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  1. I still have my Webster's Collegiate Dictionary that I got when I graduated from high school in 1977. Still use it all the time.
  2. I just noticed an error I made here. I should have said "credible" not "creditable". Looking at them both side by side, neither of them looks right! I'll have to pull out my dictionary.
  3. Oh I given up the obsession with temperatures. I've found that unless it is an extreme deviation from the norm, it makes no difference whatsoever. My general rule now is: Going low will usually work. Going high will generally cause problems. I'm no longer obsessed with it. I'm just interested. Thanks for your concern.
  4. Quentin


    OK. Sorry, I must have misunderstood your question a little.🖖
  5. Quentin


    You'll get better at this part the more you do it. At first, it is quite overwhelming. I would get so confused that I would make huge mistakes like pouring the candles and then realizing that I poured all those candles and forgot to put in the fragrance that I had measured out earlier! That's probably why so many of my first candles had no hot or cold throw at all. Then I would post endless questions on this forum asking why my candles had no throw. I must have been driving these people crazy. I think I actually did drive one lady crazy. Seriously though, as time goes by, it will all fall in place. Most of it at least. You will find yourself doing some of these things automatically. I promise.
  6. Quentin


    You'll notice on the sheet that I was making 48 ounces in this example. That would be around 5 of my status jars. The times I put in there were real. 52 minutes for 5 Status Jar candles. I made these on Saturday. So the time to make one of them would be... 52 minutes divided by 5 candles = 10.4 minutes per candle? So I suppose I would add about 10 minutes of labor into the cost of materials. As far as your question "How much do you figure you are worth an order?", I don't know the answer to that. I'm retired with time on my hands. I haven't figured out that part of the puzzle. I can look at it two ways. I'm in business and working without pay or it's a hobby and I'm just selling the candles. That's the part I'm puzzling with.
  7. Quentin


    As I wrote, when using this sheet there in no "down time in making candles is hard to account for. Wax melted to certain temp to add fragrance then waiting for it to cool to pour then waiting to set up to cut the wicks and label." because you're doing other critical tasks while all that is going on. You're not stopping and starting to do each of those tasks. You're doing "candle related" things. I'm not deceiving myself by thinking I've come up with anything original here. I've just found something that keeps me organized and tells me how much time it takes to make A candle or 48 candles. You'll notice on the sheet that I was making 48 ounces in this example. That would be around 5 of my status jars. The times I put in there were real. 52 minutes for 5 Status Jar candles. You just made a point of something I've left off my sheet, I haven't included the labeling, packing, etc. See, I told you it wasn't perfect Back to the revision office again.
  8. Quentin


    This sheet (with stopwatch) does a good job of tracking the time to make the product and does an excellent job of keeping me from making mistakes. However, it doesn't help me at all when I try to decide the question of "What is my time worth?" Should I pay myself minimum wage, less than minimum wage, $45.00 an hour, or not pay myself at all? That's where I'm stumped. How much can I pay myself and not make the candle price so high that I'm pricing it out of the market? I don't have an answer for that.
  9. Quentin


    Thank you and you're welcome. I just scanned and posted it.
  10. Quentin


    I just threw some stuff on this sheet as an example. (M)=Minutes
  11. Quentin


    Then I would say you are doing it the right way. That is a BIG bonus. I wish I was in the same situation. I'm still trying to figure out a practical way to do this. I've put together a "Production Sheet" with fill in the blanks and check off boxes for every step of making my candles. It works for containers, pillars and anything else and even includes the time it takes me to prepare the wax for the melt. I time every step in the process, with a stopwatch. I've broken it down into roughly 3 sections: 1) Wax prep time: This is the time it takes me to break down X number of ounces of hard paraffin or any other wax and throw it in the melt pot. 2) Melt & Pour. This section is the bulk of the entire process. I start timing this section from the minute I put the pot on the heat source. While that is heating up, I engage in things that apply to the candle I'm making (lubing the mold, wicking, heating the jars, measuring out the dye and fragrance). Since I'm doing this while waiting for the wax to heat up, no extra labor time applies. I set these parts aside and attend to stirring the wax and bringing it up to the right temperature to add the dye and fragrance. Meanwhile, while waiting for the wax to cool to pour temp., I can do things like start the clean up process. During all this, the stopwatch is working automatically for me. When I finish pouring, I hit the stopwatch. That is the end of section 2). 3) Second pour or top off: Whichever may apply to what I'm making, including any time I might have to spend with the heat gun. This may all seem a little anal retentive, but I'm getting more done in less time. It may seem a little robotic. In fact, each time I use the sheet, I seem to get a little better with the whole process and find that I'm paying more attention to proper temperatures. It's really just an elaborate checklist, but it works. I scan the sheet and post it here if anyone wants to see it. Actually, I'll scan it and post it here anyway.
  12. Costco is a different situation from Lowe's and Depot. While they have the "warehouse" feel and have things up above in the racks like the other two stores, they still have all the product on the ground where you can grab it and throw it into your cart and they do a good job of keeping those items stocked down. Costco will make it. They've been around a lot longer than many people realize. They'll be around a long time, I think. However, all it takes is for a new leader to come along with his own "great ideas" and any company can go down really fast.
  13. I've heard of Menard's from my years working with Home Depot. They aren't in my part of the country, but I've heard good things about them. Sure didn't know they sold food!
  14. 1. Do sales to my sister count? 2. Oh yeah! Lots. At least the part I remember. 3. I'd sell wholesale, partsale, anysale. 4. Well... I have a checking account. At least I did before I got in the candle "bidness". 5. Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. Depends on the day. 6. Does always PLANNING on doing them count? 7. YES! I do have an Etsy Shop. Nobody buys anything though. @MilosCandles is getting all the business. As far as Amazon, I mostly just send them money. 8. Should I count myself? 9. I don't even have a storeback. 10. Yes. I'm looking at a trash can full of them right now. 11. Mostly I just think about creating them. 12. I wish I hadn't taken my advice. No--- I don't do anything myself. The guy that works for me does all my testing (see answer 8). "Can a person really know all about this subject and expect to start up in a month or 2?" Hey, I did it. Right?
  15. Quentin

    This is nuts!

    I came across one I made some time ago. It's the most magnificent, majestic fragrance I've ever experienced. I just wish I knew what it is and what I put in it!