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  1. Are you referring to Coconut Oil?? Or coconut wax?? For fun, I tried blending some coconut oil (is used for cooking, but looks like a wax) with some Millenium soy 20/80. The tops looked like swiss cheese, although it didn't burn that bad...and I didn't notice any improvement in hot throw.
  2. They still show a location in CA on their website? I would assume those prices are American $$$....and just wondering where they ship their orders from. Nothing seemed too clear on their website.
  3. In your opinion Trappeur...does VBN throw better than Vanilla Voodoo? I know that used to be your go to Vanilla.
  4. Great idea!! I have been doing the skewer replacement method....but all the wicks lean BADLY about half way down. Thanks for sharing TT..
  5. No LU...I don't sell candles, only test test test lol...then I use them myself and give them to servers at our local pub..my hair stylist etc... I almost had the process where I wanted it when EcoSoya decided to stop production...and I couldn't get back to where I was so I switched to 6006. Seems to be working good. That one poster earlier that said he mixes C3 with coco easy beads and gets a "knock your socks off" hot throw has me thinking. 😏
  6. You are a brave soul...I hope it works out for you!!
  7. So true TT...at least in the U.S. I wish we had more competition up here to get a better choice of products. It takes Cdn's lots of $$$$ and time to get supplies from the U.S. I did place an order with the original Peak's and it was quite interesting tracking my order do an unbelievable tour of the U.S.
  8. The HTP93 looks good...I just find that when HTP's get about half way down they start leaning like crazy. Mine have been centered with wick stickers but end up leaning to one side as the melt pool gets larger. Drives me crazy! Im currently using 6006.
  9. Great idea TT... I noticed the same thing with the skewer method. All of a sudden you check the burning candle and the wick is WAY over to the side putting soot on the side, or it flops over and goes out. Will have to get an apple corer. Thanks.
  10. I was thinking of trying Palm, until I read this from Candle Science. Is this bound to happen with more suppliers?? We take environmental issues very seriously at CandleScience. While developing our products to be safe and easy to use, we require them to be as environmentally friendly as possible. New information has eroded our confidence in the sustainability of palm wax. Because environmental responsibility is a critical component of our culture, we have made the very difficult decision to discontinue all palm waxes. Maybe I should go back to woodworking?! 🔨
  11. I paid $99 cdn for my Canon Inkjet printer which comes with "starter" cartridges...so I also purchased a new full size set of cartridges...cost me $199!!! That was the only set I bought..I now order sets on Amazon package of 3 sets for $30.. no brainer! I also use Avery, and their design software is very easy to use...and free.
  12. Lucky you aren't trying to find containers in Canada...all we have available is mason jars and a couple of other styles that have been around for decades.. Boring lids, nothing new. I can't understand why Canadian suppliers don't get with the times. By the way...Love your new jar and container from Candles and Supplies!!
  13. I get online labels .com..clear gloss and use a Canon injet printer. They have design software which is very easy to use, then I print them with the photo, glossy picture setting. I let them sit for at least an hour or so before I apply them. Then while the candle sits for a few days, the ink really sets up. Works for me.
  14. I hope that shop owner has good liability insurance! I actually thought the same as her when I started making candles (I don't sell...just make them for me and friends). How difficult can making a candle be? Get a jar, plop in a wick, add some fragrance, melt some wax...fill jar and bob's your uncle! Perfect candle....not! I think its been 3 or 4 years for me still trying to perfect it.. Keep on good terms with her....or if there is another similar shop nearby, go to them and offer your candles to them. I used to make clocks, and would go to all the "tourist" towns near where I live and offer them my clock and would tell them, "If you decide to carry my clocks, I will not sell to anyone else in your town". The first shop I went to in each town took my clocks. Clocks were much easier than a good quality candle..lol.
  15. That is a beautiful jar, and glad you found a new vanilla..never thought you would change from Vanilla Voodoo 😊...and I love your new profile pic. Hope all goes well with your next round...I am sure it will!
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