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  1. Hello friends! They just released 5 new oils. Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Wild Honeysuckle & Raspberry, Tangerine Passion, Watermelon Lemonade Type and Tobacco & Bay Leaf. I poured a candle and a melt in each scent. To soon to test the candles but have melted 4 out of the 5 so far and all are super!
  2. Oh goodness! Yes cutest post ever! I much needed this cute little guy 😂
  3. Right with ya there girl! Organized people kinda bug me! Yeah it’s definitely a I wanna be like them but am so far removed the hope is SUPER doubtful! LMBO In my next life I just know I’m gonna get it all together 😂😀😁😄
  4. Did you get a chance to get them in wax?
  5. I’d love to hear your thoughts after testing! Cinnamon scents always seem to give me a problem with wicking.
  6. I don’t have many from them either and i thought that was CW also. I’d like to try some more from BCN so thank you for sharing Soy-N-Suds!
  7. Please let me know what you think! 🥰
  8. They definitely are not like CS clean scents. I used to use quite a few oils from CS but I have found replacements for all of them. I have tested about 30 of them and all have been super! They released 9 or 10 new oils today so I’m waiting to get them. I don’t know what wax you use but I use Soy so if I get good HT and CT that says a lot to me. I really like that they have 2oz. 1oz was never enough for me to test what I like to.
  9. Would you mind sharing some of your favorites?
  10. Every coffee scent I’ve tried smells like burnt popcorn unfortunately.
  11. Just wanted to share a new fragrance Company! They have amazing customer service and great oils. They also have a Facebook group. Some of my favorite oils are Bergamont + Sandalwood, Lemon Sugar Cake, Warm Apples + Peaches, Orange Cranberry Spice, Chestnut + Birch, Cedar Musk + Lavender and Cherry Amaretto. Their shipping time is extremely fast and are adding new oils often.
  12. I see so many people say they don’t cure 6006. I have a case of it and want to play around with it but seems to me it should cure a bit since it does have some soy.
  13. Yes that would be awesome! Please message me! Thank you so much for your offer😀
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