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  1. I know about AFI but there is another Co that makes fragrance oil. Does anyone know the name?
  2. Thanks to all for your recommendations🥰🥰 Anyone have suggestions for Fall/Christmas that ya just can’t be without? Ya know when ya gotta explain to the Hubs it just makes no scents (hahaha) to order 1 fragrance oil!!! That’s just ridiculous! I definitely have to order at least 5 or 6 to making shipping worth it Honey Bunny!!! And ya know the more I order just increases my profit!!! 🕯🕯🕯💰💰💰 And last but not least here’s me looking all professional! Oh yeah I got all my Sunshine together here! LOL 👩‍🏫👩
  3. Has anyone tried the Citrus Spruce from Fillmore?
  4. Perfect! Thank you both! I’ll check them out
  5. I think it would be safe to say you are the Queen of 🎃 I love Pumpkin scents too!
  6. I have a customer looking for this scent. I can’t even find a description. Does anyone know of a dupe? TIA
  7. Hey Belinda! That would be so awesome!! Thank you so much!!
  8. Hello Friends! Would anyone happen to know if there is a good Cotton Candy fragrance anywhere? That seems like a popular scent but haven’t been able to find any good reviews really. I tried NG a while back and a few others but none wowed me.
  9. Perfect!! Thanks so much for the help!!
  10. I have been making candles for about 15 years now but have never used dye. Thinking of trying a couple ideas I have. Would anyone share their experience with dye? Is liquid dye better? Are all dyes pretty much the same? Thanks so much for any help!
  11. This is exactly why I bought the kits from WW Co. and paid like $25 for the candle kits because I thought buying from WW Co...one would think they would have figured out what wick to use but that definitely wasn’t the case. Something just can’t be right because no one would want to buy the candles I made from WW Co! I bought 4 kits and none of them would stay lit. They just sucked. They don’t tell you anything about having to prime them. I mean they must work for some people cause seems a lot of people like wood wicks. 🤷‍♀️
  12. Thank you so much for sharing those with me! 🥰🥰🥰
  13. I’ve never ordered from FB. Would anyone share their favorites please? Thanks so much for any help!!
  14. Thank you so much BusyBee! I super appreciate your help!! 😊😉🥰
  15. Does anyone know if EZ Soy wax is the exact same wax as GB 415? We got a very large account and I’m wondering if I could buy it by the pallet? Do wax suppliers sell directly to us or do we have to buy from BCN, Candlescience..etc? Thanks so much for any help!
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