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  1. Gorgeous colors and perfect swirls! 🌸
  2. Which products will you be incorporating the oils?
  3. Yes I agree! The concept is nice. An 8 oz jar takes a long while to get going, however, a 2 oz jar might work. using melts is faster!
  4. This is fantastic! THANKS! Cant wait for your results!🌸 Guineveres Attraction is really nice, very light though in my lab co wax/464 blend. The other oils sound good!
  5. Just wondering if you are having sink holes/ cavities near the wick. With soy it’s not uncommon. Try poking holes with a skewer near the wick and use a heat gun to remelt to fill in the holes. I do this the next day after I pour.🌸 Just realised you are pouring these wickless so I’m not sure this will help.
  6. I did not experiment much with this wax so my wick suggestions are limited. I had some success with eco wicks, they do burn hot in this wax. Check some posts here and you may find some suggestions. The addition of paraffin in this wax works nicely in this blend, I had no issues with frosting or sink holes, smooth as ice. But, still working with my go to wax, lab co coconut and flamings 464. Every combo has issues. 4630 reminds me of problend 600.
  7. I’ve used that wax and did not experience the peanut butter consistency. True it is a softer wax, not soft once it cools. I never considered adding anything because my results were good. Mine is from Flamings. I’d reach out to the place you purchased and let them know. I’m wondering if it’s the fragrance if you used one.
  8. I’d love this problem!!!! A sea of candles! Social media changes everything! Time to hire staff?
  9. I my experience the majority of the candles I made last November were made with 9% fo and I can tell you they are still strong. As of late I’ve reduced the percentage between 7 and 8% depending on the f.o. And I’m satisfied with the hit. With all those lighter scents I’ve been increasing the percentage and making wax melts, I don’t like wasting anything. I’m also trying to use all the fo I have and not purchase any more but the struggle is REAL, lol! Keep us posted!🌸
  10. Fantastic! Expect your sales to increase in November! October, November and December are big retail months. Good job!🌸 So how do you get that candle smelling like Mountain Dew? Lol! Trade secret!
  11. So I just googled their company thru Glassdoor, their revenues pull in 25-50 million dollars per year!
  12. Welcome! Lots of goodies here advice wise! I LOVE ITALY! 🌸
  13. There was a candle video posted somewhere here which addresses heat. I believe the temp should stay under 170. It may even be lower then that. You can use an Infrared thermometer to check. Right now I’m burning an 8 oz square jar over 5 hr. And it’s just warm, full melt pool 1/4 inch deep, lower half of jar when things really get heated. I could hold it non stop with no issues. My early Candle days, they were so hot I could not hold them much less move them to another location. Over wicking contributes to heat. Someone else will chime in I’m sure.🌸
  14. Testing 2 candles today, cinnamon chai and toasted pumpkin spice both from candle science, 8 oz square mason jars, lab co and 464 wax, eco wicks so far beautiful scents to my nose. Not too super bakery but just really nice especially today. It’s cold and windy. Also testing bath bomb recipes for humid weather, it’s currently about 50% humidity so this is when I like to start making them. I did cut out any salt and that makes a diff I think.Last month it was 93% humidity, oh what fun! Im putting together small gift boxes to sell this year of b&b stuff including candles, soap, emulsified sugar scrub, body butter etc. That’s the easy part, labeling and packing with probably take longer! And waiting for my wax to arrive! 🌸
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