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  1. Just got the notice about EcoSoya from our local Canadian supplier. I tried their new waxes, as Im sure most of you did....and I was less than impressed. It looked good, but I found it was impossible to find a wick that would actually work . But anybody that did manage to get it to work will have to go back to the drawing board. All I can say is....Im glad I don't rely on candles to earn a living...hats off to those that do...
  2. This statement made me take notice...and Im sure others noticed too! Everybody it seems is looking for a way to improve HT...may I ask what wick series you used?
  3. Ok..im going to try blue painters tape....for candle containers only...cause i hate painting lol
  4. If it doesn't reach your printer, you could always try an extender. Plug it in somewhere between your router/modem, printer and computer and it will extend your WiFi signal.. Otherwise you get get an inexpensive printer BUT buy your cartridges on Amazon. My orignal Canon cartridges cost $199 (Cdn) for a set.... now I buy 5 sets for about $40. on Amazon.
  5. I use masking tape to "label" the container so I know which FO I used, wick and any other info I need for later. It seems to hold on fine for me.
  6. I've always been confused with the sizing on the larger HTP wicks http://www.atkinsandpearce.com/candle-solutions/product-pages/htp/ The 126 is listed at the bottom of the chart. It shows the largest flame height, largest melt pool but the yield falls between a 105 and a 1212. I contacted them and they told me its the "largest" htp....and yet a LOT of supplier sites recommend the 126 right after the 105.. still confused.
  7. Thanks @Laura C...Im ALWAYS looking for help with wicks
  8. I'm trying to save this discussion somewhere so I can quickly refer to it..is there a way to do that?
  9. I should buy one of those huge candles before next winter...it would probably heat my whole house..lol
  10. @Laura C this link of your's https://www.soapqueen.com/bath-and-body-tutorials/home-crafts/lavender-vanilla-geometric-candle/ has a very interesting idea for a wick centering tool. I just bought a bunch of bags clips that work well...but soapqueen also has a good, and thrifty option!!
  11. They are....I can think of a few people I would give them too...haha... Not sure if I would want to receive one though lol
  12. Hey Laura....I have a very "unique" link if you want some idea's to make some layered candles lol https://prankcandles.com/
  13. Just for fun I did a couple of layered candles....but they weren't really planned. I melted some leftover/finished candles...poured into a large mason jar...did some more about 2 weeks later...poured them into the same mason jar..and so on.. I think I had about 5 layers in that mason...different colors...different scents. Then I skewered a hole down the centre and stuck in a wick (can't remember which one). It actually burnt really well...I called it my Frankencandle...😁
  14. It will cost me a small fortune to get them here...for me a US dollar costs about $1.30 cdn...plus shipping to Canada...and we have 13% HST tax...ouch. BUT....Glassnow jars are unique IMO, and I don't have to worry about selling cost..so I think I will just go ahead and order some.
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