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  1. That will definitely happen when pouring multiple scents! It is much lighter in my air fresheners. I’m just getting back into candle making, so I can’t compare in a candle. But, it is one of the 10 scents I used when testing out wicks and I wasn’t impressed with it compared to the other scents I’m using. It definitely doesn’t fill a large space like the others did. I will be pouring wax melts the last week of this month. I plan to make some with this leather. Then I will definitely know whether I will be sticking with Lonestar on this fragrance. My guess is that the fragrance is weaker. I’ve noticed it with a couple of their oils. It’s not just Lonestar- I’m sure it’s all these reformulations industry wide. Which will keep us constantly supplier hopping and sample buying.
  2. I know I’ve seen other waxes in pastille or bead form. I just can’t think of where. Hopefully someone else will help you out here. Good luck! They still have some at Lonestar but I think it’s by the pallet only. Just in case you decide to buy more.
  3. I have only purchased from OnlineLabels and I liked their clear labels. Stuck really well on the jars and no bleeding.
  4. I don’t have a replacement suggestion for you. But I do have a bag of the reformulated PB I bought last year to try it out. (I used to use the PB and loved it) PM me if you’re interested in buying what I have to help get you through til you find your replacement.
  5. It may be the reformulations. Is it just strength to you or are the notes different?
  6. Has anyone noticed a change? My air fresheners aren’t lasting as long as they did last year with this scent. And the candles I’m making smell off. Can’t put my finger on it. @Belinda have you noticed anything? Not sure if it is weaker or just different.
  7. But it’s such a great name!!!! I do like Bourbon Pumpkin as a replacement- if you must. 😀
  8. I would say more like pumpkin guts!
  9. It is a pure pumpkin fragrance blended with butternut squash. The description states it has cinnamon and nutmeg- and it is there, but very subtle. It’s nice to have a pumpkin scent that is a “clean” pumpkin without all the spice or bakery crust notes. Very few pumpkin scents are like that which makes it unique.
  10. I’m moving from palm because, while the melts were amazing, I don’t like that they won’t perform well in all warmers. Too many people out there with scentsy and other low temp warmers. I want to offer the same wax type with candles and melts- so, that’s why I’m not using the glass glow. I will check when I get home to see exactly how much I have left.
  11. I have a case I’m not going to use. I can send you as much or little as you want.
  12. Holy cow! I thought they were melts until I read some of your comments. 🤪
  13. I’ve noticed that in my research on selling palm products. Etsy and Amazon have few palm sellers and the sales are much lower than soy and paraffin competitors. Not sure if that’s people are anti palm or that they tend to type in soy as a search term. I have read many reviews where people have had bad experiences with palm in the past- no/little fragrance and they aren’t willing to give palm another try. Which seems weird, bc people have bad experiences with soy or paraffin and don’t write off the wax entirely.
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