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  1. I have approximately 75 to 90 in my stash box if you want them. They are from BCN.
  2. Wow! I don't have any listings on Etsy right now but I was thinking about getting back into it. Now I'm not so sure!
  3. I always used the premiers in feather palm but glass glow works better for me with CSNs. Maybe you can get the premiers to work for you in glass glow.
  4. I have never received any boxes with the name of the wax on the outside box. But I don't know if that would bother me so much. I think the UPS or FedEx workers are too busy to care about what kind of wax is coming to my house. Luckily I live out in the country so there are no neighbors close enough to see what is sitting by my door.
  5. Jars are very hard to find right now. Most suppliers are out of stock and when they do get some in they are snatched up in a few minutes. I hope for all of us chandlers out there it gets better very soon.
  6. CDNs are not even close to CSNs. I don't use them but I have tested them.
  7. When I tried the RRDs the wicks turned into huge carbon balls. Sometimes so bad the flame would go out. That was at 6% FO. Maybe playing with the FO percentage might help.
  8. WHAT THE H**L!!!! Thanks a bunch CS! I just went to order some and they are out of stock. I did get some CSN7s. I guess I will have to order from the UK!!!!
  9. They have some really good fragrances. I use Fraiser Fir, Cracklin' Birch, Farmhouse Christmas, Sweet Grace and I have a few samples I made for testing but letting them cure.
  10. I tried Gooseberry Gardens in palm wax and it was not too bad. It filled up my medium size bedroom but I don't think it would fill up a larger space. It smells just like the name says....a berry scent. I got a sniffie of the River Birch and it smells good OOB but have not put it in wax yet. I never tried the Raspberry Blitz.
  11. I saw they have a few new FOs but have not tried them yet. Vanilla Voodoo is good but it's not a hit you in the face FO. More subtle for me in palm wax.
  12. I never noticed having to wick up on everything from them. There might have been a couple but nothing noticeable.
  13. I like Tall Grass from Keystone. It used to be a Peak oil. I have to up the percentage a little for the HT but it works. It is not a big seller in my area but the ones that like it really like it.
  14. I am still in the process of using up the old ones, but they are now gone. I have to start making candles again next week ans will be using them. I will post my opinion I guess. Lol!
  15. I have this same problem with palm wax candles. I start them out at 1/8 inch and tell all of my customers to trim to 1/8 inch. They work a lot better that way.
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