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    I love rock/metal music, racing. I enjoy gardening & posess wicked skills in the kitchen ! I also write and am currently working on a biography-betcha didn't know that !
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  1. Years ago , I bought out a local candle maker's supplies (she was quitting). That's what she did with all of her candles & soaps 😲 She tried to tell me that it increased her sales and boosted her fragrances. I thought it was a bit sketchy, not to mention a waste of FO's
  2. Same !! That's why I left a few FB candle making groups, it was like a pack of wolves leading the sheep astray with all of that nonsense. Anytime I would chime in to help someone, I could always count on an argument from the Peanut Gallery. I got tired of fighting a battle of wits with unarmed opponents πŸ˜€
  3. UGGH ! Why ??? I swear the internet makes our job harder than it should be. I feel like I'm doing a seminar at my shows when I have to go over every single safety issue with my products. People ask if they can sprinkle potpourri in their candles to increase the scent, or pour room sprays in the wax warmers to refresh them 😲 The worst and most popular- crayons for home made candles πŸ™„
  4. Getting ready to make fresh sticks for some upcoming shows, and I'd like to make some changes to my lineup. I have several scents that I can never seem to make enough of, and a few that were total bummers- Angel πŸ˜– What are some of your hits and misses ? Nag Champa, Sandalwood and Patchouli-regular & raspberry are my tops Campfire Marshmallow was a surprise hit last year, so definitely making more of that.
  5. I make the 2 oz size for my festivals, using a parasoy blend wax. They're great for customers that want to try several scents or for little gifts and hey, extra $$ !
  6. Blueberry cobbler-Aztec Creme brulee`-Aztec Pumpkin spice (or a spicy "cinnamonny-gingery" - that even a word??)-Aztec Mac appleο»Ώ-BCN Pink sugarο»Ώ-NG Those have all been very good sellers for me. I use 6006-containers 140 mp paraffin C-3 soy HTH
  7. Yes, that's always something I try to stay on top of @Candybee. I poke the snot out of my candles, every size, just to make sure there's no air pockets lurking . When pouring the larger jars, I pour 1/2 full, let them set up, then come back and do a second pour. Once that's set up, I'm poking around the wicks and hitting the tops with my heat gun.
  8. I poured 4 candles in that particular scent / batch, I know the other ones burned just fine. I purchase my wicks in very large batches- 1-3k at a time and there were no problems reported. I have several candles made from that batch of wicks for my personal use and everything's been normal. I'm seriously considering wicking down because the thought of this occuring again makes my stomach flip 😟
  9. That's exactly why I carry insurance. Once it leaves my shop, I have no idea what or how someone is going to use a product. I usally see lots of non trimmed wicks, but never anything like this 😲 She claimed to have only burned for a couple hours, but that 4 second video looked like several hours.
  10. I recieved a message from a customer the other night that her 26 oz apothecary jar had suddenly turned into a tiki torch. It's been very hot & humid this past week, and from what I could see in the very short video she sent me, it looked as though the melt pool was very deep, as though I had just poured the candle and lit it. She had it burning on her stove, I'm not sure if there was any match debris ,drafts ect. involved. I did however ask to see the candle to determine exactly what happened, so I'm waiting for it to be shipped back to me . I've been a chandler for 23 years, I've always used the same formula for my apothecary jars- 6006 wax, 2- 51 z wicks. The only issue I've ever had was drowning wicks with certain spicy scents years ago, but that's it. This is the first time anything like this has ever happened, so of course I am freaked out 😲 I'm thankful to have insurance , because that could have been way worse. Needless to say, I didn't sleep very well after that message, was up all night overthinking everything and debating on reformulating the whole shebang, including the warning labels ! Please feel free to jump in with any input or similar horror stories of your own , I appreciate your feedback .
  11. I literally just cleaned and reorganized my oils this week, thinking " Damn, I have a lot of FO's , I should probably cut back a little". Then two of my candle making friends did the same, so we ended up swaping unwanted items- glassware,lids,dyes, FO's, molds. It was like Christmas !!! I ended up with some new scents to play with, really good ones that I've always wanted but never ordered. I'm ready to get back to work in the Wax Lair now 😁
  12. Congrats to you !! I love it ! Packaging is lovely !
  13. Agreed ! I pour a lot of this for a couple accounts and it sells really well.
  14. I use disposable aluminum pans, like the ones you use for grilling or potlucks. They're cheap & can be recycled,also perfect if you want to separate colors/ scents.
  15. Well now I HAVE to check this out ! Just what I need, more FOs πŸ˜„
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