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  1. Jcandleattic

    The weirdest soap advice ever!

    When I first started out I did the zap test. Now I pretty much know if a soap has failed or not, so I don't bother. I do always keep a small end piece out of every batch for myself though.
  2. Jcandleattic

    LOVE fall. Record sales today

    'Tis the season I guess. The 2 shows I have done so far this year, have surpassed almost all my other years. Almost to the point to doubling my best year! People must be in the mood to buy!! Of course, this year, it's colder sooner than normal, so maybe that's why? I just don't know, but I'll take it!!
  3. Jcandleattic


    I masterbatch at a 50/50 or 1:1 lye solution, then at the time of soaping add the extra water to get it to the concentration I desire.
  4. Jcandleattic

    Autumn Walk in the Woods

    haha so sorry. I still haven't taken the pics of the cut. I really need to get on that!
  5. Jcandleattic

    Autumn Walk in the Woods

    I haven't take an pic of the cut yet, but will do so soon.
  6. Jcandleattic

    Using Electric Griddles Safely

    On all of my multiple tests, for my wax, and my applications the heating of jars is an absolute waste of time. It literally adds nothing but time to my production.
  7. Jcandleattic

    Using Electric Griddles Safely

    You can, but you can fit more in an oven on a cookie sheet, but my question would be why? I mean, I know people do this to try and prevent wet-spots but as soon as that candle changes environments, the wet-spots will be back, so really, what't the use in taking that extra step, wasting the extra time and energy when the thing you are trying to prevent will just show up anyway. (Maybe there's another reason I don't know of for warming jars?) I threw my presto with the spigot away after about the 3rd use. It was a total pain. I just pick the presto up and pour the wax into my pour pot. Or I use a ladle and ladle the wax out.
  8. Jcandleattic

    Found New Ecosoya Q210 In Stock!

    It wouldn't have. I feel like this saying was on repeat to my son when he was a teen, and it never stopped him doing anything he wanted to do!! LOL
  9. Jcandleattic

    What's your return/exchanges policy?

    This is posted returns policy - Returns Policy Due to the nature of the products we sell, it is the policy of The Candle Attic that all sales are final. No returns or exchanges on any items. However, we strive for customer satisfaction, and in the event there is a concern or problem with any product you purchase from us, please let us know right away and we will investigate. Thank you for your understanding. In this case, we would investigate and in most cases refund, or replace, but not exchange or have them return the product.
  10. That's why I put this addendum as a caveat to what I said - I don't run my business on a day-to-day business, nor as my sole income, so as I said, my circumstances are different than someone who either runs their own business on a day-to-day basis or at least are much busier with their businesses than I am.
  11. Jcandleattic

    Cinnamon FO in tarts

    Depends on where I get it from and which cinnamon it is. Cinnamon buns from both NG and Peak are strong throwers, cinnamon buns from Candle Science is just okay with a weird undertone to it (IMO) Cinnamon Vanilla from Aztec strong thrower, Cinnamon Vanilla from ?? (cannot remember where I got that sample from) was a no thrower at all. Which specific cinnamon and from where are you talking about, and we can help you, or what type of cinnamon are you looking for and we can make some recommendations.
  12. Jcandleattic

    Autumn Walk in the Woods

    I must say I am impressed with Mad Mica's true red set. I was skeptical at first, but it is a really good red. and easier to mix than the red I make on my own.
  13. Jcandleattic

    Autumn Walk in the Woods

    Thank you - It's a mix of Cinnamon Vanilla and Amish Harvest. I love it. I wasn't able to cut it last night, so will have to tonight, and hope it's not too hard to cut as it'll have sat in the mold about 36 hours longer than it normally does.
  14. Jcandleattic

    Is my wax old fashion?

    My wax is "old fashioned". There is enough of us still using the wax that it is still being manufactured, however I rarely hear of anyone using the wax I do anymore. And you know what? I don't even care. I like it, I have my testing down to a tee, and make a great candle with this "old fashioned/vintage" wax. So people/suppliers can call it whatever they want as long as they keep making it.
  15. To do lists are the ONLY things that work for me, no matter how long they get. I agree with TT as in once a task is done, take it off and forget it. The rest of what she said would probably work for the average person, however, if I ONLY put things I my list that I MUST do, this would be my list: Eat Drink Go to work Pay bills Pay taxes Eventually die (sorry had to put some tongue in cheek in there) Everything else is just a should or a want for me. Now people who have/run their own business - the "go to work/do work" is part of the must. That is not the case for me, which is why a must do list for me would not work in this particular situation.