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  1. Lizzy...so happy you were able to answer her! I looked up her words with Google Translator....and hoped someone could answer her questions.
  2. A visual!!! Thanks so much, Lizzy.
  3. Sounds like a good idea. I will give that a go. Thanks TallTayl 👍
  4. ...to get this affect of the colors added to the top of the wax melts? For the life of me I cannot figure it out! Dyed wax perhaps dripped on the finished wax melts? I just don't know!
  5. They are back in business...some fragrances are OOS but many are available.... I have never been disappointed with their oils! https://www.naturesfragrance.com/
  6. The ones I bought on Ebay was Viva Candle Wachs Pens....I just checked on Amazon and they were not listed there.
  7. GailC..as a concerning side note,.Sarah S posted or replied to a post just about every day....she has not been active since June 2020. I hope she is ok.
  8. Someone correct me if I am wrong...but I am pretty sure that Frangrance Oil Finder website no longer exists. Candlemakers store has a Mediterranean Spa Type listed...check it out to see if the notes are what you are trying to match.
  9. UGH!! If the exploding candle isn't enough to shake your head at....what about the name of the scent!!!
  10. I thought this was so cool to watch....hope you enjoy! https://youtu.be/lzPi32pj7FI
  11. i really like Plumberry Spice , Bonfire Bliss and Rustic Lodge. Winter Wonderland is the best seasonal scent for the winter holiday season IMO.
  12. Oh that is so helpful! I have all the oils you mentioned except the sunflower. ....I will try jojoba for sure. Makes sense to add a bit more oil. Thank you, Tall Tayl, as always for your good, knowledgeable advice.
  13. Well damn! It sounds like the combinations of these ingredients kind of work against each other. I need to do some serious research, for sure.
  14. I bought this kit from WSP, followed the directions, and the lip balm looked great. The first time I used it on my lips it was nice and creamy. After that, each time I took the cap off the balm was quite dry. It took a good deal of warming up on my lips for it to become creamy again. I posted the recipe ingredients below...is there something I can add or remove from the list to help the balm stay creamy? Thanks! Recipe : • 0.85 oz. Mango Butter - Refined • 0.35 oz. Castor Oil • 0.35 oz. Sweet Almond Oil - Refined • 0.20 oz. Candelilla Wax • 0.20 oz. Beeswax - U
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