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  1. And what should I do with the old ones? I have some that are 5+ tears old. Most sites say they keep up to one year, but I've made some nice candles with FOs that were older than that.
  2. Thanks. My 6006 is at least a couple of years old and doesn’t seem to have major issues. I did use it once last year to test it against the 4627 I had and satisfy myself that the 4627 had no HT. I’ll be switching to 4630 after I use up my old 6006. I have a full set of ECO wicks that I haven’t used in years, I need to fit them into my wick list.
  3. Are there any wicks you would not recommend using with 6006? I’ve decided to throw out the bad 4627 I have and use the 6006 I have on hand.
  4. a few years ago I said that this is the place where you could learn everything about making candles, and why you shouldn't. I've seen nothing since that time to change my opinion.
  5. Thanks, I'm a bit gun shy after my last batch of 4627. I had 8oz tins from a previous batch that had much better HT than my triple wicked candles from the new batch.
  6. I need some wax from a good batch, but how do I if the wax I order will be good? My last 4627 was bad and the reviews on Candlescience confirm this. So my hope is that if the recent reviews are good then I stand a reasonable chance of getting good wax. I was looking at the reviews for 4630 and a couple of people had issues when using the wicks recommended by Candlescience, most notably smoking. I guessing, or perhaps hoping, that this has more to do with the wick than the wax. I understand that smoking is a problem with Paraffin, but I haven’t experienced it since I started wicking on the small side. This issue doesn’t seem to be common to all of the reviewers, so should I trust the wax is good?
  7. That's the same path I followed A year after I gave up on 464 I found one of the candles that had "no HT". When I burned it the HT was stronger than any candle I have ever seen. There is no substitute for cure time, an two weeks is not a magic number. I never found the answers I was looking for with 6006, but I did start making my Christmas candles in June. I've since switched to paraffin, but that has its own set of problems.
  8. What is your temp after you add the FO, and what is it after stirring? You may need to add the FO at a higher temp and/or add some heat while stirring. I had a batch of 6006 candles once where I added the FO at 180 and stirred for two minutes that gave no HT, It turned out that my wax was getting too cool and I wasn't getting proper blending. I would also echo what bfroberts said about cure time. 6006 contains soy and the longer you wait to test the better the HT will be.
  9. I use two craft stirring sticks with two two holes in one and one hole in the other. I use small hair clips to hold the wicks in place.
  10. I made the same candles with the new batch of 4627 that I made with the old and the HT went from great to weak, so I made some with 6006 and the HT was much better than the new 4627.
  11. Just a thought, but I doubt working at a candle supply place pays well and across the nation people are having trouble finding workers. The problem may improve when the supplemental unemployment ends.
  12. Sadly all of my closest suppliers only sell IGI paraffin, except one sells Pro Blend 400. I may throw out my 4627 and just use the 6006 I have left. Maybe I should go back to trying to double wick an 8oz tureen, it wouldn't matter if the wax was bad because I could never get the wicking right.
  13. Yea, I would switch back to 4630, but why should I expect that to be better?
  14. I switched to 4627 because it was reported to have great HT, the first block I got did not disappoint, but the last block is a different story. I can’t seem to get decent HT no matter what I try. So I’m looking for suggestions for a new wax that would give me the HT I desire. I’ve stopped making candles altogether and I only burn the candles from the latest batch of 4627 to get rid of them. I really need a new wax with great HT to get me going again.
  15. That's very interesting, I felt like my last batch lacked HT.
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