a livable state is my new full-time job. Anything candle related was set aside. Straight to my question about wicking non-square jars. Wick charts only provide information for round candles. My jar is square. It's dimensions are: 3.25" X 3.25" side-to-side and 4" diagonally. How do I go about adapting the charts to a non-round jar like this?
  6. Thanks for the tip @EllyM I've been trying to mix my own but can't quite get there. I want to order the AFI version of CS Smoke & Odor Remover. Please tell me who AFI is and if you have a link that would be wonderful. ---Q
  7. Many nice containers can be bought at Dollar Tree Stores. If this chain has stores in the area where you live, I'd check it out. However, the supply that their stores have on-hand is sporadic. You can go to their website, order in quantity, and have them shipped to the nearest store with no freight charges for store pickup. Dollar Tree has it's share of quirks. They sell the "typical" status jar (3 inch diameter) . I can tell no difference between theirs and the ones I've bought online, and there is no freight since you're buying it at a retail store. The quirk is that they don't sell the lid! I buy my status jar from them, and order the lid I like from online sellers. My overall cost is lower because I'm only paying freight on the lids.
  8. Frustrated AND a nervous wreck most of the time. If you think my wax inventory is crazy (and you are correct), you should see my wick supply!
  9. Thank you for asking the question I've been meaning to ask.
  10. Wow! I've been using 6006 with a CD-10 on almost every one of my container candles. I must be on the right track and didn't even realize it!
  11. @The Candle Nook This is interesting. Are you saying that you've settled on one wax that works for all your container candles and all your different fragrances, and/or all of your pillar candles and all your fragrances? I'd love to be able to hear more about that. I probably have ten or more different waxes, and that's ridiculous. I've been trying to find the one best container wax and the one best pillar wax, but my approach has been haphazard at best.
  12. I just logged in there. It had a different look to it, but I was able to open my account.
  13. Legendary investor, Warren Buffett, said, “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” It’s been a reminder to me that success, in almost all forms, takes time and nurturing.
  14. I haven't been trying to get into any retail outlets. It sounds like you're using the same size sample as I am. I'm using those "maxi cup" size candles for samples. I include one for free in all the orders I send out; and I send one that I think the customer might like (I make an educated guess) based on the fragrance they just ordered.
  15. Same information as on your your average business cards. Unique, memorable, and people keep matches. Business cards get tossed in the trash. Plus, what goes better with candles than matches. The matchbooks shown here are the cheapos. When I re-order, I will step up to a glossier finish. These tend to scuff as you can see in the picture. I should also mention that the turn-around time is not too fast; so get started early if you like this idea.
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