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Need suggestions to rename peppermint.


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I need to rename about 24 Peppermint candles leftover from Christmas.


My head is a blank...I was thinking Peppermint Bark, Peppermint Patty, or Peppermint Twist....but I don't know.


I was thinking of calling it something sort of very pretty but would like if I can keep "peppermint" in the name.  But then again if someone came up with something real different, that would be nice also.  Can I get some suggestions as I am horrible at names.   Thanks a bunch!   I live up in the mountains in Georgia so if that could help in renaming this scent, that would be cool too.



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Twisted Peppermint

Peppermint Bliss

Peppermint Perfection

I Love Peppermint

Peppermint Royale

Peppermint Frost

Peppermint Bog

Mountain Mint

Alpine Mint

Peppermint Holler

Appalacian Mint


Peppermint Candy

Frosted Peppermint

Peppermint Peak

Peppermint Chew

Peppermint Lolly

Peppermint Stripes

Peppermint Puffs

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1 hour ago, kandlekrazy said:

I like Mountain Mint too!  I might tend to stay away from the word Peppermint just because it makes me think of candy canes and Christmas.

Well, that is what I kinda thought myself......hmmm there certainly is enough names....oky dokey....let me think a minute and pick one out.....



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Ok here we go....I've decided.....but you all need to vote...ha haha... 

They were all great names everyone came up with.

I'm leaning towards Candybee's name of Stick-A-Mint -  but singular or plural like Stick-A-Mints?

It's going on my long time apple orchard account label as following....but which one?



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8 minutes ago, Jcandleattic said:

I like just the stick a mint, however, people may wonder where you are telling them to stick it. LOL 

I also don't like the stick a mint in your mouth. 

@Pam W's suggestion of Mint Condition is cute, I like it. 

I don't have any other suggestions sorry. 

lol, well I just told them where to stick it?   In their mouth! lol


Mint condition, the more I look at it....I do like it myself!



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