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  1. Not that my HT is bad, but my last batch of 4627 is not throwing nearly as well as the previous batch did. At first I thought it was me, but I made an identical candle with 6006 and got better HT out of it. My CD4s are 2.5 inches and I have to add them after the candle has a couple of days to firm up. Perhaps my best plan would be to bite the bullet and order more 4627, but if I can get better HT our at 9% that would do until I run out of wax..
  2. I have a 3 wick container with 4627 using Nature's Garden Champagne Vanilla and CD4s, I've been using 7% and it is slightly over wicked. My question is what do you think would happen if I went to 9%. I do understand that the only way to know for sure is to try it, but a few educated guesses would be nice as I am out of my depth here.
  3. I recently did a 3 wick container with 6006 and Premier WI740 that worked well. I have one with 4627 wax and CD4s that is not too hot, but I think I'll go down a size next time.
  4. If I was selling candles I would be obsessive about things like that, but I am very careful about burning my candles, I always put them on silicone and give them space. I suspect that the wick sticker raised the wick a little and insulated it, so I may get drift, but I'll be ready if I do. I had drift in a store bought candle a while back and it left the flame sitting on the glass, that's not safe.
  5. I don't think I need wick stickers on these. The wicks have burned out before the wax in the bottom has fully melted. You know I keep my wicks as small as possible.
  6. I’ve been thinking about this for a while for candles with long cure times, but today I encountered a new reason to try it. I was trying to pick a wick for a three wick candle and found the most likely wicks were too short, as in they didn’t stick up above the edge of the container. As they are long enough to be above the wax I decided I could add them later. It will be like a wickectomy, only there won’t be a wick to remove. If this works I may make some soy candles and put them away for a year or so. I can figure out the wicking when I get ready to burn them.
  7. I had an order that was late and I responded to the email they sent confirming the order and ask them to check on it, They apologized and it shipped the next day.
  8. I have two rules for double wicking 1. Don't put the wicks too close to the edge because your container will get too hot. 2. Don't put the wicks too to each other or it will tunnel I'm pretty sure that any time the wicks are far enough from the edge they are too close to each other, but that isn't a rule, so just ignore that part and keep trying.
  9. Some FOs leave an orange residue on my tins, Falling Leaves is one of those. I suppose if candle making was easy it wouldn't be any fun.
  10. Well, I lit my other candle from the same batch, different FO, and it is burning like a champ. Now I'm really confused. The two candles were made at the same time with the same wax and stored in the same place. One burns just like it did last fall and the other one looks very underwicked. I had 6006 from two different orders and one may have been made with the old wax and the other with the new. The new wax was a little darker and firmer, perhaps IGI added something different to it.
  11. Thanks, I think you are spot on, it wasn't so much the scent as the way it was presented
  12. Sounds like I need to look for a paraffin that isn't IGI
  13. I’m wick testing my first attempt at a triple wick candle and I’m using Nature’s Garden’s Vanilla Champagne in 4627. It just doesn’t smell like I remember it when I used 6006. I’m thinking I may need to go back to 6006 for this FO. I have a little soy candle that Trappeur made, but I just can’t bring myself to burn it. Would the sent be that much different between 4627 and 6006?
  14. I used to worry about that, but if you wick it right you get a nice wall of wax on the sides that will melt eventually. That wax helps your HT. It used to drive me crazy because by the time I got a FMP the wax had melted to the bottom.
  15. I've switched to 4627, but I have a good supply of 6006 I need to use up. I may use it make a bunch of tins with no wicks. I can store them for a year or two and add the wicks later.
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