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  1. I switched to the KY Parasoy and I love it. But it needs to cure for at about 3 weeks before melting. I never used GW494 .
  2. For you Moonwork lovers! https://purefragranceoils.com/product-category/moonworks-collection/
  3. I recently tried Pure Fragrance oils. Very nice IMO. Also recently tried Midwest Fragrance Co and was very pleased as well.
  4. Hi Belinda. The bags are the self seal and measure 2 1/2 x 4 1/2. Perfect fit. . After sealing, I put the warning label over the seal to ensure it stays closed. And yes, $2 is a fair price along with 3 for $5 .
  5. Maybe try glassine Belinda! I am obsessed with this mold lately. Wax weight is around 1.8 oz. and it packages well!
  6. Ok. So I folded the top like you would with wrapping paper … then sealed it with a warning label. Mind you, it could be done much neater for a form fitting fit
  7. Yes…you could but there the sides would have overhang and it looks a bit messy IMO.
  8. Hi Belinda. I had some from Clear Bags that measure 3 5/16 x 5 1/8. They would look cute with a topper since there is length left over after sealing. It would be no problem to mail you a few to try before you buy.
  9. Great suggestion! I actually have a crystal clear bag that is self sealing from Clear Bags that I can slip them into. This will work. Thank you.
  10. You are right…they seem to be extinct! Thanks again.
  11. TT…I was pretty sure you would know lol. I will try Saffire Blue. I really like these…. As always, thanks for your help .
  12. Hello all. I am looking for these particular two piece clamshells. (Tall Tayl...I first saw these used by you in one of our fall swaps). These have a beveled cavity. Does anyone know if these are available anywhere? Thank you. Barbara
  13. Can you add where you purchased the "Awaken" fragrance oil? I looked at NG but none listed by that name. Thank you.
  14. Good info from both of you! I was just getting ready to make my second attempt at some lip balm and this really helps! Thank you!
  15. Candles and Supplies sent out an email today saying they now stock them and that theirs is made in the USA …Same verbiage as Nightlight posted above.
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