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  1. I have heard of many people using 10% which is the listed max on CS descriptions and all the way up to 12%. I guess it's a personal preference. But yes, I need to be more patient with my cure times. Luckily everything worked out and I got the throws I was looking for :-)
  2. Update: I let the candle cure for a bit longer before lighting it. The hot throw is AMAZING. I made a small sample size - about 6 oz and it fills my entire open floor plan home. Question: how much do you guys usually order? I am afraid the popular fall/holiday scents will be sold out so I want to stock up.
  3. Help please! I just made a tester candle with CS pumpkin soufflé. It smelled great out of the bottle. I used GB464 wax, heated wax to 185, added FO at about 180 degrees, poured at about 150. I used 11% FO because I wanted it to be strong. It has been curing for about 12 hours and there is very little cold throw. I am worried that the hot throw will be weak too. Please help! I am a perfectionist. Fall is coming and a good strong pumpkin is a MUST. Can't do fall without it and I can't do it wrong. How do you guys get a good hot throw for this scent. I've heard that some scents - like vanillas- have to be added right at 185 degrees, while others with lower flashpoints should be added at cooler temps. Is this one of those situations?? ...also...I made a cranberry marmalade - using the same process- and I am OBSESSED!
  4. Pleas let me know how you like them. I wanted to order a scent from there too, but was a bit hesitant.
  5. Thank you everyone for your feedback!! I decided to try out the gasket sealant. I bought permanex copper high temp. It’s super tacky and can withstand up to 700 degrees. I did some tests and...PROBLEM SOLVED! I think you can only buy this stuff at auto stores like autozone or pep boys. The didn’t carry it at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Thanks again ❤️
  6. Do the wick stickers hold when the candle wax is super low. Like almost gone? Which company do you get them from?
  7. What do you use to secure the wick to glass jars? I have been using hot glue, and using a straw to press them down to the jar. When the wax is low(almost gone) the flame remelts the hot glue causing the wick to slide to the edge of the jar. It doesn’t happen all the time, but once is enough. Should I use something else to secure my wicks?! I’ve heard of glue dots, epoxy, but I don’t know which is best. Please help!
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