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  1. But I have 40 Christmas candles under the bed and I don't know which are new wax and which are old wax. Hopefully my wax is good, I didn't notice any difference. But I was planning to make a bunch of candles for long cures next week. I'll just have to burn one of the last Christmas candles I made and hope it is the new wax.
  2. Now I'm getting worried. I bought some 6006 back in May and I used it for some candles that I am doing a long cure on. I guess I better test it. I'm wondering if they used some bad soy wax that they couldn't sell to make a batch of 6006. I'm liking 4630 more and more.
  3. I've not had any wet spots in my tins yet, but as long as the candle smell good I'll probably just ignore them, and if anybody says anything I'll cut off their supply of free candles.
  4. I buy from Flaming and I got one batch that was different, a little bit darker, and needed a slightly bigger wick. I just blended it with some old 6006 and it all evened out. I think when I finish the 6006 I have I'm going to concentrate on 4630 for a while, I find I like the instant gratification.
  5. My operation is small, and my FO addition recovery therapy has been going well so I could probably get by with a dorm frig if I can find one.
  6. That is a very good point. I'll also need to keep anything with FO on it out of the trash.
  7. The thing is, as a hobbyist it doesn't matter to me if the candle works for someone else, but I suppose that would tell me if it if the problem was me or the candle.
  8. And they are easy to wick...compared to tureens
  9. I’m now realizing that making scented candles, because you enjoy scented candles, keeps you from enjoying scented candles. So now I have a house that is full of fragrance pollution, and it is desensitizing my nose. I’m thinking I need to get all of my FOs and candles out of the house, which means storing them in the garage. I don’t like that idea, but I haven’t come up with a better one. Any ideas?
  10. I mostly make candles for my family and they all prefer tins.
  11. I wish I could help, but you know way more than I do about these things, but thank you for teaching me to avoid tapered containers at all cost.
  12. I hope your eyesight is better than mine, I had to buy a magnifying glass to see which side was which.
  13. The first time I tried that with an HTP I had the direction of the curl wrong, but a quick wickectomy solved that problem and it worked well. More recently I twisted my HTPs by holding then at the base, so that they wouldn’t come out of the tab, and twisting them at the top. That worked very well, except the wick was too big. I went ahead and burned that candle just to see how the wick worked and the other three I made will get a wickectomy.
  14. I held the wick just above the tab and twisted the top so that it wouldn't pull out of the tab. I'll burn my first one today, I hope this works because really like the HTP.
  15. It is not easy to make good candles, it is very dificult. There is a thread on this page titled "What advice would you give a newbie", start there.
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