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  1. In my search for the perfect wick for my use, I thought I had seen every wick chart ever created...but...I just found this one, and it seems to be the most complete one I've seen to date. Probably I'm the last person to find it...but just in case there are others like me...you can find it here http://www.candlesandsupplies.net/wick_selection_chart_by_wax.pdf
  2. I have recently switched to 6006 after all the changes to soy. I have been using 6oz, and 8oz mason jars and there seems to be quite a few wicks that work well. LX16, RRD47 (maybe a bit too large)..WI755 also seem to work well. I even tried cotton core 44 and they seemed good too. All of them had a small mushroom, but if trimmed, they all worked well. I haven't tried wooden wicks in 6006, but have in other waxes, and didn't seem to work too well for me. Talltyle did a wax test in the wicks and wax section, and the wood wick didn't perform too well. I would like to try CD's but I have to order them from the US, and the exchange and shipping is a killer.
  3. Gary in Canada


    Didn't watch the whole video...but my version of a Frankencandle, which I've done for a few years, is melting every failed tester, leftover wax from gifts, and any other wax I can find...melt it all together...forget about checking temps, then pouring it into the largest jar I can find. Let it set up, poke a hole down the middle with a skewer, judge what wick would work...put it into said wick "hole"...and light. Nothing planned, and sometimes they work the best..lol.
  4. I thought Q230 was Ecosoya's pillar wax?? The old one use to just pop out of the mold..the new one should also? Did you say you poured at 72 deg....? Is that celcius?
  5. Gary in Canada

    Hi From Canada

    Never have bought from Ali Baba...never even heard of them. Canwax has a good variety of wicks.
  6. Gary in Canada

    Crazy long burn time...

    villagecraftandcandle.com sell supplies, and also candles. Their claim is 7hrs per oz..pure soy wax.
  7. Probably a little late to the party here....but I put the total amount of wax in my large melt pot, then pour the required amount of melted wax for 3 candles into a large measuring cup.,.tare it to 0 and add the fragrance. Then I pour the required amount for another 3 candles into another measuring cup, and do it all over. If you need more melted wax, just keep adding it to the melting pot, since there is no scent in that. Let the large measuring cups full of scented wax cool, the pour.
  8. I was reading up on Citronella candles during the summer...a lot of people do burn them outside because they repel bugs...but only if it's EO citronella. FO citronella doesn't have the same effect. I like the smell of citronella, but was worried about burning it inside the house..so I made the mine with FO citronella.
  9. Gary in Canada

    Slippery floors

    I know my wife used to spray all the furniture with Pledge, or other furniture polish and a LOT of it would end up on the floor..laminate, carpet didn't matter. I used to just about kill myself all the time, because its invisible. FINALLY i convinced her to spray it on a cloth over the sink, then wipe the furniture. Problem solved for me. Just a thought. When I boil water to make spaghetti (this time of year)...the windows, walls, ceiling steam up, because I don't have an overhead fan, and its too darn cold to open a window or door. When I do the double boiler to make candles, I don't get that, and the floors are certainly not slippery.
  10. Gary in Canada

    FedX Video

    I gotta defend our local delivery people...UPS guy is great..carries dog treats for our "guard" dog..lol And my wife loves he wears shorts all year long. Fedex has always been great, and on time with no mishaps..same with purolater...and our we are on a first name basis with our local posties. The only problems we have had are suppliers...delivery people have been great so far.
  11. Gary in Canada

    Essential oils vs. Fragrance oils

    One of my suppliers has an interesting blog about EO's and FO's. You can read it here https://villagecraftandcandle.com/index.php?route=d_blog_module/post&post_id=61
  12. Gary in Canada

    Respectful Request

    Well...I can share my limited successes...because in my opinion I have only had one that was truly a success.. and sadly..It has gone the way of the dinosaur. CB135 wax (discontinued) in a Spa Cup with a HTP52 wick (thanks Canwax). Burnt perfect, looked great...put it any container like a small mason jar, or whatever, with some Dollar Tree pebbles, or glass beads..and it was great. And I have had great success with firestarters..lol. All the failed testers remelted into paper cups with wood chips..easy peasy, and work great. Other than that...its still a work in progress...Im still searching the forums for the perfect combo..and thankfully I do have a 9-5.... I now understand how much work (and money) goes into making the perfect candle, which I didn't realize until I tried it...and I truly admire those of you that have been able to do it successfully..!!
  13. Gary in Canada

    Odd Topic - Heat Sources!

    Walmart Canada does not carry the Presto Pot...but our local candle supplier does..but it's $100.00. I think for now, I have to stick with the double boiler method.
  14. The #6 and #8 and `10 and 12.. are they CD's or Eco's?? What wax are you trying them in?
  15. Gary in Canada

    container supplier suggestions

    I love your dust covers...do you make them? I only give my candles away, and I have a lot of 12oz jars with no lids. I would like to make a dust cover like yours to pretty them up a bit..