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  1. The titanium dioxide did help, I used very little .and of course if I make them unscented that really helps.
  2. Hey Guys i wonder if everyone who makes candles faces challenges everyday ! And if confidence takes a beating.... my questions i make paraffin wax candles Whenever I make a two or three color candle For eg a brown base and a white on top ...it turns out perfect but over time the brown bleeds a bit into the edges of the white and that looks so tacky!! And this happens with most colours . In fact I made a kind of log with 2 whites and a brown centre... They are not even attached ... Even when they were kept side by side the color bled ! Anything you guys do to prevent this from happening ....please help I also sometimes face a problem with fragrance leak , I stir for two minutes at 180 ...use a FO load of 6 % ,pour ....when the wax is around 150 into the mould... Sometimes there will be little bubbles on the top of the candles which when tapped kinda burst and fragrance oil leaks out. I get so spooked out and worried that could this be a fire hazard...I have read that wax is like a sponge and can hold only a certain amount of fragrance .should I reduce the load but then I may not get enough throw...guys please throw some light on this Thanks some much for taking time to help newbies like me...really appreciate it!
  3. I have been pouring quite cold below 70..it does not happen every time ..using a paraffin wax blend. And I let them cool all night before doing the last pour
  4. Yes I am... twice thru the cooling process
  5. I use high quality aluminium molds with paraffin wax blend... Recently more than a couple of times my candles have come out warped from the mold, in a rectangular mold the centres have got depressed causing a dip on all four sides and in the cylinder it has bent on one side and the other side is straight.I am foxed ! I make candles in the same mold everyday and sometimes this happens...could it be the cooling but if I have set 2 candles in a similar mold one will warp and the other will not. Could it be that the wick got pulled too tight in the one! These kind of challenges crop up everyday and mostly it's so difficult to find answers as they seem like issues that only I am having ....there are so many different and opposing views on temperatures to mix the fragrance and to pour. Guys can someone throw some light on the warping and also point me in the direction to look for answers as sometimes it gets quite frustrating to remake candles and lose all that very expensive fragrance thank you so very much in advance...
  6. Vee

    Candle surface caught fire

    its meco gel wax that I get here in India. actually its the top surface layer that was on fire..it did not even get to the embeds. and yes they are hard shells. The embeds are way at the bottom. I relit the candle today and it was fine.In fact i lit it for a long time like 3/4 hours and kept a close eye on it. There was not even a full melt pool at the end of 4 hours as gel burns so slow. I am wondering if some dust particles or some other thing on the surface caused this to happen...
  7. Vee

    Candle surface caught fire

    Thanks! the embeds were shells and a small artificial plant. No spices and no fragrance...I lit the same candle today again to check and it has lit perfectly and has been going for the last 3 hours with no issues.It seems it was a surface thing tho there was nothing on the surface and it happened as soon as it was lit so no melt pool had formed either.
  8. This happened to one of my gel candles...I am completely foxed... how can the surface of a candle catch fire. It was quite scary. Any ideas on why this could happen so that I don’t make the same mistake again. It is gel wax with no fragrance...I used a zinc core wick and there are a few sand and other embeds in it. Can the surface of a candle catch fire at all? I tried to light some wax to just check but it did not burn. Anyone with similar experience out there? Thanks guys for all your responses in advance
  9. Yes some FO’s are a pale yellow... but how do I fix the problem? There are companies that make white candles with FO... do they use something to cut the yellowness of wax?i read somewhere that one can use titanium dioxide... not sure of that and what quantity to use. It may affect the burn of the candle too...
  10. Guys Whenever I make white candles (Paraffin wax) and i add any fragrance oil to it I have noticed they turn yellowish after some time. In fact sometimes as soon as they dry.Even tho i add white color and UV inhibitor they still turn yellowish And if I make them without FO they don't turn yellow tho they don't stay pure white either Any ideas on how to make white candles with FO that will stay white...am sure there is some trick/product out there as i have seen white paraffin candles with FO Thanks in advance to all the guys who make the effort to help newbies like myself
  11. Vee

    black candles

    Thank you so much for th detailed response...will definitely keep all this in mind. I use metal moulds mostly and silicone for specific shapes
  12. Vee

    black candles

    Hey Scented sorry I did not understand ... running something around the edges and base? Like apply something or run the heat gun ? I am making pillars...so do I apply on the mold? Please pardon my ignorance... thanks
  13. Vee

    black candles

    what proportion do you blend soy with beeswax? I have to make my own blends here as in India we don't get blended waxes...I do a paraffin micro and stearin blend when making black candles.I am told that if I add a bit of beeswax like 2% i will get a good shine.I tried that too but it did not make much of a difference>
  14. Vee

    black candles

    Thanks guys.I am trying to get liquid black dyes.Any recommendations...is the candlescience one good?
  15. Hey Guys I don't know if anyone else has difficulty in making black candles...the challenge I seem to face is that firstly I use powder dye. It needs a lot of color and a lot of stirring ...even then I don't feel it has mixed very well.In fact if I am aiming for grey and use less color after a while I get little black dots all over the candle Then I get spots on the top of the candle which seem like spots of water so I am assuming that the fragrance has not mixed very well. I am using paraffin wax, vanilla fragrance FO load at about 6% pouring at a temp of around 180C and I mix in the fragrance for 2 minutes. What am I missing here? What is the secret to getting smooth shiny spotless candles! And there always seem tiny tiny bubbles/ spots whenever I make plain one color candles, and in black it appears even more prominent ! I have tried lowering the pouring temp...pouring slowly.It does not seem to help I also have another BIG CHALLENGE...whenever I add any FO to a white candle it turns yellow in some time...some FO will turn them creamish and some will turn them properly yellowish...I have tried using UV protector,it does not change things too much... There is a wealth of information out there I am sure, please please help you guys. Is there a course or a website that one can refer to ? Thank you so much, to every one in this forum who takes the time and effort to read and reply ,Thank you