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  1. jerry


    So true, @Scented! Thanks for the warm welcome
  2. jerry


    I thought I would formally introduce myself. I have been making container candles since January and have really appreciated this forum - the wealth of knowledge and people's willingness to help one another is amazing. I will say the soy changes and then citral shortage was discouraging, so I took some time off this summer, but I'm back at it. I have been testing both C3 and 464, and given Sarah S's passion for CBL 125 - I am considering testing that for a stronger HT that may be better suited to larger, open plan spaces, which I have. I am also new to soap making, and have been enjoying that. I find waiting for candles and soap to cure feels like an eternity... Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.
  3. Hi Sarah. I am curious, how long do you have to cure your CBL 125 candles?
  4. jerry

    Oil lamps

    Impressive! I look forward to your progress!
  5. I have not see that video - lunch break viewing is now scheduled. It seems everyone on this board is certainly aware of the huge soy problems of 2017 - they have been so frustrating. That is great that CS is going to replace your 7 cases.
  6. jerry

    Lavender and Rosemary

    I look forward to that day!
  7. jerry

    Lavender and Rosemary

    So pretty! I wish I could smell it.
  8. @MilosCandles sweet studio! Bummer about the debris.
  9. jerry

    Candle Science Pumpkin Chai

    I just ordered some Pumpkin Chai and am just coming to the conclusion that the souffle needs to be wicked up. I look forward to testing the Pumpkin Chai. I also got some Cinnamon Chai for comparison
  10. jerry

    Retesting Pumpkin Souffle

    Hi Trapp. I got side tracked myself - very busy work week. We are finally having some cooler weather, so I hope to close the windows and get burning on Friday. The CT is great. I am testing 9 oz straight sided jars. I'll keep you posted.
  11. jerry

    Retesting Pumpkin Souffle

    I am in the midst of testing it, I use 464, and can't tell if I suddenly have mid-life allergies or if, indeed, I am irritated by the scent. Today - day 3 of burning two different wick sizes of it - I'm less irritated, but it's been a lovely, all windows and doors open kind of day, so I also haven't smelled it a lot, if you know what I mean So none of that is helpful, a month after you asked, but I'd be curious to know what you thought after your testing @Trappeur? PS - CT is good.
  12. jerry

    So Many Waxes

    @Sarah S your ongoing love of CBL 125 makes me want to try it...it's a nice counterpoint to the disappointment in soy since all the changes.
  13. Ah, I hadn't put together what Etsy was trying to address by including the shipping...makes sense from their perspective and in light of Amazon and eBay's fees. And that's interesting to note that many Etsy buyers won't move, despite multiple positive buying experiences. Protection is important. I'm still trying to accept that fees for doing business keep increasing, and my income is not. Lol.
  14. jerry

    New label for Woolrich type shop.

    You make such nice labels, @Trappeur! I'm conflicted - I like both the red and the green. The green is more understated and less outright lodgey to me, so I lean that way...either would be lovely. And what a great list of scents!
  15. I've seen lots of complaints about etsy's fee increase and folks deciding to move to their own shopify or squarespace or big cartel site. (These are yarnie folks, not wax/soap people) Has anyone considered this? Don't you think your long time customers will follow you?