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  1. This easily could have been me.
  2. He grew up in the Northeast corner of the state in Sidney. He has siblings in Sidney, Bozeman, Billings, and Hardin. Great state to raise a family, for sure.
  3. Welcome MTMade. Nice you are getting back into your candle making. It's good you found this forum this time around for advice and answers with you new wax adventure! My husband is Montana born and raised! It is such a beautiful BIG SKY COUNTRY ….I enjoy every visit we get to make.
  4. Trapp...my favorite Clean Cotton is from Peaks....and I have tried many others. Clean...strong cold and hot throw. Keystone sells Peaks version now though I never tried it. I can send you a sample of Peaks if you like. Just LMK.
  5. Yes...great inspiration and advice! I haven't sold in quite some time....this helps with the confidence level!
  6. I agree! Simple Green has been my go to all purpose cleaner for years. Nice that it is non- toxic and biodegradable.
  7. I did a quick search for pewter charms and you may find something here: https://factorydirectcraft.com/catalog/products/1302_1694_2439-36266-silver_horseshoe_charms.html
  8. Jeeze, Trapp.....you have worked your magic again! I like the white font. Kinda stands out so customers can see right off that it is a candle with a good purpose. Between the two different labels....I cannot pick! Both are adorable.
  9. Oh my GLS....those are very interesting and I bet they work really well. I especially like that they would be easy to clean Looks like I need to google. So many great suggestions!
  10. Tall Tayl. Great idea on crimping these. I have crimped a pour pot in the past....never thought of doing it to these little dudes! Thanks for the suggestion. Barb
  11. Thanks everone...Gonna give this fast pouring a shot!
  12. Thank you Aptommo! Those look great! Putting them in my Amazon cart now!
  13. I make such a mess pouring into tiny cavity molds....I have yet to find something that has a narrow enough spout to help keep the wax IN the cavity instead of all over the mold. I would love to know if there is actually something out there that would make pouring more precise! Thanks, Barb
  14. I actually saw these candle warmers in Hobby Lobby. If they are not on sale, there is always a 40% off coupon you can use .
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