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  1. Somehow I don't think you'll be getting either of those this year, but at least you'll have something to ask for next year.
  2. We did this on a photography site and my wish list would have cost around $5,000. So much for those wishes. Clearly the thing we all wish for the most is for Trapp to get better, but what candle making equipment do you want this year. Here is my list. A Presto Pot A heat gun A new thermometer A set of Borosilicate Glass beakers with handles So, what’s on your list this year?
  3. Forrest

    Flaming candle FO order

    Like Scrubzz said it's from Community Candle, and you are right, Trapp has great taste.
  4. Forrest

    Flaming candle FO order

    You said Vanilla Champagne, and you said Orange Peel and Cinnamon. After those two I decided that going with what you say is far better than the shooting in the dark method I normally use to pick FOs.
  5. Forrest

    Wicks for 6006

    I poured 2 pans Wednesday, so I can start burn testing in two weeks. I did not test ECOs, but I have them. I'm planing on one more pan based on the results from the first two so I might test them then
  6. Forrest

    Should I try this?

    I'll see what that cost, but usually the shipping on a single item is very high. Either way it is coming from them.
  7. Forrest

    Should I try this?

    Bergamot Tobacco by Archipelago is my all-time favorite candle. Early on in my candle making quest I bought some FO from a questionable source and it didn’t work out, probably because I didn’t know what I was doing. Now I see that Fragrancebuddy has a Bergamot Tobacco dupe for sale on Amazon, 4oz for $10, free shipping. Should I try it, or am I just setting myself up for disappointment.
  8. Forrest

    Flaming candle FO order

    I didn’t get too much because I’ll need to order from Nature’s Garden and Aztec soon. Just two bottles and seven samples. Bergamot-for my lavender blend Lemon Verbena-because I’ve run out For my samples I got Bayberry & Silver Oak-because you said so and you’ve never steered me wrong Chocolate Amber-because a lot of people said good things about it Mulled Cider-to see if it was better than he one I have Falling Leaves-hoping it is good so I can make next fall’s candles 25:43- for unknown reasons Nutmeg & Spice-because my daughter ask for it Black Ginger and Bamboo-I tried this one before and want to see if aging it will get the HT up.
  9. Forrest

    Scissors for Wick trimming

    I use bonsai scissors. Honestly I don't know how people live without a pair of these. One of the many things they are good for is trimming wicks. Sometimes I even use them on my bonsai tree.
  10. Forrest

    Flaming candle FO order

    I placed an order with Flaming yesterday, so this is the where y'all normally start posting list of all the must have Flaming FOs that I didn't order. So go ahead, I can take it and there is no reason to break with tradition.
  11. I poured two pans with six wicks each yesterday, three each of four types of wicks. Now I just have to wait two weeks to do my test burns. My question is, how do I ensure uniformed wick lengths? My other question is should I trim the wicks to a uniform length before the next day’s burn?
  12. Forrest

    Let’s talk about temps

    I’m starting to understand why I’ve never had problems with tins or short. Fat glass containers, but the jars are giving me fits. I cool my candles in a granite countertop and usually move them after a few minutes. This is enough to make the wax cool from the bottom in some containers, but not in taller glass containers. My answer may be as simple as to move the jars to a cool spot on the countertop every few minutes. I was putting them together in a box so they would cool slower, but I think my box shouldn’t have a bottom.
  13. Forrest

    Beer Can Candle

    These days the cans are coated with a thin film of plastic, or a similar material, so that the beer doesn't pick up the aluminum taste. I suspect it will create some unhealthy gasses if it geets too hot.
  14. I wanted to point out how Milos managed to use an interesting background while still keeping the product as the main focus. That’s the tricky part. It makes your picture interesting while drawing your attention to the product. This picture also gives you context so that you have an idea how large the product is. This makes the customers comfortable that they know what they are getting. If you read MilosCandles’ post above you can see how these things helped improve sales, so it is well worth the effort.
  15. Your experience matches what Etsy said in one of the articles, clearly presentation is the key to online sales. BTW, nice pictures.