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  1. Even with a shorter shelf life grape seed oil is great. It’s so lite on the skin. I’ve never had a return! Ive been also testing body spray from essentials by catalina which is very promising. Eo and fo mix clear and stay clear. I use it for perfume not body spray as an alternative to roll on. My favorite perfume recipe is solid base of butters and oils which I put into vintage pill boxes.
  2. I have tobacco caramel from fc and it’s strong and good. To my nose heavy on the caramel and sweet. My customers love it but for me a bit to sweet.
  3. Ok, here are my notes. Northwoods coconut wax 4 oz. tin, whatever the standard size is diameter wise! I used 3.75 once’s of wax. eco 6, but you will no doubt test other sizes I used drops instead of ounces, remember, this was an experiment using essential oils, an ounce per pound would have been too much I feel 32 drops palo santo 36 cedarwood 20 bergamot 10 patchouli, which just mellows the blend, not really noticeable but important to keep in I did cure for 1 month! If you do t smell anything, put it on a shelf and wait. Also consider making it wickless so testing is easier Keep in mind I made this 1 year ago. I’ve burned it on and off once it was cured. The ct not as strong but the ht was great! Im still on the fence using essential oils in candles as I don’t think we are meant to burn them and the safety issues are not really spelled out. your results may vary! This was the only essential oil candle that blew me away, other essential oils were duds. And palo santo reminds me of frankincense which is a cousin to palo santo but much stronger, I add it to almond oil to moisture my skin.
  4. Omg I’ve been burning it almost daily! So strong and not your typical pine scent! Glad you are enjoying it too!
  5. I have successfully made candles using palo santo essential oil from Eden botanicals in coconut wax. I’ve never used the fragrance oil version but plan to try just to compare. The palo santo candle was an experiment but I’d rather use essential oils in other products. Ill be trying Lab and co version of palo santo soon. Has anyone here had a chance to try theirs?
  6. Thank you for your reviews! I was hoping for the pink peony/nectarine to be good for my daughter. She loves nectarine blends which are not to common. I love Eden botanicals palo santo and made my first ever blend using all e.o.for my candle as an experiment and It was successful but I’d like to try their blend. My other e.o. Blends were not good. I definitely want to try the frankincense and myrrh!
  7. I’ll be testing some of their f.o. soon. It would be great to see everyones results, f.o. used and which wax, this would be most helpful!
  8. It’s possible and I see this over and over with lots of beauty products. They combine fragrances with essential oils. They know products sell better with essential oils, the whole natural thing. Some companies are honest and mention the two blended but many just say essential oils. Marketing tool. And yes, Rose e.o. Is expensive. On Etsy people make all kinds of claims with their products. Most People wont know the differences. I see this with vanilla in all natural products. Vanilla is untouchable as well. Speaking of rose, I’ve been using Rustic Essentuals Rose Geranium which is great! It smells more like rose e.o. Not Geranium. I’ve made wax melts and it smells Devine like Eden botanicals Rose e.o.
  9. I would just add 6% is great for palm wax and paraffin but imo 7-9% worked better for me when using straight 464 wax or coconut wax from lab and co. There are some stronger f.o.s like pines, lemon verbena, coffee, peppermint types that have worked great at a lower percentage, many though are not as strong so you’ll have to test.
  10. I should mention I cured that candle 1 month, it was initially weak. But a year later I can smell it just 5 min after I lit it.
  11. Checking my notes, I have a mac apple from c.s from March, 2019 I’m burning now at 10% and it’s very strong to my nose, in fact I made a note to reduce it next time. My wax is not c3 but 464/lab and co coconut/soy wax blend. I’ve tested eco and premier wicks, both are working great. Maybe try other wicks?
  12. Lab and co. Sells 3 waxes that sound like that description, their newest is the coconut beeswax blend. I use their coconut soy blend which is outstanding. I’m just to broke to try the others, someday! I want to try more of their f.o.s too.
  13. There are recipes using slsa to add bubbles similar to bath bombs but in powdered form. Add any powdered milk, buttermilk, coconut powder, goats milk powder to the mix and sprinkle in the bath water. The Skin Milk sounds good!
  14. Barbara I’ve been testing Rose Geranium from Rustic Essentuals and I’m impressed so far. I love rose essential oils, all kinds so I’m fussy. I have to say this one is perfect to my nose. It’s more Rose than Geranium to my nose. I’ve made wax melts at 9% in parasoy 650 wax from flaming, it it’s filling up my bedroom and into the family room. I hope it does well in my candles. I may add it to lotion as well. This is so close to my expensive eo from Eden botanicals.
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