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  1. Definitely not that simple! No, I’ve never tried it. I use Candlescience’s base.
  2. Has anyone tried Surf’s Up? It looks like a new fragrance. I’m about to order for the first time to finally try Vanilla Voodoo. Do you have any other recommendations?
  3. I’m starting to work with square jars too. I came across a great guide for it a while back. As soon as I find it I’ll post it here. Found it! https://www.lonestarcandlesupply.com/candle-making/candle-wicks/using-multiple-wicks-in-a-candle
  4. 85% red hot and 15% juniper breeze doesn’t even sound like it would smell close! I think I will be ordering from AFI as well.
  5. I’ll call them Monday. They sent it ups ground, which looks like $10 for business accounts. They charged $17.90. The real deal is that now I don’t want to order from them anymore simply because I won’t know the shipping charges until after they ship it and bill me. Too late for me to say no, that’s too much. Or know how much to buy to make the most of my shipping like I can with my other suppliers.
  6. So, I needed to get a sample of bird of paradise for someone looking for a circle e dupe. All others I have tried are not even close. I have been resistant to ordering from them bc of the shipping. But since I’ve read here that their estimates are way over what they end up charging, I decided to give them a try. I ordered 2 sample oils for a total of $5. The estimated shipping was $21 and change. 😲. I didn’t panic bc I knew they wouldn’t really charge that. I received my package today and sure enough, they didn’t charge $21 for shipping. They did charge $17 and change! 🤬To ship 2 sam
  7. I see now! Their 3 oz is $7.10 and then they have an 11 oz for $17.90. Still pricey, but, not as outrageous as it first appeared!!
  8. I was checking out their site to see how many wicks they use in their square containers. Unless I am missing something, their 3oz package of wax melts are $17.90! Plus shipping! 🙀
  9. I just stumbled upon USPlastics.com. They have a huge selection of flat front bottles!! Tons of different shapes. Just wanted to share.
  10. Thank you @Paintguru! That’s a nice bottle. I’ll need to see if they have a flip top cap for it. Ive been to 3 different websites looking for a dispensing cap and it’s looking like they only make a screw top lid in that size. The search continues!
  11. I am loving this cerave travel size bottle and have been looking for it everywhere. I’m sure they are custom made, but in the off chance they are not- have you seen anything like it? What I like most is the flat front. The closest I’ve seen to a flat front is the cosmo oval. I’m hoping you have seen others that are close to it.
  12. Forgot about black Cherry Merlot. It is really nice!
  13. Mulberry is a dark berry scent and not many companies carry it. Have you tried CS Black Currant Absinthe? It has a deep berry scent with a masculine twist.
  14. I have a sample of sunflower from FB that says compare to Peak Candle. Can’t say that I smell honeysuckle oob, but it is a sweet fragrance. I don’t know what you’re looking for- but this smells really good.
  15. These containers you can find at Walmart.
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