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  1. My husband doesn't do taxes but he does virtual bookkeeping for small businesses. If you're interested I can give you the website/contact information. Sounds like you had a great year...congrats!!
  2. I have a csn sample pack I got from candlescience a while back. I only used a few then stopped testing when they discontinued them. You are welcome to have them if that would help. I'd just have to dig them out to see what sizes are left.
  3. I got replies from both flaming candle and c&s. Both simply said they would pass along the request to their buyers. Flaming sounded more interested and included that they like to know what people are looking for...so let them know if you are interested... Maybe we can get them to start carrying the smaller/longer sizes?
  4. I just put in a request to Flaming Candle and Candles and Supply for the same. The smaller in between sizes in longer lengths are surprisingly hard to find. Lets get some to the east coast!
  5. @pughaus no I didn't try them and it looks like they have some available! Shipping is a bit much but beggars cant be choosers. now i have an excuse to try some of their FO too haha any suggestions?
  6. @TallTayl Thanks for the suggestions! I did look at candle cocoon but was hesitant because of the larger length...I will re think that. I am finding that the cd 5s are a little harder to track down than the 4s and 6s. I'll look at wicks unlimited...I haven't tried them yet. @Kris10Tackles I have been watching 16/17 for the wicks but right now they only have the 2s and 6s available...I should have bought them a few weeks ago when I first saw them but wanted to wait until after the holidays. Lesson learned 😂
  7. Yea...it's the CD4/5/6 6" length I am looking for. Are they not as common to come by? Candle science has the 4 and 6 (out of stock) but not the 5. I only see the 3" length on candlewic. I want to try some CDN too but am having the same trouble with only certain sizes being in stock and not many suppliers having them. Is everything being out of stock typical or has it been worse lately because of covid, shipping, holidays, etc? I started ordering supplies and experimenting a few months before the covid craziness began...wondering how far in advance I need to start planning. I
  8. Thanks! Cal Candle has them all listed but once you go into the listing they are all out of stock. The same appears to be true for Candle Science but at least they have an estimated arrival date. I only see the larger sizes from Candlewic...except for the spools and I don't think I am up for that yet.
  9. Good morning and Merry Christmas Eve! I was wondering where you all get smaller sized CD wicks. I previously purchased them from California Candle Supply but they are out of stock right now. Most of the other usual places I look don't seem to have the smaller sizes (4, 5, 6) other than votive length. Thanks in advance for the input!
  10. So essentially...coconut wax is coconut oil mixed with other "stuff"? When I first started thinking about making candles I thought I could just mix good ol' coconut oil with beeswax, stick in a wick, some essential oils and call it a day. I never actually tried that but I did buy quite a few coconut oil/beeswax/essential oil candles and was not super impressed with any of them. Then I bought some "coconut wax blend" candles and much preferred them. I did reach out to a few of the people that I bought them from but no one (understandably) would tell me what wax blend they were using. That's
  11. I don't mind the cure time. With 2 small kiddos running my life 2 weeks passes quickly. I did look into the coconut apricot but I am looking for something without paraffin. I enjoy the testing.
  12. How does the process of creating your own wax work? Is is mixing different already available waxes or base components? Or a combo of both? I'm not asking for your blends...I know that takes a lot of time, energy and money to figure out. I would be interested in trying this in the future but I don't feel that I have the knowledge to do it efficiently (or cost effectively 🤑). I wouldn't even know what components to start with let alone at what ratios.
  13. I am only about a year into my candle journey so take what I say with a grain of salt but I seriously want to know...does anyone out there actually like working with coconut wax? From reading (and re reading) the coconut wax topics here, the general consensus I am seeing seems to be that it is great in theory, but the issues seem to outweigh the benefits and most people end up switching to something else?? I initially chose coconut wax to try because in my area everything is soy and I wanted to try something different. I can walk into any boutique, craft show, or farmer's market
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