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  1. I loved the original. It was amazing. But the re launched version was not the same.
  2. @Paintguru no I haven’t. I won’t be using them, or someone else, until December or January. I was looking to get brochures printed that I won’t need until the first of the year.
  3. Wow!! I’m so glad I didn’t pursue their wax when it relaunched. And so sorry for those that did! I wonder what “supply” they can’t secure???
  4. I haven’t had fading issues with my melts.
  5. I forgot about those. They also have 8.5 and 21 oz. I have ordered from them twice. My last order of ten cases got to me the next day. I’m in Texas, but that’s still impressive!
  6. I’m using C1- soy/palm blend. The Blood Orange is amazing in my palm melts. Just trying to get this candle figured out!
  7. Only seen the Libbey Cube for sale. I was torn between the square and colored glass so I’ve shopped around a lot for both.
  8. Thanks @moonshine I did lower the fo pouring temp to about 173. Is that “low” enough? I guess I will let this cure for a few weeks and see if there’s a change. It’s Blood Orange by CS.
  9. I forget how to combat this. Do I need to lower fo %, bigger/smaller wick, add fo at lower temp?
  10. When do you poke after pouring? Is there a certain time frame that’s best? Or will you get the same results a day or more later?
  11. Thanks for the follow up @Belinda!
  12. Sebleo

    Reed Diffuser Sticks

    I use the base from candle science.
  13. Sebleo

    Reed Diffuser Sticks

    Reeddiffusers.org and WholesaleReedDiffusers.com are the same company and sell a huge array of reed sizes and colors. Which site you use just depends on how much your going to order on which one is most beneficial. If I remember correctly, if you’re just ordering reeds, it’s better to order from the .org. I ordered from them once last year. The black and “white” reeds. Pretty pleased with them but I haven’t ordered from anyone else to compare.
  14. Thanks for posting the link @RedRoomGraduate. They really sold me on trying some of those scents with their descriptions!
  15. Awesome! Thanks @strugglebrother!!
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