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  1. Sebleo

    5 Best Bakery Scents

    If I only poured stuff I like I would have a very limited collection of fragrances! It’s not that they don’t smell good to me, it’s just I wouldn’t burn them myself over spa type fragrances. Reminds me of @aptommo‘s situation with the peppermint bark. People liked the smell but didn’t purchase it. Everyone is pretty much suggesting the same type of fragrances: lemon, blueberry, cinnamon, vanilla, pumpkin, caramel. That’s pretty much what I was thinking, so it’s good to know I’m on the right track with what’s popular. @Belinda I see you get some oils from Lonestar. I have their blueberry cobbler which I think is fantastic. I see your blueberry choice is the cheesecake from CS. Have you tried LS blueberry cobbler?
  2. Sebleo

    CBL 129 Wax issues

    Wow, those.two pics look a lot alike. Maybe @ChadM you were sent the 4794?
  3. No question. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked with waxes that needed to cool before pouring. Holy cow!!! I forgot how long it takes!
  4. Sebleo

    5 Best Bakery Scents

    @moonshine I am the same way, that’s why I asked!! Im not a huge fan of the foodie smells so I want to make sure I carry the types that are most popular. @aptommo I love peppermint bark but have had zero interest so far. People loved it years ago when I made candles, but I can’t give it away now. 😕 @GailC thanks for your input. That really helps.
  5. Sebleo

    Ace Hardware Label - Which one?

    I love that picture in the second label!!! It makes a great label. But, I’m thinking like you that the first one works well for an ace hardware.
  6. If you could only carry 5 bakery/food type scents, what would you choose? Vanilla is a given on the list. But, what else would you put on it?
  7. Another vote for #3 and second the 1st with the white font. Great looking labels!
  8. @Peggy T yes that was a pain in the you know what trying to get the right drill bit. But now that I have it I’m good to go! They dont tell tell you that part on the online tutorials!!!!
  9. Sebleo

    Price increases on everything!

    Yes, it’s a nightmare. My wax went up $20 a case a few months ago. Shipping rates have gone up for everything I order.
  10. I added a spout to mine. It comes out so fast no heat is lost when pouring into a warmed pour pot.
  11. Sebleo

    New Wax - Serious issues! Help!

    I ordered samples from Natures Garden then switched to CandleClamshells. One of the sites used to list a pour temp up to 180. Neither say that now. But, that’s why I decided to give it a try. Edit: I was wrong about Natures Garden. It was Candle Science and they still say their clamshells will take up to 180 pour.
  12. Sebleo

    New Wax - Serious issues! Help!

    I have successfully poured at 180 in clamshells with no damage. At 185 the corners start to dent in a little. I guess that that depends on the brand of clamshells too.
  13. Sebleo

    Are warmers hot enough lately?

    I’ve seen palm sellers say their wax can be used in any warmer. But, in my testing, that is not the case. With those type of warmers you mentioned the wax melts but does not throw even close to how it throws in other warmers. One scent that that would be really strong was incredibly light in a Sce***y warmer. Huge difference. With that said, I do think the majority of the warmers on the market get hot enough. And most people have multiple warmers from different brands.
  14. Sebleo

    Suggestions for tart melter?

    Aztec has the geometric fan warmer on sale for $20. That’s a great price! If if you don’t want a wholesale account Aztec may be the way to go. Their case prices are the same as what you would pay with Candle Warmers. The only difference is with Aztec you have to order 6 of the same to get the lowest price. With Candle Warmers you can split your case and get 3 of 1 and 3 of another. And Candle Warmers has a minimum. $300 for your first order and $100 after that.