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  1. Thanks @Jeana. I've been lazy and mixing the lye outside and not wearing one. I primarily make EO soaps - and I soap cool - but recently had some FO special orders and this thread has me thinking I need to have that respirator on. It really doesn't smell strong, but if I were to make bigger batches/several loaves at a time, it makes sense. I watch soaping videos, and I don't think one person I've watched wears a mask...very interesting. Excellent food for thought!
  2. Do folks wear a respirator when making soap too? Probably, but just checking...small 4 lb batch max.
  3. I'm not sure I know what foaming bath milk is...a liquid that foams? Like bubble bath?
  4. I just got some zinc oxide and want to try that for a white pencil line. I'd probably use the mica in your case, rather than straight TD, but I'll let others weigh in.
  5. I completely agree with @xxxAlpha71xxx and @Sarah S - save yourself some pain and keep it simple.
  6. I have used BB's Pure Honey and have found it smells like honey.
  7. Congratulations!!! It looks great! Welcome!!!!
  8. Yikes. That's a bummer - and a good reminder. Sorry it happened.
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