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    full time wax hippy / suzy homemaker
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    I love rock/metal music, racing. I enjoy gardening & posess wicked skills in the kitchen ! I also write and am currently working on a biography-betcha didn't know that !
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    Love patchouli stuff !! do not care for overly floral stuff

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  1. chevcher

    Let's talk Mushrooms

    I use a proprietary para-soy container blend with zinc wicks that I love . I do notice that some fragrances tend to mushroom more than others at times, especially if I power burn during testing. As long as the wicks are being trimmed properly I can live with it and still have a clean ,even burning candle. I've tried many different types of wicks over the years to get around the mushrooming, including the low-smoke zincs, but prefer the standard zincs for best performance in my wax blend. The self-triming wicks always seem to tunnel or drown out, so I don't even bother with those anymore. It's just one of those little annoyances, like frosting & jump lines that we tend to stress over. HTH
  2. I was just wondering what steps everyone takes to get their safety/ burning information out to their customers ? Aside from talking to customers at my shows,I've printed handouts for my events that cover the basics. I was thinking about creating some sort of demo board with pictures and information for my shows this year. For those of you that do festivals / shows, it's pretty exhausting going over steps with every customer, especially multiple days in a row 😫 I should add that aside from the safety and candle maintenance, there's also the extra questions of waxes, oils, wicks ect... Most of my customers are generally not freaked out about the soy blend or paraffin waxes that I use, since they've been buying from me for years. I've had a few ask if they were 100 % soy, when I replied "No", they bolted as if I were selling canned Anthrax 😧 I feel as though there's way too much misinformation out in Web Land , especially scare tactics, and it's so frustrating 😞 Last season, I was bombarded with customers asking if my candles were made with 100 % "Natural" wax and essential oils, so add that to the heap of frustration !
  3. chevcher

    WeLcOmE tO tHe FrEaK sHoW! Episode 1

    Awesome work !! Were / are you an engineer ? This looks like the sort of stuff my father-in-law creates. Whenever I tell him I need some sort of contraption for my business, he brings me goodies like this . It's always a major project and I'm very thankful with the results
  4. Aside from the obvious ones like Pink Sugar & Cotton Candy, the following scents make me think pink when pouring ... Children's Room- NG smells like Love's Baby Soft Kissing & Telling NG VS Bombshell type Summer Scoop TFC strawberry ice cream Brown Sugar & Fig NG anything Peony, Sweet Pea & Plumeria ,I've also done pink/ mauve Lilac before as well. It's a nice break from purple I have a "Tinkerbell" lilac bush in my garden that gets beautiful mauve blooms every spring .
  5. chevcher

    Candles with Salts & Herbs

    Oh yes ! In my early days of candle making, I was testing a pillar I made with whole coffee beans at the bottom. It burned great... until it reached the coffee beans. I refer to it as the "Table Top Inferno of 1996" 😦
  6. chevcher

    Black Crow Christmas Thyme

    This is probably a little too late, but I finally found one of their Christmas Thyme candles that I could make a comparison. Most of the shops in the area we visited were very picked over of anything Christmas scented ,what was left looked pretty rough from customer handling. To my nose it smells like the one from NG of the same name HTH
  7. chevcher

    Should I try this?

    I love FB oils, but there are a few from MW that I have really missed. I'm going to check out PFO to see if they have them. Thanks so much Marleigha,this completely made my day !!! 😊
  8. chevcher

    Sweet Cakes faves?

    I haven't ordered from them in a long time, but their Rosemary Mint was outstanding in both candles & soaps.
  9. chevcher

    Cranberry Marmalade Twin/Dupe

    Crisp & Candied from NG is really good
  10. chevcher

    LOVE fall. Record sales today

    Congrats to you @Crafty1_AJ It's such a rewarding feeling to break your sales records. I've been doing festivals since August, dealing with heat & sun at least one day at each show πŸ˜– This past weekend was absolutely perfect ! Those crisp days really put folks in a candle buying mood ... One more weekend to go and I'm hoping for a weather repeatπŸ˜€
  11. chevcher

    Black Crow Christmas Thyme

    I use para-soy for containers, beeswax/ paraffin for pillars
  12. chevcher

    Black Crow Christmas Thyme

    CW seems to be the stronger of the two
  13. chevcher

    Michaels Craft store

    Those are adorable ! What a great find 😊
  14. chevcher

    Black Crow Christmas Thyme

    That would be the Buttery Maple Syrup... every shop in Amish country carries Crossroads as well and they have that scent going strong in the wax melters or the candles burning. Candlewic & FB has the best Buttery Maple fo's I've ever poured, very strong and my customers go crazy over that scent ! Crossroads is pretty close to me in Ohio.
  15. chevcher

    Black Crow Christmas Thyme

    They are literally EVERYWHERE in my area ! I live near Amish country and I swear, every shop has Black Crow ,Crossroads or some other commercially made candle ☹️ I will check for that one next time I'm out , because I have the Christmas Thyme FO from NG and I'll know if it's the same. I do know for sure that their Prairie Butter scent is indeed NG's Pumpkin Apple Butter .