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  1. I just got some zinc oxide and want to try that for a white pencil line. I'd probably use the mica in your case, rather than straight TD, but I'll let others weigh in.
  2. I completely agree with @xxxAlpha71xxx and @Sarah S - save yourself some pain and keep it simple.
  3. Hooray! Just lovely!!!
  4. I have used BB's Pure Honey and have found it smells like honey.
  5. Congratulations!!! It looks great! Welcome!!!!
  6. Well done! I love the lion logo! High fives!
  7. Yikes. That's a bummer - and a good reminder. Sorry it happened.
  8. Way to experiment and persist! I haven't tackled HP yet, but it's on my list
  9. So pretty!!! Wow, I love it! I, too, am looking forward to seeing it on your product.
  10. Etsy seems to be following the trend of all credit card processing companies - raising their fees. It is tough to stomach how much the cost of doing business is increasing and revenue (different service field, not products/candles or soap) is decidedly not. But these thread/conversations are so good so you'll to have your eyes wide open if you want to start selling product...
  11. So THAT'S my problem?! Lol - I'm sure I have several. Lately, the best HT I've gotten - thanks to your rec - has been with FC's Iced Lemon Biscotti. Beyond that, I've been hiding my frustration in soap making. -end of the thread jack-
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