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  1. I read a book recently that advocated having a target market of one person. The concept was that in a crowded if you can give one person exactly what they are looking, but haven't found, there will be others looking for the same thing. The idea was to sit down with one person who uses the products you produce and find out what they want that isn't available. Since you are the process of moving right now it would be a good time to do some market research.
  2. Well this is great, I read this, and thanks to having outstanding teachers, I'm good on all the candle questions, plus I've owned a business and would know what I'm getting into. But thanks to that article you posted I've realized that I don't want to give up my hobby, I don't want it to be a business. Maybe one day, but not now. This is the place where you can learn everything you need to know about starting a candle business, and why you shouldn't.
  3. I haven't, my other hobby has become a business and has kept me busy. I did burn the candles together and I think to get the right balance I need a little extra Bamboo and White Grapefruit and a little less Vanilla Champagne.
  4. I am not reading this post, I already have too many FOs. Just think of me as the see no evil monkey🙈
  5. Here is my educated opinion based on a reasonable amount of scientific knowledge. I believe that the process of curing continues for a long time, but the rate diminishes over time. So to get from 10% cured to 20% cured only takes a few days, but to get from 80% cured to 90% cured may take years. The point is when we say cured we’re not talking about finished curing, we are talking about being cured enough for our purposes. Let’s suppose this is a half-life situation, which I suspect it is, and that the wax is 40% cured after one month. In this case it will be 70% cured at 3 months, but at 6 months you’ll only be 79% cured, it will take years to reach 90% and centuries to reach 99%. Of course as your wax cures more it need a bigger wick. I know all of that didn’t answer your question, so here is my best guess. I know from testing that if a candle was wicked right after two weeks it will need a bigger wick after two months. My guess is that you are safe after that.
  6. I just applied for a business license and my photography will be for sale in the next few weeks. There were a couple of days last week when I wanted to call the whole thing off. I’m losing something, the simple joy of making art for art’s sake. But I’m also gaining the need to make my art better, a reason to try harder and to learn new things. I hope I’ve made the right choice, but it is too late to turn back now.
  7. I think that is good advice, because the other two candles turned out to be overwicked, but not the Vanilla Champagne. So I was probably getting less of that scent anyway
  8. I used to burn complementary scents in my den, but these days my candles have enough HT that I don't need two candles. I was doings some blending, but I put that aside for now until I get 19 different FOs properly wicked for long cure times. As soon as I get this done I plan on playing with some blends. This blend was an accident, I was just burning 3 candles together to get the wicks right, but now that I have seen the possibilities I'll start using my testing to look for new blending possibilities.
  9. I managed to get over the inpatients by putting too much on my plate. These days if a candle lacks HT I just stick it back in the cabinet and move on. Half of my last batch of test candles won't get tested until three weeks or longer. The other thing I did was get some 4620 paraffin for the things I don't want to wait for, like testing new FOs or blends.
  10. I'm still married to 6006, but I'm having a little fling on the side with 4630 paraffin. Sometimes I just want a short cure time.
  11. I'll be making a test candle Friday in paraffin and burning it w week after that. The FOs were Vanilla Champagne, Bamboo and White Grapefruit, and Tropical Blast
  12. My question is will the blend smell the same as the three candles burning together. Looks like the answer is that it should, but it will probably just smell like a week old dead crab.
  13. I was testing three scented candles this weekend in a bedroom and when I went to check them the fragrance was amazing. So my question is, if I blend the three FOs in equal parts will I get that same fragrance? Logically I would, but this is candle making and every time I try to use logic it fails.
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