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  1. For sure! I’ve only been testing in tins so baby steps but can’t wait to tackle a larger container. Do you have a favorite size? I see how wicks matter. I’m attached to eco wicks but am branching out and going to test cd wicks but yes, the process is like an orchestra, each part important! Always appreciate your wisdom tall tayl along with others.
  2. True and after reading here that many of you use a lower percentage I will be testing f.o. at 6 %. I wonder if all this testing is why I’m drawn to candle making. Money running out very soon!
  3. CandleRush

    Please help me pick 6 scents

    Ohhhh.... I can smell them all right now! You ladies are soooo inspiring!🌸
  4. Alex is connected to Nature’s Items, not sure how, maybe some of you know. Just discovered they are In Wisconsin and that’s where I am. The throws have been great, 8 or 9 percent f. O. Good thing I don’t have lots of money or time or I’d be trying everyone’s technique!
  5. I have tested the Alex method with straight coconut wax from Northwoods and did another blending coconut wax with 465 with excellent results. I found no difference between the Alex method and using manufacturers recommended pouring temps. I use the Alex method 95 percent of the time. I do stir f.o. a full 2 minutes with both methods. I set my timer!
  6. CandleRush

    This is nuts!

    Loved reading all of these! Heavy sigh! Got up at 4 am this morning, before I made coffee, sniffed and trimmed the candles I poured last night. I tell myself candle making is like a good therapy session. That’s one long therapy session! Quentin’s comment is so true! And I loved candybees name, ‘candle shop’for the mystery scent!
  7. CandleRush

    Bourbon Butterscotch

    Love Nature’s Items! Just bought this one and loved it OOB.
  8. CandleRush

    Do you prime your wooden wicks?

    Makes sense, the moisture part. Ok well I will try that! Thank you!
  9. CandleRush

    Do you prime your wooden wicks?

    Speaking of wooden wicks I’ve had great luck with them from Northwoods, however, just ordered a bunch from Aztec Candles, they did not stay lit for even 5 seconds. Good thing I tested them before I put them in my wax. Wonder if priming would help!
  10. CandleRush

    Lab & Co coconut wax

    Read my comment on page 5! No I don’t work for either company! LOL
  11. CandleRush

    Lab & Co coconut wax

    Coming to this late! I love coconut wax! Northwoods claims have been 100% right on! Theirs has no paraffin. I’ve never had to do another pour, smooth tops, no heat guns! A bit softer, yes but such a luxurious wax. I’ve had the same experience with Lab & Co. theirs has a small percentage of paraffin which I don’t mind, just as lovely. I also love cutting that wax, like butta! I don’t know how these will hold up in summer, we’ll see. On another post I mentioned that other than using straight coconut wax for my candles I also blend 464 and coconut again with great success. I hope you all have a chance to try it. No, I don’t work for either company lol
  12. CandleRush

    I've been moving away from candles...

    Wow, wow and wow! Talented!
  13. CandleRush

    what do you stir with?

    Wood Is porous and keeps in moisture, I use a stainless steel spoon that is dedicated for candle making.
  14. CandleRush

    Outside Views on Pouring Temps

    Oops, quite right! I like experimenting with different temps regardless. The suggested temps are just guidelines.
  15. CandleRush

    Outside Views on Pouring Temps

    Hi! Sooo much snow here in Milwaukee that I’m staying home to spend hours here reading your great posts! my 2 cents regarding temps. For now I’ve been using coconut wax from Northwoods, this one has no paraffin and the virgin coconut wax from Lab & Co. which has a small amt. of paraffin and 464 soy wax. Ive varied my temps with all three, using the recommended temps. and repeated the tests using lower temps, 150, add f.o. Cool to 110, pour. Absolutely no difference. Neither in ct and ht. Smooth tops always, sometimes slight adhesion problems but no diff at all. lately I’m mixing either one of these coconut waxes with 464 wax and they are perfect using lower temps. Lucky maybe? The wicks though, another story!