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  1. Sebleo

    ULine's box sale

    I really don’t know. I haven’t done enough shipping to price it out. Right now I have 10 bags of peanuts I have saved from all my supply orders. I’m just reusing them for now. Plus all the bubble wrap from my amazon orders! So, I haven’t had to buy any yet.
  2. Sebleo

    ULine's box sale

    @Quentin I haven’t done much pricing out bubble wrap. But, I compared a few a while back and Amazon had the best price. When I need to start ordering it I will price shop again. But, if you’re a Prime member I recommend checking out their bubble wrap listings.
  3. Sebleo

    Big Development Here!

    I disagree. All it takes is for someone else to trademark that company name and Quentin is in a very expensive predicament. Potentially having to change his company name. The logo doesn’t have to be trademarked. But, if he loves it, he should trademark it to prevent others from doing so. It may be too generic. I would recommend getting with a trademark attorney for a logo. But, doing the trademark for the company name is a process that can be done on your own.
  4. Sebleo

    ULine's box sale

    Check out paper mart too. Their 4x4x4 tuck top boxes are about 15 cents. And if you spend $200 combined on any boxes you get 15% off. They also carry gable boxes. Even though they are out of California, the shipping is cheaper than Nashville Wraps which is closer to me. I have ordered bottles from ULine, but I’ve found boxes cheaper elsewhere.
  5. Sebleo

    Lonestar suggestions????

    @Scented yes, I love the butternut pumpkin too! I forgot that one. @birdcharm I agree with you on the Indian Sandalwood. I went with Natures Garden on that one. The only other one you listed that I tried was red hot cinnamon. I thought the same. It’s okay.
  6. Also, check out Papermart.com
  7. Sebleo

    Lonestar suggestions????

    Yes! I started out with them and get a lot of oils there. French Market Olive Leaves White Nectarine & Pink Coral Sea Petals Drunken Punkin Creamy Vanilla Blueberry Cobbler Ginger & Lime Honey Lavender Gelato Amaretto Midnight Moon Tree Lighting Winter Hideaway Thats about 40% of what I use from them.
  8. Sebleo

    Lonestar suggestions????

    Did you already place your order?
  9. Sebleo

    Big Development Here!

    One thing to consider with your company name and logo. Do you want to trademark just the name or the logo too? I know I have seen pillar candles being used in logos before. Doesn’t mean you can’t use one too. I would recommend before going forward with this logo to try and make sure you aren’t infringing on a claimed mark. And that it’s available for you to trademark. You can can do a search on Us pto.gov. Go to trademark then do a TESS search. Trademark names are easy to search, but it think it’s trickier to search for logos.
  10. Sebleo

    My first craft fair is Saturday!

    I’m excited for you. I think it’s good to go small on your first event. And how awesome you’ll be the only one with candles and melts! That’s fantastic!
  11. Sebleo

    Big Development Here!

    It looks great! Very clean and simple. Without being too simple. I like it a lot! and when people ask you have the opportunity to get creative: i was born with 7 toes i have ocd and do everything in 7’s, 7’s,7’s,7’s,7’s,7’s,7’s ! there are 7 secret ingredients/steps to making my candles i thought of many more but I don’t feel they are appropriate to post here! Lol
  12. Sebleo

    Black Friday Sales

    Me too. Ready to place my first order with them!
  13. Thanks @TallTayl We’ve been wick testing naked. The wax, not us, and my husband asked if the candle would burn slower or faster with the oil in it. Hmmm. I don’t know. Years ago when I made candles I didn’t test the candle without oil so let me ask google. Apparantly that is a hot topic for science fair projects. And there are tons of articles that suggest unscented burns faster. I know now that each variable in a candle can alter results. Just curious if this general conclusion had any generally speaking truth to it.
  14. Sebleo

    Lemon Fragrance Oil

    Wow, that description for Lemon Slices sounds fantastic. And exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you!!!
  15. Sebleo

    Lemon Fragrance Oil

    I’m searching for a lemon fragrance oil. I don’t want a bakery/dessert/candy scent. And I don’t want a mixture of other citrus notes. Can anyone guide me here? Everything I’m finding is mixed with florals or other fruits or is some sort of cake type sweet.