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  1. Thank you- yeah I looked into them earlier but they're out as well and it’s preorder
  2. Ahh, the dreaded FUEL smell, an unexplained scientific phenomenon resulting from citrus based fragrance oils. There’s only one solution that’s ever worked for me; using wood wicks instead of paper or zinc. For some reason any type of wick other than wood creates this odd note. I can’t guarantee as I use different wax, wicks and oils than what you’re working with but it’s worth a try and it may work for you too.
  3. Good evening chandlers, hope you all are well! I know I speak for all of us when I say that Covid has presented inordinate challenges this year with supplies. Seems like every time I try to purchase certain fragrances lately they’re sold out (sadly many are purchased from squatters with no intent on using, just hoarding 😭) Anyway, I planned (since last year) to use “Gilded Amber” from RE for my Winter Collection, it’s stunning; I went to go purchase and it’s out of stock. The sales rep said it literally sold out the day before and they have no idea if it will be back anytime soon. I was wondering if anyone is familiar enough with that particular fragrance to either have some I can purchase or know of another supplier with a dead ringer. Thanks so much for any info in advance.
  4. I assumed it was to compensate for the free shipping as well, but it still doesn’t break even as the costs are SO high haha Incidentally, they may have free shipping but my 3 time experience with them had terrible shipping delays, even pre-Covid Thanks for the input! 🖤
  5. Hello everyone! I haven’t been here in forever but so nice to see this forum so alive and well! Just a question or opinions regarding Wholesale Supplies Plus... their prices on FO are outrageously skyhigh per pound- I’m wondering why? Many of their oils come from Crafters Choice to which my other suppliers carry their oils but with remarkably lower price points. I’m talking the SAME exact oils with the same potency and throw. I know this because I’ve tested theirs vs my go-to suppliers (FC, Just Scent and Aztec). Does anyone know why the cost is significantly different? Thank you, missed you guys!
  6. I’m using 4786, my fav. Yeah, it’s weird, full melt but super weak flames and one of the wicks almost always extinguishes by itself. This jar is weird, super thick glass and that neck maybe, it’s a kill to wick!
  7. Hello my chandlers! I hope you all are well! I’ve been testing 16oz apothecary jars with the bubble lids from Aztec... for far TOO long! Haha! I’m using 6% FO, 2 drops of dye and various pumpkin fragrances. I’m going the double-wick route; tried LX16 through 20s with the same sort-of drown out. Full melt- but really weak flames. It’s weird because I double-wick other containers the same size without issue. Was wondering if anyone uses this jar, if so, what’s working for you? Love you guys super, I thank you in advance! 🖤
  8. Aww, well thank you so much sweetie! That means a lot. 🤗🖤
  9. Yes thank you! I haven't ordered it from them but it's nice to know it's there as backup. I have been purchasing my 4786 from Aztec for about 2 years now; and it's always consistent. Oddly enough when I was first on the hunt after CS dropped it, I tried three different suppliers for 4786 and it was all totally different in appearance and performance. The suppliers thought I lost my mind when I told them that the texture, opacity and fragrance load was different, but I knew my 4786! Aztec has been awesome for me, but I will be ordering a slab from C&S just to check it out, and also to order their amber tumblers that Candlescience no longer carries. Exciting!
  10. Aww, thanks so much! That means a lot coming from you! 🤗🖤
  11. Aww, well thank you for all that! Your candles are stunning, I always love the upscale look of your work! I adore those amber jars and your embed technique is on point! 😍 Totally with you on Flaming Candle, I LOVE them. I wish so badly that they carried my wax, wicks and had a larger jar selection. But their oils are SO stellar, many from them are staples for me. Their shipping is the best, reasonably priced and super fast! I can't live without their Balsam Fir, Woodland Foliage and Mocha Mint! I have actually never used lids for my tumblers; I place them in super clear poly bags and tie off the top with ribbon. Then I place them in a 4x4x4 gift box with tissue and peanuts and then pop that box in a priority box. Thanks so much for your kind words sweetie, here's a few pics of some things I've done recently, I did some Nightmare Before Christmas themed ones, the other is a rustic jar and the last are my handpainted doll head candles. Have a great night and thank you as always! 🖤🤗
  12. Thanks for that. Yes, I do love Fillmore! Their tumblers alone are far superior to that of CS (thicker glass, no bubbles, etc.) I've actually been testing Fillmore tumblers that I've painted myself with a high-heat spray paint for barbecues with much success. At least I can control the quality of the paint job. Candlescience no longer sells my 4786 wax either, so other than LX wicks and a few key fragrances will be the only reason really that I'll continue with CS. "Apples and Maple Bourbon" I have been using regularly since you suggested it to me last year, my customers are obsessed!
  13. Hello all! I don't usually come here just to vent but I wanted to know if any of you are having the same issues. I've been a long time purchaser from Candlescience but I'm so beyond frustrated with basically everything about them lately that I wish I could just eliminate having to go to them. First of all, the shipping. Not only is it already expensive but now all of your items are coming from different warehouses and must be shipped seperately. Meaning you literally pay TWICE the shipping for your orders. For instance, my glass is coming from Nevada and my wicks are coming from NC. So I have to pay shipping twice. Not only is this absurd but the arrival time is no longer 2 days- I'm lucky if I receive my glass in 5 days but still pay the price for 2 day shipping. I use Candlescience for the black, white and amber tumblers; which for those of you who use them are well aware of the glass quality issues and unavailability in stock. For those who have ordered the "improved" version of this glass are no doubt incredibly disappointed as the lack of quality is worse! The paint is messy, scuffed and now that the paint is on the outside of the jar it makes label repositioning impossible because the paint peels and scratches. With the loss of Peak and the downward spiral of Candlescience I feel disheartened lately. I'm fortunate to have Aztec and Flaming Candle as my main suppliers, but like most of you I must use 4-5 different suppliers to get all the products I need. Anyway, for those who have been having the same issues thanks for hearing me out.
  14. Thanks for that suggestion, I will try that indeed! I have always LOVED that cinnamon pine cone waft when you walk into the store! Whoa and that blend sounds amazing! 🤗🖤
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