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    I love rock/metal music, racing. I enjoy gardening & posess wicked skills in the kitchen ! I also write and am currently working on a biography-betcha didn't know that !
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  1. I used to be so helpful on the forums... Then, one day I realized that some folks just did not want to do their homework at all . I think they love the idea of quitting their job to stay home and make candles / BB products and get rich, if only it was that easy right ? It just baffles my mind 😖
  2. Apple Dumpling from NG is really good. It's heavier on the spice, but you can pick up the apple notes. Just add your pumpkin to make it your own blend.
  3. This sounds like a really good blend . I have both fo's that I don't pour very often, I think my festival customers would like it. Speaking of BBW, have you smelled the Cucumber Lily ? I usually pass up the florals, but that one is absolutely beautiful !
  4. I'm just pouring all of my year round standards and a few florals for my fundraiser. I don't pour any other holiday themed scents besides Halloween & Christmas. Currently buning clove, tobacco and molasses testers.
  5. I usually get Sun Ripened Raspberry from BC, the Raspberry Burst is really good as well. Georgia Peach from FB is very good, I don't pour too much of that just use as a mixer. I just got one from Bramble Berry that literally made my mouth water OOB
  6. Excellent ! This makes testing / replacing so much easier, Thanks again !
  7. @QuentinThis was one of them... Candle Making Terence McLaughin Pretty much anything from the 1970's on back was what I used fro reference
  8. I will have to do some sleuthing around for a title, my memory ain't what it used to be 😁
  9. NG's Crisp & Candied - spiced orange cranberry scent and NG's Cranberry Cobbler
  10. Oh yes, I've recieved some of those fluff books as gifts. The books I found were at the library years ago, very basic but informative. If I can track down the title, I will let you know. It covered the history and the old school techniques. They may be out of print now, which is a bummer 😞
  11. I use for both candles and melts in 6006 and straight paraffin. You may have to wick up for candles
  12. 1. I started out in my mom's booth at an indoor flea market. I had been making candles for years as a hobby, so it made sense to get serious when I went on maternity leave and needed to supplement my income. Within the first 2 years I was approached for wholesale and consignment, 2 of the 3 customers I'm still with currently. The 3rd lady was a bit shifty, so I got out before things got worse. 2. My initial startup was $200 back in '96 ... An acquaintance had a soapmaking business, sometimes dabbling in candles . She decided not to pursue and offered everything to me for a song. 3. Yes 4. Word of mouth 5. Full time 6. I do fall / Christmas festivals 7. I had an Etsy shop for a minute, just didn't have the time to focus on it. I'm currently looking into getting a website and only doing 3 shows per year...I'm getting older & tired 8. I'm a one woman show most of the time, occasionally my daughters & hubby helps out with wicking , heavy lifting and show setups..again,getting older. 9. I did for a year w/ my mother-in-law. It was in our local Arts District...unfortunately, there wasn't enough foot traffic to keep us going so I came back home. 10. I do all of my own printing. Who knew that my graphic arts background would come in handy ? 11. I started in the kitchen & dining area, now I rule the basement of our home...still not enough room during busy season , but I make it work. 12. My advice- Ask yourself..."Am I disciplined enough to be my own boss ?", " Can I handle the demands of this business ?", " How will this affect my family's current lifestyle ?" Do as much research as possible and then do some more. Realize that this is a HUGE investment of time, hard work and money, NOT a get rich overnight job like the internet portrays at times. 13. I do a 3-step testing method, meaning that I have a list of things that I look for during the process. I then pass that particular candle on to each of my daughters with the list to have them do their own seperate tests,we compare notes at the end. I wouldn't suggest anyone start selling in under a year or two without any experience, it's too risky. There's way too much to learn and too much bad information on the internet to sort through. I personally did all of my research before the computer age...by hands on training and hitting the books.
  13. BC's Campfire Smoke, TFC's Hickory BBQ Smoke and CMS Woodsmoke were all good ones for an actual Campfire smokey scent. Others that I've tried seem to lean more towards a masculine cologne scent, not what I was going for at all. I've used mine as blenders and on their own. BC's is super strong, so a little goes a long way. HTH
  14. I use a proprietary para-soy container blend with zinc wicks that I love . I do notice that some fragrances tend to mushroom more than others at times, especially if I power burn during testing. As long as the wicks are being trimmed properly I can live with it and still have a clean ,even burning candle. I've tried many different types of wicks over the years to get around the mushrooming, including the low-smoke zincs, but prefer the standard zincs for best performance in my wax blend. The self-triming wicks always seem to tunnel or drown out, so I don't even bother with those anymore. It's just one of those little annoyances, like frosting & jump lines that we tend to stress over. HTH
  15. I was just wondering what steps everyone takes to get their safety/ burning information out to their customers ? Aside from talking to customers at my shows,I've printed handouts for my events that cover the basics. I was thinking about creating some sort of demo board with pictures and information for my shows this year. For those of you that do festivals / shows, it's pretty exhausting going over steps with every customer, especially multiple days in a row 😫 I should add that aside from the safety and candle maintenance, there's also the extra questions of waxes, oils, wicks ect... Most of my customers are generally not freaked out about the soy blend or paraffin waxes that I use, since they've been buying from me for years. I've had a few ask if they were 100 % soy, when I replied "No", they bolted as if I were selling canned Anthrax 😧 I feel as though there's way too much misinformation out in Web Land , especially scare tactics, and it's so frustrating 😞 Last season, I was bombarded with customers asking if my candles were made with 100 % "Natural" wax and essential oils, so add that to the heap of frustration !
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