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  1. Sebleo


    Not yet, but I will be hiring someone. I know what it is but don’t grasp it enough to do it myself. Which is frustrating because I’m a do it myself kind of person!
  2. Sebleo

    I s o tart mold

    Bakedeco.com also sells molds like this. Not sure if they have that exact mold. But I have purchased a lot of molds with them and have seen various bar molds.
  3. Sebleo

    I worked on my website today!

    Drop down menus for scent selections are fine if you're going to describe them somewhere that is easy to find. I've been on a few sites that listed scent names that I have no clue what they would smell like...like, Blue Queen...and nowhere on the site do they describe it. I would never order it. It's hard enough to gauge if you will like something just based on a description. Certainly not going in totally blind.
  4. Sebleo

    Palm prices went up

    I'm so sad about it! I double checked other suppliers and even though they are way cheaper...the shipping to me still makes Lonestar the better price overall.
  5. Sebleo

    Palm prices went up

    I'm not sure when they went up. I last ordered in June as well.
  6. I just saw on Lonestar the price for feather palm went up by $20 a case. Habe you noticed this with your suppliers?
  7. Sebleo

    Vinyl Banners - Where I get them

    Thanks! I was happy with the one I got from Vistaprint, but these prices are better! Wow!
  8. Sebleo

    Curing multiple scents at once, is it possible?

    I use a #5 plastic container with lid and shake it and flip it until it dries. Drying time depends on your batch size. 1 lb usually takes a few days. I haven't made any in a while, but I'm thinking it was 3 or 4 days. ? Got that tip from these boards and it works pretty good. You can make as many fragrances as containers you have!
  9. I agree. And the only reason I responded was someone posed a question as to why people still use palm. Just wanted to offer up the comparison, like you said, factory farming is destructive. I feel the same way about clamshells. I just bought 2 more cases...over 1500 and so far I'm selling more individual tarts and 1 lb bags. But, I'm still in my first year so I will see how it goes. It would be nice to drop those though.
  10. You made some great points. Don't even get me started on sugar!
  11. I agree with most of what you're saying. And if someone wants to stay away from all palm products that's dandy. It just irks me when people ban the candle products only and have no clue or care as to the vast products they consume daily with palm oil. With less than 3% going to wax...that's not making a dent. And really the USA accounts for a small percentage of word wide palm oil usage. Just like your litter analogy with things being connected...that's how I see the soy industry. The demand is growing and so is the need for farming. While American crafters can say that their specific soy wax did not directly lead to deforestation it is a rising global demand that is causing deforestation. Therefore it is connected. 75% of Brazil''s soy comes from illegally deforested land. 70-80% of Indonesia''s palm comes from illegally deforested land. I'm not trying to be argumentative or say one wax is better than another. I would still be using soy wax if the darn PB was still any good! Everyone has to decide what is important to them and where they draw the line. As a crafter and as a consumer. Anecdote... I don't want to contribute to conflict diamonds. Some people who feel the way I do choose to buy conflict free diamonds. I choose not to buy diamonds or gemstones at all.
  12. I'm talking about the oil industry as a whole and not wax. All the waxes are by products of oil production. In the same way they don't drill crude oil in order to produce paraffin wax. I think it is less than 3% for both soybean and palm plantations that actually go to wax production. As soy demands rise due to overwhelming popularity, so do the need for soybean farms. Hence American businesses moving to South America. Even though you buy soy wax that's made in the USA, the demand for soy is causing deforestation nontheless. So, I guess my point is.... so many people/companies/organizations bash palm for deforestation and use it to persuade people to buy all natural/good for mother earth soy that it needs to be pointed out....yes, there are issues with the palm industry but there are also issues with the soy industry. And, on a side note, approximately 70% of the products in everyone's home has palm oil. From the kitchen to the bathroom. So, avoiding palm in candles, to me, is silly when it's in so many of the products we eat and put on our skin. In regards to discrediting the negative publicity....they make a valid point. A lot of people still have in their minds images from the 80''s of all the deforestation in Malaysia and Indonesia. Some big strides have been made to correct and prevent deforestation in this part of the world.
  13. South America is projected to produce more soy than the USA in the next decade. It's soy production growth has been eating away at it's rainforests for years. Killing rainforest, displacing animals and people. It's just not getting the publicity. Yet. Why do I choose palm despite the devastation palm farming caused in the past? The industry is working towards cleaning itself up. And if you are knowledgeable about all wax production, there is not one that is better for the environment than another.
  14. Sebleo

    Tough sell fragrance... have u ever

    Great example and great name change @TallTayl
  15. You are definitely going to want to double pack your candles to protect against breakage. Pack them in a corrugated box. Then put it in a shipping box packed with packing peanuts, paper, or bubble wrap. Check out the thread on how packages get handied by carriers! You don't want to pay full price at usps. There are ways to get discounted shipping with pay memberships like stamps.com or shippingeasy.com. If you start a website through shopify you automatically get commercial plus shipping prices. Their hosting prices start at $30 a month. Imho, might as well pay $30 a month and get a website plus discounted shipping rather than $15 a month for just discounted shipping.