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  1. I agree! It should just be there for you to choose. I order from BCN all the time but I have the option of Speedee because of living in Wisconsin. With Speedee the shipping costs are very reasonable.
  2. Don't they offer USPS for an order that small? Most places do.
  3. I think it would be pretty hard to find a wick that worked for both. But if you have the time and patience give a try.
  4. When I am testing a new FO I just make a half candle to test for hot throw. That way I don't waste as much wax and FO. If the hot throw is good and the wick is doing it's job on half a candle I will go ahead with a full candle. If the hot throw is there but the wick is off I work on getting the wick right.
  5. I use that FO and it is very good in palm wax. Strong cold and hot throw and a good seller.
  6. I noticed that too! Not sure what to think of it. The stock of paraffin is dwindling. About 6 months ago they were saying they were going to stop carrying palm wax so I started testing a palm wax from another supplier and then all of sudden they had tons of palm wax.
  7. I don't know if this will make a difference but I always cover all of my candles with cardboard boxes while they are cooling. I started doing it with palm wax and now it is just such a habit I do it with every candle wax I use. Maybe try that to see if it helps. Maybe slowing the cooling process might help. **shrugs**
  8. Yes, you can mix them up to see how it all goes together. Some people test them on Q-tips first by dipping one end in each fragrance to get the mixture, Not sure how that would work with 3 different FOs though. I am not sure about the answer for the DPG question though. My thoughts are you need to add something to the FO to dilute it a little or the FO would not burn so well on its own. Might be a good Google question.
  9. Fillmore does not offer any flat rate USPS for small things. So every time I order from there I make sure I have enough to make it worth it. I think a couple years ago I contacted them about it to see if they would do it but it's just not an option in the shopping cart but they just said no.
  10. You should be weighing everything. The most common ratio is 4:1. That means 4 ounces of beads and 1 ounce of oil. I don't think you can fit very many in a 4 ounce jar unless you are just making enough for one air freshener. You can reduce the weights. If it is 1 ounce of beads just use .25 ounce of oil. HTH
  11. @TallTayl Lol! I do the same thing in the summer. Makes for good smelling fires!
  12. I have approximately 75 to 90 in my stash box if you want them. They are from BCN.
  13. Wow! I don't have any listings on Etsy right now but I was thinking about getting back into it. Now I'm not so sure!
  14. I always used the premiers in feather palm but glass glow works better for me with CSNs. Maybe you can get the premiers to work for you in glass glow.
  15. I have never received any boxes with the name of the wax on the outside box. But I don't know if that would bother me so much. I think the UPS or FedEx workers are too busy to care about what kind of wax is coming to my house. Luckily I live out in the country so there are no neighbors close enough to see what is sitting by my door.
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