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  1. I’m trying to find a bird of paradise that is like Circle E’s for a friend of mine. I just made a sample batch from NG’s and she says it’s a no go. Anyone familiar with it?
  2. Before I knew anything about candle making- I definitely would! I love all things wood. My wedding ring is a wooden ring! As a customer I would think it must be treated in such a way that it is safe. Otherwise they wouldn’t sell it. Right?! So, yeah, 10 or 15 years ago I would have totally bought that!
  3. What about Bamboo Coconut from CS? I see it is skin safe. Only used it in wax, but it seems like one that would smell good in skin products.
  4. I see you have samples coming, but wanted to throw out Lonestar as well. They have a H&G House too. It throws well for me.
  5. Wow!! Wasn’t expecting an easy, peasy answer.
  6. @Sarah S had some great suggestions. I have Vanilla Champagne on the brain today- but I would try blending them both with that. Individually of course. Thinking a peach Bellini scent and then a cranberry champagne scent.
  7. I am the same way. I wouldn’t call or email- just abandon my cart. Like I said, there are tools they could use to get it close to what it should be, if not exact. I’m sure I miss out on great oils because I won’t shop with companies that have egregious website errors like this. There’s at least one that doesn’t describe their fragrance oils. And a few that don’t group their scents by type. I don’t want to scroll through every scent, alphabetically, for 30+ pages to shop!
  8. Do they inform you anywhere that the shipping is an estimate when you are in the cart? With all the tools available for shopping carts, I don’t understand why they can’t correct that. $168 to $50 is a big jump!
  9. I started requiring a minimum purchase for credit cards after I did one event with a lot of $2-3 cc purchases.
  10. YES!! Some of them are for sure. Their discontinued Gardenia - which I have a 5 gallon jug of in the house. I think 3 bottles in that box. I was the most excited about that one!
  11. Great question! Just checked and I ordered these in January. Not sure when my husband moved them to the garage. But they’ve been out there since summer for sure.
  12. I’m in my garage looking for holiday bags and stumble on this case of oils that I forgot were there! Hundreds of dollars worth that I thought I was out of or low on. Can you believe it?! I had this in the garage when I ordered a few bottles I was “out” of. 🙄
  13. Mine are 2.5x1.6x0.7 Thats roughly double the size of yours and mine are right at 0.9 oz of wax. Perfect for a large warmer and easy to break in half for a small warmer. I could be wrong, but I’d think it would be back breaking work to fill it at .375 depth. You’re melts will be about a half ounce. My first melts were between .25 and .4 oz and it was killing my wrist and back trying to pour such a small amount. I’d see if you can get the mold a little deeper.
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