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    full time wax hippy / suzy homemaker
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    I love rock/metal music, racing. I enjoy gardening & posess wicked skills in the kitchen ! I also write and am currently working on a biography-betcha didn't know that !
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    Love patchouli stuff !! do not care for overly floral stuff

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  1. Congrats to you !! I love it ! Packaging is lovely !
  2. Agreed ! I pour a lot of this for a couple accounts and it sells really well.
  3. I use disposable aluminum pans, like the ones you use for grilling or potlucks. They're cheap & can be recycled,also perfect if you want to separate colors/ scents.
  4. Well now I HAVE to check this out ! Just what I need, more FOs 😄
  5. Ugh ! Just when I thought it was safe and I didn't need to order anything 🙃
  6. Fillmore-Pa's Tobacco Pipe and WSP Tobacco Leaf & Amber are my favorites for sure ! Both have a really fresh unique tobacco smell
  7. BC Raspberry Burst-I honestly think it smells similar to raspberry vanilla, I don't get that intense candy smell. The BB Raspberry Jam is sweet & tart like fresh home made jam
  8. I'd try an Orange Blossom and see if that works. FYI-Aztec's is very citrusy. It's a great scent, but my nose doesn't detect any floral with that one.
  9. I used to be so helpful on the forums... Then, one day I realized that some folks just did not want to do their homework at all . I think they love the idea of quitting their job to stay home and make candles / BB products and get rich, if only it was that easy right ? It just baffles my mind 😖
  10. Apple Dumpling from NG is really good. It's heavier on the spice, but you can pick up the apple notes. Just add your pumpkin to make it your own blend.
  11. This sounds like a really good blend . I have both fo's that I don't pour very often, I think my festival customers would like it. Speaking of BBW, have you smelled the Cucumber Lily ? I usually pass up the florals, but that one is absolutely beautiful !
  12. I'm just pouring all of my year round standards and a few florals for my fundraiser. I don't pour any other holiday themed scents besides Halloween & Christmas. Currently buning clove, tobacco and molasses testers.
  13. I usually get Sun Ripened Raspberry from BC, the Raspberry Burst is really good as well. Georgia Peach from FB is very good, I don't pour too much of that just use as a mixer. I just got one from Bramble Berry that literally made my mouth water OOB
  14. Excellent ! This makes testing / replacing so much easier, Thanks again !
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