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  1. Start off with a nice and simple container. A jelly jar, a smooth sided tumbler, something along those lines.
  2. This 1000%. Some sort of stickied/best practices/newbie guide would have probably had me posting a quarter of the questions I've posted. Yes, there's a search button but search doesn't always give you what you're looking for and even when. It does it might be buried 500 posts back. Thanks for volunteering.
  3. Great minds think alike. I just talked to my wife about mixing it with a cinnamon to give it more of a pumpkin pie sort of fragrance. Going to make one at a lower FO and another with a pumpkin/cinnamon blend and see how they work out
  4. Both Flaming Candle and Candle Science have Pumpkin Souffle Scents that seem to be very popular and have rave reviews. However, I've tried both of them and can't stand them. My wife, who loves pumpkin, doesn't like them either. I was just looking on the CS website and saw that the description states it is "our best pumpkin fragrance for soy candles." Can there be a large scent variance from wax to wax (6006 vs 464 for instance)? I know varying FO percentage can affect the scent throw. Can it also affect the scent itself? I made these candles in 6006 at 6%. They are just over powering and, to my nose at least, not very pleasant and not very pumpkiny (unless you're talking burnt pumpkin possibly) The same thing is also true for Autumn Flannel, which is another popular scent with great reviews. I'm going to try lowering the FO% to see if it mellows out. If anyone is using these scents and actually likes them what wax are you using them in and what percentage? I just have a hard time believing that these two FOs (actually three-Two different pumpkin souffles plus the Autumn Flannel) would be so popular if people are smelling what I smell.
  5. I'm a newbie but this is 100% the best advice ever, in my opinion. I jumped into this not realizing how involved it was and how much testing went into everything. I started testing different scents, different containers, different wicks, and different waxes. In the end I really had no data for a ready for production candle.. I did, however, learn a lot about how waxes react to different variables and now have a pretty good idea on a wick starting point for testing. However, If I had applied the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) and put together a testing plan from day 1 using realistic goals and expectations I could probably have learned the same thing in half the time using half the material and with half the frustration.
  6. Thanks BF. I'm using 6% on everything right now. I'll throw a couple in storage for 2 or 3 weeks and see how they do
  7. So I've been playing around with Zinc wicks. Have tried them in multiple sizes, multiple containers, multiple scents. In all cases, no matter how good the melt pool, no matter how pretty the flame I end up getting major mushrooming 1-2 hours into the burn. If I extinguish the flame, trim the mushroom off, and relight them they're good for another couple of hours. If I extinguish them, wait until the next day, trim, and relight same story. Is this just a peculiarity of zinc wicks or is their some trick? They seem to be the best throwing wicks I've tried so far but that large mushroom is a huge turnoff.
  8. I ordered a set of these which were waiting on me when I got home this evening. These are absolutely awesome. Quick, and most importantly, clean cut on every wick I tried them on.
  9. The attached pics are of a 3" straight sided tumbler. 6006 wax, 7% FO, with a CD 16 wick. Burn #1 was a four hour burn. This is 2 hours into burn #2. Do you think this is over or under wicked? I have a hard time believing that a bigger wick is required. My thought is that an oversized wick might cause a quick burn downwards not giving the heat time enough to spread outward to the edges. Is that a possibility? Just not sure if I need to go up or down with this wick. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  10. @bfroberts What wick series are you using in those pint jars? If it's CD are you finding yourself up in the 16-18 range?
  11. What height do you guys trim your wick to for the initial burn? 1/8", 1/4", etc
  12. Account-->Account Settings-->Notifications Under that menu the following options are greyed out. Under General: Someone comments on something I follow. (Email is enabled, Notification list disabled) Someone gives reputation to something I post. (Notification list enabled, email disabled) Under Messenger: I receive a message (Email enabled, notification list disabled) Under Profile: Someone posts on my profile (Notification list enabled, email disabled)
  13. After seeing a few sink holes over the last couple of days I just ordered an ice pick for this very purpose.
  14. I get email notifications when someone replies to a post I have made or commented on. Is there a way to get replies and such added to my notifications when I log into the board. I can currently see when I have been quoted or when someone has reacted to a post but I do not see any thread reply notifications. Ive found the place to do this in notification settings but the options for that particular setting are greyed out and I am unable to modify.
  15. Yeah, that's the issue I'm having, during the initial cut when there's still a bunch of wax on the wick. If I try to cut a new wick outside of the container it works fine because I can get the wick back further in the blades. Works fine once the wick has been burned. Same thing with wick cutters. Just didn't have any luck with them when trying to do the trim prior to the first burning with the wick in the container (at least on anything CD12 or above, which is what I've been using the past few days.)
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