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  1. Omg! Welcome StandleyHandcrafted! I’ve watched every video and learned so much! Keep it up please! Yes, people can be very critical here! That is one big turn off for me but I’m glad you keep going!😀😀😀
  2. I would just add all candles wax including parasoy and straight paraffin would greatly benefit from curing. People will say you can light a paraffin candle once it’s solid and get a nice hot throw and that’s true with some f.o. But in my experience curing makes a difference.
  3. If you look on ww website they do explain what natural is. Essential oils are considered natural. I’ve seen in the candle business that some suppliers are mixing fragrance oils with natural oils, aka, essential oils. Some try to pass these off as natural which we all know is misleading. Ww does have all natural oils and some combos of both e.o and synthetic oils. I’ve had good luck with the all essential oils in my wax from ww. I’m not entirely sure essential oils were meant to burn. Maybe there are some studies out there regarding this. They are expensive but essential oils are just that. I feel they are appropriately priced when you consider pure Bulgarian rose e.o. Is 100s of dollars for a very small amount. I do like what I’ve tried from them so far. Definitely not mainstream type scents.
  4. Ok I needed a good laugh this morning! Thanks Forrest and TallTayl 😂
  5. Omgosh! great to hear and can’t wait. Thanks for letting us know!🌸🌸🌸
  6. Is anyone missing flaming candle? I can’t wait till they reopen, I hope they do so soon.
  7. I’d try aloe extract with coconut oil. Shea butter needs to be gradually melted on very low heat to avoid graininess.
  8. Hi! Are those two wicks together a new thing! Never have seen this before.
  9. I’ve only made 100% olive oil soap without success and no lather. It looks like 30% super fat is very high. I usually use soap calc maybe recheck. These soaps do take very long to set up though. I’d sometimes leave them in the molds 3-4 days if it’s a softer soap and put in the freezer to firm up and it pops right out. Generally, coconut oil can be pretty drying so maybe add in another more oil or butter. The color is nice! I love using coconut milk or any milk for that matter in my soaps. Heavy cream is my favorite!
  10. I live in Wisconsin and their shipping is always 10 days or so. Too long me and I don’t care how good their stuff is! They have been the slowest so far.
  11. I’ve used that wax and yes you need to wick down. Their recommendations are just a guide. I’m not sure their wax is coco 83, they say they blend their own, I may be wrong. I also use lab and co wax but like nightlight says wick down, this one has paraffin in it so that may help you decide how to wick, a great wax but not the price ha! Good luck.😀
  12. There are videos on line that show the process of extracting oils from plants. Etsy sells simple kits so you can google steam distillation equipment for plants. Keep in mind unless you have fields of lavender you’ll need tons of plant matter to produce a tiny bit of oil. Lavender essential oil is still one of the most affordable oils. If you commit to the process keep us posted, it can be done.
  13. Good for you! Social media is key. To add here, the 20 something crowd on tictoc might be another way to promote your business.
  14. Those of you selling on Etsy or elsewhere, how are you doing? Maybe this is a wake up call for those who have been considering an online store? I think once the virus is under control the market place will be booming! That’s my prediction.
  15. Local upcoming craft fairs are cancelled here, Milwaukee area, along with everything else. I look at candles like a comfort thing, like comfort food. I think people will still be purchasing and I’m guessing online stores will do well with both candles and soap, b&b products since everyone will be home. I think a lot of people will need these things as a way to de stress. The good news is, this won’t last forever. I’m already looking for silver linings!
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