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How to do a wickectomy to replace a wick assembly

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Here’s a short video of how I replace a wick assembly in a tin during burn testing. The advantage of this method over swapping untabbed wick is the stability the tab provides all the way to the end of the burn. Untabbed wicks tend to lean pretty early in a test candle, which forces flame far out of center.  A leaning wick makes for an inaccurate wick test. 



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I got my Apple corer in earlier this week and used it to replace some wicks! Thank you for that tip! 


I see you mentioned it in the second video, but it was not so easy for the glass glow palm. I twisted it down and it pretty much just shaved the wax. I went ahead and swapped wicks, but lost a lot of the wax. Just put the shavings back in the hole and Had to heat gun it quite a bit to fill in the rest. Not sure if that altered my test results. But, I’m mainly testing C1 right now. Just wanted to see how the corer worked on palm. 

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2 hours ago, jmspgh said:

I'm late to the party but I can't wait to try this! One question though...do you need to secure the new wicks that you are putting in or is the hardened wax enough to hold it there?

I generally do not secure the test replacement wick in this case. The weight of the wax “plug” is usually secure enough while testing, especially since I tend to watch these like a new mother hen, checking every few minutes for progress. If you have a super soft wax, or wick that tends to lean more than usual, a wick sticker may give some peace of mind. 

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