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  1. Does anyone know of dupe for this scent? TIA
  2. I’d love to hear your review also. I really like that scent too! I’ve been thinking of trying Indigo. Thanks so much!
  3. Do you know where they are located?
  4. I would love to blend a few oils to make some new Christmas scents but my problem is I’m just so bad at coming up with which oils to try. Would anyone be willing to share a few oils that they have tried and love for Christmas. Thank you so much for any suggestions! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 🎄🎁🎄🎁🥰
  5. Candy bee have you ordered this since the price increase?
  6. Can’t really believe it but I’ve never ordered from them. Any other oils that ya all might recommend? THANKS BUNCHES
  7. Just the name makes me want to get some!
  8. I think I’m having a blonde moment. What’s TFC?
  9. I’ve tried quite a few PBC scents too but all were misses for me too :( I did try some JS oils a couple years ago but I must have picked all duds :( I absolutely love them soft 🥨 so I might have to break down and try an oz ;)
  10. I tried some of her scents a while ago but must of picked all misses! The names and scent descriptions all sound sooooo amazing! Wish I had more luck.
  11. Thanks so much for offering! I really appreciate you! I’ll probably be ordering soon so I’ll grab some and give it a try!
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