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  1. So far my wax "melts" experiments have been scraping out failed candles and putting the wax into an old candle warmer that I have. I want to start testing some actual melts. For candles right now I am working with the Calwax Ceda Serica but my (newbie) impression is that it would be too soft for melts. Are there any coconut tart waxes out there that you like? The only one I have come across so far is the Caluxe Coconut Tart Wax?
  2. This was only the 2nd wax I had ever used and trying to figure it out nearly turned me completely off of making candles. I'm not going to call it a complete waste of time (and money) since I did learn quite a bit about what a wax shouldn't do 🤣 I have since moved on to cocosoy and cocoapricot and like them quite a bit more....so far.....
  3. After you narrow down your wick with just naked wax what FO do you reach for to continue your testing process? So far I have been using Bird of Paradise from Keystone...my reasoning is simply because I LOVE it and it's the only large bottle of FO that I have so far. If you do have a "go to" FO what are your reasons for choosing that one? 😀
  4. @friendlysoutherner this wax is for sure going into my wax graveyard. i have never tried the coco/apricot ceda serica or coco/soy ec26 so i just ordered some of each to try next. After a snowy day in Pennsylvania, Hawaii sounds wonderful right now...I'll climb some coconut trees with you!!
  5. Thanks @NightLight I've decided that this wax isn't worth the time and aggravation for me right now. So looking into others to try. Do you still use a coconut wax? If so, is there one that you like?
  6. Thanks so much for the advice @TallTayl!! I do have some white beeswax but my previous (limited) experience has been whenever I add it I need a huge wick and it kills the HT. I think I am at the point where I want to move on from this wax; even if it's just for my own sanity 🤣. There are too many things that have bothered me about it. I'm sure I'll find something to do with it down the road. I would like to stay with some sort of coconut wax...I'm thinking either Ceda Serica or EC26 Coconut Soy. I have read too many horror stories here about Coconut83 to trust myself taking that on haha. Any advise on the pros/cons of these? I'll probably end up getting a small amount of each to test out. Hopefully all my testing of the Coconut Brew will help with this...it took me almost a year but I finally thought I had started to figure out the wicking with the Coconut Brew.
  7. So I went to the c&s website to see if there were any new reviews on the coconut brew wax and I noticed that they changed the recommended pouring temp from 140 to 140-180. They also have this included now..."NOTE - WE HAVE BEEN EXPERIENCING SOME OIL SEEPAGE DURING THE COOLER WINTER MONTHS ON SOME SCENTS. YOU CAN FIX THIS ONE OF THE FOLLOWING WAYS - YOU WILL NOT NEED TO DO ALL OF THEM - CHOOSE THE EASIEST FOR YOU: 1 - USE LESS FRAGRANCE OIL - 5-6% IS SUFFICIENT 2 - ADD 2 TBSP OF 92 DEGREE COCONUT OIL PER LB OF WAX 3 - ADD 1 tsp OF VYBAR PER LB. OF WAX" I guess I'm not the only one having these issues. As far as their suggestions, I am already planning to try less FO. I don't like the idea of adding coconut oil as the melt point of the wax is already 115 (which is concerning to me). I have never used vybar...is it worth having some around?
  8. Short story...my most recent tester candles started seeping after I heat gunned the tops. Long story....I had a few kid free hours this week so took advantage of the time by pouring some candles to test new FO/wick combos. I am using C&S coconut brew wax (I'm not sold on it but have 20ish lbs left to go thru 🤑), 8% FO. Wednesday I poured 4 different scents (2 candles each). 3 new FO and 1 I had tested previously with different wicks. Melted/poured following C&S recommended temps (heat to ~180 pour at ~140). Let the candles sit approx 6 hours on my counter, trimmed wicks, covered, put back into the box and moved the box to the (unheated but not freezing) basement. Thursday I did the same routine with 4 other scents (2 candles each) except after I put them back into the box I left the box sitting on my counter. Saturday I brought them all to the kitchen and lightly heat gunned the tops; just barely enough to make the top of the candle shiny and smooth them out. The tops actually looked pretty good before I used the heat gun but I wanted to smooth out the sides from some splattering while I poured. Immediately after the tops cooled there was moderate seeping on all but 1 of the candles I had poured on Wednesday (see attached pic). No seeping on any of the candles from Thursday. I sopped up what I could from the tops, put on the lids and back into the boxes they went while I decided what to do. Today (Sunday) I looked again and most of the ones from Wednesday had mild re-seeping and 1 of the candles from Thursday had a few tiny wet beads on top. After some research on here I think it might have partially been the temperature changes prior to the wax fully setting. I have done all testing at 8% FO so far and only with 1 other scent (vanilla/amber) have had minor seeping. I don't necessarily think 8% is extremely high as my HT with previous testers has been decent but not amazing. My first thought is to not move the candles to the basement until they are fully set. My next thought is to probably try a lesser amount of FO. These FO were from a new supplier for me and they did seem more potent to my nose than previous ones I have used. Any other thoughts that I SHOULD be having??!? Also, am I safe to burn these candles (while keeping careful watch) or should I remelt them and start over? I have only ever remelted unscented candles to reuse the wax...do I need to do anything different if the wax already has FO in it? THANKS!!!
  9. I should add that the hot throw definitely improves over time. I wait a minimum 2 weeks to cure but candles I have continued to burn a few months later have a stronger scent.
  10. This is only the second wax I've tinkered around with so keep that in mind when reading my opinion on the coconut brew. It's ok but I'm not sold on it yet. I have about 30 pounds left to figure out if I like it enough to buy more haha. I've mostly been testing wicks without FO. Cdns have been burning best followed by cd. The FO that I have tried (at 8%) have had decent throw but nothing spectacular. I haven't tried anything from brambleberry. I think what bothers me most is that the wax just isn't very pretty as it burns... It kinda turns a dirty yellow/oily color for me...not the creamy white I was hoping for. At first I didn't mind the little champagne bubbles that form as the candle burns but now they are starting to bother me too.
  11. Any opinions on EC26 coconut soy? I'm thinking of giving it a try... I've been messing around with c&s coconut brew but I'm not sold on it yet.
  12. Aldi seriously has the best peanut butter cups ever!!!
  13. I am looking for some alternative lids for the nova jars. i like the jars but am not impressed with the lids (even tho they are more expensive than the jars themselves). I think i found some corks that may work but was looking for a metal low profile lid as well. any suggestions on where to look would be appreciated.
  14. My husband doesn't do taxes but he does virtual bookkeeping for small businesses. If you're interested I can give you the website/contact information. Sounds like you had a great year...congrats!!
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