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  1. UGH!! If the exploding candle isn't enough to shake your head at....what about the name of the scent!!!
  2. I thought this was so cool to watch....hope you enjoy! https://youtu.be/lzPi32pj7FI
  3. i really like Plumberry Spice , Bonfire Bliss and Rustic Lodge. Winter Wonderland is the best seasonal scent for the winter holiday season IMO.
  4. Oh that is so helpful! I have all the oils you mentioned except the sunflower. ....I will try jojoba for sure. Makes sense to add a bit more oil. Thank you, Tall Tayl, as always for your good, knowledgeable advice.
  5. Well damn! It sounds like the combinations of these ingredients kind of work against each other. I need to do some serious research, for sure.
  6. I bought this kit from WSP, followed the directions, and the lip balm looked great. The first time I used it on my lips it was nice and creamy. After that, each time I took the cap off the balm was quite dry. It took a good deal of warming up on my lips for it to become creamy again. I posted the recipe ingredients below...is there something I can add or remove from the list to help the balm stay creamy? Thanks! Recipe : • 0.85 oz. Mango Butter - Refined • 0.35 oz. Castor Oil • 0.35 oz. Sweet Almond Oil - Refined • 0.20 oz. Candelilla Wax • 0.20 oz. Beeswax - U
  7. https://www.wellingtonfragrance.com/Fragrance-Oils/Traditional-Fragrance-Oils/Amalfi-Coast-Fragrance-Oil I searched and found this
  8. Jeeze Louise....a visual sure explains everything we have all been experiencing. As frustrating as it is to see those photos, I do not expect I will be rushing to my mailbox anymore. Patience will have to be the key at this point. Thanks for posting in such detail, TallTayl
  9. I understand the busy season along with Covid has contributed to the overload of packages. What I do not understand, especially with so many people able and willing and needing a job, is why not hire the extra and much needed help?
  10. IGI 4786 is a container wax...not used for melts. A better choice with IGI waxes would be 4625. You can add the fragrance safely at 180 degrees.
  11. I am sure you did everything right to try to ensure timely delivery . I can see your frustration knowing once you ship the packages it is out of your control. Your work ethics and caring about each and every customer should help you sleep at night. Merry Christmas!
  12. I mailed two packages on Wednesday of last week, priority 2 day mail. The one from here ( Maryland) got to Seattle destination today. The one to New York is still in Washington DC facility! And I am still waiting on a FEDEX pkg to get here....says it has been on the truck for delivery since Dec 2. And a USPS pkg just dropped off the tracking radar! UGH!
  13. The Candlemakers Store has Autumn Leaves as well . I never used it though.
  14. https://www.craftserver.com/topic/116600-2020-fall-candlewax-melt-swap-now-open/ Sign ups have started!!
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