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    I love rock/metal music, racing. I enjoy gardening & posess wicked skills in the kitchen ! I also write and am currently working on a biography-betcha didn't know that !
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    Love patchouli stuff !! do not care for overly floral stuff

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  1. @Laura C If you have an arts district in your area, you might want to check with the Chamber of Commerce . Several years ago I was able to rent a nice work space / brick & mortar pretty inexpensively . Our arts district was rennovating many old store fronts and offered them to local artists looking for space to create or set up retail shops. My only downfall was sharing that space with a family member that pretty much stuck me with ALL the responsibilities 😒 Lesson learned ! I ended up back home, but took over the entire basement by setting up several work stations to accomidate everything that I make throughout the year. I would love to have a ground level workshop someday, my old knees would be overjoyed 😊
  2. It was the most yummy baked yellow cake scent ever ! Unfortunately it was discontinued , from what I remember there were problems with the vanilla content which cause lots of crystallization . I spoke with someone at RE awhile ago , but they had no plans to bring that scent back. I've been searching high and low on old threads, scent descriptions, etc. but all I'm finding are white cake scents. If anyone knows of something close to that scent I would be a very happy girl 😊
  3. I call mine Bombshell Babe, customers know right away what it is .
  4. RE has a Strawberry Musk that's pretty amazing ! Definitely a "Head Shop" scent, it reminds me of an incense that I used to burn in my youth I totally agree ! Those are the only fragrances I ever wore, besides patchouli, and they are so weak now. I wished they were still as good because I really, really miss them
  5. Although it's not a perfect match, I think ICS Bread Pudding will be a good replacement for BC Raisin Bread,enough to keep my customers happy😊 I agree, the Bear Claws is yummy ! Now, that Vanilla Frosted Grahams ...HOLY MOLY !!!! I cannot wait to get that into wax ! I'm thinking that it's gonna be my new favorite 😊
  6. I'm desperately looking for a replacement for BC's Cinnamon Raisin Bread that was part of their scent specials forever ! Of course now that it's become one of my best sellers, it's been discontinued 😭 I have high hopes for ICS 😊 I'll probably put in another order as soon as this one comes and I smell everything 😀
  7. After reading this thread, I'm about to place an order with them. The Sugar Milk is OOS , so that'll have to wait 😭 Here's what I'm getting so far... (Samples) Blueberry Cheesecake Vanilla Frosted Grahams Bear Claws Amish Cinnamon Bread Sugar Cookie Dough Kettle Corn Bread Pudding Praline Pound Cake Apple Fritter Cherry Pie I figured I'd go for it and order full pounds of the following- Boo Berry Flap Jacks Sweet Bakery Dough Frankenberry Pie Crust I've ordered from them before, not sure why they're not one of my regular suppliers ? I guess I get caught up ordering from the same places all the time. Thanks enablers 🤣
  8. Bittercreek has a really nice Mulling Spices fo that I've used for years. I don't get any fuel smell and it works well in paraffin and para-soy waxes. HTH
  9. I mix Aztec's Creme Brulee with their Starbucks Coffee, it's pretty amazing !
  10. Years ago , I bought out a local candle maker's supplies (she was quitting). That's what she did with all of her candles & soaps 😲 She tried to tell me that it increased her sales and boosted her fragrances. I thought it was a bit sketchy, not to mention a waste of FO's
  11. Same !! That's why I left a few FB candle making groups, it was like a pack of wolves leading the sheep astray with all of that nonsense. Anytime I would chime in to help someone, I could always count on an argument from the Peanut Gallery. I got tired of fighting a battle of wits with unarmed opponents 😀
  12. UGGH ! Why ??? I swear the internet makes our job harder than it should be. I feel like I'm doing a seminar at my shows when I have to go over every single safety issue with my products. People ask if they can sprinkle potpourri in their candles to increase the scent, or pour room sprays in the wax warmers to refresh them 😲 The worst and most popular- crayons for home made candles 🙄
  13. Getting ready to make fresh sticks for some upcoming shows, and I'd like to make some changes to my lineup. I have several scents that I can never seem to make enough of, and a few that were total bummers- Angel 😖 What are some of your hits and misses ? Nag Champa, Sandalwood and Patchouli-regular & raspberry are my tops Campfire Marshmallow was a surprise hit last year, so definitely making more of that.
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