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  1. I poured a few testers with a bunch of different FO all at 8%. It will be 2 weeks tomorrow and since pouring they have all been untouched in an box with lids on. I just took a peak today because I wanted to see how the cold throw was and for the first time I am seeing some of the seeping mentioned earlier in this thread. It was only on 2 of the candles...french vanilla/amber and lavender marshmallow from fragrance buddy. What's strange is that for each of those scents i poured 2 candles and the seeping was only on 1 of each. The cold throw for the french vanilla amber is strong (it smelle
  2. I have had that happen to me a few times when I am on my computer (google chrome)...usually if I refresh the page once or twice then I am able to open the thread. It has never happened when I use my phone which is also a google chrome browser. who knows?
  3. @Marisa11where did you get your cdn wicks from?
  4. Actually on my last order I did get some of the nova lids and I was very very underwhelmed. I think the glass quality is great but the lids feel really cheap compared to the jars... Which is crazy because the lids are more expensive!! I knew they were going to be plastic based on the description but I was hoping for more based on the quality of the jars. I was going to try finding an alternate lid (metal? cork?) to use with the nova but haven't had a chance yet. I have looked at sixteen seventeen but haven't ordered anything to try yet. From what I can remember they seemed a little
  5. sorry @candlecraftshop I have only tried the nova and ziva so far
  6. Most of my testing so far with the coco brew has been without FO but a little over a month ago i poured a few candles (various scents) at 8% FO. I started burning them after curing just over a week and the HT was mediocre. However, each time I burn one since then the HT has improved.
  7. Does anyone include care instructions or burning tips with their candles? I have purchased many many candles and this is rarely included. I realize that most people aren't going to follow them. Prior to starting my candle making research I was one of "those" people who frequently burnt a candle either all day or for 15 minutes and wanted every last drop of wax gone. Just curious how others go about this.
  8. wow...my mind is blown. i can't wait to bust out my wicks and figure it out. I have yet to attempt multi-wicking and probably wont for a while but so glad i know this now.
  9. So far I have gone thru 2 10lb slabs. I just dove into my first 45 pound box (now beads as opposed to slabs)...not gonna lie, it was kinda exciting buying 45lb at once haha. Sorry...I'm such noob. I know that is small potatoes compared to most of you. I have had the aforementioned champagne bubbles but they don't really bother me much. Should they? I have also had some cracking in the wax around the wick during some later burns burns but the cracks usually disappear after a burn or two. I am mostly testing without FO but I have added some at 8% and the HT was decen
  10. Thank you for this post...I am still in the early phases and this is great information to have. @TallTayl what are your processes?
  11. @TallTayl Thank you! I went back and looked again...I found the lot number on a sticker on the outside of the shipping box. I'm glad I hadn't put it in the recycling yet. Can I expect every batch I order to have different lot numbers?
  12. I am not sure if I am asking this question right, so I apologize if it doesn't make sense. When you order wax from a manufacturer how do you know what batch/lot/etc it is coming from? So far I have only ordered small amounts of wax (I just placed my first "large" order of 45lb) but I don't see this information anywhere on it. I imagine it's different with every supplier but do they only include this with larger orders or do you have to ask specifically for it? The more I look into the safety, business and quality control aspects I realize that I should have this information in case issues co
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