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  1. Isn't that pretty much true of everything related to candle making.
  2. My two cents. We need to remember that our waxes are not pure; the manufacture added things to the wax and we don’t know what they are. So we can’t know the chemistry of the wax. I suspect that if 150⁰ was all the wax needed to be heated to they would say that; who wouldn’t want to only need to heat to 150⁰? I suspect following the manufacture’s recommendations will give you the best results, but if you are happy with the results you get from other methods then why not use them?
  3. Forrest

    Wicking Frustration

    Wait, Aztec does have them, they just don't list them with the other pretabed premier wicks. They are 4 1/2 inches, but that is long enough for me:)
  4. Forrest

    Wicking Frustration

    Now I'm starting to get a little paranoid, they have 720s, 730s, 750s, 760s, but no 740s. I think their out to get me
  5. My frustration is that it seems like every time I need to wick up or down the next wick in the series is to large or small. For example the pictures are Premier 700 series wicks in 6006 with no FO. I couldn’t properly wick this candle because the WI735 is too small and the WI745 is too large, what I need is a WI 740, but they don’t make that one. It seems like every wick series has this issue. Why don’t they make wicks with more size varieties?
  6. Forrest

    I may have a wax problem

    I'm trying to learn one wax right now, maybe when I've mastered 6006 I'll branch out a little more. That is interesting about the 4627, I'm using 4630 as an "instant gratification" wax so that I can give my 6006 candles the cure time they need, maybe I should just stick to that.
  7. Forrest

    I may have a wax problem

    I made 13 candles, each with a different FO, using 7 different wicks yesterday; all in wax I don’t trust. Thinking back on it that doesn’t seem like the smartest thing I’ve ever done.
  8. Forrest

    I may have a wax problem

    I’ve never had a problem with 6006, but I’ve only been at this for two years. bfroberts said she had a similar problem with some 4630 recently but it was only with one batch. I’m wondering if the problem was the paraffin, and the source of the problem was IGI. Nothing to be done about that. FC is the closest source of 6006 to me. Next time I’m going through Atlanta I’m going to pick up a two year supply.
  9. Forrest

    I may have a wax problem

    I wanted to try 4627, but nobody in my area carries it and the shipping was astronomical. Lone Star carries it so at some point I'll be in Dallas and I'll be able to pick it up.
  10. Forrest

    I may have a wax problem

    Forget a year, I'd just switch to 4630
  11. Forrest

    I may have a wax problem

    I just made a candle with the old 6006 and one with the new 6006. Thanks to TT I have enough data now so that once I get to burn them I'll know exactly what the difference is and be able to adjust accordingly. Of course all of this sets me back a month.
  12. Forrest

    I may have a wax problem

    It will probably be 3 weeks before I can burn them, but I just made a candle with the old and new wax. I'll try and remember to report the results here.
  13. Forrest

    I may have a wax problem

    Yes, and thank you for telling me to do that, over and over until it finally sunk in.
  14. Maybe I’m just paranoid, or maybe I have given in to the vast candlemaker’s conspiracy to scare away armatures, like myself; but this new 6006 I just got from Flaming is a little darker, and a little harder than what I got before. All I am doing right now is trying to get my wicking right for various FOs. If this throws my wicking off I am screwed. I still have some old 6006, so I guess I could make a test candle out of each and see what the difference is.
  15. Forrest

    New to the forums from Baltimore

    Welcome, you've come to the right place to learn.