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  1. Back in the day, very early experimenting, I’ve used vanilla extracts, organic and regular in my body oils, lip balm perfume all flops. Save those for your baking lol! in my essential oil perfume blends I’ve used vanilla from Eden botanicals but depending on the vanilla crop can be super expensive. They have a few different kinds last I checked. Your blend may cloud also. This is not a true essential oil but they mix well with oils. I’d be too expensive for candles. I’ve been using other essential oils that are close to vanilla but are subtle, benzoin and balsam of Peru. I like your idea of blending your perfume with vanilla fragrance oil. I can’t recommend one over the other, I love vanilla! but I would mix up 2 or 3 tiny vials, one with one drop, one with 2 drops, etc. Top off with your perfume Wait 24 hrs. The blend needs to mingle!🌸
  2. What are your favorites and which wax do you use?
  3. For over a year now I’ve tested the following wax and combos in 3 inch jars. 4 inch glass containers, double wicked. My dilemma is I love all 3 waxes. I’m hoping some of you wise candlers will be able to help me decide which way to go. 1.I’ve been testing lab co coconut wax and am seeking advice on wicks, this wax does have some paraffin in it. I hate the cost but it’s a beautiful wax. 2. Also testing lab co coconut wax with 464, 50/50, have tried lots of wicks but still wonder which are best suited, the coconut tames the 464 in appearance of the candle but cure time is longer. 3. Also testing 4630 and 464, 50/50 , received an email from candle science, they recommended cd wicks. The 4630 really boosts the HT and the paraffin tames the 464. Any thoughts? Will really appreciate any advice/ wisdom😀😀🌸
  4. I liked the safety reinforcement is what we all need as reminders to make safer candles. After the video we all still had questions and that’s where we come in and apply what we know. If we are questioning some of his testing that is a good thing, as TT said, high standards! And that makes for a safer candle. Thanks to craftserver🌸
  5. Laura I thought your comments were straightforward and professional, I did not think they were offensive at all. I wondered about the soot as well. But the comment he gave about burning candles where we breath and that the wax is refined in the same barrel as diesel fuel, candle wax is the throw away from diesel fuel....... off to to make some candles today!🌸
  6. Have your finances in order! This hobby/business costs a lot! I have a stack of invoices that are from last November to present, wow, to see the total expenses is eye opening. Still I enjoy the journey but it comes with a large price tag. I would start with melts/tarts first and get to know your wax and FO. After success with those apply what you’ve learned to Candles. Keep your choices simple initially! 🌸
  7. I use blended 464 and Lab Co coconut wax and cure. I’m guessing in parasoy or paraffin the throw would be much better. I generally use between 7 and 9 percent FO.
  8. Generally you could double wick containers 4 inches and over, maybe cd 3 or 4.
  9. TD titanium dioxide? There are also lots of natural powders you can choose. I’ve used turmeric, powdered calendula, powdered charcoal, rose hip powder, cocoa powder, espresso coffee, annatto seed powder, black tea powder. For some of these I will grind them in my coffee grinder if they are chunkier. The key to a pencil line is to not cover your soap completely but leave some of your soap show through or the layers will separate. Mica powders work great!🌸
  10. Nice looking container! Yesterday while shopping I noticed cement vessels with candles in them. It looked like they had a tiny gap all the way around for what that’s worth. I would use a sealer that is specifically for concrete, only the outside. But keep us posted if you’ve come up with anything.
  11. These sound great! I’m not familiar with any of those fragrances. Is there a description anywhere? Thanks!🌸
  12. You can make some really nice serums for your face, or add to lip balm, lotion etc. I put oils like those in a spray bottle with essential oils and use as a body moisturizer after my shower.🌸
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