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  1. I have ordered bottles for reed diffusers from them and am very pleased. I really like the look of their calypso jars and have some questions about them and jars in general. I saw someone say they used them, but was doing a search about waxes, so not sure how long ago that was. Ive been testing in a salsa jar and just finished burning one. I don’t like how the curved bottom combined with the wick tab left so much wax in the jar. Is this standard? Would customers feel ripped off? It it looks like the calypso has a curved bottom. If you have used this jar can you confirm how much is left Unburned.
  2. It is amazing! I bought a 5lb jug- I wish I could have gotten more. They are slowly reformulating their fragrances to go phthalate free. Can they not make a phthalate free gardenia? I haven’t tried the new gardenia tuberose blend. I already have a tuberose that I love and didn’t want to shop around for another straight gardenia right now. It is definitely worth a blind purchase of a pound.
  3. They are discontinuing this fragrance and going to a gardenia-tuberose blend. The gardenia is 50% off with pound bottles at $9.40! And selling out fast. Sold out of the 5 lb jugs already.
  4. This is so frustrating to hear, as I have been testing C-1. Anyway: I think it was you, a while back, that said something about tempering the wax to get the moisture out. Is this correct? Would that work for your current situation with C1? Also, like it’s been asked, what time point do you wick for if the wax continues to change as it cures? Do you wick for 2 or 6 months and let that much inventory sit around before you sell? Or do you still sell it, say, at 3-4 weeks just knowing it will only burn better as it ages? Thats my confusion. If the candle is going to burn differently as it ages, then at what point do you sell it? Am I overthinking it? Some people are saying you you will find in say 6 months it needs to be wicked up or down. Well, seems you have a choice to make. Wick for now and sell quick, hoping they burn it soon. Or wick for later and sit on tons of inventory for a few months. And, if that’s the case, how do you expand to a larger scale with that kind of business model?
  5. I love this scent! It was one of my early favorites when I started and is a decent seller for me. HT: 8/10 in feather palm melts
  6. https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/external/201105770?language=en_US&ref=efph_201105770_cont_ABBX6GZPA8MSZGW This link explains the product size tiers.
  7. https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/external/201411300?ref_=asus_fba_pricing_more&ld=NSGoogle This link takes you to a page that answers those questions.
  8. I found it a while back on Amazon’s site by googling FBA costs or something like that. They charge storage fees based on the cubic space it would take up. Something like that. And those storage fees change during high volume months, say Oct-Dec. Then, there are more fees if your items stay in their storage over a certain length of time. You have the choice to send your product to one distribution center or multiple. You get discounted shipping for that but I could never find exact rates. The thing I found most complicated was packaging and labeling. You have to package and label your products a very specific way. They also have a calculator that will show you what your storage fees, fba fees, etc will cost and what your profit will be. You can compare fba to fbm.
  9. I have not tried their base. I’ve used NG and CS. Ultimately went with CS bc they tell you which oils work with their base and that saves me time and money. Edit: I still test to ensure the results I want. But it saves me from testing oils they say are not compatible.
  10. I agree with the hang tag idea. Boxes will be too expensive to print on all sides, which is what you would need for an upscale look. Do a folded hang tag with the scent and company name on the front, about you on the inside, and care instructions on the back. Im thinking either a simple elastic cord or leather cord tied in a simple bow or knot.
  11. I don’t think that’s too expensive. Especially if you have a good quality product and it is labeled and packaged nicely. Market it as a half pound bag instead of 8 oz.
  12. I would think, with pictures of the delivery, that would release the seller and delivery company from any responsibility. GPS records might do the same.
  13. Just watched a video. Pretty cool. Once the spiral burns down and fills the center in with wax, there is a wooden wick to burn it like a regular candle. I would think they have a mold that allows them to wrap the wick around and then pour.
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