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  1. Thinking of trying a few of there oils. Any one have favs? I’ve never tried any but would like too
  2. The only ones I’ve ever played with are just blanks.. I makes candles and melts too
  3. Do you use the same kind of air freshener as Belinda?
  4. Great advice! I wish I would have done this too but I thought soy was the way to go. If only I knew this 14 yrs ago!
  5. Hi! Will you share where you got it? :)
  6. Where do you all buy your labels? I usually bought them at Planet Label but looking for a new place. Do you print out your own labels or have them printed out for you? Needing a change. Thanks much for any help!
  7. Good for you! Hope you do GREAT!!!
  8. That’s why I embrace the pure beauty of natural candles (I know they are not natural but I’m going with it lol
  9. You all are so AMAZING! I have no clue what your talking about but it is just unreal how smart ya are with soap making!
  10. Does anyone know if there is a fragrance oil that smells like an Mock Orange bush?
  11. Placed an order during their 99 cent sale but most of the new ones I wanted said OOS so bummed!
  12. I will be waiting IMPATIENTLY on your review after burning! I don’t dare get excited 😜 or maybe I should!! Thanks so much for your review!
  13. The Awesome literally hurts my lungs even holding a towel over so I don’t breathe it in.
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