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  1. I thought I should update where I am with the Lab & Co FOs. I posted the four FO I had chosen in a previous post, and I ordered 11 more FOs to try. Of those 11 I picked three that I am extremely happy with. Gardenia + Grapefruit Iris + Ginger Blossom Kakadu Plum + Amber My absolute favorite is the iris and ginger blossom, but the others are all outstanding. A few other observations; in 4627 these FOs need at least two weeks cure time. I gave them a couple of days when I did my wick testing and I noticed that they got stronger with each passing day. The next thing I noticed is that they required much smaller wicks than my other FO. Of the seven FOs I am using I only use two different wicks, and they are just one size different on my wick list. I have made properly wicked candles with each of the FOs and the only way I could be happier is if they cost less. I have achieved what I set out to do, it took me three years, but I’m there now. I’m not sure what to do next. I might try wicking my 11oz tureens with these FOs, but I promised Trappeur I was going to try and double wick some 22oz tureens, and that’s a promise I intend to keep, no matter what it cost me.
  2. He had everything he wanted Until it all Turned out to be a job Neil Young
  3. I switched from 4630 to 4627 and I believe there is a difference.4627 is softer and seems to have better HT. They say it can take a higher FO load, but I haven't tried that yet.
  4. If your Paraffin has ever even thought about dating a soy wax it is two week cure time
  5. No, it's just regular mail fees for the USPS, it's still domestic mail.
  6. I think all my wicks are manufactured by Lucifer in Hades; they’re just distributed by different companies.
  7. Here is something I learned from listening to TallTayl (TT) watch your flame, it will tell you if your candle is over wicked. Look at your candle an hour after you light it, the flame shouldn't be too tall, flickering, or sooting. If it is you probably need to wick down. The best advice I can give you is pay attention to TT, if it weren't for her I would have given up candle making a long time ago; I not sure if I should be grateful or angry about that, but there it is.
  8. I need to get rid of 30 Lbs. of 6006 so I don't get that look every time I buy new wax. I could buy my other daughter a melter and divide it between them.
  9. That had a different meaning when the Wicked Witch of the West said it. My situation is I’ve taken my candle making in a different direction, which has left me with a supply of 6006 wax and FOs that I need to do something with. My daughter in Texas asked for some melts, and as she is about to provide me with a new grandson making some melts is the least I can do, and boy will she be getting a lot of melts. In addition to my 6006 I have some rock hard paraffin I bought for making melts, 4625 maybe. I have some clamshells I could make melts in, but making them in a foil lined pan and cutting them into chunks seems more efficient, I could use some advice on this point. If the pan is the best idea how much wax should I use for a 9x13 pan? My next question is should I increase my FO percentage? I normally use 7%, but as I’m not wicking this wax why not 9% or even 10%? Any pointers or advice would be appreciated. I’m home alone, I have a three day weekend, and I need to get rid of 40 Lbs. of 6006.
  10. I have some 4oz tins, but I doubt I have a wick small enough for them. I thought about getting some bigger tins, but my next project is 4627 in 11oz tureens with the Lab & Co FOs. I believe I'm ready to make the candles I've always wanted to make.
  11. I think so, I use 8oz tins with a 3" opening, usually purchased from Flaming.
  12. I used IGI 6006 for a long time and 4630 for a while. Now I use 4627 in my tins to get better HT. I looked back at my data and the biggest CD wick I put in a tin was a CD6. I would recommend you start small and work your way up. I find it easier to work my way up than to work my way down. Most of the tins I’m doing now have wicks smaller than a CD5, but the FOs I’m using seem to like small wicks.
  13. I’ll throw my 2 cents in here. I have several 8oz tins that I consider to be as close to perfectly wicked as I’m going to get, and after six burns of three hours each none of them had a FMP. My goal is to have the smallest wick that will burn all the wax in the candle. Having some unmelted wax on the walls of my containers seems to help my HT. Your second question is a matter of preference and the subject of much debate. My opinion is that it is good to establish a baseline wick, but you’ll still need to test every different FO. I did that with my old wax, but with the advent of the wickectomy I felt I didn't need to with my new wax.
  14. Well, if it happens to you also then I feel sure it isn't something I did wrong.
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