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  1. Good for you! Social media is key. To add here, the 20 something crowd on tictoc might be another way to promote your business.
  2. Those of you selling on Etsy or elsewhere, how are you doing? Maybe this is a wake up call for those who have been considering an online store? I think once the virus is under control the market place will be booming! That’s my prediction.
  3. Local upcoming craft fairs are cancelled here, Milwaukee area, along with everything else. I look at candles like a comfort thing, like comfort food. I think people will still be purchasing and I’m guessing online stores will do well with both candles and soap, b&b products since everyone will be home. I think a lot of people will need these things as a way to de stress. The good news is, this won’t last forever. I’m already looking for silver linings!
  4. Forrest and captnkush I’m really happy you like these oils. I noticed they have kits, 10,10 ml bottles for 39.00 so I’ll be testing more. I also am testing cbl 125 from candlewic because Sarah from here recommended it a while ago. I may mix in a little soy so with it and I’ll report back.
  5. Well, I could not wait! They smell better in wax! 2 out of 3 are strong. The lighter one to my nose is the rose patchouli/amber but still descent. These blends from lab and co are so unique. I can’t even compare them to the mainstream fo, not that the mainstream fo are lacking, I love many of them it’s just that these are so different. I would love to do more tests. I just think their addition of essential oils may add to their uniqueness.I do like that you are blending some of yours and I’m open to that. I’m really liking them. I did use the Alex method but added fo lower then 150.
  6. Every now and then! You can read my comments above where I had great results. I repeated the same process yesterday with my testers and the cold throws were strong. Today I lit them and the hot throws, 2 out of 3 testers were strong. This round of tests I mixed in f.o. At 140. Stirred 2 min. The same wax as I used in my above comment. Perfectly smooth candles, no seeping, eco wicks. When I first started making candles I used the Alex method. So many here were naysayers and maybe for them and their wax it might be true what they say but I’ve had success. I then started to do what everyone else recommended but my results were all over the place, not fully content I went back to the Alex method a variation where I added fo lower. Manufacturers have have their guidelines but I think you have to test other methods. This may not work for everyone but it has for me.
  7. I received my samples from lab and co. First impressions: to my nose, pear and honey, not fruity and not sweet.I don’t smell pear at all, not much honey either. It’s perfumy but I’ll see once I light it. Strong ct. Dark rose and Labdenum, beautiful! If you’ve ever smelled essential oils of either one of these, the f.o. Is right on! It helps if you love rose, no chemical smell. This one has a strong ct. The Rose patchouli and amber does not smell like rose or amber to me. Weak ct. I’ll have to see once I light these next week and will share here.
  8. Hi all! while people are buying out cases of toilet paper I’m ordering lots of candle making supplies! If I have to stay home I’ll have what I need to make and test my candles providing I won’t get sick. I’m not making light of this virus by any means and I’m not in panic mode either, 2-3 weeks is a long time to be home. Im looking for your recommendations on nutmeg type f.o. I’ve used fillmores in the past and love it. Noticed it went up from 2.50 to 3.50 per ounce. I have flamings nutmeg and spice which is great and strong in my wax, just wondering if there’s anything else out there. Stay safe and virus free! thanks in advance!
  9. To be fair, those have been you’re experiences and to say you must heat at 180 and above and if you’ve never tested the Alex method do you really know the results? My testing IS valid and I know the results. Adding fo 130 and even lower gave me great results 5 out of 5 had cold and hot throws that were strong.
  10. There are other posts regarding the Alex method if memory serves me right. I’ve tested both from time to time and the ht was the same. There were a few differences, not many. As of Saturday I poured testers with my 50/50 blend of 464 and 4630. I added the fo below 130. Stirred for 2 min. Yes, the wax was clouded but still liquid. One they solidified the ct was stronger than I’d had ever! I can’t expl this phenomenon. I lit 2 out of 3, 3 days later, ht amazing, still scratching my head! I thought maybe the fo was sitting on top of the wax and not fully incorporated but they are burning beautifully. No fireballs, thank goodness. Im guessing if I were to repeat this process things might turn out yet another way!
  11. Thanks Forrest! That one sounds beautiful! I will give that one a try! I ordered dark rose and laudanum, rose patchouli and amber, and pear and honey to start with. I will post my results here. I’ll be using 50/50 464 and 4630 for those who are interested.
  12. Bummer! I just purchased a new batch, last week, from Flaming and made testers yesterday with no issues, I don’t think it’s the temperature, I pour at lower temps though, where did you purchase your batch? Maybe contact them?
  13. Thanks and both of those you mentioned are up my alley!😀
  14. Thanks Forrest for your reviews. In your opinion do any of these hit the ball out of the park even those you blended?
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