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  1. An ECO 1? I'm using the PB600 in an 8 oz jelly jar. I originally wicked them with an ECO2 and that's too small (for most of the scents I'm testing) after sitting on the shelf for 3 months. My wife's asleep right now and the lights are off but I'll make a note to take some photos of the ECO2 and ECO4 tests tomorrow. At a 3 hour burn What I'm seeing on the candles that have been sitting around in an 8 oz jelly jar at 1 oz per pound FO is: HTP83, LX14/16, CD6, Premier 745. I have yet to find a wick that I've considered to be truly "self trimming". I'd say a better description is
  2. While not ancient, this is a bit of an old post that I just ran across but I thought I'd toss in an additional option. If you have a thermometer that takes a type k probe you could also use something like this, most likely. https://www.amazon.com/URBEST-NR-81532B-Thermocouple-Temperature-Manufacturing/dp/B01M0IPBEC/ref=sr_1_7?dchild=1&keywords=surface+thermocouple&qid=1592449168&sr=8-7
  3. ^This. I've got some jelly jar candles made with ProBlend 600 that were made several months ago. First wick test I did was a week after pour and these worked great with an ECO2.. After sitting on the shelf for three months most of them look like they're going to need a wick up.
  4. Hey guys and gals. I'm still out here quietly putting around. Ran across this "wick selection chart" and thought I'd drop the link. Your mileage may vary. https://www.candlesandsupplies.net/wick_selection_chart_by_wax.pdf
  5. Coffee House from FC isn't half bad.
  6. This post is probably going to help me more than any other post I've ever read because it clears up a lot of misconceptions and expectations that I've "learned" are necessary to indicate that a candle is properly wicked.
  7. Turns out that was pretty much the final burn. I lit them this morning and they burned for about 5 minutes later. There was still quite a bit of wax on the bottom so I popped out the wick pin and wow, it was twice as long as the wick pins I see on pre-wicked wicks. Not sure how they get a full burn on the bottom with a wick pin that tall. Regardless, I can't complain about their customer service. I contacted them this morning through their Facebook page and they were very apologetic and said they would send replacement candles. I'll update this post when I see how the new candles burn.
  8. "Our Own Candle Company" $5.95 Hi guys. I've been away for awhile but still been plugging away. I got frustrated with tins so moved away from them a awhile. This weekend I went and purchased a couple of commercial 8 oz tins so I could see what a successful burn would actually look like . I'm assuming this ain't it. I'm wondering if the sides will melt down eventually but even if they do (and I don't have a lot of faith that they will with the burn time that's probably left and how much hang up there is on the side). If the sides do melt down before the candle burns out would
  9. It's a conspiracy I tell you. I am *surrounded* by Candle Supply stores. All of them right at 4 hours away. I will be spending a week in Pigeon Forge over the Christmas Holiday so that will put me right at Aztec. Might have to stock up while I'm in the area and save on some of those shipping charges.
  10. That sorted itself out after they sat for a couple of days. Now I'm messing around with wicks. FC's wick recommendation for PB600 was Premiers but I get absolutely no HT. I put a candle in our bathroom that was wicked with a premier and asked wife to rate the scent strength from 1-10. She gave it a zero. Same candle with an ECO wick she gave a 7. Trying zinc vs Eco at the moment.
  11. Do you typically use the same percentage of F.O. in your melts and tarts as you do your candles or do you find that you end up using more/less? Thanks!
  12. Hey all. Anyone out there with ProBlend 600 experience? I just started playing with it and love everything about it but, wow, is it soft. I cored a candle I made a couple of days ago to take a look through the middle to see if there were any air bubbles, etc. What I found is that the wax in the center of the candle was the consistency of thick peanut butter. The surface of the candle is somewhat firm but you can still make an impression with a bit, but not a lot, of effort. Is this something that will firm up somewhat as the candle ages? Are you having to use Vybar or Stearic
  13. I started playing with that ProBlend 600 that I had laying around. So far, I really like it. It's very early in the testing process but the pour was great. No wet spots to speak of and the flame is just perfect. No issues with HT, at least with this scent (FC Apple Cinnamon @ 6.5%). Crossing my fingers that it nothing falls apart a few burns in.
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