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  1. Way to experiment and persist! I haven't tackled HP yet, but it's on my list
  2. So pretty!!! Wow, I love it! I, too, am looking forward to seeing it on your product.
  3. Etsy seems to be following the trend of all credit card processing companies - raising their fees. It is tough to stomach how much the cost of doing business is increasing and revenue (different service field, not products/candles or soap) is decidedly not. But these thread/conversations are so good so you'll to have your eyes wide open if you want to start selling product...
  4. So THAT'S my problem?! Lol - I'm sure I have several. Lately, the best HT I've gotten - thanks to your rec - has been with FC's Iced Lemon Biscotti. Beyond that, I've been hiding my frustration in soap making. -end of the thread jack-
  5. Me neither. Where do you find one?
  6. Fresh Picked Cucumber? I got a sample - as my husband said - that's exactly what it smells like. Fresh off the vine. I haven't tried it in cp soap yet.
  7. I am not a math jockey, but with 24.9 ounces of wax 1% of that is .249 ounces of odor eliminator and 2% is basically .5 ounces. Is that even your question, @Trappeur? So rounding down 1% would be .2, so totaling 1 lb 9.1 oz and rounding up 1 lb 9.2 oz. For 2% it would be 1 lb 9.4 oz.
  8. @Shari thanks for the tip - that's very reasonably priced!
  9. Thank you!!! @CandleRush I meant to mention that I made my first batch of cp with coconut milk last weekend - I bet your cream soaps are divine. That's a fun experiment to look forward to.
  10. Oh dear. That explains why you and others often say patch is a love or hate thing. And that is not the smell I am recalling from my college days 😂 well, I certainly recall smelly feet, but think of patchouli differently. Looks like this will be an eye opener.
  11. I think that horse head looks pretty darn cool!!!
  12. Things are often much easier looking than they appear. I am reminded every day of this fact as I cruise past all my wick testers lol. And geez, we have the cleanest hands on the block - anyone need any soap?
  13. Thank you so much, @TallTayl! I have used in cp soap lemongrass and orange 10x. The Lavender 40/42 that I used in a castille soap - cured for at least 10 months now - has faded a little, but I just started using a bar and I can tell it's there, lol. I'm out, so putting together an order and this really helps narrow the choices, especially when EOs are costly. Is light patchouli ok or should I find some dark? I was going to order from Camden-Grey per @Candybee's rec, but they are out of dark patchouli right now.
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