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  1. Love those rusty stars. Would you mind sharing where you got them? I looked on eBay but not finding them.
  2. Daisymay66

    Banana Nut Bread

    Is there anyone that has used the formula CS BNB?
  3. Daisymay66

    Fillmore's Red Apple

    Hey Trapp! What are your thoughts about CS 🍎 verses FC 🍎? Do they seem similar? I tried FC BAC and it did smell good out of the bottle but I didn’t get much hot or cold throw. I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of these after you get them in wax!
  4. Daisymay66

    Banana Nut Bread

    Well what the heck is my deal then? LOL Maybe I’ll try CS again. Or I could try CC also. But shipping is so expensive now especially if you only order a couple scents. And since I’ve been trying to stick with this low number of oils, it took all the fun out of ordering. On a good note, I’ve saved way more $$$. It’s just not fun anymore. I’ve had to try and not be on here as much cause I can be easily enabled lol along with going on all my supplier websites. Which are both things I ❤️ doing. I would spend hours doing that and it made me happy reading and hearing about new oils. Geezzzzzzzz it sounds like I have an addiction? How weird? Hahaha Said NO CANDLEMAKER EVER!!! 🤪🤪😉😉
  5. Daisymay66

    All natural Lebermuth Fragrances?

    I’ve been thinking of putting in a order from CMS. Any favorites ?
  6. Daisymay66

    Strong scents for Aromabead fresheners

    Thanks so much. Got it on my list to order this week. ICS used to have a grapefruit scent and I just loved it! I’ll give BCN a try.
  7. Daisymay66

    Banana Nut Bread

    I totally agree with you! I got some BNB from RE and it just wasn’t good at all to me! Might just be me though. Please let me know if ya find a good one. I’m gonna try and look at ICS. She usually has really good bakery scents. I’ll let you know too. ;) Agreed! :) Belinda Of those 3 do you like 1 better? ;)
  8. Daisymay66

    Banana Nut Bread

    Anyone have a favorite BNB? Thanks bunches!!
  9. Daisymay66

    Strong scents for Aromabead fresheners

    This sounds really good! Pcbrook, would you say it’s stronger on vanilla or grapefruit?
  10. Daisymay66

    Peppermint Marshmallow Dupe?

    Toasted Marshmallow Grandma’s Cupboard Welcome Home Caramel Pretzel Bar Banana Walnut Cake Ugh.. I know there is a bunch more! I’ll check my notes when I go out to my shop!
  11. Daisymay66

    Rice Flower & Shea

    Do anyone have any suggestions on this scent in soy wax that is worth giving a try? TIA
  12. Daisymay66

    Peppermint Marshmallow Dupe?

    They have some really nice oils
  13. I’d like to get a laser thermometer does anyone have any suggestions on a good one or I need to stay away from? Thanks in advance!
  14. Really?? I would of never thought that. But then again if I didn’t get a sample of Sweet Orange & Chili 🌶 I definitely wouldn’t have bought that scent either
  15. People like a pepper scent?