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  1. I would post this in another section, karinz40. Maybe Business Side of Things or even in the General Candle Making section. IMO, even a small package from Arizona to Ohio would be more than the 4 to 5 dollars you would hope it would cost. Maybe go to the FedEx and UPS sights and put in your package info and see what they come up with for prices. Good luck.
  2. Hi and yes, Kerven. I am looking for the ones with the removable lid. Thanks for the info. I will check our American Candle Supplies.
  3. Hi all, I have purchased these in the past....long ago. I cannot seem to find them anywhere anymore! Does anyone know where I can find them? Thanks! Sorry for the huge photo.
  4. Hey Barb, I just saw that Keystone Candle Supply has Peak's green tea. https://keystonecandlesupplies.com/collections/fragrance-oils/products/green-tea-peak
  5. Hi Belinda. I just coat the blanks with oil...I use an artist type ( a good width) brush or foam brush. I already have them strung, so I let them dry by hanging them up. If not strung, I just lean them up on jar. I usually give them a second coat of oil. No recipe. Just oil of your choice. Too easy!
  6. I have used these....I used watercolor paints and it worked well. I remember stamping them in the past...but the ink ran a bit after applying the fragrance oil. You may try stamping after adding the oil? I recently ordered the football helmet blanks and painted them in team colors. Then I printed the team logo on a blank label, cut the shape of the logo and stuck it on the helmet blank. It was pretty cool! I did this for various teams for family members.
  7. Oh I forgot to mention she has a FaceBook page. Same name as her website. I messaged her thru there after that 2017 swap about the Darth Vader item. I was trying to buy a couple of them. She actually did respond saying she would send me some, but that just never happened. i know she has a farm in Idaho which keeps her busy. But winter should slow it down? Good luck trying to get in touch with her.
  8. Belinda....I think that may be a blend of her own. I loved it too. she has a website called Dairy-Aire Crafts and Gifts http://www.dairy-airecrafts.com/ It appears to be temporarily shut down due to a death in the family But maybe you can get in touch via her website when its up and running. Good luck and pls post any info you may get regarding that fabulous scent!
  9. For some reason I still cannot post to the tread

    1. barbaranj


      So weird.  I can post for you if you like.   I can copy and paste whatever you would like to say. 

    2. DarrinB


      Hi Babara,

      Sorry for getting back to late. If you can post this for me that would be great.


      I just wanted to thank everyone and congratulate them for a great job. I am new to the forum and this was my first time doing a swap like this. You guys are so talented. I have to step my candle game up LOL. I hope to do this again next year.

    3. barbaranj


      Sure thing!  Done!

  10. I had received my box and would like to say thanks to everyone

  11. Go figure! Actually, many food item containers ( cottage cheese, spreadable butter, etc.) have the number 5 recycle code. Just check. You can use any glass container too. Just be sure it has a lid.
  12. Exactly! Any container that has a number five on the bottom is perfectly safe to use. You probably have a bunch in your refrigerator or pantry right now! It’s the ♻️ recycle code that sits in the little triangle.
  13. Cello bags work and are very inexpensive. I get mine from https://www.clearbags.com You can also safely use any plastic container with the number 5 on the bottom.
  14. To each their own I suppose. Maybe there is a flameless candle forum that you can join!
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