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  1. I do. I think it should be standard practice for all candle makers. And yes, many customers may not take the time to read the instructions/guidelines but it’s up to you to educate your customers so they will have the best candle experience. 🌸
  2. I’ve never seen this in my candles. It might be the kind of wax you are using.
  3. Sounds like hocus pocus! Dishonest marketing unless there is a new way or process by which scents are extracted but they are talking about food. I would love to know the process. ok, who will purchase and test a candle from this company? 🙃
  4. Do all wicks have tall necks or is this something you put onto wicks?
  5. I use many of their vessels. The quality is a few steps above the typical containers. Yes there is an ongoing stock issue but I’ve learned to adapt meaning I offer a wide variety of containers from more than one place. California candle supply, flaming candle, Aztec candle have also been struggling in keeping containers in stock. But it’s not an issue on their end. I’d say keep an open mind, have a few containers from different vendors so you don’t rely on just one jar. As far as wicking, they are like all containers, you have to test.🌸
  6. I have 2 kinds. Like the one talltayl has and an embossing heat gun or craft heat gun which I use. It gets plenty hot and it’s not heavy. Joanns had them at one point.🌸
  7. I think it’s low risk to start on Etsy. Learn a few things then switch to another platform. I don’t see Etsy as risky. Where and how are some of you selling since craft shows are a thing of the past?
  8. Flaming candle carries a few but looks like they are out.
  9. Thanks for sharing your journey. I love the can idea and have tried it myself. I can’t cut the top off without there being a mark from the cutting tool. So, I’m working on that. Your message is clear though, explore other ways to produce your product. Thanks again, very inspiring!🌸👍
  10. Thanks Gail! Everyone misses Trappeur for sure!
  11. Thank you Belinda! I dub thee fragrance queen of craft server! I have a couple from your list and some of those you mentioned sound good. Lots of apple type scents I would definitely try. 🌸👍
  12. Thanks for all these recommendations! Are there any fall scents from flaming candle that any of you recommend? I did get pumpkin pie but have not poured it yet. Palo santo is good from flaming as well, just a really nice masculine scent good for all year round. just poured Aztecs leaves for the first time. This one seems good and strong.🌸
  13. They have struggled for a long time! 🌸I think if they want to exist they need to revamp and modernize their system. With lost pkgs and delays and Not to get too political here, how do people think mailing in a ballot come November is secure? 🌸
  14. Haha, I’ve played the cart game too, adding, deleting items to get the perfect shipping price. I’ve ordered from js recently but did not notice the statement from above, wonder if it’s newer. These are challenging times! 🌸
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