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  1. Great questions and you’ll get some answers once you start to test. Forests answers are based on his wax and his candle making journey/experiences. The very best way is to start very simple, one wax, one type of wick, one type of container. Take notes. Lots of notes! This is why it takes so long to figure things out. I don’t think there are any short cuts. I found that out! Candle making is not linear. By reading posts here is the very best way to begin, you’ll have support too!🌸
  2. I love and use those, our grocery store sells them. If I have any left over wax I pour them into the cups, using them later in my wax melter. 🌸
  3. I’m never short of ideas! if you plan on selling melts/tarts I saw the perfect lions head silicone mold on Etsy. Just passing this along! I don’t know how to copy and paste, sorry!🌸
  4. I’m always looking for a straight coconut, so far nothing comes close. And most are on the light side. I sure will give Flamings a try! Thanks for the suggestions 🌸
  5. While I don’t use that wax my journey has been very similar regarding numerous wicks and different containers. You did an excellent job verbalizing! And yes, testing is so subjective.🌸
  6. Hi! Someone with more experience than me will chime in. Your picture is a big help as well as your questions.🌸
  7. I have not found one patchouli fo that smells close to the real one so I use dark patchouli essential oil from Eden botanicals. all their e.o.s are high quality.🌸
  8. Yup, I remember reading here all the various creative techniques for centering, however, my issue is not placing the the wick in the container it’s while the candle sets up and the wick ends up off center. I have used the bow tie metal thingies, chop sticks, tape, straw, etc. but they always shift. Can anyone relate?
  9. That would be so great! I’m in!😀
  10. I have visions of people wheeling in barrels of f.o.s!😀
  11. I use tape but lately I write on my jars with a black sharpie, super easy and fast and it washes off.
  12. I say we all meet once a year, maybe somewhere warm, hey I’m in Wisconsin no palm trees here, and bring all our f.o.s and have a swap!😀
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