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  1. @Laura C this link of your's https://www.soapqueen.com/bath-and-body-tutorials/home-crafts/lavender-vanilla-geometric-candle/ has a very interesting idea for a wick centering tool. I just bought a bunch of bags clips that work well...but soapqueen also has a good, and thrifty option!!
  2. They are....I can think of a few people I would give them too...haha... Not sure if I would want to receive one though lol
  3. Hey Laura....I have a very "unique" link if you want some idea's to make some layered candles lol https://prankcandles.com/
  4. Just for fun I did a couple of layered candles....but they weren't really planned. I melted some leftover/finished candles...poured into a large mason jar...did some more about 2 weeks later...poured them into the same mason jar..and so on.. I think I had about 5 layers in that mason...different colors...different scents. Then I skewered a hole down the centre and stuck in a wick (can't remember which one). It actually burnt really well...I called it my Frankencandle...😁
  5. It will cost me a small fortune to get them here...for me a US dollar costs about $1.30 cdn...plus shipping to Canada...and we have 13% HST tax...ouch. BUT....Glassnow jars are unique IMO, and I don't have to worry about selling cost..so I think I will just go ahead and order some.
  6. It is....the glass is thick and I like their labels. I got it as a gift and I can only imagine what my daughter payed for it in Canada! I see their prices on their US website, so Im sure it would be a lot more here....but....in my opinion, I would rather pay more for a quality product.
  7. This is the wax I have left when the candle goes out. I usually have wax on the side until at least the second half of the candle...but towards the end it gets cleaned up. They're 8oz straight sided jars, HTP62 wicks (20mm x 3mm) and 6006 wax. I have refilled my Calypso jar twice, and I get more wax left at the bottom due to the raised bottom but the sides are cleaned up like the 8oz SS jar...also with the 62 wick.
  8. I don't make candles to sell...only for my own use and friends.. I use the 3mm neck tabs and use a variety of containers. I have never had a glass container crack or break. With the thickness of glassnow glass containers and the raised bottom, I don't think there would be a safety issue unless the container was severely overwicked. I get my wicks and extra tabs at https://www.canwax.com/Wick-Tab-20mm3mm_p_822.html I always have a small amount of wax left in the bottom...I melt all the leftovers down and make firestarters out of them..
  9. That's right Moonshine...this morning I put my glasses on lol..and saw that it was the 6 oz jar, with 5 oz volume. It's not a big jar at all, but I like the color of it, and its REALLY sturdy. On mine the cork goes into the container appox. 1/4". With a 3mm neck on the wick tab, there is very little wax left. My problem also is..for every US dollar, it cost me about $1.28 + shipping (to Canada)...and we have HST tax of 13%...ouch.
  10. @Sebleo Here it is. They are a very heavy glass too.
  11. @Sebleo I would say its the red glass...although the one I have looks darker than their pic....but its not frosted. It has the cork lid, The color looks great, and it hide's any wet spots...
  12. I received a container candle made by Northern Lights as a gift..I really liked the container, so after some research I found out it was a 8oz Calipso from Glass Now. It does have a raised bottom, but when I finished the candle and refilled it, I used a wick with a small neck on the tab (3mm). The remaining wax after it finished burning was minimal. I think I might order some of those jars..
  13. Just revisiting some old posts...and I have to tell you Sarah..I have been doing what you recommended. HTP73 worked great with 6006, 6% Lily of the Valley in the 8oz straight sided jar 2.5". Most everything you read says you need a melt pool 1/4"-1/2" the first burn. I find that if you size your wick to do that, by the last third of the candle there is a LARGE flame, mushrooms etc. With a smaller wick, it seems to burn good at the start with a small amount of hangup, but takes care of that half way down.
  14. Are you referring to Coconut Oil?? Or coconut wax?? For fun, I tried blending some coconut oil (is used for cooking, but looks like a wax) with some Millenium soy 20/80. The tops looked like swiss cheese, although it didn't burn that bad...and I didn't notice any improvement in hot throw.
  15. They still show a location in CA on their website? I would assume those prices are American $$$....and just wondering where they ship their orders from. Nothing seemed too clear on their website.
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