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  1. I’m just wondering about your recipe though, your numbers don’t add up to 100%. Maybe recheck them on soapcalc. Also soapcalc will show you the quality of your soap by looking at their calculations once you’ve entered your percentages. Their recommendations are only a guide but I find it very useful. I’m not sure how hard your soap will be or how much lather you’ll end up with. Coconut oil will add both hardness and lather. A small amount of castor oil will also add lather. Large amounts of olive oil are great for the skin but won’t harden your soap or produce bubbbly lather. It’s true coconut oil can be very drying to the skin so a balanced recipe can remedy that. If you use harder oils, you won’t need sodium lactate. Palm oil is another hard oil that contributes firmness and lather. Many won’t beaches it’s unsustainable but it is excellent in soap if you balance it with nourishing butters like Mango or Shea. Its great fun trying and with so many variations! Good job!
  2. Ahhh, hot processed soap! 🌸 Made my fair share of this soap. Something that helped me was to find a recipe that was already successful, there are many on line I’m sure. Also, watching a tutorial, there are a few out there as well, because hot processed soap goes through several stages and it’s important know what they are. Once you learn the stages it’s all up hill most of the time! And of course run everything through soapcalc.
  3. Trappeur, Initially I started with coconut wax from Northwoods, the candles got increasingly better with a long cure. I then began to blend 464 and Northwoods coconut was, 50/50 but still cure them longer if I can. I do not see a huge difference scent wise. Both are the same, wether blended or not. I’m just stunned how they improve 1 month out. I do use 7-9 % f.o. I prefer the blended wax, seems to solve any cratering or issues 464 has time to time. I also don’t want to be married to one wax cause what if? Maybe someone else can chime in. talltayl, yes, agreed, just embrace the wet spots, save your fretting for other stuff!!!🌸
  4. Hi Sheree! Good job! I also made a candle with bamboo and coconut. It’s a nice clean scent, I don’t get much of the coconut but everyone likes it. Trappeur is right though, you must cure a minimum of 2 weeks. I’m finding mine are even better after 1 month, I use your wax with coconut wax.🌸
  5. Great questions and posts! Artists struggle with the same dilemma, do I make what I like or do I make what consumers want? I loved Milos response. You can see he started out making a product, he was open enough to listen to his customers and make what they want. We all have ideas of how our business should be. I would say the process evolves as you go.It’s important to just begin and be open and flexible to add new products or remove them. Also, your craft fair customers and Etsy customers may vary in what you offer.🌸
  6. I use that wax too but pour mostly in shot cups and they are always smooth. I checked my notes, heated to 180, added f. O. Poured at 150. The batch of wax is from February if that helps also from flamings.🌸
  7. Wow, fantastic! Thanks pughaus 🌸
  8. I’m so happy with my coconut waxes, just goes to show you how we each have our own experiences and are so varied. I’ve never had any sooting, sink holes, bad pours or trouble with wicks. I do find they need longer cure times for sure. I’m burning coconut candles I made 4 months ago that are fantastic. I’ve used both lab co and Northwoods wax. Because of my impatience for an earlier hot throw, ive been blending with pro blend 600 which is almost 50% paraffin with great results, a way less curing time and no issues. I would consider trying the new blend but I’m so satisfied with my custom blends, maybe down the road. I am always interested in everyone else’s experiences.
  9. I use Eden Botanicals palo santo essential oil. This oil in general is not cheap. Not sure if there is a fragrance oil version but I can tell you I use it in my wax and it it strong. It’s been a very popular essential oil lately which is why you see it in products. It’s popular in my yoga and meditation classes I teach. Called holy wood, cousin of the frankincense tree. Only the fallen trees are harvested, beautiful inscency smell. I’ve used it in body oil and perfume blended with other oils with success.🌸
  10. I’ve been experimenting with straight pro blend 600 which is soy/ paraffin, almost 50/50 and I poured it in the morning. Because of an immediate super strong cold throw I burned it later that evening. The hot throw was strong as well, sea salt and orchid from c.s. My coconut and soy take 2 plus weeks, longer is better from my observations.🌸
  11. I think Save on scents and Etsy.
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